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Alone with my Friend Claire (part two)

I spend the night alone in a hotel with Claire after our church group bus gets stopped in a storm.
Alone with my Friend Claire (part two)

by Addie Q

This is a continuation from part one.

* * *

Claire asked, "Is it okay if we watch just a little bit more?"

I nervously replied, "I guess so."

And then Claire looked at me, and smiled in a way that seemed so encouraging, and then she slowly picked up the clicker and pressed play. Suddenly, the once frozen image came alive, and we both watched a loving close-up of the pretty little girl with the short blond hair licking the other girl's tiny pink anus.

Just like before, I slid in close and grabbed Claire's arm, and held it snug. I felt so desperate, and I was so relieved she was here with me. I never would have been able to watch this alone, I would have been too scared.

Claire's eyes were totally focused on the big screen at the foot of the bed. She seemed completely absorbed in what she was seeing. The way the girl in the movie was licking, everything looked wet, both her tongue and the small little anus were glistening. And at the same time she was gently rubbing her friend's wet vagina with her finger tips. Claire spoke again, in her comforting tone, "When some girls masturbate, they'll rub their own bum-hole, it can help them have a more intense orgasm."

I replied, "Girls really do that?"

"It can feel really nice. I mean, when you are on your back, and when you get wet, it drips down and it can make your - your little anus feel really slippery."

Hearing Claire sound so sympathetic while she was explaining something so sinful really made me feel so relieved. I mean, she was acting so helpful, and I really appreciated it.

This scene with the girl licking her friend's anus lasted a long time, and the camera would cut away to show the girl's face as it was pressed into the bed, and she had her eyes closed and she was moaning while getting her anus licked. Oh God, I was amazed at how watching this made me feel. It was overwhelming.

I felt so emotional, and I moved myself in a little closer to Claire, and let my head rest on her shoulder.

Claire gently rubbed my hair and whispered, "Don't worry Tammy, it's just a movie."

I replied softly, "But it's so intense."

"I know, but it feels nice that you're here with me."

Hearing her say something so kind was enormously comforting for me.

Then the girl on all fours turned around, and gently rolled her friend onto her back. The next thing that happened was she was leaning in and kissing the girl's tiny little breasts. The screen was filled with close-ups of the one girl's wet lips sucking the other girl's nipples.

The girl on her back was the one with the cute pixie haircut, the one with the tiny breasts, just like mine. The camera was so close that for the next few minutes the entire screen was filled with just the image of her pointy nipple and the other girls glistening lips and tongue.

It felt so strange for me watch this, because my nipples are really pointy like that too.

As we both watched the TV screen, I felt Claire's arm moving. I looked at her as she slid her hands inside her bathrobe. I was still holding onto her elbow as she reached in under the thick terri-cloth of the robe and cradled her own breasts. Her arms were crossed across her chest and she was holding each of her breasts. Everything was covered up by the bathrobe, but I could see her hands moving rhythmically under the bathrobe.

The image on the TV was the close-up of the girl sucking her friend's nipples, and Claire was totally focused on the screen. The way my head was on Claire's shoulder, I could see that she was playing with her own breasts inside the bathrobe in the foreground, and at the same time I could watch the huge image on the screen of the cute girl sucking her friend's nipples. Without moving her eye's from the screen, Claire calmly whispered, "A lot of women say that it feel really nice to have their nipples sucked. They can get really sensitive."

I was amazed at how soothing it felt to hear Claire say that aloud. I don't understand why, but it just melts my heart when she explains things to me.

Claire went on, "This part is really pretty, I mean, she's kissing in such a gentle way."

It helped so much that she could watch the same thing I was watching, something that I thought was scary, and remind me that it was gentle and beautiful.

Claire whispered to me, "It's normal for girls to play with their own nipples when they masturbate, when they get excited, it can feel so good."

I thought about how pretty Claire looked earlier today in her sweater. Her breasts aren't really that big, but I remember thinking how beautiful they looked, the way they sort of pointed out straight in front of her and bounced when she walked. Then Claire sort of shifted her hands a little bit, and I watched as her bathrobe opened up a little bit. For just a moment, I could see just a quick view of both her breasts, and I could see her fingertips on her own nipples. Then she quickly pulled the bathrobe closed again, so she was totally covered up. Oh my God, I was afraid to move, all I could do was tightly cling to her arm and watch. I was in awe because the view of Claire's breasts looked so lovely. They were bigger than mine, and they seemed so firm and smooth. Her nipples were a beautiful pale pink and they looked really hard. The brief glimpse I got of her fondling them with her fingertips seemed to match the intensity of the girl on the video, right in front of both of us.

