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Thomas's Two Sides

Young man finds sex gets better with love.
Thomas Flynn dropped his backpack and looked around as he walked into the third floor walkup. The sleeves of his flannel shirt were rolled halfway up his forearms and its tail draped over the seat of his jeans.

“So this is your grandma’s place?”

He heard a scuffle behind him and turned in time to catch a flying teenage girl in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she struggled to shed her blouse. A moist, warm mouth pressed against seventeen year old lips. He ran one hand through hair that felt like soft yarn and smelled like raspberry sherbet. The other cupped her butt.

“Mmmmmm… yeah, she’s working the late shift,” she murmured into his mouth. “God, we can finally be alone for a few hours.”

Leisha Francis hooked her arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly, feeling the heat of his body through the soft cotton. He smelled nice and she smiled inside. Must have borrowed his brother’s after shave lotion again, she thought.

Although it is a widely held belief that providing directions while French kissing is an unworkable arrangement, Leisha managed admirably. She grunted, moaned, and pushed Tommy’s shoulders and head in the general direction of the spare bedroom. He lurched and staggered into furniture, toppling a framed photograph or two as he carried the writhing bundle of hormones. He backed through a doorway and, though distracted by his squirming copilot’s hand lowering his zipper, arrived at the four poster bed. Success.


Tommy plopped onto the mattress with his girlfriend on his lap. She straddled his hips, tore open his shirt and pulled it over his shoulders. Tommy struggled to get out of the sleeves with Leisha’s arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Finally free of the manacles, Tommy embraced her, running his hands up and down her long, graceful back. Her skin was soft and smooth as it pressed against him. He felt her deep breaths in his hands and in the warmth that filled the crook of his neck.

“Mmmmm, Tommy,” she said as he released the clasp of her bra and pulled the warm garment away.

“God, Leesh…” he whispered into her ear, nibbling at her lobe, and losing his train of thought.

He slid one hand between their bodies to cup her naked breast for the first time. His lips grazed hers and tenderly pulled at them. Leisha responded, touching the tip of his tongue with hers, inviting him into her mouth. Her breath was sweet and she tasted faintly of the vanilla Coke they had shared. Tommy pulled back briefly to see a beautiful face with coppery brown skin and improbable, whiskey-colored eyes.

Those eyes. He recalled the first time he saw them.


Heat rose in visible waves from the asphalt basketball courts on 155 th Street. Tommy was bent over at the waist, panting, holding the hem of his of sweat-darkened shorts. It was one of those oppressively hot weekends that sent New Yorkers by the thousands to the beaches of Long Island. Derek Francis, two years his senior, stood next to him. He wasn’t just Tommy’s best friend. Derek had filled the role of teammate, mentor, confessor, and drill sergeant for the past two years. In September he would be off to college on a basketball scholarship.

About three inches shorter than Tommy, Derek was powerfully built, with the legs of a sprinter. He carried himself with the air of a general and was universally afforded that status among the young men who crossed his path. His dark skin gleamed with perspiration as they waited for the next pickup game to begin. He had invited his young teammate to play with him in an outdoor league in Harlem that summer. So each day, after clocking out of his job on at the warehouse, Tommy bought two slices of pizza and caught an uptown subway.

Tommy heard some hoots and laughter behind them. He turned to see a dark, willowy girl wearing faded denim shorts and a loose fitting gauze top stride purposefully toward them. She was hard to miss. Females typically didn’t frequent the loud, testosterone-fueled games until the evening, when spectators gathered to watch organized contests under the lights. She carried a plastic grocery bag in her right hand and two books in her left. Her long, athletic legs got Tommy’s attention immediately. He was surprised when the most interesting stranger in the park stopped next to him, gave him a sideways glance, and tapped Derek on the shoulder.

“Leisha,” said Derek in his ultra-low, bass voice.

“Hey, D. Listen, Mom found these on sale,” she said, handing him the bag and scanning the park. “She said to bring you a couple… like I have nothing better to do than hang around here, of all places, with all these delinquents leering at me. Look, I have to get to the library right away or I’ll be late.”

Tommy looked silently from one to the other as Derek pulled two Gatorades from the bag. He wondered if he was supposed to be one of the delinquents in this narrative. Playing the part, he nonchalantly peeked at the elegant curve of Leisha’s thighs.

