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Adventures of Ebony and Sarah

Two best friends at a sleepover


Ebony and Sarah are having a sleepover like they usually do every weekend, this time is was at Ebony's house. Ebony lives with her sister, two years younger and her mum. Her mum usually goes out weekends and this time it was no different, Ebony and Sarah were basically home alone as her Ebony's sister usally has her music going and hardly ever comes out of her room. Nothing was usual with the sleepover, they were both on the floor on seperate mattresses, laying down under the sheets, eating chocolate and watching a Johhny deep movie, this week it was Edwards Scisscorhands. Both of them where in their pyjamas.

As usual, they talked during the movie, usually about boys and gossip at school and that kind of stuff, the subject had turned to sex. Both of the girls are 16, and only Sarah's had sex, many times, however, Ebony was a obessive masturbator so she wasn't completly out of the dark. Sarah was talking about how she loves getting licked out, especially having her slit licked up and down. They were both okay talking like this, they've been best friends since grade one. Suddenly, Sarah asked Ebony when she was going to get laid. "I don't know, I don't feel comfable with guys". "God Ebs, how do you live without seX?!" Sarah asked. "Umm..well I just do", replied Ebony. Sarah just laughed softly at her respones.

The two kept silent for abit. Watching Johnny deep was making Ebony abit wet. She usually rubbed herself gently sometimes when Sarah was asleep, but never followed it through to orgasm. Ebony thought what the hell and very slowly and carefully rubbed her crotch area through her pyjamas.

Suddenly, Sarah resumed talking about sex again. "Ya know, it feels so good having someones fingers inside you, so much hotter than having your own fingers inside yourself". Great, Ebony thought, this just made her more horny than before! Depsite the girls beening close, they never talked about masturbation. "So, do you...ever...touch yourself Ebs?", Sarah asked. "Yeah I guess soo...", Ebony tried not to sound too interested or guilty.

"How often do you do it?", asked Sarah. "Few times a week", Ebony once again tried not to sound too quilty, she lied of course, she did it just about every night! Ebony just tried to focus on the movie, trying not to sound interested, although she was, alot. Sarah stoped asking questions and as the movie ended it was time to sleep(they had watch other movies before, so it was pretty late). As they said good night to each other, they both laided under their covers.

Ebony was reflecting on Sarahs questions. She couldn't get her mind off masturbation now, she had even pictured Sarah doing it in her mind, now that she knew for sure Sarah did it. Ebony was way too horny to get to sleep, and very wet for that matter, and she was pretty sure Sarah was asleep, so she thought why the hell not? So, Ebony slowly and quietly slipped a hand down inside her pyjama pants and inside her soaked cotton panties, she started to run a finger up and down her wet slit and she couldnt help to let out a slight gasp of relief. She suddenly remembered Sarah and stoped to check if she was asleep, it seems safe she thought, so she continued.

After playing with her slit for a while, she went straight for her pussy hole. She LOVED to finger herself, She slipped two fingers into her tight virgin pussy, very slowly sliding them in and out of her aching hole, hoping that her juices couldn't be heard by Sarah. It was all going good, Sarah still seemed sleep, So Ebony thought she might go for a orgasm, she withdrew her fingers, ran them up her wet slit and started rubbing her hard erect clit. God this feels so fucking good she thought to herself. She was rubbing her clit as she thought about Sarah masturbating. She never thought about it before, but It really did excite her. She imagined how Sarah would finger herself, how many fingers and if she was shaved. As Ebony was thinking about this she heard something sounded like when Ebony fingered herself, it sounded like a finger pumping in and out of a wet pussy...

My god, Ebony thought, could Sarah be playing with herself? Did she hear me? So suddenly Ebony stopped rubbing herself, so she could concentrate and find out if Sarah was fucking herself. Suddenly, Sarah crawled over to Ebony, sat lightly on top of her, legs either side of her, and kissed her. Without a word, Ebony wrapped her arms around Sarah as the two started to make out. Both of them where wet and horny, and after all, they were best friends, and best friends help each other.

Sarah slid her hand up inside Ebonys pyjama top and started fondling her boobs through her bra. Ebony broke the kiss and started kissing Sarahs neck as Sarah concentrated on playing with Ebonys breasts. Sarah unbuttoned Ebonys top and opened it up, revealing Ebony's medium sized round boobs. Sarah leaned in and started kissing around the nipples, as she lightly rubbed Ebony's stomach. Ebony stopped kissing Sarah's neck. "I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship", Ebony asked Sarah. Sarah looked up at Ebony in the darkness and replyed "I promise, We're best friends, and Why can't best friends help each other when their horny?. "Okay, but can you turn on the light?", Ebony asked. So Sarah got up quickly, turned on the light, and sat back on Ebony. She then took her top off, revealing small, but very nice boobs. Ebony reached out to play with them, Sarah let Ebony fondle them for abit, then Sarah got off of Ebony, and with her help, slided her pants off, revealing Ebony's soaked cotton panties. Sarah felt Ebonys panties to feel how wet they were. "Damn, their hell soaked, how naughty!", Sarah told Ebony as she took them off. Ebony automatically spread her legs for Sarah, revealing a very nice shaved pussy, with Ebonys clit very erect.