Then the camera moved back, and it showed both the girls on the bed in a wider shot. The girl on her back, the one getting her nipples sucked, had one hand on her friends head and she was gently stroking her friend's long brown hair, and her other hand was in between her own legs. The camera moved in really close to focus on the girl's fingertips as she touched herself. Everything looked so wet. The girl's fingers were rubbing tight little circles at the top of her vagina.

Claire softly spoke, "Look. She's masturbating; this is really good for you to see."

She was intent on making sure I understood about how a girl would masturbate, and it meant a lot to me. She had whispered about it on the bus this afternoon, and now she was trying to help me as we watched this video. It did help, because the close-up image on the screen really helped visualize what I should do.

She went on, "Look at how she's only touching that one little spot, that's where her clitoris is - that's the spot that's most sensitive."

Oh God, just hearing Claire's soft voice I immediately felt at peace and reassured, and the calm way she would explain things to me. I know we're both just 16 years old, but unlike me she seems so grown-up. She knows I've never masturbated, and it felt so good realize that someone could be so caring and helpful.

Claire continued to explain what we were watching, "There is a little bump under her fingertips, it's the most sensitive point, and it gets a little bit firm when you get excited."

It was so amazing to watch Claire play with her own nipples, and watch such explicit images on the TV screen at the same time. She seemed perfectly unashamed to play with her breast, and with my head on her shoulder, I was just inches away, watching her.

The next image on the screen was an even tighter close-up, and the girl on her back used both hands on her moist vagina, and she gently spread both lips apart using her fingertips.

Claire eagerly said, "Look, there it is! See that little bump; it's peeking out of the little folds, that's it - that's her clitoris."

Claire grabbed the clicker and paused the image. The TV showed a frozen image of a super close up of the girl's vagina. And sure enough, I could clearly see a tiny plump round shape. It was wet and pink. I had felt this in myself, but I had never seen anything that showed me it so plainly.

Claire went on, "That's how you can have an orgasm, by carefully rubbing that little spot."

I knew Claire was trying to be kind to me, because of what she said on the bus earlier in the day, about how she would explain about masturbating. I appreciated her being so helpful, but it was still so scary for me.

Claire whispered, "I think her clitoris might be small - but - I don't know - I've never seen anyone else's."

I was focused on the paused image on the TV. The camera was so close, and the way the girl was using her fingertips to spread both lips apart, her clitoris was so obvious.

Claire spoke in an apprehensive way, "Maybe it just looks small because, I don't know, maybe mine is a little bit bigger - I don't know."

We both stayed silent for a while, and I thought she wanted me to say something, I wasn't sure. I whispered timidly, "I've felt it, that little bump - when I was alone, but I don't know if mine is small like the one on the TV."

And then Claire looked at me and smiled, "So you have touched yourself, I'm proud of you."

I didn't say or do anything, but it felt really nice to hear her sound so reassuring, her kindness means so much to me.

Then Claire took one her hands out from under her bathrobe and she softly patted me on my arm. It was such a soothing gesture, she was trying to comfort me and it warmed my heart.

I watched as she picked up the clicker and pressed play. Then, the once frozen image was in motion again. She immediately put her hand back in under her bathrobe, and I could sense that she was playing with her nipples again.

We both watched as the little girl with the pixie hair-cut rubbed urgent little circles against her clitoris. It felt so emotional to see something so intimate on such a huge TV screen. The room was filled with an emotional moaning from the movie.

Then I watched as Claire took one her hands out from under her bathrobe where she had been playing with her nipple and she slowly moved it down and reached under her fabric of the robe and cautiously slid it between her legs. Oh my God, Claire was touching herself, with me right next to her. I didn't understand what I was supposed to think, but I stayed still and tried to remain calm.

