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A Misty Night In Brussels

A cancelled flight isn't always a bad thing.

The mist hangs thick in the ether as I wearily pull my trolley through the airport departures entrance. I'm absolutely shattered and can’t wait to rest my aching feet. The giant digital display shows 19:07 and a temperature of just 3 degrees centigrade. I'm glad that my flight departs in just over an hour, so I estimate I will be back in my own home well before midnight.

I use the automated check in system and make my way to the departure lounge, my legs heavy and leaden. The airport is here in Brussels is fairly busy tonight and I have to search out a seat, eventually finding one next to a rather portly gentleman in a pin striped suit.

I let out an audible gasp as I sit down. The relief of finally having a little rest is immense. Today has been hectic but very also productive, hopefully the time it took to put together my presentation will reap benefits when the orders come flying in.

The portly man tries to make conversation, but I am not in the mood, pretending to check my phone to avoid eye contact. I know his type only too well, full of self importance and overblown opinions.

Mercifully my flight is called and I make my way to the gate, bidding the gentleman goodbye. I hate flying budget airlines, but on my route there is no choice. I want to get a good seat so I move as quickly as I can.

My plan works and I soon board and find a seat near to the back of the aircraft with slightly more legroom. Seated and belted, I let out a huge sigh, and tell myself I will soon be home, promising myself a cheeky glass of wine before bedtime.

As this is the last flight of the evening, it soon gets quite full, mostly of business types. Seats quickly get taken and I know I will have to endure somebody sitting next to me. As I look down the aisle, a feeling of horror swallows me up, the pin striped man is on this flight ! I can guarantee if he sees me he will sit next to me and crush me for the duration of the journey.

I am so preoccupied by him that I completely miss a slim lady of about my age taking the seat next to me.

“Is it okay if I sit here?”

I look up into a pair of warm brown eyes and just nod, slightly taken aback by her looks.

She sits down with minimal fuss, as I see the man take his place two rows in front, a very lucky escape for me. My attention turns to the lady next to me. The first thing I notice is her perfume; strong but not overpowering, a hint of vanilla in there somewhere. Her Grey business suit is well cut, and so obviously designer. The skirt is fairly short however, revealing a fair amount of thin denier stocking.

I'm delighted that she doesn't make conversation, just sits back and closes her eyes. She is obviously tired too. I can’t help but admire her silky black hair and unfathomably long lashes, well I say admire. I’m actually extremely jealous.

Ten minutes pass by and nothing is happening. The engines remain off and the cabin crew don’t start their safety procedure talk. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. I can tell from the chatter of other passengers that I am not alone. My travelling companion seems unflappable, eyes still closed.

The talking is overpowered by the sound of a microphone coming from the front of the aircraft.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain, Tim Crawford speaking. It is with great regret that I must inform you that weather conditions have deteriorated. The mist has thickened considerably and developed into a fog.”

The whole plane seemed to groan in unison.

“This means that visibility is too poor to even consider this flight going ahead tonight. We have secured a slot for take-off at eight tomorrow morning. We are also in the process of securing accommodation for the evening. If you all stay seated, we will announce what is happening as soon as we possibly can.”

I close my eyes and swear to myself. I can’t believe it, I just want to get home and crash out, I have meetings in the morning and I can’t afford to be stuck here overnight.

The lady next to me now has her eyes open and turns to look at me.

“They better be covering the hotel costs, I'm not paying to stay a night here.”

Her tone is quiet, yet assured and confident. Can she be any more perfect?

We make small talk for a few moments, and I admire her perfect white teeth and warm smile. Eventually after about twenty minutes, the pilot is back.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have managed to secure reservations for you at a nearby hotel, and they will be sending vehicles to collect you from outside the main terminal very shortly. Please remain seated now until we announce that you can disembark.”

Eventually, we are allowed off the aircraft and back to the terminal. Mercifully as the pilot said, there are buses to ferry us to the hotel. My companion sits by me once again on the bus.

“Well, it looks like we are stuck here for the evening, so we better know each other’s names at least, I’m Roberta.”

“Hi Roberta, I'm Jenny, it's lovely to meet you."

We arrive at the hotel in no time at all. It’s nothing special, just your usual three star chain affair, but it's better than nothing under the circumstances. I get myself checked in, with my new found friend, Roberta doing the same a moment later. I look at my key card and find I'm in room 524. I am certainly not walking up five flights of stairs, so opt to press the lift call.

Just as the doors are about to close I see Roberta’s outstretched arm just about manage to make the doors open again. And she casually stands beside me, flashing me a beaming smile before making to press the floor five button, but finding it already lit.

“Ah, you’re on five as well. Which room?”

I tell her 524 and she replies 526.

“We’re neighbours, Jenny. We can’t seem to shake each other off.”

We both giggle and as the lift arrives at out floor we step out and make for our respective rooms. As I'm about to bid her good evening she stops me in my tracks.

“Why don’t we go for a little drink in the bar? I'm sure we could both use it.”