“Thanks Leesh,” Derek said, ignoring her little rant. He looked at Tommy. “Oh. Leisha, this is Flynnie… uh, Thomas Flynn. He plays…”

“I know who he is,” she said politely, extending her hand to Tommy. “Nice to meet you officially, Mr. Flynn. My brother finally had a decent shooter to pass the ball to when you arrived at school. You probably helped him get his scholarship.”

Tommy shook her hand absently, lost somewhere between her opiatic, amber eyes and thick hair that tumbled in playful, loose coils over her shoulders. She looked back at Tommy curiously and tilted her head, waiting for him to say something.

“Well, I guess I’d better…” she retrieved her hand.


“I’m sorry? What?”

“I’m not just decent,” Tommy smiled. “I’m the best shooter out here. Ask your broth...”

“Yeah, fine, Flynnie,” interrupted big brother. “Lee, you’d better get going”.

Tommy watched the lovely Leisha trip lightly toward the gate in the chain link fence. She turned once to make sure he was looking, smiled, and waved backward with her hand. Tommy sighed softly and turned back to Derek. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the whites of two bulging eyes glaring at him.

“The FUCK you lookin’ at?” boomed Derek. “Get your skinny white ass back on the court and get your fuckin’ game face on.”


Thomas Flynn hailed from Hell’s Kitchen: the gritty New York City neighborhood, not the television show. He lived with his father and two brothers in a tenement sandwiched between a failed trucking company and a dingy medical supply warehouse. Once an Irish slum and home to the notorious and insanely violent Westies, the neighborhood was now an equal opportunity disaster area.

Tommy and Derek were among a very small group of kids plucked out of the teeming public school system to attend an exclusive private academy on the Upper East Side. They were nominally part of an outreach program for under-privileged students and the hefty tuition was waived. In reality, they had been carefully recruited to guarantee a successful athletic program, something that kept alumni contributions rolling in. The group informally called themselves 'The Help'.

Tommy liked the school and he thought most of the rich kids who went there were actually okay. He liked the way the other students looked at him when he walked the halls. He was afforded a sort of deferential outlaw status, which amused him, since he hadn’t committed any crimes. Well, none that any of them knew about, anyway. He thought it was refreshing that it hadn’t been necessary to beat the shit out of anyone in order to establish his bad ass credentials when he arrived.

Early in his second year, when he was sixteen, Tommy had discovered a peculiar benefit that attached to mixing with the privileged class. The well-bred young ladies in attendance, debutantes all, were more than willing to spread their legs for an untamed young male with an air of danger about him. Invited to Susan’s brownstone to do homework? They fucked. Working on Latin translations with Sydney in the reading room? They fucked. One study group session at a Sutton Place apartment featured intercourse with Devon and Hope, while Astrid smoked cigarettes and watched.

It didn’t bother Tommy that these young ladies didn’t consider him relationship material and most probably never would. The socio-economic chasm between them was too great. It was enough to know that he was the one they thought about when alone late at night. Their reckless sex with him would someday be the video they replayed in their heads, he thought, when their pencil-dicked husbands fell asleep after a five minute screw. He got what he wanted from the arrangement and, so far as Tommy was concerned, fair’s fair.

The extracurricular interest in him, he learned, wasn’t confined to the student body. One afternoon before practice, the coach told Tommy the school nurse needed to see him. He didn’t think much of it. Interscholastic athletes were subject to random drug tests and members of ‘The Help’ were asked to pee in a cup more frequently than the rest. He entered the nurse’s suite on the third floor and Ms. Chapin directed him into an examination room.

“Please take off your clothes, Mr. Flynn,” she said curtly, closing the door behind them.

This caught Tommy by surprise. He’d already had a school medical exam at the start of semester and, in any event, the physicals never involved much more than weight, blood pressure, and a bunch of forms. No, this was definitely strange. Maybe his father screwed up some paperwork again. He began unbuttoning his broadcloth shirt. Ms. Chapin leaned against the window sill and crossed her arms.

“Thomas, I understand that you’ve been sexually active with a number of the young women here.”

He froze, shirt halfway off his back.

“That’s right, Thomas, many of the girls here confide in me more than they do their own parents,” she said, noticing his hesitation. “Please continue. You can place your things on the chair.”

Thomas resumed undressing in silence as he went about assessing the situation, trying to determine if he was in any real trouble. Coach would flip out if he got suspended for sampling the local tail. Could they kick him out of school for this? He pulled a white undershirt over his broad shoulders, kicked off his loafers, and removed his socks.

“I have several issues with this, believe me, but my principal concern is that I understand that none of you have been using protection,” she continued. “The young women I’ve spoken to do use birth control, of course, but there is always the risk of STDs.”