For the next few minutes we watched the TV as the video images cut back and forth showing different camera angles of the two girls on the bed. They would show the girl with the long brown hair sucking the other girl's pointy nipples. And there were close-ups of the girl with the pixie haircut as she sort of whimper with her eyes closed. And then there were really tight close-ups of that same girl as she touched herself with her fingertips.

The barrage of images was getting really intense, and I was starting to feel emotional in a way that felt overwhelming.

The girl rubbing herself was getting even faster. She moved her legs; she lifted her knees up and spread her feet apart really wide on the bed. The camera moved in close, and you could easily see both her soaking vagina and her little anus, and everything looked so wet.

Claire said, "See, can you see how her bum hole gets all wet, the way she's dripping. That's what I meant before."

Claire was right, the girl's little anus looked all shiny and wet. It looked almost oily.

The girl's hips were starting to move up and down, it was like she was humping her own fingertips. It seemed like everything was building, the girl was sucking her nipples even more passionately, and the girl with the pixie hair was moaning louder - and she was rubbing herself, her clitoris, even faster.

Claire turned to me and eagerly whispered, "It's happening, she's going to have an orgasm soon."

I couldn't believe it, Claire sounded so excited, but it all seemed so scary to me. I was trying to focus on the movie filling the huge TV screen, but I realized that Claire had moved both her hands under her bathrobe, in between her own legs. I knew Claire was naked under her bathrobe, just like me, and it was really astonishing to realize what she must be doing to herself. Then she lifted her knees a little, and from where I was lying, her bare knee was obscuring just a little bit of the TV image. Then I saw that her hands were moving under her bathrobe.

Oh my God, it was so obvious - Claire was playing with herself, she was rubbing her own vagina under her bathrobe, with me lying right up close next to her. And all the while, I was still clinging to her arm like a frightened little girl.

Then Claire nervously whispered, "This movie is really amazing."

I looked at the TV screen, and the camera was showing the little girl with the pixie hair, it was her face as she was gasping and moaning. I didn't understand what was happening. The video cut to a close-up of her sopping vagina, and her fingers were rubbing in a sort of crazy fury! Everything looked SO wet, and the way her legs were spread, you could even see her anus. Oh God, the camera was really close, and you could see her wet anus moving. It was so intense; it looked like the tiny little hole was going through some sort of spasm. She was sort of screaming at this point. She moved her hand away, and her hips kind of shivered, as she was gasping. She was kind of shuddering for a little while, and her cries were slowly subsiding.

Claire turned to me and in a breathy voice she told me, "See. That was an orgasm, that's what it's like."

I nervously asked, "It doesn't hurt or anything?"

"Oh God, no! It's wonderful, it feels SO good."

Right after the girl on her back sort of stopped shivering, the other girl franticly climbed right on top of her. It all built up to a final scene that was - oh my God - amazingly intense. I need to try and explain what they did. The little girl with the short pixie haircut and the tiny breasts was lying on her back, and the other girl, the one with the long brown hair was on her knees, with her smooth shaved vagina positioned right over her friend's mouth! The girl on top was whispering, "Lick me - please - lick me."

Then the cute girl with the pixie hair-cut pushed her tongue up and licked her friend's vagina.

The emotional intensity of what I was seeing on the TV screen was making me shake. I was getting so freaked out, and I really wanted to shut it off. I looked over at Claire, just to see if I could tell if she was as scared as I was.

Claire was frozen in a pose of concentration; she was staring at the screen with huge wide eyes, in a way that seemed almost haunted. But at the same time, I could see that she was steadily rubbing herself under her bathrobe.

Claire turned to me and said, "Look, see how she's licking right on her friend's clitoris, that's the most sensitive spot."

The girl getting her vagina licked was starting to moan out loud. She began to shiver, and she seemed to be about to explode from the sensations. Oh God, I had never seen anything like this.

Claire eagerly whispered, "Now she's going to have an orgasm too."

The girl in the movie, the one on her knees, was shivering so intensely that her breasts were jiggling. For some reason, more than anything so far, I thought seeing her breasts shake like that seemed really beautiful. The image switched to tight close-up of her smooth shaved vagina being licked by the girl with the short pixie hair.

I looked over and Claire was watching the screen with huge wide-eyes, like she was hypnotized.

