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One Rainy Night

A lonely white man finds passion in a black woman's arms.
Thunder crashed, rattling the window pane next to me as rain pattered against it. I was eating supper alone in the hospital cafeteria where I worked. I was reading the box scores from the sports page as was my habit when I worked the four-to-midnight shift.

"Do you mind if I join you?" asked a beautiful toffee-colored nurse dressed in white scrubs.

Scowling up from my paper, I replied, "Wouldn't you rather sit with your own kind?"

"You mean black folks?" she asked her voice rising with irritation.

I answered with a chuckle, "Nope, other nurses."

"Oh," she sighed looking at several neighboring tables occupied by nurses dressed in blue scrubs. The hospital dress code required charge nurses wear white scrubs while the regular floor nurses wore blue scrubs. She snickered then pointed to the faded eagle, globe and anchor tattoo on my bicep and added, "You are my kind."

"How's that?" I inquired.

She pulled up her own sleeve to revel her tattoo. It was extremely nice artwork of a caduceus, a short staff entwined by two serpents surmounted by wings. In Greek mythology, it was carried by Hermes. It was used these days as a symbol for the Army Medical Corps. In the middle of her staff was a large block-letter N for nurse and above the wings were the words, "Cheaters of Death" and just below the staff was the word "MASH."

"Why sure, a fellow vet is always welcome at my table." I said smiling up at her.

She sat down and held out her hand, "I'm Yolanda Davis."

"J.D. Rawlings," I replied shaking her hand. "Were you with a MASH unit in Iraq?"

Yolanda nodded her head. Her gaze traveled over my face and searched my eyes. She asked, "How about you?"

"Nah, I was with the Marines in the First Gulf War followed by a tour in beautiful downtown Mogadishu, Somali." I replied, watching Yolanda chew while she listened. I was flattered by her interest. My pulse quickened from her obvious examination and approval.

Yolanda was an ebony beauty in her late twenties with skin the color of creamed coffee. She had a nice figure, I guessed to be 34C-26-38 on a five-foot seven-inch frame. She had used a flat iron to smooth out her hair, parting it in the center and securing it into a tight all-business-like bun. Her white scrubs attractively contrasted with her dark skin and signified she was a charge nurse.

Pointing her fork at my tattoo, she asked, "In which shit-hole were you wounded?"

The tattoo on bicep was peppered with scars. Involuntarily, I rubbed my bicep and replied, "Both actually. I picked up shrapnel crossing a minefield in Kuwait then got shot in Somalia by a twelve-year old with an AK."

"Shot where?" Yolanda asked forking another bite.

"Left hip, um, can we talk about something else?" I asked. My voice cracked with unwanted emotion. Picking up my coffee cup, I took a long sip trying to wash a sudden bad taste from my mouth.

"Okay, how long have you worked here at Lakeside?"

"I’ve been with the hospital four years."

"You've been a patient transporter the whole time?"


"What's wrong with you? No ambition?"

"Lack of opportunity," I said getting up. I seethed, "You don't know me so don't judge me."

Yolanda tried to apologize, "Sorry, I didn't mean anything..."

I kept walking, aware that my attraction to the dark beauty was foolish. An old man's fantasy I scolded myself. It couldn't have worked anyway I consoled myself, not only was there the whole black-white issue, there was a significant age difference between us as well. Leaving the cafeteria, I made my way back to the Transportation Department to check back in.

Pausing, on the way to brush my teeth in the men's room I took inventory in the mirror. I wore a slate gray shirt over black trousers the required uniform for patient transporters. I had deep crow's feet at the corner of my eyes that bore testament to a life filled with struggle. A horizontal scar on my cheek ran below my eye a reminder of past sins. My hair was long and I kept it pulled back in a ponytail. The mirror reflected that my dark mustache and goatee were being salted by a lot of gray hair. I smiled at my reflection, not bad for guy who would turn forty next month. I was fit and trim the result of walking twelve miles-a-day shuffling patients all over the hospital on a gurney or in a wheelchair.