I try to decline saying I'm tired, but Roberta is having none of it, and we agree to meet in the lobby in three quarters of an hour.

After making a few calls to rearrange the next day’s meetings and to let my boyfriend Adam know what has happened I decide to grab a very quick shower and refresh myself. Unfortunately as I am only on a day trip I have no change of clothes, but I guess nobody will be too bothered.

I make my way back downstairs and find Roberta being chatted up by a very handsome man in the lobby area. I am pleased to see is wearing the same clothes as well, It makes me feel less ill at ease. I can understand the man being interested, Roberta is absolutely gorgeous.

As I approach her I see Roberta writing down something on a slip of paper and handing it to him before making her excuses and linking arms with me and near enough dragging me to the bar.

“Wow, who was that, Roberta?”

“That was Ryan, the First Officer from our flight. He sure doesn't waste time, chatted me up the moment I got into the lobby.”

We spend the next half hour or so getting to know each other a little better. She is also a business lady, and has a partner, and lives about twenty five miles from my house. We get on like a house on fire, it seems we have a very similar taste in food, clothes and men!

The wine is flowing well, and I feel my face begin to redden a little, the peril of having pale skin and blond hair. It feels nice to kick back and relax though, and I really like Roberta, and I’m glad that she seems to like me too.

We are so busy talking that I don’t see the portly, pin striped suit man from earlier approach us, with one of his cronies in tow.

“Hello ladies, do you mind if we join you?”

We reluctantly agree to let them sit with us, and almost instantly regret it. Both men are completely obnoxious and swap crude innuendo riddled banter with each other. I don’t know if this is meant to impress, but it certainly has the opposite effect. Roberta catches my eye and rolls hers, I know she is feeling exactly the same.

Conversation is awkward and stilted, and it’s just horrible.

“So ladies, do you have men in your lives? Lucky guys that get to fuck you?”

I groan and am about to give these two idiots a piece of my mind, but I'm beaten to it by Roberta.

“Actually we don’t have boyfriends. We’re together, and the only fucking that gets done is between the two of us, isn't that right, Jenny?"

I am almost taken aback, but manage to keep it together and keep up my end of the charade.

“Oh yes, Roberta, I don’t need any man if I've got you to satisfy my every need, my darling.”

I feel the soft touch of Roberta’s hand on my knee, and then gently sliding up my stockinged leg slowly until it reached my inner thigh. I gasp inwardly, not used to the touch of another woman. I can’t say I dislike it however.

“Actually Jenny my darling, why don’t we go back to our room now? Finish what we've just started. Leave these gents to their shenanigans.”

Their faces are a picture as Roberta grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet, telling me to grab the three quarters full bottle of wine before we make our way out of the bar, shrieking and howling with laughter.

The laughter continues as we enter the lift and it slowly ascends.

“Did you see those two idiot’s faces, Roberta? What a pair of mugs.”

“Yeah, their jaws nearly touched the floor when I felt your leg.”

The lift bell chimes and we step out, towards our rooms.


Her voice is more clipped now.

“Yes Roberta.”

She grasps my hand and looks into my eyes.

“What if I wasn't just joking? What if I really did want to carry on what we started earlier?”

I stand dumbfounded and lost for words for a moment.

“Oh yeah that’s very funny. Good one. You’re such a wag, Roberta.”

She isn't laughing now, in fact she looks deadly serious.

“I mean it, Jenny. I know you like me, I can tell. I like you a lot too. We’re only going to be here one night, and nobody else is ever going to know, so how about it? I want you so much right now.”

My mind is a muddle of emotions, that’s for sure. I've never done anything with another woman before, but I do feel a real attraction towards Roberta, and knowing she likes me and wants me is a massive turn on. She’s right too, nobody else need ever know. The thought of touching, stroking and tasting her is making me a little damp.

I look at her, deep into those beautiful eyes. Damn, I want her so much now. Roberta must have been able to read my mind, not waiting for words. The gentle feel of her lips on mine, kissing me softly to start, then much harder almost makes my legs go weak and wobbly.

We are still in the corridor here, oblivious to all around us. Our hands groping each other’s bodies in full view of anyone who happened to walk by. Usually I am quiet and reserved, yet here I am kissing another woman wildly and groping her little tight bum in public.

Roberta breaks the kiss, her eyes full of desire, and her breathing short and deep.

“You, get in my room. Right this fucking minute.”

With that she grabs my hand tightly and near enough drags me towards room 526.

I grope her bum clumsily as she struggles with the room swipe card. After what seems like an age the little green light appears and we almost surge inside. The next few moments are like a wrestling match, both of us trying to remove the other from their clothes. Material is ripped, buttons are popped and skin is bitten and grazed in the dark of this room.

Roberta seems to be the one more suited to taking the lead, roughly pushing me down onto the bed and deftly removing all that I have left on (my bra and panties) In the dark I can still see the white of her smile as she takes in my naked form.