The close-up imagery seemed to sort of glisten, everything seemed so wet. The tiny girl's pink tongue, her lips, the other girls vaginal lips and the smooth shaved area - it all looked like it was soaked. And the tiny girl's tongue was franticly licking her friend's clitoris, I mean, the camera was SO close and you could see it SO clearly.

Claire kind of stammered, "See how - fast she's - she's licking."

I didn't answer; I was too freaked-out.

Claire sounded so emotional as she whispered, "Oh my God, that must feel SO good."

Then, the little girl with the long brown hair was suddenly screaming and trembling. Her breasts were jiggling even faster.

Claire gasped, "Oh my God..."

Then, the little girl with the long brown hair arched her back, and she stood up high on her knees, and she pushed her quivering pelvis forward, above the girl on the bed, and she began to squirt out a stream of liquid from her vagina - right onto the girl's tiny breasts!

The girl looked like she was peeing - and she was squirming in ecstasy. Oh God, I didn't understand what I was seeing.

Claire gasped, "Oh fuck!"

I was shocked Claire say that word!

The stream of liquid just lasted a few short seconds, but the girl on her back got all wet. It spurted out onto her chest, her face and all over the bed. The girl on her knees was sort of shuddering, and she seemed completely overwhelmed. She just stayed there, and gasped, "Oh God - Oh God," over and over. After a little while, the girls eventually hugged and kissed. They both looked so loving and joyous.

Then, the TV faded to black and the video ended. The TV automatically turned off and suddenly the room was silent.

The only noise was Claire's deep steady breathing.

Oh my God, my heart was pounding from what I had just seen. And now that the video was over, I was suddenly able to focus entirely on my beautiful friend Claire.

Claire was lying next to me with her bathrobe awkwardly pulled tight over her, so she was mostly covered up. But both her hands were still under the fabric, positioned in between her legs. And even under the thick bathrobe I could see the way her hands were gently moving with a slow and deliberate rhythm.

I was still clutching her arm with my head on her shoulder. I had both my hands gripped above her elbow, and I could feel the way her hands were rhythmically moving. I was so confused and overwhelmed by everything in the movie we had just seen, especially the very last scene, where the one girl squirted all over the other girl on the bed. We lay in silence for a long time, and I listened to her deep breathing, and watched the motion of her hands under her bathrobe.

Finally, I nervously asked, "What happened in that movie? Did that girl pee all over her friend?"

I stayed perfectly still and waited for an answer. I silently watched as Claire gently continued to steadily rub herself, I couldn't see, but it was SO obvious what she was doing under her bathrobe. She was totally still except for her hands, and that rhythmic motion made her breasts jiggle, just a little bit. All I could do was watch in silence.

Then Claire sort of blurted out, "That's what happens to me too."

I was startled by her intensity, and I asked, "What do you mean?"

"That's how it happens for me, when I cum, I squirt like that too."

I was confused and all I could say was, "You do?"

Claire whispered, "In the movie, the girl wasn't peeing - not really. When she climaxed she - she - ejaculated - and liquid squirted out."

She was sort of stammering, and she sounded SO emotional.

I nervously asked, "Do all girls do that?"

"No - getting really wet when you're excited - that's normal - but - but - some girls will squirt like that when they cum." She sounded really troubled, and it worried me.

I said, "Seeing it was - I don't know - it was just SO intense."

Claire went on in a shaky voice, "When I cum, I squirt like that - exactly like that - I mean, just like - like the girl in the movie - I can't help it."

I was listening very intently.

Oh my God, Claire sounded so emotional, and she kept talking, "I think - maybe - it was good for me - to see that girl have an orgasm like that - and see her squirt like that."

I whispered, "I really thought - that she was peeing."

My beautiful friend was breathing deeply as she timidly spoke, "No, it was her orgasm. And it felt SO wonderful for me to see that - because - I've just been so worried, because I thought there was something wrong with me - and - right now - I'm SO relieved to know someone else does it too."

It was really moving to hear Claire sound so grateful. I said, "Oh Claire, I'm happy for you."

Claire anxiously whispered, "It felt so good - to see another girl have an orgasm, and squirt like that - the same way I do - and to see everything get all wet - Oh God - it was so beautiful."

I whispered, "I think that - maybe - it was good that you watched that movie."

Then Claire lifted her knees taller and spread them wide, so her leg was touching mine. I watched as she rubbed herself a little more forcefully.