Transportation sent me down to the Emergency Room (ER) to take a patient for an x-ray. Most of the night work was shuffling patients between the ER and various testing departments. After hustling several patients between the ER and Radiology I was tasked with taking a patient up to the 12th floor, Yolanda's ward. My heart lurched with an unwelcome excitement.

Once I got the gurney in the elevator I noticed that the elderly man's color had gone from rosy to pale to gray. He gasped and clutched his chest then passed out. Checking for a pulse, I hollered, " Hey, Mister!"

Finding no pulse, I immediately started CPR and begged the elevator to go faster. After pushing on the patient's chest thirty times, I stopped and gave him two breaths via mouth-to-mouth. I had just begun my third repetition of chest compressions when the elevator stopped and the doors opened with a loud ding.

"Code Blue!" I shouted to the nurses behind their station.

Yolanda was the first nurse into the elevator. She climbed on the gurney and straddled the patient and took over CPR as I wheeled the gurney off the elevator. Another nurse brought a manual resuscitator and begun bagging breaths into the patient. While yet another wheeled a portable defibrillator around the counter. She handed the paddles to Yolanda who hit the patient with 150 joules of electricity.

He involuntarily arched his back in response to the shock. It brought his heart back into sinus rhythm. With a loud gasp he started to breathe on his own. While the patient continued to improve, Yolanda got on the phone and arranged for his transfer to the cardiac ward.

After complimenting the rest of the nurses for a job well done, Yolanda accompanied me to the cardiac ward just in case the patient coded again. She touched my arm saying, "You probably saved his life."

Chuckling I said, "You were the one with paddles."

Arriving on the cardiac ward I couldn't help, but watch the oscillation of Yolanda's big bubble butt as she led the way off the elevator. Despite the seriousness of the situation I felt a stirring in my loins. She briefed the cardiac charge nurse while I wheeled the patient to his room. By the time I left his room Yolanda had already returned to her own floor. I was disappointed.

My shift ended at midnight and I hustled through the pouring rain to the bus stop using my newspaper as a makeshift umbrella. The bus was on time and I gratefully boarded. It had been a long night and I slumped in my seat exhausted. As the bus rounded a corner I saw an economy car pulled alongside the curb with its emergency flashers blinking. A black woman dressed in white was struggling to change a flat tire in the drenching rain. I recognized Yolanda immediately and cursed out loud. I yelled to the driver, "Stop the bus!"

The bus hadn't gotten up to speed yet, but it still took a second or two for the driver to bring it to a complete stop. He didn't mind. The bus only had a couple of passengers at that hour and he had already collected my full fare. As I went down the steps past him, he waved and said, "Adios."

I was thoroughly soaked when I reached Yolanda's car. Tapping her on the shoulder, I asked, "Need a hand?"

Startled by my sudden appearance, Yolanda came up swinging the tire iron. I threw up arm to protect my face and took the blow on my forearm. I grabbed her arm as she drew back to swing again and hollered, "Are you crazy?"

"Oh, J.D. I'm sorry," she apologized then added, "This isn't the best neighborhood for a woman to have her car breakdown."

Nodding, I agreed, "I know. Let me have that."

She surrendered the tire iron then watched as I went to the jack and lowered the car back to the pavement. She objected, "Hey Jarhead, I just got this thing jacked up."

"I know that's the problem. You need to bust the lugs before you jack it up. That's why the wheel kept spinning on you."

She nodded, "Good to know."

Twenty rain-soaked minutes later I had the tire changed. Yolanda asked where I lived as I got into the passenger's seat. I directed her to Fairfax Street where I rented a studio apartment above a garage behind a two-story Victorian house. After asking how far she had to go to get home, I said, "Why don't you come on up. I have some sweats you can wear home. They won't fit you, but at least they'll be dry. You'll catch pneumonia if you stay in those wet clothes."

