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My 30th Birthday pt 2

Alone in a private club room with ebony lovers as arranged by my husband..his big cock

My desire was raging out of control as we entered the dark private 12 x 12 room,  as my escort locked the door and turned up the music. I watched him nervously as I had no idea what a private dance entailed or what to expect. Suddenly, this exquisite ebony looking warrior had me wanting to know that and so much more as I knew something was about to happen.

In a single motion, he had removed his wife beater t-shirt, taunting me as he flexed the most incredible chest muscles I had ever seen. His chest looked as though it had been chiseled from stone and it seemed to flex at will as he moved. The tiny sweat beads trickled down his torso, shining in the dim light as he looked up and down my scantly clad body with his savage eyes.

My skirt offered him a view of my goods which I didn't attempt to cover, nor did I want to. He eyes were gazing at the view between my legs when he spoke and said "wouldn't you like to dance"

"Sure I would" as I began doing a version of the LaBoda as I knew he was checking out every inch of my body. My breasts jumped up and down as I moved around the tight quarters to the beat. Oh my god I thought, still admiring his well defined upper torso and feeling the fireball burning between my legs. My juices were flowing, recalling how his ebony colored skin looked against by mocha body in front of my husband, who seemed to enjoy what he was seeing.

Standing before me, I could see his ever growing cock straining to be released from the long tube like covering. He danced like he was making love to me as I watched the movements in his groin as I ran my hands across his massive chest. His sweat covered my hands, as my own sweat began began to trickle from my inner thighs. Closing my eyes, I pictured him placing his cock in my tiny mouth, and then fully taking me with his big black tool. My insides were burning with fever, and my exterior was quivering. I was aching for the touch of this black stranger and his mystical looking cock.

A knock on the door, my dark skinned dancer opened it, allowing the beautiful bartender Johann from earlier. He entered with a tall bottle of Champaign and glasses while his ever present cock swayed freely as he took each step. Oh my god I thought as he stepped closer, what a big cock he has.

"Compliments if the house" he advised as he pored a glass and placed it in my hand, asking "if I would like him to join me as well, stating that it was my husbands idea."

"Thanks, and yes I would really like to join me " I replied, recalling his lengthy endowment from earlier. Now I was seeing it up close and personal as he walked towards me smiling sexily at me. His cock dangled infront of my face as he turned to sit on the sofa.

Sitting like lovers on the sofa, I began sipping the Champaign as my thoughts began to run wild as my tongue swirled the inside rim of the crystal glass. Slipping his arm around my neck, Johann began stroking my hair and shoulders softly urging me curl up to his body.

My attention turned to my ebony dancer, as he placed my hand onto his elephant trunk g-string and flexed his hips nastily back and forth. He worked his ass cheek muscles, flexing them hard as I pulled the thong cord down below his buns of steel. He kept pressing his ass towards my face until my lips were touching it as my hands were embracing his massive thighs as I lightly kissed the blackness in my face.

"Ahh yes Girl, kiss that ass" Johann whispered, as my lips pressed between those massive chocolate buns of steel. I could taste his manly aroma, the taste of his sweat made me crazy as I kissed his torso.

I felt my halter top untie and fall onto my chest, then saw it discarded to the floor. I continued to kiss my dancers body with increased passion inside my passion pit as they toyed with me.

I was sipping Champaign in a private room with two ebony stallions, now topless and wearing a skirt so short that my commando pussy was visible. It made me crazy for their touch. I could feel my wetness, and they could see it as well.

A big hand began groping my titties, first one then the other as my hands were being directed to my dancers cock. Finding the cloth concealing his oversized balls, I reached inside feeling each of his massive balls, squeezing them tenderly in my hand.

"Dont be sacred Girl, I know them seem so big" he chuckled

Slowly I started tugging his cock cover down, as I softly kissed the curves of his tempting ass cheeks until it was around his ankles. Bending over to step out of it, I saw exactly how massive his big black balls were. They were bigger than walnuts, and the black nutsack was swollen full and I wanted to feel them in my mouth. Then I gasped when he turned around, showing me the full hard length of his meaty black dick.

I gasped in a random tone, a bit shocked at the actual size. I nevertheless was more intrigued in the size than I was afraid of its size.

A whisper in my ear asked, "Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yes", I replied, now seeing his black thick cock hanging like a black snake in a tree. I felt like a child turned loose in a candy store for the first time.

Placing my hand on his lap and giving it the grand cock tour, he whispered "do you like what you feel in your hand?"

Whispering in his ear, I answered softly "Oh Yes" as I squeezed his thick snake in my hand while his hand began stroking my wet inner pussy lips, and then completely buring his fingers inside my honey pot.

"Mmmm" I moaned softly at his touch on my hungry womanhood. Yes I thought, I was going to be smoothered in black ebony skin, and I wanted it so bad, I couldn't deny it. My husband knew exactly what he was doing when he brought me here.

My dancer turned around,  after revealing his semi hard black sausage that had to be 12 or 13 inches long and a good 3 inches around. It frightened me and excited me at the same time as he slowly stroked it making me want it more, just as the girl in the movie. He revealed a full thick pinkish knob from beneath the uncut meat. Pulling the skin back, his cock head popped out and seemed to be swelling even to an even thicker size.

My other hand was busy stroking the cock on the sofa beside me while fingers were darting in and out of my opened pussy at will and I wanted more I thought.