She softly asked, "Tammy, I need to ask. Did you like watching that last part, the way the girl had - her - orgasm - and squirted like she did?"

Claire was whispering with a breathy sort of urgency.

I replied, "I don't know, watching it was a little bit scary."

Claire stammered, "I loved it - Oh God - I loved it - so much."

I was shocked to hear Claire sound so excited. There was something so needy in her voice. And then I watched as Claire's hips started to gently move up and down. We were both silent for a long time after that. Claire was obviously masturbating with her fingertips, and I was still nervously holding onto her arm. Everything was quiet except for Claire's deep steady breathing and a wet rubbing sound from under her bathrobe.

We were both propped up on all the motel pillows, so it was easy for me to watch. My mind was so mixed up, I mean, the movie was SO intense, and now to be watching my beautiful friend as she unmistakably rubbed herself.

Finally, Claire broke the silence and cautiously whispered, "Tammy, I think - that maybe - I need your help."

I had never heard her sound so helpless, and it made me feel like I would do anything for her. I told her, "I'll help you, what - what can I do?"

Claire sounded so nervous when she asked, "I want to - I need to try to - to cum - like the girl in the movie."

I didn't really understand what she meant, but I held her arm tight and whispered, "I'll help you."

I was lying on my side, clutching her arm and she looked over at me, beside her on the bed. My head had been on her shoulder, but I sat up, just a little bit, so I could see her face a little better. I'm used to seeing Claire as perfectly confident and brave, but right then she seemed so vulnerable. There was something so needy in her eyes, and it made my heart ache for her. She looked at me with such a desperate yearning.

Claire had both her hands in between her legs, and she slowly rolled over towards me. I was lying on my side, with my shoulders propped up on the big pile of pillows. She nuzzled her lips in against my neck; I felt her kissing me and felt so loving. I was electrified at how it made me feel. Then she impatiently burrowed her face down into my bathrobe, and before I knew what was happening, she was sucking one of my nipples.

I was shocked that Claire would do something so bold. But I didn't move, I stayed perfectly still and let her do what she needed to do. She reached up and feverishly pulled open my bathrobe, and she sucked hard and eagerly - Oh God, I was completely thunderstruck. It was so urgent and primal. Instantly - I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement - Oh my God, I was so turned-on - I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like I was falling into some sort of magical abyss. I felt beautiful and obscene - I felt like an angel and a pervert - all at the same time. I let her suck, I love the feeling, I desperately loved it.

I moaned out a passionate whisper, "Claire - oh God Claire."

She was drooling and sloppy. I could look down to see my breasts getting wet and slippery. It was so beautiful. At first I was on my side, but little by little I rolled onto my back, just like the girl in the movie. I couldn't help any of this - it just felt too wonderful. She seemed to be losing all control. I could watch her hips kind of humping, and she was sucking my erect nipples so hard, and so loud.

I nervously stammered, "Claire - Oh God Claire - this feels SO good..."

It felt so - oh my God - it felt SO wonderful. I reached around and gently held Claire's head in my hands. Her eyes were closed, like she was in some passionate trance. I tenderly stroked her long brown hair. She was sucking with such a frenzied passion, that it made me feel absolutely joyous. As she sucked, she franticly squirmed her way out of her bathrobe and pushed it off the bed.

Right then, my beautiful friend was totally naked. She continued to urgently suck my nipples and at the same time she reached around behind my shoulders and she pulled at my bathrobe. I had to move my arms and sit up a little in order to help her get it all the way off, and in just a few seconds - I was naked too. I felt a sudden rush of excitement, everything felt so perfectly beautiful. I'm not sure how it happened, but the next thing I remember she was straddling me. She was sitting up, on her knees, with her legs spread, right over my face.

Oh my God, it was like looking at an angel.

I was instantly aware that she shave her pubic hair, she just looked so silky smooth.

She moved herself taller on her knees and slightly arched her back; she was showing me her vagina, she wanted me to see. I was so bewildered; she looked so heavenly, her firm breasts, her adorable tummy, her smooth wet vagina.

She impatiently whispered, "Tammy - Oh God - please, help me." Claire spread her knees wider and inched her hips toward my face - she wanted - she desperately needed me to see her open wet vagina.