Yolanda agreed and threw the car in park. We raced the raindrops and each other up the stairs to my apartment. I hurriedly unlocked and opened the door as a bolt of lightning raced across the sky and illuminated the night.

Before surrendering the tiny bathroom to Yolanda, I grabbed a towel for myself. Closing the door to the bathroom, she said, "Thanks."

I stripped in the kitchen. My soaked clothes wetly smacked the linoleum. Picking them up I rung them out in the sink. I dried my nude body vigorously with the towel before slipping on a pair of shorts. After wrapping my long hair in a towel, I dug the sweats and another T-shirt out of chest the drawers for Yolanda. I heard the shower running when I knocked on the door. I called through it, "I got your sweats and I'd like to get the hair drier."

"Come on in the door's not locked."

The bathroom had a sink, a toilet and shower stall and just enough room to turn around. The door to the shower stall was made of crystal-styrene which made it translucent, but not see-through. Taking a moment to admire Yolanda's figure, barely discernible behind the refracted glass, I licked my lips as her dark breasts where pushed against the door while she rinsed in the shower stream. Shaking my head to clear it of lustful thoughts, I sat the clothes on the toilet seat lid then grabbed my blow dryer from the cabinet above the toilet. I asked above the spattering water of the shower, "Do you mind if I dry my hair. This is the only mirror in the apartment."

"Knock yourself out. I don't mind running up your water bill. The hot water feels great."

I quickly dried my long hair stealing glances of Yolanda's body as she washed in the shower. My cock grew hard despite the fact that her figure was little more than a shadow behind the opaque door. It had been a month since I had been with a woman and I had had to pay for the privilege then. Once I was finished with the blow dryer, I left it on the lid of the toilet tank for Yolanda.

Once I closed the bathroom door Yolanda turned off the shower. Soon I heard the blow dryer whining again. While Yolanda finished in the bathroom, I got a couple of glasses from the kitchen cabinet, a bottle of lemon juice from the fridge and a bottle of whiskey off the counter. I poured two fingers of whiskey into each glass then topped it off with lemon juice. I sat shirtless at the small kitchen table next to the window and watched the rain.

Yolanda opened the door to the bathroom wearing one of my old white T-shirts. The material of the shirt was sheer enough I could make out her dark areolas. The cooler air of the kitchen immediately hardened her nipples, tenting the material of the shirt. She filled out my sweat pants real nice although they were a bit long on her. The legs were bunched up at her ankles. Since Yolanda wasn't wearing any panties the gray jersey material invaded her cunt, gripping her labia in a succulent camel-toe that made my mouth water.

She had taken an elastic hair band and put it around her hairline then she had pulled her kinky hair through it into a cute afro puff. Pouting, she ran her fingers through her hair and said, "Since you don't have a flat iron, this is the best I can do. I'll just have to be happy to be nappy."

"You look like a Nubian princess," I said aware that she wanted me to find her desirable.

"I'd tell you to kiss my ass, but you'd fall in love with it and I would never get rid of you."

"Sit down and have a toddy. It'll warm your innards."

Smiling, Yolanda sat down across from me and took the proffered glass. She sipped its contents puckering her lips in response to the sour lemon taste. She said, "Not bad."

"My granddaddy drank one of these every day and he lived to be ninety."

"Thanks for stopping and helping me," said Yolanda. She looked about my small apartment then turned her attention to me and asked, "What's your story?"

"I ain't got no story. I’m just a working stiff trying to make a living."

"No wife?"

I shrugged. "Once upon a time, but it ended a long time ago."


"A daughter, I haven't seen in fourteen years." I cleared my throat and asked, "Can we change the subject?"

"Sorry." She cocked her head and pushed my loose hair off my shoulder to examine the scars hiding beneath it. Impressed she said, "They patched you up pretty good, IED?"

