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You've been a very bad boy!

Spankings by my mom turned into something else...

Well like any child who grew up in the 80's, I was bare-bottom spanked whenever I was bad. Unlike today's mothers, me or my two sisters got spanked when we were caught being bad, lying, or talking back. Occasionally we got the bar of soap in the mouth when we swore too. I've gotta say it was pretty effective since we all turned out to be good kids. None of us got into drugs, being arrested, or other trouble. It must have been hard for my mom to discipline us though since she was the only parent. My dad cheated on her when we were just toddlers, so she promptly divorced him. But she never really dated while we were growing up so it was just her, me, and my two sisters.

I'd love to sit here and tell you like most of the stories I read on here, that my mom was some drop dead gorgeous fox. She aged well, etc, etc. In fact my mom was your average suburban looking mother. She was a little chubby, by about 15 pounds or so, but she carried it well in her hips. Overall she was quite attractive.

Being spanked on my butt by her whenever I was bad dates back as far back as I can remember. Even as far as my memory goes back around 3-4 I was being spanked. But it wasn't until I was in my mid teens that things started to change. Around my 16th birthday in August I noticed my mom started looking at me differently. I'd catch her with a long stare at me, or a weird look on her face. She'd frequently ask me if I was taught about sex in school, and she even went as far as trying to help me buy a cup for football. I thought it was weird, but I didn't have a dad, so what else was she supposed to do, right? But again, it was the spankings that I remember taking things to the next level. Looking back now as an adult, it was strange that she kept spanking me up to that age; most parents stop much earlier, but again, I chalked it up to her being a single parent and coping with that.

In the first experience I remember being different, I was 16 years old, and had just started my junior year. I had stayed late at a friends house after school and missed dinner at home. My friend Mark's parents ordered pizza, so I totally lost track of time. When I eventually came strolling in, my mom was furious! She instantly grilled me and asked where I was; did I know how worried I had made her, all the usual questions. Then she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into her bedroom. She sat down on her ottoman and promptly leaned me over her lap. Holding me with her left hand, she used her right one to pull down my shorts first, then my underwear. She began spanking my ass as she normally would do when I was bad, except this time after the 1st or 2nd time, she turned her hand so her fingers were pointed downward. Normally her hand would contact my cheeks with her palm. But that time, however, her hand was much lower on my butt, and her fingers had slapped the bottom of my dick and balls. I instantly winced with a stinging pain, but a part of me enjoyed it. My groin area was on top of her right thigh, and after that first initial slap to the bottom of my dick, I started getting hard. After a few more slaps like that, I was fully erect and my face was a bright red. I was sure my mom would feel it digging into her leg. When my 10 spankings were done, I let my knees drop to the floor and pulled my clothes back up before I stood up. Still being as hard as I was, you could tell through my underwear and shorts. That's when I noticed my mom take a quick glance at my shorts and her eyes widened a bit. She told me to go to my room and I obeyed. But when I was there, all I could do was lay in bed and replay what just took place. I really liked that she had just touched me, but I just assumed it was by accident, or that I wasn't far enough on her lap or something. Either way, I couldn't dismiss the image out of my mind, and I fervently jacked off to the thought of her doing it again.

Fast forward a few months. It was right before Christmas and I had been caught lying to a teacher about being sick and skipping school. After my mom got home from work, it was time for my punishment. I had almost forgotten about the last time I was spanked, but it all came back to me once she had me over her lap. But this time she did something she'd never done before. Instead of laying me across her thighs with my hips on top of them, she positioned me off to the side a little bit so that my chest was on her lap, and my butt was to the right. Again the pants/underwear were pulled down and the spankings started. But just like last time, she turned her hand and spanked me. With each slap of her hand she contacted my dick and part of my balls. I noticed that her slaps were not as hard as her spankings before. And she was much lower than before too. Hell, she was barely even spanking my ass now, but just enough to still say she was. Without any control over it, my dick once again grew hard, and this time the end of it contacted the side of her leg. I was loving every second of it! My mom had changed into her nightgown which was nothing more than a cheap silk-like gown from the local dept store. But it was short enough so that when she sat down, it came up to her mid thigh. So I knew that my hard dick touching her thigh had to be noticeable. But at this point I didn't know if she liked it or not. Then I got my answer...after the 10th spanking, she didn't stop like normal. She spanked me at least another 20-30 times. For something as minor as lying to a teacher, I knew she was doing it because she enjoyed it. I mean, here she was spanking me pretty much on my dick with her hand and my hard-on was touching her leg and she wasn't putting a stop to it! I was smart enough at that age to know a thing or two. Thank God she couldn't see my face, because all of a sudden I got a huge grin because I knew she wanted to do exactly what she was doing, not spank me. It was way too much of a coincidence to be anything else. After being sent to my room, I again thought about it and replayed it in my mind. That's when I made a decision. I was going to take it to the next level. I masturbated to the thought of what I was going to do, then cleaned up and fell asleep.