"Have you ever taken a cock this big" my ebony dancer asked as he worked his black tool towards my mouth?

"No, never, never a cock nearly as big as your black poles, never" I whimpered..never

My skirt was unzipped and pulled off effortlessly as each had their erections ready for penetration, just as I was. Sitting there naked, I had to touch my fully exposed hard clit, I was about to erupt from anticipation.

Stroking a Johann's black cock in one hand, while I stroked my clit, I saw my dancer dunk his cock into my champaign glass. Taking it from the glass, he guided the shinny wet knob and pressed it againts my lips, and said "open up girl, and take it"

Obediently I opened my mouth fully to allow his black boa to snake its way into my wanting mouth. "Mmmmm" I moaned with his flavored knob filling my mouth, spewing juices from my climaxing cunt "mmm"

Inch by inch he tooled that snake into my throat until I had half of it into my throat. He pulled me up by the hair, bending me over so that I continued sucking his cock. "That's my girl, suck my big black cock. That's what you wanted to do isn't it? he asked while pushing in a little more.

"MmHmmm yes, I wanted to suck the moment I first saw it" I moaned as I watched his blackness glistening with my salvia as I took it from my mouth.

My bartender asked again," Would like me to join you" feeling his hands kneading my ass cheeks firmly apart.

"Mmmhmm yesss please" I moaned as I was willing to do whatever they wanted me to, as he walked around in front of me.

He presented his cock to my mouth, and I began rotating on their black horse like cocks eagerly.

"Your husband must really love you, letting you come back here like this" one announced as I felt a stinging slap on my ass.

"Mmmhmmm" I replied, feeling the tiredness setting into my jaw muscles, from being held fully opened for sometime.

"You like having these big black dicks in your mouth like this, dont you"" one asked

"Yessss I do" I replied trying to catch my breath, feeling the strands of salvia falling onto my titties. "I want to know how a big cock feels" I panted as I came off his fat thick shaft

"Yes, I want to feel your cocks in my mouth and my pussy, yes I want those big black cocks" I panted

If felt Johann's cock sweeping up and down my slippery ass trail, pressing against my asshole, then against my pussy.

"Mmmm ahh  yesss" I moaned out, feeling his knob touching my fuck holes. "Yes" I hollared out

"What, you think you want to do more than just suck on these big black dicks" he asked me while  pressing his swollen head against my wet entry hole.

"Mmmhmm..yes I want them inside of me" I replied feeling his tool pressing forward "Mmmmm" I moaned out feeling the girth of his knob pop inside of me.
"Ahhh its' so big" I bellowed out as he pressed forward a bit deeper

My dancer was fucking my throat as he pulled me closer by the hair, holding his cock deep in my throat as his partners cock reamed his way inside of me.

"Mmmm" feeling like I was being skewered deeply inside my mouth and pussy. They took turns driving their strokes opposite each others until I began Cumming so hard, over and over. They pounded me until the cock in my mouth busted a load of thick gewy cum that ran out of my mouth, spurt after spurt. The bartender busted his massive nut deep inside my swampy pussy, but they both remained semi-hard, as I eagerly sucked them back to their original size within minutes.

Oh God, these two black men and their awesome cocks were tremendous lovers, and they knew I wanted more.

"Girl, are you ready for more"?

"Yes, please give me all of your big black cock, fuck me good, please" I begged "Please take me"

"I've never been fucked so deep, please give me more, please" I begged " Please give it mto me"

The Johann sat on the edge of the couch, and I was instructed to mount him. He guide his swollen head to my hole, and eagerly I pressed down until I felt him hitting my cervix. Oh shit he was gutting me and I wanted it. I leaned forward wrapping my hands around his neck and started pumping my wanting to fuck pussy up and down his long thick black dick, while his hand were holding my ass cheeks apart. He was slamming my pussy down onto his shaft fully when I cum for the third time.

"Ah shit, I'm Cumming  again....ahhhhhhh  yessssssssss"

I could feel my juices flowing onto my asshole as I layed my head on his shoulder. His cock still buried to the hilt, my dancers cock was pressing against my tinier hole.

He pushed in harder..


Still he press forward

"Ahhhh yes push it in" I hollered out after his knob popped inside. "Ahh"

He was stroking his cock inside my asshole, spreading me wider as he entered me deeper. The cock inside my pussy resumed the fucking action aswell. I had both of their big cocks fucking both holes at the same time, and it hurt, but hurt so good. They both fucked me until I felt their cocks begin to throb and they withdrew together.

I got onto my knees and began to rotate their cocks in and out of my mouth , until they released a massive load of their thick love juice all over my face. It was running down my cheeks, and joining the other spurts in my mouth. They tasted salty sweet as I lapped up every drop I could while they toyed around with me for a little longer.

Semi hard cocks that found themselves being licked and sucked clean for the fucking they had just given me.

We rested for a few moments before cleaning up a bit. I thanked them for the entertainment and they simply replied "the pleasure was all theirs"

I replied, "not all of it was" as I was esorted back to my husband, looking exhausted and tired. My body smelt of sweaty sex, and my face showed the signs of total satisfaction as we headed back to the main floor. My clothes were sloppy put back on and my hair was tossed wildly on top of my head.

He hugged me and said "Happy Birthday Baby, I love you"

"Thank you Baby", I replied, still a bit shakey from the fucking I just had

I wrapped my arms around him and said " Thank you Baby for giving me this for my birthday. I loved my private dance, thank you."


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