Shaking my head, I said, "IEDs are a part of your war, not mine. We were up against the Republican Guard not insurgents. My platoon wandered right into a minefield. I stepped in a hole the same time the Marine in front of me set off a Bouncing Betty. Because I got tripped up, I was low enough to escape the worst of the blast and my Kelvar saved me from getting completely shredded by the shrapnel like the poor bastard in front of me."

A bright flash of lightning streaked across the sky followed by the echo of thunder. Goose bumps raced up my arm. I shivered and took a hard pull on my drink. I fought to stay in the present instead of drifting off into a bad night over twenty years ago.

Yolanda leaned sideways and inspected the top of my other scar. She pulled the waistband of my shorts down a bit to get a better look then asked, "Somalia?"

"Yeah, we were running food convoys out to villages in the bush. My squad was sent to clear some mud huts next to the road, an obvious spot for an ambush right?"

Yolanda nodded and took my hand in hers. Her touch was tender.

"Anyway, the warlords had been using food as weapon for so long and the locals were so desperate..." I choked on the memory, but continued, "...anyway we got in a firefight. I ran through a doorway of a hut right into a child-solider...we both pulled the trigger at the same time...I survived and he didn't."

I poured more whiskey into the toddy and gulped it down. The burn of the liquor calmed my fraying nerves.

She touched the scar on my cheek just below my eye and asked, "Kuwait or Somalia?"

"Got that one in Mansfield Penitentiary," I said without emotion, sipping my toddy again.

Yolanda's expression betrayed her shock as she eyed the distance from the table to the door. She let go of my hand and studied me for a second then asked, "Why were you in the pen J.D.?"


Wide-eyed Yolanda's voice quivered, "That's all you're going to say?"

"Not much to say. Once I got out of the Marines I came home, I got married then got a job working the line at Euclid Envelope Factory. Not long after our daughter was born, my wife and I went out for an evening. We were at a tavern that had pretty good fish on Friday nights. They had a live band that night so we stayed. I went to get us a couple of beers when this guy asks my wife to dance. So when I returned with the beers I see this guy with his hands on my wife's ass. So I go out on the dance floor and bust a beer mug over his head. Cracked his skull, he died two days later and I went to prison for ten years. My wife filed for divorce soon after I went to Mansfield."

Yolanda digested the information and said softly, "I'm so sorry for you."

"Don't be, I paid for my transgressions," I replied. I peered at her intently then asked, "So what's your story? I don't see a ring on your finger."

Yolanda looked at her left hand then set her toddy down. She blew a long sad breath then explained, "I joined the Army right after I graduated from nursing school. They paid off my student loans and sent me to Iraq. I met Leon, a young infantry lieutenant. We fell in love and planned to married. A week before his tour duty ended, he set off an IED and was killed. I got out and was offered a charge nurse position at Lakeside. So here I am."

I lifted my glass and toasted, "To absent friends."

Yolanda wiped a tear from her cheek then clinked her glass to mine, "Absent friends."

We both drank then Yolanda offered a toast, "Wives and sweethearts."

"May they never meet," I finished the old military toast with a chuckle then downed my toddy. An undeniable attraction had been built between us. I noticed that Yolanda's glass was empty and asked, "Care for another?"

"If I do I won't be able to drive home."

I shrugged and suggested, "You could stay here."

"You don't have to get me drunk to get me to stay J.D." Yolanda stood up and peeled off the T-shirt then added, "Just ask me to stay."

My eyes were immediately drawn to her bare breasts. They looked like toffee covered apple orbs darkened to a burnt macchiato color and tipped with dark chocolate drops. Instinctively, I licked my lips and huskily pled, "Yolanda, please stay."

"I'd love too," she giggled then dropped into my lap. Her mouth covered mine hungrily. She pressed her lips to mine with savage intensity.