I could feel the overwhelming joy in her - she was radiating a kind of exhilaration that seemed irresistible. She was breathing hard, in an anxious way. It was so intense, but at the same time I felt this overwhelming love for my adorable friend.

In a quiet voice, she begged, "Please - look at me."

She looked so strong and so beautiful. And it was obvious that she absolutely loved that I was looking at her wet vagina. Looking up at the rest of her body was amazing, her breasts would jiggle as she moved and her nipples were wonderfully hard. I could tell she wanted - she needed - me to look at her. The way she was sitting, her knees were on the blanket and her legs were wide, and she urging me to look up at her wet vagina. She reached down with both hands and I watched as she spread the thick pink lips of her vagina, just like the girl in the movie did. She wanted me to watch, and I looked up at her and I could see a slippery pink bump, it looked plump and glossy.

She whispered, "Can you - see my - clitoris?"

It was so beautiful, and it seemed a lot bigger than what I had just seen on TV, I mean, it sort of poked out really far in a way that was different than either of the girls in the movie.

Claire was breathing deep and fast. She was unimaginably lovely, and looking up at her I was utterly captivated by the delicate grace of fingertips as the held her wet vaginal lips out wide, showing me her clitoris. And she stared down at me with an expression of such deep longing that it made my heart ache.

She asked again, "Tammy, can you it? My clitoris?"

I looked up and said, "I see it. It's beautiful."

Oh my God - the smell was absolutely magical. I was amazed at how thrilling our pose was for me. It was like a drug that went right to my soul. I was flat on my back, with my best friend kneeling above me. She squatted a little lower until her beautiful wet vagina was just a little bit above my mouth.

She looked at me and stammered, "I - I need to - cum like - like the girl in the movie..."

I couldn't help myself; I inched my lips upward and gently kissed her glistening vagina.

Claire responded with a sharp little whimpering noise. She begged, "Please - That feels SO good." There was a shaky intensity in her response. She looked down at my face between her legs.

I pressed my mouth firmly in between her legs and I wrapped my lips over her entire vagina. It felt so wet and delicious.

Claire was unbelievably wet, and I could feel it coating my lips and cheeks, it seems so slippery and thick. The taste was warm and delicious, but it was the smell that was making me feel all crazy. I was simply abandoning myself. I started to suck her big firm clitoris, and right then I could feel her whole body responds to the pressure from my lips and tongue. Oh my God, I was licking and sucking with such loving passion. Then she leaned over a little more to watch me. I tried to look up from between her legs and I could see her big eyes, she was staring at me with such intensity.

This went on for a few minutes, and I couldn't believe how excited it made her. I could feel my face getting wet as I moved my tongue as fast as I could, just like the girl in the movie. Then I moved my tongue up to her hard clitoris and I could see she was watching me - her beautiful face was radiant. I could feel how deliciously smooth her skin felt with my wet lips. She told me she had shaved her pubic hair in the hot shower, just a little while ago, and the sensation against my mouth felt so slippery and clean.

Claire reached above me and held onto the headboard of the bed. She watched as my I tried to lick her vagina a little faster. Her whole body seemed to respond. The way she was leaning forward, her breasts hung down above me, and as she got more excited, her breasts would jiggle as she moved. Watching her like this was glorious.

She panted, "Is it - okay - that - I get so wet - like this..."

I pulled my mouth away just long enough to say, "Oh God Claire, this is delicious." Claire began whimpering, and it just made me crazy with desire. She started whining in a frantic rhythm, and it almost sounded just like she was crying. She sounded so desperate, and it made me worried I was hurting her. I stopped licking and asked, "Claire, are you all right?"

She replied, "I can't help it. I'm sorry. Please - don't stop."

I put my mouth against her, and continued sucking on her clitoris, and I just KNEW what was going to happen she was going to cum, just like the girls in the movie.

She literally started to shudder and then she started to moan - and then I felt her whole body was vibrating. I carefully repositioned how I had my mouth over her vagina. My lips were cupped over her plump clitoris, and I sucked the protruding shape the same way a baby would suck on a nipple. And all the while, I was licking with my tongue. Oh my God, her clitoris seemed so big in my mouth, it felt firm and slippery.

She responded to this by gasping, "Tammy - Oh God - Tammy!"