Thomas reluctantly unbuckled his belt and lowered the zipper of his trousers. He noticed Ms. Chapin’s eyes drop to his flat mid-section. He unsnapped a button and opened his pants.

“I… I have a responsibility here.” Her voice sounded an octave higher.

Thomas had visited Nurse Chapin’s office and seen her around school many times, but he had never really paid any attention to her. She was in her mid-twenties, he guessed, and a little on the scrawny side. Her mousey brown hair seemed chronically unruly and she projected a generally dowdy aspect.

As Thomas stepped out of his khakis, he studied her face for the first time. She actually had fine features, with deep set blue eyes and a straight, thin nose. Thomas thought that if she spent half as much time fixing herself up as the average female student here, she might even be considered pretty. He felt a shift in his groin.

“The wellbeing of the students is paramount…”

Thomas hadn’t been listening very closely for the last several moments. He stood with crossed arms, clad only in tight black boxer briefs. Things were beginning to happen inside them despite his uneasiness. The air in the room now felt cool. Tommy’s nipples hardened and his flesh tingled, raising goose bumps on his arms and legs.

“Thomas, you’ll need to remove those,” she said softly, struggling with an increasingly dry mouth. “I need to examine you.” She stood up straight, arms at her sides, and cleared her throat.

Tommy hesitated for a moment. I don’t have a lot of options here, he thought. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and drew them down over his muscled thighs. His dick dropped heavily between his legs and he could feel a faint pulse near its head. He didn’t need to look to know it was beginning to fatten. As he tossed the briefs on the chair, Tommy wondered what Ms. Chapin might look like naked. What kind of curves were hiding beneath those unrevealing clothes?

“I’d like you…” she said, dry tongue ineffectually licking her lips. “…like you to lie down on the examining table now.” She took a few unsteady steps toward him.

Tommy stood his ground, arms at his side, and ran his eyes up and down her body. He saw Ms. Chapin struggle to swallow and her face become flushed. A vein pulsed on the side of her neck. Medical exam, my ass, he thought. He felt his stomach flip and a warm release inside. His cock rose rhythmically. The thought of being naked and hard in front of the clothed young woman didn’t embarrass him. It fed his arousal. She wants to examine me, he thought, well here I am.

“…check for obvious signs… sores…” Ms. Chapin stammered, eyes glued to Tommy’s long erection, which now pointed directly toward her eyes. “… to be embarrassed, it’s natu…”


Ms. Chapin was startled at Tommy’s use of her given name. She stopped her prattling mid-sentence. He closed the distance between them with a couple of slow, fluid steps and placed a hand on her elbow, stroking it lightly with his thumb. She breathed through her mouth and looked into his sparkling grey eyes. The tip of his cock brushed against her.

“Hmm?” was all she could manage, and weakly at that.

Tommy gently lifted her right wrist and moved her hand to his cock. Ms. Chapin’s fingers closed around it and tenderly moved up and down the warm, rigid shaft. Her hand felt soft and cool on the sensitive skin and he suppressed a surge deep in his groin. His pelvis rocked subtly. She exhaled audibly and another hand joined its partner, now urgently squeezing, stroking, exploring. Thomas enjoyed her unfamiliar touch and even the dull ache as she rolled his testicles between her fingers.

Tommy heard a sharp intake of breath as he lowered the zipper over her right hip. By the time the skirt fell around her feet, he had begun working on the buttons of her blouse. White panties were visible through sheer, black patterned tights. Her knobby knees turned slightly inward. She placed her delicate hands on his chest, reading the contours of his muscles.

Ms. Chapin did not resist when Tommy removed her blouse and unsnapped the catch on her sensible bra. The garments fell to the floor with a soft rustle. Pale, protuberant areolas pouted on her smallish breasts. Tommy stroked her pink nipples with the backs of his fingers, watching them come to life.

Tommy felt her trembling hands slide down his back to squeeze and explore his hard buttocks. She pressed her warm skin to his, trapping his long column between their bodies. She kissed the hollow of his throat while her erect nipples poked and dragged against him.

“Get on the table, Rose,” Tommy half-whispered. “I need to examine you.”

The nurse moved as if in a trance, stepping over the discarded skirt with Tommy’s hand on the back of her neck. Breathing heavily, she placed her hands on the table and leaned forward. Tommy moved behind her and rolled the tights down to her knees. He was fixed on the roundness beneath the flimsy panties. He pulled back the elastic, peered at her snowy cheeks, and then let it snap back into place.