It was exquisite ecstasy when she kissed me and I pressed my lips to hers. Intuitively, her body arched towards me as my hands roamed intimately over her breasts. My hand lightly touched her hardening nipples as she squirmed on my lap grinding her ass on my erection. I kissed her neck before moving down to suck a nipple into my mouth.

"That feels so good, J.D.," murmured Yolanda. Her fingers caressed the back of my head encouraging me to suckle. After teasing her nipple with my tongue, I then blew my hot breath across it followed by my rubbing my goatee across it. She moaned, "You're driving me insane."

Yolanda slithered out of my lap onto the floor. She yanked my shorts down and tossed them aside. Smiling up at me, she said, "It's nice to see that your cock is as big as any of the brothas."

"Black guys' having bigger cocks than white guys is just a myth. As a medical professional you should have known that.”

Giggling, she sweetly kissed then sucked my cock just as our intimate connection dictated. Each time she looked up at me, I smiled exhilarated, overcome with joy.

She got a little more intrepid and lavished attention on my cockhead by wrapping her lips around it. Underneath, her tongue whirled around, lapping at the tip and teasing the tender underside of my cock.

Just as I had gotten used to that sensation, she switched her focus, pulling my cock out of her mouth to lick the seam of my balls. She teased, "J.D., your balls look so full. Are they full, Sweetie?"

I shivered as she ran her tongue over every square inch of my balls while stroking my shaft. My balls contracted and yielded to her warm wet mouth. I clutched the table and fought off the urge to cum. I sighed, "Uh."

Yolanda turned her attention to my shaft running her mouth up its side until she got to the tip which only served as a transit for her. She slid her lips down it engulfing much, but not all of my cock into her warm wet mouth. Slowly, she worked her mouth back up my shaft, sucking along its entire length. Her hands got involved, stroking my shaft while she nursed on just the head of my cock. Gently, she rolled my balls in her other hand in an effort to coax the cum from them. She stroked me faster and faster until she sensed I going to cum. Spitting out my cock, she pointed it at her heaving breasts and huskily ordered, "Give me your cum, Sweetie."

"Yaay," I gasped as a blissful sensation washed over me. Jets of white cum rocketed from my cock covering Yolanda's big beautiful coco-colored breasts with the white pearls of my lust. Light-headed from the intensity of my orgasm, I looked down at Yolanda panting.

She sat sweetly at my feet, looking content she smiled up at me and said, "Sweetie, I just love how your cum splashed on me. It gave me so much pleasure to make you feel good."

"You did make feel good," I groaned heavily.

Before I pulled her to her feet, Yolanda took my discarded T-shirt and wiped the cum rolling down her breasts. I kissed her lips and she darted her tongue into my mouth. Breaking our kiss, I led her to my bed and she crawled onto it then rolled on her back.

I lay next to her, kissing her again. I reached for one of her luscious breasts and gently, but firmly squeezed it. Smiling as she moaned, I kissed her neck before moving down to suck a nipple into my mouth. Leaving her heaving breasts, I trailed my tongue down her trembling torso kissing and licking. With deft fingers I untied the drawstring of the gray sweatpants. I smiled as Yolanda became rigid and turned her head toward the door. I knew she was having second thoughts so I asked, "Want me to stop?"

"You're such a gentleman," Yolanda sighed deeply. She lifted her ass off the bed to allow me to peel her sweatpants completely off. She said, "Don't stop."

Once she was naked, I looked down at the ebony beauty on my bed. I saw her bare breasts heaving with exhilaration. Between her dark legs, her bald labia pouted delicious pinkness, engorged with excitement and glistening with anticipation. Choking with emotion I said, "Yolanda you are so beautiful."

Catching a whiff of her sex scent, I followed it to its source as she spread her legs granting me access to her excited pussy. I brushed my lips over her slit with light caresses as she strained and bucked her hips upward. Finally, I put my lips right on top of her slit and kissed it gently then harder, she moaned in pleasure. My tongue broached her pussy and I ran it up and down the layers of her pussy flesh. Tentatively, I pushed my tongue inside her cunt and fucked her with gentle stabs. I brought my tongue to the top of her slit and used it like a probe. Locating her pleasure pearl, I licked it hard and pressed my tongue into its hood.