Then it happened, her hips started shivering. She made a desperate little crying noise, and my mouth was suddenly filling with hot liquid.

At first I thought she was peeing, and I pulled my face away and watched as she squirted a beautiful stream all over my neck. I responded with an electric passion, I pushed my mouth back in, and let the wetness splash all over my lips, chin and chest. All the while, Claire was fervently shivering above me on her knees. The warm liquid ran off my face, and dribbled down onto the bed. I watched as a powerful stream squirted out of her sopping lips as she convulsed in a powerful orgasm.

She was breathing hard, and she rose up tall onto her knees. I looked down at myself, and my chest was soaking, and my nipples looked SO hard. I was looking up at her, and she was looking down at me.

She stammered, "Oh fuck - Tammy - that was - SO amazing."

Before I knew what was happening, Claire was squirming her way down on the bed. I watched as she eagerly spread my legs apart and then she pushed my knees up towards my chest. When she did this, it made my hips sort of arch up, so my vagina was facing upwards, and Claire was staring at me, right between my legs. I could see her eyes were focused entirely on my vagina.

She whispered, "Oh God, Tammy, you are so beautiful."

Then she pushed my knees even tighter against my chest, and I could feel them pressing against my shoulders. This forced my hips to arch up even more.

She sounded breathless when she said, "Tammy, please, hold your legs like this - please."

And I grabbed both my shins and held my legs tight against my body, keeping them spread wide. I was afraid to move. Part of me wanted desperately to hug my beautiful friend - but instead, I just let Claire look at me. It felt so sinful, but I desperately wanted Claire to look at me. I felt so bold and excited - and my pose allowed Claire to see me. I tried to arch my back and pushed my hips a little bit forward to let her get a better look between my legs.

Claire had this haunted expression, and it was so obvious she was staring at my vagina. It felt so good and I whispered, "I feel SO pretty..."

In a serious tone she said, "Tammy, please, I want to help you, I really need you to cum." I couldn't respond, all I could do was grip my shins with my hands and spread my legs a little bit wider. She went on, "Please, tell me exactly what feels best."

"I will..."

Then, she looked at me and whispered, "Oh Tammy, I love you..." Then she leaned forward and gently kissed me, right on my vagina.

I thought I might scream, the sensation was so intense. She was enormously gentle, and the way I was all propped up on the pillows I could watch everything she was doing. I reflexively spread my legs even wider and held my knees tight against my own shoulders, and I arched my pelvis up towards her face.

I stammered, "Claire - Oh God - Claire..." My voice was so desperate; Claire looked up at me, and tenderly licked with her warm pink tongue. I blurted out, "Oh God - Claire - I love you." I was shocked at the intensity of my response, but it was so true. Claire pressed her mouth even more firmly in between my legs. I watched as she wrapped her lips over my vagina. I whispered, "Oh God - Claire - This feel SO amazing."

She slowly started to build the intensity, and what was just gentle licking turned to get more and more intense. She was simply abandoning herself. I could feel her as she started to suck my small clitoris, and right then all the sensations seemed to magnify. Oh my God, she was licking me with such passion. Suddenly, her tongue moved down a little, and I could feel her tongue inside me!

I craned my neck forward to try and watch.

"Claire - don't stop - Oh God - oh God..."

I watched as she tried to push her tongue as deep as she could, up into my vagina. Her whole body seemed to twist and thrust to get her tongue even deeper. I was swallowed up in an overwhelming ecstasy, and I had no idea I could ever feel this way. This went on for a few minutes, and I couldn't believe how excited it made me. Then she sat up a little and looked at me. I could see her beautiful face was sopping and glistening, from me, from my wetness.

She looked at me and panted, "Oh God Tammy, you taste so good." With that she put her mouth back between my legs, and sucked and licked even harder. Her hands moved under my bottom, and she started squeezing both cheeks, they were wet and slippery. Until I felt the way her hands slipped under my bottom, I didn't realize how wet I was getting.

I was suddenly breathing harder and Claire was making loud sloppy sucking noises. My pelvis started slowly pumping up against her mouth, I couldn't help it. Then I felt tongue slip down lower, and I felt it in between my butt checks. I gasped, "Oh God - Oh God!"