Sarah got in position, with her head in between Ebonys legs, and gently started to licked Ebonys wet slit. Ebony let out a gasp as Sarah licked away at Ebonys sweet tasting pussy. She then made her way up to that delicous looking clit, flicking her tongue gently up and down on it as Ebony massaged her own boobs, moaning softly. Sarah then sticks a finger inside Ebonys wet hole, telling her how wet she is, so she puts another finger in and starts pumping them in and out as she licks away at Ebonys clit. In no time, Ebony is buckling, breathing deeply, holding down Sarahs head as she tells Sarah shes cumming, and to fuck her faster. With Ebonys request, she finger fucks her faster and deeper, using a "come here" motion to hit her G-spot, which Sarah knows all about. "Oooh, fuck, yes...fuck..I'm cumming!', Ebony says as she arches her back slightly, her pussy contracting against Sarahs fingers, wetting them with her cum.

"Thats a good girl", Sarah tells Ebony. "You just wet my fingers, wanna taste?". Ebony nods as Sarah brings her fingers to Ebonys mouth, Ebony takes them in her mouth, sucking and licking her sweet cum off her best friends fingers. "Mmmm...Now I wanna taste yours", Ebony tells Sarah. Without wasting another word, Sarah sits on Ebonys face, with Sarahs face to Ebonys pussy, a 69er. Ebony starts licking away at Sarahs wet slit as Sarah pumps a finger in and out of Ebonys pussy and at the same time rubbing her hard clit with her thumb. "Lick my hole, Ebs", Sarah requests. wanting to please, Ebony starts flicking  at Sarahs wet hole, tasting her sweet juice, making Sarah squirm and grind against Ebonys face.

Ebony then replaces her tongue with a finger, fucking her best friends hole as she starts licking her hard clit. "Oohh, Ebs, don't stop, don't stop!", Sarah says in response. Ebony licks faster, enjoying licking her best friend out, making her want to cum like she made her cum. "Fuck Ebs, I'm going to cum!", exclaims Sarah as she grinds hard against Ebonys face, Sarah moans grow louder as she gets closer, "Oohh, here it comes!", Sarah lets herself go as she explodes onto her best friends face, slowly down her grinding. "Fuck!", Sarah moans out. Ebony moves her tongue down to her friends hole and licks up all the freash juices she can. After letting Ebony clean her up, Sarah lays gently on top of Ebony, slowly grinding her pussy against Ebonys and she kisses her.

"We have to do that more often, don't you think?", Sarah asks. "For sure, theres always next sleepover!". As the girls turn off the lights, cuddle up and prepare to go to sleep, they are unaware that Ebonys sister as been listening closley against the door......

* I'll write about Ebonys and Sarahs next adventures if I get positive comments.


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Posted 30 Sep 2013 14:51
SWEEET story....I wanna try my best friend..But she says NO..I believe we will Cnt wait for more lol
Posted 29 Sep 2012 20:57
As always, reading about young girls masturbating each other has a devastating effect on me, so much so I cant wait to get my hand in my girl-friend's knickers.
Posted 23 Dec 2007 11:36
very very good, I wait for the next one.
Posted 03 Dec 2007 15:44
Thanks for the postive comments.

Fetishdoll: I was afraid the story would go on for too long and people would lost interest, so thats why the realism lacked towards the end.

I will be doing another part to the story, probley take me a week, I'll be involving the sister ;)
Posted 02 Dec 2007 21:27
Get the sister and learn to do a three-way.... or each of them can have a tasting party.... hot chicks are great when they will eat each other out. MORE needs to be cumming from these hotties.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 05:20
nice story, I like the beginning and some of the middle (not sure why anyone would wear pants to sleep but hey) but the end went straight to porn...I guess that's what people on here like but I would have loved a little more tease and realism...but hey, I'm weird. Overall, a really nice story, I want to read more.
Posted 30 Nov 2007 22:36
it was when r u going to have next one, as i aswell my girlfreind to lo sex with onther girl.
Posted 30 Nov 2007 18:02
OHHHH!!!! that's so hot baby! i want more!!! more! more... can't wait for the next one baby!
Posted 30 Nov 2007 18:00
This shit was so fucking good! I want more!
Posted 30 Nov 2007 13:19
more more more lvd it x
Posted 30 Nov 2007 07:55
Can't wait for the next one.
Posted 30 Nov 2007 05:39
nice n simple... i liked it :)
Posted 30 Nov 2007 03:22
amazing.. get the next one.... :)
Posted 29 Nov 2007 23:08
Hot story, write more

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