“Stand up straight, Rose.”

Tommy pressed his cock against the dimpled small of her back and cupped a breast with one hand, his fingers scissoring an electrified nipple. Her smooth back felt soft and feminine against his hard stomach and chest. Tommy moved his free hand over her hips and tummy, caressing her pale skin before curling over the mound of her vulva. The cotton was warm and moist to his touch. Tommy found her cleft and pressed with his fingers, sliding them up and down the crevice. He felt Ms. Chapin’s ass squirm and push against him as he toyed with her.

Tommy continued to manipulate Ms. Chapin’s rock-hard nipple when he dipped a hand beneath the panties and slipped into her slickened channel. She threw her head back against his chest and sucked in air as he circled her hooded clit with his wet finger. He continued to torment the plumping nub, even holding her up when he felt her knees go weak. The leaking head of Tommy’s penis glowed from the movement of their bodies, torturing and stimulating him.

“You need to take these off, Rose,” he breathed into her ear.

Ms. Chapin complied, shaking as she pushed the soiled bikini bottom to her knees where her tights were gathered. Her pumps dropped to the floor with a thud as Tommy lifted her onto the cushioned table. Her arms and legs looked gangly to him, and he thought she could stand some toning up. But her ass was inviting, her boobs were ripe, and her pussy was wet and ready for him.

Ms. Chapin knelt low on the table, pushing her rear end upward. Tommy pulled the panties and tights over her feet, tossing them over his shoulder. Standing behind her, he pulled her cheeks apart and took his time examining her hairy cunt. The sight of her darkened, swollen lips caused his cock to jerk involuntarily. He smeared her juices over her puckered pink button with his thumb and she began to emit a soft, high pitched moan. The smell of her sex filled his nostrils, driving him crazy.

“Brace yourself, Rose.”

Tommy felt his heart hammering his chest cavity as the head of his cock began to separate the narrow slit. Placing his hands on Ms. Chapin’s hips, he felt her tremble. She yelped when he drove firmly into her as far as she could take him. He withdrew completely and then invaded her again. This was always Tommy’s favorite part. The Entry. He loved feeling an expectant pussy yield to the demanding hardness of his cock. Each time he withdrew, she pushed her ass higher to find him.

Tommy fucked Ms. Chapin strongly, steadily, letting her have the young, thick cock she had so obviously wanted. She reached across the table, grasping for the edges but he gripped her arms above the elbows and held them, stroking longer and harder. She came quickly and quietly, a relief to him, given their surroundings. Muscles in her back and shoulders wriggled and popped with her orgasm and strong contractions squeezed Tommy’s shaft.

Feeling her pleasure drove Tommy to a higher level of arousal. His body bucked and stiffened in transcending release as the first dense spurts of ejaculate pulsed violently out of him. A warm, drug-like wave washed over his body and he felt a fleeting, instinctive connection to the woman as he deposited his semen deep inside her.

Tommy smiled as he pushed through the door to the boy’s locker room. ‘The Help’ wouldn’t need to worry about drug tests for some time to come.


Leisha’s visits to the park became more frequent after meeting Tommy that summer afternoon. She would find a spot on the metal bleachers and open a book. She watched the games intermittently and indifferently, that is until she saw Tommy’s sleek form cruise up and down the court. Gracefully weaving and changing direction, she thought he looked like like a white mustang racing through a herd of brown and black stallions. His sorrel mane glinted with hints of gold as it trailed behind him.

Leisha had just turned eighteen years old. She attended a public high school for gifted math and science students. She had dated some guys but found the bookish types at school too boring, and the boys from her neighborhood, less than interesting.

She was intrigued by the tough white kid who seemed to survive by instinct outside his element. She never saw him create a confrontation but neither did he shrink from one.

They were frequent on these streets and any sign of weakness would be his undoing, Derek or no Derek.

Tommy soon began to wander over to Leisha’s post between games for a little flirting and some light banter. Derek eyed the two warily as they quickly became more comfortable with each other and banter turned into longer, quieter conversations. Leisha found her thoughts turning to Tommy while working her summer job at the public library. She sensed a wild streak in him that seemed to melt away when they were together.

Tommy started seeing Leisha on most nights he didn’t have a game. They’d see a movie, or try to sneak into a club for some free dancing. They even went to a couple of East Side parties thrown by his classmates. That’s when she found out that the inveterate gym rat was also an honor student. Mostly, they spent time talking on the front stoop of her apartment house. That her brother had befriended Tommy was of no small consequence to Leisha. She knew Derek’s character and trusted his judgment.