Then I felt her tongue touch my little bum hole. I instinctively reacted, "YES!"

Then she started licking my little bum hole, and it felt wet and forbidden. I whimpered, "Yes - YES!"

Oh my God - My beautiful friend was licking my wet anus and rubbing my clitoris with her fingers at the same time. I wanted to sit up and try to see, but all I could do was hold my knees tighter against my shoulders, and arch my hips up towards her face, so it was even easier for her to press her tongue against my anus.

I gasped, "Claire - This feels - so good - I think - I'm - I'm going to cum..." I was straining as I held my knees, trying to pull them even wider, and I literally started to shudder and then I started to moan - and then I felt like my whole body was vibrating. Then, between gasps, I kind of blurted out, "Claire - I love you - I love you!"

Claire started to lick my anus even harder and faster than I could have ever imagined. And her fingertips made fast little circles around my slippery clitoris. She was sending me farther than I could have ever imagined.

Then it happened. I squealed, "Claire, yes - Oh Fuck - yes - YES!" The sensitivity of my clitoris had just multiplied, and her tongue against my anus felt like electricity. It's hard to describe the feelings; I was flooded with an intense rush. I'm not totally sure what I did, but I hope nobody heard me, because I screamed and I know it was loud. I felt like my whole body, my whole soul - everything, just released in some giant explosion. It lasted for what seemed an eternity.

Claire continued to lick me, really hard, as I convulsed in a heavenly climax.

"Oh God- Oh God..." I stammered.

Then, as it subsided, Claire looked up at me and said, "Tammy - it happened." Her face was literally dripping and she looked absolutely like an angel.

I was so overcome with emotion, my first orgasm, all I could say was, "Claire - I love you."

Then, she was on top of me, kissing me with her sopping wet mouth; I was tasting my own vagina - on Claire's beautiful lips. She wrapped her arms around my body, holding me tight. I was swallowed up in such a profound feeling of love, oh my God, it felt so magical. She was right on top of me, and my chest was still wet from when Claire squirted all over me, and the feeling of our breasts were pressing together felt so slippery and sensual.

Claire softly whispered in my ear, "Tammy, I love what we just did, it was so beautiful, all of it."

I thought I might cry I was so overwhelmed, and I replied, "I didn't know - that anything could - could feel so good."

Then Claire asked, "Did it feel good, when I licked you like I did?"

"Oh my God, yes - I loved it!"

And then she nervously asked, "Even when - I licked - your - your anus?"

"Yes, that felt really good, I liked it - a lot."

Then Claire giggled, and I immediately asked, "What is it? Why are you laughing?"

Claire looked at me and smiled, "I'm glad it felt good, because I really needed to - lick it like I did."

"You did?"

"I had to, your little bum hole is just - I don't know how to say it - it's just so cute."

I sheepishly asked, "Really? It is?"

Then she sat up on all fours, and looked down at me. She was so beautiful, and I was instantly fixated on her exquisite breasts, and they looked so firm and wet.

She looked down at me, "Tammy, your anus is tiny and pink, and it looked SO wet - it's lovely, and I just couldn't help myself - I had to kiss it like I did."

I was transfixed by the perfection of her breasts. I cautiously whispered, "Claire, can I ask you something?"


I wanted to answer her, but I was just too fixated by her breasts, and she obviously knew I was staring at them. I didn't say anything; I just stared at her hard wet nipples. The way she was leaning forward, her breasts hung down above me, and they looked so beautiful. Right then, it felt like she was reading my mind.

She smiled softly and crawled up so her breasts were directly above my face, and they would jiggle as she moved. Looking up at her like this was glorious.

"Tammy, right now - Oh God - I feel so full of love..."

I carefully inched my open mouth up to her hard nipple. I couldn't help myself. I leaned in and my wet lips met her soft breast met, and immediately I started sucking. I couldn't stop, it felt so good. Instantly - I was awash in a feeling of love, it was overpowering and urgent - Oh my God, the sensation of her plump nipple in my mouth was amazing. I was still so intensely turned-on by what was happening.

Claire moaned out a passionate whisper, "Tammy - oh God Tammy." My beautiful friend was letting me suck her nipples, and I loved it - I desperately loved it.

The room felt so warm and safe after our cold trip in the bus.

* * *

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