Yolanda muttered encouragement, "That...that''s it."

I slid two wet fingers as far as they would go into Yolanda's drooling cunt. It was like dipping my fingers into melted butter, her juices streamed down the crack of her ass. I teased her methodically, waving my fingers in her cunt in a come-hither kind of motion until they made contact with her G-spot.

"That's the spot, that's the spot," Yolanda rasped and squirmed on my hand. Soon my fingers were rocketing in and out of her cunt with energetic enthusiasm. She whimpered, "Don't stop...don't stop...don't stop."

Gently, I pulled Yolanda's pussy lips apart with my teeth. With her clit exposed, I flicked my tongue quickly against it. Her legs thrashed against my head as she wiggled about the bed. She was approaching orgasm, so I pursed my lips and sucked forcefully on her clit. She lifted her butt off the mattress and wildly bucked her pelvis with the rising wave of orgasm. Somehow, I managed to keep my mouth on her clit and even managed to suck harder on it.

"Oh my! Oh yeah! Okay!" she cried.

Now satisfied that Yolanda was indeed on the very edge of climax, I darted my tongue into her butthole before withdrawing my finger from her cunt and forcefully shoving it up her ass while simultaneously biting her clit. Orgasm ripped through her body. The bed quivered beneath her as her body quaked on top of it. She wailed with orgasmic release, "Oooh!"

Yolanda collapsed on the bed and lay still, gasping for breath. When she finally came back to her senses, she opened her eyes and saw my face full of adoration.

I was delighted that I had been able to pleasure her so much. I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Never better Sweetie," she replied her voice husky with passion.

Moving between Yolanda's trembling legs, I watched as she looked at me through half-open eyelids and feebly smiled. I put my hands behind her knees and pushed them to her breasts while she seized my rock-hard cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. Slowly, I sank my entire cock into her until my balls rested against her butthole. Groaning, I paused and curled my toes to keep from cumming. Reveling in the tightness of her cunt, I huffed, "You pussy feels so good."

"J.D. you're big." Yolanda muttered her pleasure then patted my ass to let me know she enjoyed my girth.

I slowly withdrew my cock. The wet walls of her pussy clutched at my cock. When the head of my cock was practically falling out of her, I slid it all the way back into her. Soon I had a slow tempo going and Yolanda groaned when I sunk my cock into her and moaned when I withdrew it. After just a few minutes of this, I knew I couldn't last much longer so I pushed myself up on my hands and pounded her pussy with abandon.

The new position changed the angle of my pelvic bone, pressing it against Yolanda's clit. She muttered with insistence, "Fuck me like that Sweetie. Fuck me hard."

With animal-like lust I looked deep into her eyes and curled my lip. I throttled her pussy. As I hammered my cock into Yolanda's pussy, her big breasts bounced to and fro like they were directly propelled by my cock.

She twisted her nipples squealing with depraved delight. Reaching between our bodies, down to the apex of her cunt, she diddled her clit with urgency. Her hips bucked furiously on my cock as her passion peaked. Wild-eyed she howled, " pussy...cum."

I paused, feeling her cunt contracting around my cock as she wailed in ecstasy. After she relaxed, I frantically plunged my cock into her hot box like a lunatic while she bounded her heels across my ass like bronc rider. I shoved my cock into her pussy to the hilt, just as my balls blasted their load deep into her cunt. I groaned, "Aw yeah, cum."

"Fill my pussy, Sweetie! Fill my pussy!"

I collapsed down on Yolanda and gasped for air. I rested my head on her beautiful breasts and she wrapped her legs around my ass. I remained fully seated inside her cunt. Wordlessly, we lay still for many minutes just holding each other in a loving embrace.