“Flynnie,” said Derek out of the blue. “Remember, she’s my sister.”

He and Tommy were walking along Derek’s street. Leisha and her mom had prevailed upon big brother to invite Tommy for Sunday dinner. The friends hadn’t spoken about the budding romance, though it had been the source of a lot of good natured ball-busting around the park for three weeks. The subject was unavoidable now.

“I know, D.”

“I mean… ” Derek continued. “She isn’t like one of those horny rich bitches at school.”

“D,” Tommy stopped walking. “I KNOW. I get it. I like her a lot.”

“It’s just …” Derek searched for the right words. “She has so much potential.”

“Sooo... what? You’re sayin’ I’m not good enough for her?

“Flynnie, she’s my sister. I’m sayin’ nobody’s good enough for her.”

The guys chuckled and continued walking next to each other.

“So, you don’t trust me ‘cause I’m white.” Tommy smiled, staring straight ahead.

“No, I don’t trust you because you have a dick.”

“So do you, stud.”


“D,” Tommy stopped again. “We haven’t done anything yehhh… uh, we’ve just, you know, kissed a couple of times… we…”

“Flynnie, you’re killin’ me,” Derek said, holding a finger in front of Tommy’s face. “Just shut the fuck up and enjoy my mom’s spaghetti and meat balls. Can you do that?”


Two pair of jeans lay in a heap at the foot of the bed, four squirming feet pushing them toward the edge. Leisha stretched out on top of Tommy and nibbled below his ear, while his hands massaged her firm panty-clad bottom. She ground determinedly onto the hardness beneath his boxer briefs, feeling an insatiable need to get closer to her boyfriend. Her pussy felt warm and tingly, as much from his near-nakedness as the friction.

She loved the visual contrast as they touched. His tawny skin, lightly bronzed from the sun, accented her rich, cocoa luster. His shiny brown hair glinted with a trace of blonde in the afternoon light, while her dense black mane suggested a moonless midnight. Their differences were what first attracted her to him, she thought, but it turned out they were much more alike than she could have guessed.

“Leesh, how long did you say your grandmother was out?” Tommy groaned, pelvis pushing up into her mound.

“Shhhhhhh… hours, baby. You’re mine for hours,” she whispered.

Tommy slid his hands beneath her panties and ran them over Leisha’s smooth cheeks, taking the flimsy fabric with them. She pulled up her legs, stripped off the undies, and dropped them on his face.

“Mmmm… smells like…”

“Don’t say it,” she laughed. “Not if you want this.”

Seeing her straddle him on her knees, Tommy’s heart skipped a beat. He took in the roundness of her breasts, her dark nipples, the gentle curves of her shoulders, waist, and hips. Pouty lips peeked below the dark triangle she had trimmed for him the night before. He stroked her smooth thighs and felt his cock strain against his shorts.

“I didn’t expect tan lines.”

“You think white girls are the only ones who like the sun?” she smirked.

“I mean, your skin is…”

“Later, Mr. Flynn. I’ll explain later,” she cooed. “Meanwhile, you’re overdressed.”

Leisha grasped the waistband of his long briefs and lowered them as he raised his butt. She moved to one side as she drew them over his legs and toes. Tommy’s cock sprang up, ready for service. Leisha had wondered about this moment this since the day she decided they would sleep together. She had heard all manner of bluster from her brother’s neighborhood friends about their prodigious endowments and their effect on women. She knew that all this hype was basically for her benefit and entertainment. Still, she had never been with a white boy and a small part of her wondered if the stereotypes…

“Ohhhh,” she drawled.

She hadn’t expected this. Plump, pronounced veins coursed along the near-translucent skin of Tommy’s long cock. His foreskin covered a wide, wedge-shaped head from which peeked a long, glistening slit. It looked at once intimidating and inviting. Leisha instinctively placed her hands on his shaft and eased back his skin, unsheathing the pulsing phallus. She felt Tommy’s hard, rippling column beneath the delicate casing. She wondered anxiously if she could take all of him. We’ll have fun finding out together, she thought.

She leaned over to kiss the bristling head, taking in his masculine scent. Leisha moistened her lips and ran them down the underside of Tommy’s cock as he moaned in obvious pleasure and rolled his hips. Drawing her wet tongue back up his length, she took the head into her mouth. She wanted to taste his come in the worst way. She began to suck.