It was a month later in January, and I decided to steal a candy bar from the corner store so that I would be caught and punished. I was so obvious when I stole the candy bar that it was laughable! But it worked...the clerk was some old man that saw me and he asked how old I was and where I was from. He got my mom's name and phone number out of me and called her at home that night to tell her what I'd done. I was let go and went immediately home. But from the time I got home to when my mom got home, I couldn't think of anything else except the spanking I was going to get, and what I was about to do to my mom. She had no idea. Well like clockwork, my mom got home, went in to change her clothes, aand then the phone rang. I knew exactly who it was. After a minute or two, she yelled to me to come into her room. I was taken back by what I'd seen. My mom was standing there bright red in the face, wearing only a bra and panties; I guess she had gotten interrupted by the phone call. Both were beige and not very sexy. I could see she had a little belly fat, and some on her thighs, but she still was cute to me. Her breasts were pretty well covered, but they looked nice anyways. My inspection was short lived when she started in with the questions: "How could you?" and "Why would you do something like that?" Then I was pulled down onto her lap. This time she practically ripped my pants down along with my underwear...I have never seen her so mad as that day. Once again she started in with the slapping, and my cock immediately shot to attention. But she had no idea what I was going to do soon; what I had been planning on doing since my last spanking. She kept talking to me during all of this..."You're such a bad boy!" and "I didn't raise you to steal!" That's when I saw my opening...for the first time I actually answered her back. "I'm sorry I'm such a bad boy mom!" and "Please forgive me mom!" I think she must have really liked me talking to her like this while being punished because she let loose with a slew of new comments. "Oh you're such a naughty son" "does that feel good to have your ass spanked like that?" "You're a bad boy...what happens to bad boys? They get spanked! Do you like getting spanked?" Little did she know the answer was really be quite honest it turned me on even more to hear her talk like that to me.

The bottom of my cock was really starting to hurt by now; she had spanked me well over 30 times. My butt didn't hurt at all, but then again most of her contact was on my dick. I wasn't sure when to make my move, but once again I saw my opening. On the very last spank she lingered there and left her hand touching my dick for just a couple of seconds. It was enough for me to feel confident enough to make my move. I was in tears at this point because of the pain at the base of my dick, but I was still incredibly hard. That's when I did it. I knew the punishment was over so instead of picking up my clothes first, I stood up and faced my mom, apologizing profusely. I put my hands over my face and blubbered half-sincerely, but I made sure to leave a small gap between my fingers so I could see out and see what my mom's reaction was. To my surprise, she first opened her eyes wide and her mouth dropped open. Not for what I was hoping for like you'd see in a porno, but out of sheer shock. Then to my surprise, she smiled a little. Here I was, standing in only a t-shirt, hard as a rock only a foot from my mom's face. A part of me wanted to just push closer to her face, but I had taken a pretty huge step by showing my cock to my mother. It was up to her to take the next step. Yet instead, she told me to go to my room like normal. I picked up my clothes and ran to my room-pissed that she didn't do anything back. Maybe I had really offended her? But then again, why did she smile? I was confused...

Some time passed that night; it was about 9:00pm when I decided to go apologize again for what I'd done. I walked down the hall and was about to knock, when I heard the noise. Anyone who has ever watched a porno movie has heard the sound of a vibrator. It's pretty hard to mistake. Right then I knew my mom was masturbating; and I knew it was because she was thinking about my cock. So, standing there in just a pair of boxer shorts, I decided if it was ever going to go further, it was now or never. I put my hand up to the door to knock, but decided to take a chance and crack it open a few inches and talk to her. I only had a fleeting moment to look inside before she covered up, but she was laying on her back naked, and using the vibrator on herself. Her breasts were sagged to the sides a little, but large and so beautiful. She whipped the covers over herself and exclaimed "Jason, what are you doing!?" I didn't look away, nor close the door. I just replied "I felt so bad at what I did earlier, that I wanted to come back and apologize again. I'm really sorry for being such a bad boy mom. I'll make it up to you I swear. I wanna be a good boy for you mom." I knew talking to her like that would illicit a more positive response than a bad one. Sure enough, I must have said the right thing because she said "oh, here. I know you're sorry" while patting the bed next to her. I slowly walked over and lay next to her, facing her. She had the sheets tucked up under her armpits, covering everything. We talked for a few minutes then both just lay there. After a little while I could tell she had fallen asleep. I decided to get under the covers and see if that woke her back up. Instead she just turned and rolled on her left side, away from me. I could only sigh, frustrated that she never seemed to make the next move. 'If that's the way she wants it, FINE...I'll make the next move again' I thought to myself.