Yolanda tenderly ran her fingers through my hair. She brought my face up to hers and kissed me. Softly she cooed, "That was amazing Sweetie."

I caught a glimpse of a tear running down her cheek. I softened and pulled out of Yolanda's cummy cunt. My cock softened and I rolled onto my back, she cuddled up against me. Looking down into her face, I tried to figure out her feelings. I hugged her tight, kissed her and soothingly said, "Yes it was."

She kissed my cheek and then rested her head on my chest. Her tears dropped onto my skin, I wasn't sure of her emotions. Finally she rose up on her elbow wiped her eyes and said, "You're so sweet, J.D., you made me feel desired and sexy. I haven't felt like that in so long. You made me feel so good."

I paused before answering and caressed Yolanda's ample breast, involuntarily she sighed. I grinned at her reaction then said, "You made me feel pretty good, too."

"You're such a sweetie." She kissed my chest then traced her fingers through my chest hair. Hesitantly she asked, "If I asked you a question would you answer me honestly?"

"Sure," I said gently tugging on her nipple.

Yolanda smiled and began to stroke my cock. Giggling as it sprang to back to life, she asked, "Is this just a one night stand?"

I stopped playing with her breast. Deep creases furrowed my forehead as I searched for the words I wanted to say. With a long sigh, I said, "I sure hope not Yolanda."

She smiled broadly at me. She squatted over me with her feet flat on the mattress. Teasing me she ran her fingers down my chest to my shaft. She stroked my member until it was so hard it hurt. Then, with one hand on my chest for support, she held the base of my cock with her other hand and slowly lowered herself down the length of my cock. Looking into my eyes she contracted her cunt muscles when my eyes widened with pleasure, she grinned at me again.

Openmouthed I huffed and tried not blow my load right then. The soothing wet sensation of the velvety depths of her cunt was so intense I hissed, ""

Yolanda liked being on top. She liked the control it gave her. Leaning down until our bellybuttons touched she begun to grind her pelvic from side to side until I moaned. She kissed me then changed direction by grinding in tiny circles until once again I moaned.

Instead of leaning down to kiss me, Yolanda pulled me up by my shoulders toward her until we were both sitting face-to-face. Draping her arms around my neck, she kissed me passionately. She darted her tongue in my mouth and entwined it with mine. She wrapped hers legs around me and rocked back and forth on my cock moaning, ""Hmmm, I love your big cock, Sweetie."

My hands busily fondled her breasts as we embraced each other. Before Yolanda kissed me again, she instructed me on how to share a breath with her. When she exhaled, I was supposed to inhale and then vice versa. As she breathed in, she would rock her pelvis back and tighten her cunt muscles around my cock. I gasped with pure pleasure. Then she exhaled and rolled her pelvis forward, forcing her cunt to reluctantly release its grip on my cock. After a bit, I was able to mirror her movements and we became enthralled in the ecstasy and intimacy of the position.

Our passion built and before long Yolanda's face took on an eager radiance. Her pelvic motions grew frantic. She growled that my cock was putting pressure on her G-spot. She adjusted her movements to enhance that pressure. Her inarticulate ramblings echoed off the walls of my tiny apartment as her climax built.

I clamped down on both her nipples with my fingers and she suddenly stiffen, her eyes rolled back in her head. I cried out as her entire pelvic constricted with her orgasm and threatened to snap my cock in two. I watched mesmerized as her face contorted into a grimace of pleasurable release. Then she threw back her head and howled with climatic delight before going limp in my arms. It was more than I could stand and I began to hiss as my own orgasm burst from my cock. I shot white hot frothy spurts of cum into Yolanda's sweet, sweet pussy.

Once I was spent, I fell back on the mattress pulling Yolanda down on top of me. She curled up next to me and rested her head on my chest. I listened to the rhythm of her breathing. It felt good to have her wrapped in mine arms. I was only concerned about her reaction once the sun rose.