“Leesh… baby,” Tommy’s warm hand caressed her face. “I want to take care of you first.”

He cupped her chin and drew her face to his, turning on his side as she moved in next to him. His cock poked between her legs and she couldn’t resist separating them. She felt a pang in her tummy at the first touch of their most intimate parts. I need him inside me, she thought.

Tommy leaned in and kissed her deeply. It was warm and slow this time. He traced a feathery circle around one nipple before gently tugging and rolling it between his fingers. Leisha thought she could actually feel it grow. Tommy whispered in her ear the thing she most wanted to hear. Now his mouth moved lower, tasting her throat, finding her breast. The ardor of his tongue warmed her entire body.

Tommy wasn’t Leisha’s first; there had been a few before him. She recalled the hurried, clawing sessions with the other boys, the rush to consummate. Tommy was different; different in more than the obvious, physical sense. She loved how he took his time with her even though she felt him tremble with desire. Mouth and fingers probed the private places she had so longed to share with him. Each lick, and kiss, and movement of his fingertips flipped unseen switches deep inside her body, releasing currents of arousal.

Leisha’s skin tingled and she felt a buzz in her nipples and pussy as Tommy moved over her. This was something new, this steady, ascending excitement. It was like playing with herself, but better, she thought. His masculine touch was inquisitive, probing. Hands and lips moved at will, surprising and delighting her.

Tommy had moved between her thighs, kissing them as she spread wide for him. He kissed her belly and slid his hands beneath her cheeks to raise her hips. She shuddered as his warm tongue lapped her honey and washed over her emerging clit. He opened his mouth and sucked the fat pearl while sliding a finger into her. Leisha moaned as he pleasured her with deliberate, slavish attention. She sensed a climax beginning to build somewhere deep inside.

“Tommy, stop,” she breathed, holding his head in her hands. “I want us to come together.”

Two big eyes batted at her from between her legs, nearly making her giggle. Tommy crawled over her like a large, powerful cat. His turgid cock swung beneath him. She knew that in moments they would join; she and the young, strong body that surged beneath her meandering hands. She felt a flutter in her abdomen and moist warmth still radiated between her legs. Leisha was ready for Tommy.

He settled beside her and pulled her lithe body against his. Leisha rested her head on Tommy’s shoulder as he wrapped that arm around and cupped her breast. Her buttocks pressed against his rippled abs. She lifted her knee and immediately felt the blunt firmness of his cock at her entrance. She drenched the bursting head with her juices as Tommy slid his free hand up and down the soft skin of her inner thigh and tickled her lips.

“Please, Tommy,” she whispered. “Now.”

Leisha sighed as the bulbous head separated her swollen lips. Oh, I want this, she thought. She lost her breath and stiffened against him as the firm shaft slowly impaled her, expanding the walls of her vagina and nudging her uterus. He held himself there as her body adjusted to his length and girth. Tommy squeezed one long fat nipple and lightly stroked her erect clit with his slippery fingers. The sensation, with him deep inside, was almost too much. She began to tremble and tiny spasms erupted around his cock.

That’s when Tommy began to rock his pelvis and fuck his girl with long smooth strokes. He took her slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace and force of his penetration. Held securely in his arms, she felt like his lover and his prisoner. Leisha began to lose herself in the pleasure of Tommy’s fingertips and in the motion of his long cock.

He breathed sweet, encouraging words in her ear as he ravished her as completely as Leisha could imagine. She loved that he was pushing her threshold like this, not allowing her to catch her breath. Just more fucking, more impossible sensations from his murderous fingers. They ignited nerve endings all over her body.

“Now, baby,” she panted. “I’m gonna…”

Leisha reached a crescendo which began as a spasm in her pussy and exploded to her extremities. She’d heard about losing control and could never grasp it. This is it, she thought. She heard herself scream his name. Her voice sounded muffled and distant. She froze in a momentary paralysis of pleasure. She heard Tommy’s loud groans, felt his contractions, and knew he had emptied himself inside her.

When Leisha opened her eyes, Tommy was there, smiling and rubbing her belly. It was sore from contractions, she guessed. How does he know? She wondered. They were both smeared with perspiration and other secretions.

“Tommy, that was…”

“Beautiful. You looked beautiful.”

She gently hooked her hand around his head and pulled him down for a kiss. She tasted her savory juices on his tongue.

“School starts up again in a few weeks, Leesh.”

“Thinking about the team?”

“No, thinking about my prom date.”

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