I waited until I knew she was back asleep, then I moved close behind her in the spooning position. My dick was growing hard, so I made a point to push it into her slowly until she woke up. When she did, I pretended to be asleep; like I was just adjusting myself in my sleepy state. She turned over slightly to look at me and I made sure to keep my eyes tightly shut. Then I could feel her hand reach down under the covers. My dick was poking through the hole in the front of the boxers and suddenly I felt her cool hand gently squeeze me. Her skin was so soft and cool to the touch that I let out a very slight closed mouth moan and pushed my hips towards her more. My God! She had done it, she finally made the next move! I couldn't believe mom was touching my dick. She probably only did it because she thought I was asleep and she was safe. I didn't care at that point. I lay there and let her think I was asleep. After I adjusted myself towards her some more, she squeezed my cock again gently. I think she liked feeling how hard I was. And I knew she didn't get to finish with the vibrator earlier so she felt unfulfilled. Before she had a chance to take her hand off of me, I pretended to stir in my sleep and rolled toward her, putting my arm across her so that my hand landed on her breast. It was so warm, soft, and ample that I didn't ever want to move my hand. I could feel her nipple was very hard, and large at that. Almost as soon as my hand touched her breast, her chest heaved upwards meeting my hand. She let out a slight gasp of air, and I could tell she enjoyed my touch. At this point, her hand was still on my dick and she began slowly and gently sliding it up and down.

I was in total heaven. My beautiful mom was rubbing my cock. Soon, she was moving at a decent pace and I let out a "mmmmm" sound, then said "that feels nice". I think it startled her that I was awake, but she didn't stop what she was doing. Now that I was 'awake', I began massaging her breasts. Both were so large, I couldn't help myself. I grew hungry for more, and I wasn't about to wait. I slowly crawled under the covers and pushed her thighs apart. With total acceptance, she spread her legs apart and placed her hands at the back of my head. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy, she instantly pulled on the back of my head. She wanted this badly...I lapped at her for what seemed like an hour before she pulled me upwards. Surprisingly, she kissed me with her tongue and I knew she could taste her own pussy. My cock darted across the surface of her wet pussy, but I didn't go inside yet. I wanted her to suck my cock first. I rolled over on my side and almost instinctively she lowered down and placed her mouth over me. I was in total disbelief! My mom was sucking my cock! She was not as good as my last girlfriend, but she was eager. She used her tongue a lot, and before I knew it, I was bucking my hips and shooting my load into her mouth. I lay there almost paralyzed because it felt so good. She crawled up and lay on top of me, kissing me on the mouth. At first I was grossed out, but then I realized it was natural. She had done the same thing, and now I was tasting myself. Her tongue went into my mouth and I could taste my own cum. This made her really hot I guess, because she started writhing around on top of me like a horny teenager.

I was hard again and she reached down and slipped my cock into her. I had only been with 3 other girls before my mom, but I had never felt such a hot pussy before. She was soaking wet, and I slipped in with ease. We soon found our rythym and were fucking furiously. Before I came, I pulled out and got behind her. Soon we were back at it doggy style. This was my no time at all I was ready to shoot my load. So she didn't get pregnant, I pulled out and watched as a stream of my cum shot across her back. Another followed and landed on her ass cheeks. We were both moaning from the pleasure of incredible after-sex, when she said "now that's a good boy". I took this a step further by saying "Maybe after every time I've been bad, I should be made to be good?"

She rolled over and just smiled at me.

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Posted 12 Mar 2014 13:31
A great story, well written.
Posted 12 Mar 2014 13:31
A great story, well written.
Posted 15 Mar 2013 00:28
Good story I only wish the sex had a little more detail but all in all good story
Posted 04 Jan 2013 04:59
looking at the previous dates just shows that a good story looses nothing over time.. Yes its still very entertain g..
Posted 10 Jul 2009 19:40
I liked your story. Making love with your mommy stories take courage. Congratulations. Perhaps you'd enjoy my mommy stuff too.
Posted 10 Jul 2009 13:14
Yeah. Now that's a good mom.

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