A few hours later, sunlight perforated the window announcing a new day. Yolanda was still resting her on my chest when she blinked awake. Stirring, she lifted herself up and wiped her drool off my torso with the sheet. Her voice was low and hoarse, "Sorry, Sweetie."

"Think nothing of it. You're beautiful when you sleep. You have the cutest snore."

Playfully, she smacked my chest, "I don't snore. But I did sleep better than I have since I got back from Iraq. I think it was because I was so sexually satisfied. How did you sleep?"

"I didn't sleep much."

Sitting up, the sheet fell from Yolanda's body revealing her perky coco-colored breasts. Her nipples reminded me of chocolate drops as they hardened in the cool morning air. Pushing errant and frizzy strains of hair from her face, she asked, "Why didn't you sleep?"

"I didn't sleep because I was watching you sleep. I was just enjoying being next to you, having you in my arms. I figured this would all end with the coming of a new day. I can sleep later."

Despite my morning breath she kissed me, she didn't seem to mind. Her tongue charged into my mouth and our tongues frolicked momentarily. Then she broke the kiss and lay back on chest. The contrast in our skin tones was astonishing. Caressing my chest, she trailed her hand down my belly to find my cock already hard and seeping lust onto my belly. She said, "It is a new day and I don't want this to end either."

I closed my eyes enjoying the attention as Yolanda slowly stroked my manhood. Tenderly, I caressed her breasts and ever so gently twisted her nipples. I moaned as she quickened her stroking pace. I reached under her arms and pulled her up when her breasts were level with my mouth I sucked a chocolate colored nipple into my mouth.

Yolanda arched her back and hissed. She ran her fingers through my hair encouraging me to suckle. Her pussy was weeping excitement as straddled me. She looked into my eyes which glimmered with happy anticipation.

Leaning down she kissed me deeply then rose and took my hard cock in her hand and lowered her bald pussy, still dripping from last night's sex, onto it.

I groaned with gratification as Yolanda lovingly impaled herself on my cock. As the moist heat of her cunt enveloped me, I said, "Geez, Yolanda your pussy feels so good."

Since she was in the driver's seat so to speak, she decided to tease me by alternating the depth she took my cock into her cunt. She rose up and quickly bounced rapidly up and down on it with just a couple of inches inside her.

My hands went to her breasts and I began to firmly squeeze them and gently pinched her nipples until she squealed with relish.

She tormented me by sliding slowly up the full length of my shaft until my cock almost fell out of her only to glide back down until she was fully seated again. She groaned on the way up and moaned on the way down. Then she whimpered as she tightened her cunt muscles around my cock forcing me to curl my toes to keep from busting my nut too soon.

Slapping the mattress like cage fighter trying to tap out I whined, "You're... torturing... me."

As she rode my cock her wet labia clung lovingly to my shaft. She tried to maintain her tortoise like pace as she diddled her clit. As her orgasm approached she began to pick up speed. Soon she looked like a jockey bouncing astride a thoroughbred and I watched her breasts bounce in unison to her accelerated cadence. She huffed, "I...oh... love....oh... hard cock...oh."

Yolanda's velocity increased. She was close to orgasm and I shifted my hands to her buttocks and grabbed each cheek to help her pitch up and down on my cock. She began to whine lost in lust and I savagely shoved a finger up her ass. She threw back her head and howled as the waves of pleasure crashed down on her. Her cunt clamped down on my cock and cum shot from it like a shotgun blast. She continued to contract her cunt until she had milked all the cum from my cock. She collapsed on top of me and my sated cock slipped from her slushy snatch. She rolled off me and snuggled up to me. "I think I could fall in love with you, Sweetie."

"I think I have already fallen in love with you, Yolanda," I replied. I wrapped my arms around her and held her in a deep embrace. I felt her relax and slowly melt into my body. I held her that way for a long, long time.

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