“I knew you’d have a great little body under that suit, Jenny."

My body is an absolute bundle of electric nerve ends, my nipples are tingling and my pussy is just sodden. I haven’t felt this brazen, or this turned on in a very, very long time. I long to feel her touch and her tongue so badly, however she decides to keep me hanging, gracefully getting up from the bed and standing beside me, treating me to a slow striptease of what she still has on.

An arc of light shafts through the slightly open curtains, catching Roberta in its spotlight as she slowly lets her bra slip off and she stands in a provocative pose a few inches from me, just in her little panties. I carefully study her breasts; they are perfect, not too large, but not too small either, just a perfect handful and a little larger than my own. Their crowning glory, however are the large succulent nipples which are standing erect. I don’t think I've ever wanted anybody more in my life.

“Like me, Jenny?"

“Oh, Roberta, you’re absolutely perfect darling.”

She smiles, for once shyly, although I'm sure she’s heard this many times in her life. Her fingers loop inside her little panties and she pushes them slowly down her silky legs, stepping out of them with the grace of a ballerina. Her pussy is shaven, and even in this light I can make out her pronounced labia. I don’t think Roberta has a single flaw.

“Get on this bed right now. I want you to eat my pussy. I'm so wet for you, Roberta.”

She does as I tell her, and her tongue is soon tracing its way up my legs, glancing against my inner thighs, but just missing my pussy by centimetres. I wriggle and groan, in part ecstasy, part frustration.

Before I can catch my breath, her tongue is on my breasts, licking and sucking my nipples, taking them deep into her mouth, one and then the other, I let out a huge gasp of pleasure as I love my breasts getting attention. As she does this, I can feel her slender fingers touching my pussy. I can feel that I am absolutely dripping wet, her gentle touch plays its part, making me absolutely saturated.

Her mouth is now on mine, kissing me slow and deep. Her tongue meshing against mine, as we kiss passionately. All the time her fingers are penetrating me deeper and deeper. I feel like I could quite possibly explode.

For a second she stops kissing me, looking at me intently with those amazing eyes.

“Jenny, I'm going to make you come so hard. Would you like that?”

I nod in agreement.

“Then afterwards, you are going to make me come aren't you?"

“Of course I am, darling.”

She smiles that sweet smile.

“You better had, I want you to make me come harder than anyone ever has before.”

She is soon back between my legs, spreading them wider as she kisses my inner thighs again. I arch my back trying to force my pussy against her mouth, but I need not have worried. That slow languid tongue is soon tracing the outline of my labia, before curling against my throbbing clitoris.

My hands are now holding onto Roberta’s shiny hair as I buck my hips and push my pussy hard against her face. I've been eaten out by a few men, but nothing ever quite so exquisite as this feeling. Her tongue work is quick and accurate, finding exactly the right tempo and pressure against my aching button. Her fingers are curled inside me and driving in and out with real purpose now.

I am making one hell of a noise, and I hope the walls here are not too thin as everyone will know Roberta’s name by now ! I am so deeply engrossed in my own pleasure, that to be honest I couldn't care less anyway.

I can feel my body tingle and tense, I know the signals and I'm going to climax soon. Roberta is certainly no stranger to other women, her tongue darts and plunges with real dexterity, and her fingers drive and curve inside me, making me a quivering wreck of a girl.

A thousand ringing alarms go off in my head and my orgasm rips through me like a tornado. My hands grip and curl around Roberta’s soft hair and I let out an ear splitting scream of pure, unbridled delight. The ripples and shakes of climax completely envelop me for a while, and I'm completely in my own bubble of pleasure. My pulse is high and my breathing fast and frantic. The feeling is absolutely blissful.

I open my eyes to find Roberta by my side cuddling me and her lips inches from mine. I can see they are smeared in my own abundant juices. We kiss again deeply, as I taste the sharp tang of my own fluid. We eventually break our kiss, Roberta gazing at me with a look of real desire.

“Your turn now Jenny baby. I want you to make me come just as hard as I made you.”

“It will be my pleasure, believe me.”

I hold her face in my hands and kiss her lips hard and push her down flat onto the bed, eager to taste her, touch her, devour her delicious looking pussy. I've never wanted to do anything more in my life, determined to give her an orgasm to match the one she had just given me. Just as my head lowers towards her glistening pussy, my concentration is broken by a hard double knock on the door.

“Roberta, honey, are you back yet? Are you ready for a little fun?”

The moment is shattered. I raise my head and look up once again into those eyes.

“Oh.Jenny baby, sorry I almost forgot. I invited Ryan to come join us. Presumptuous I know, but don’t buy a ticket, you don’t win the prize, right?”

Leaving me speechless, she springs from the bed, and goes to the door, still completely naked. I marvel at the curves of her tight little bum. Roberta turns her head back to me, giving me an amazing sexy stare, just before she twists the handle.

“Tell me, have you ever had a threesome before, Jenny?"

Looks like I'm in for a second new experience tonight.

(To be continued)

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