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Alone with my Friend Claire

My friend and I stay in a hotel room alone, and she convinces me to watch a movie
The bus was just creeping along, it was snowing like crazy and the roads were super slippery. Claire and I were sitting alone, way in the back of the bus, trying to stay warm. There was a heater vent back there, but it didn't help much.

All the boys on the trip were sitting a few rows ahead of us, and they were making a lot of noise.

Claire looked me and whispered, "Tammy, I'm so glad you're here because those boys are so immature."

I smiled with relief and said, "I'm glad you're here too."

We were on a field trip with our church youth group. The bus was filled with a bunch of high school aged kids; they were all boys, except for Claire and me. We were the only girls in the bunch. There were only three adults, thechurch pastor, one of boy's father, and the bus driver.

Claire overheard the boys say something on the bus, and she turned and glared at them. She got up from our seat, and walked up the center isle to where they were giggling together. They all immediately got quiet, and thenshe told them to please act a little more grown up. She didn't get angry, but she just seemed to encourage them to be better, and that impressed me so much. I watched as all the boys all sort of nodded sheepishly, and thenshe turned around and walked back to our seat.

When she slid into the bus seat next to me I whispered, "What did they say?"

She calmly told me, "They made a totally childish comment about the way my breasts look."

"They did? What did they say?"

She sort of rolled her eyes and said, "One of them said, 'That sweater of yours is awful tight for those pointy boobs,' and then the rest of them all snickered."

Actually, it I noticed the same thing, because Claire's sweater was really tight, and it actually made her breasts look - well - really pointy. So what those boys said was sort of true. I feel silly saying that, but I thought the samething when I saw her this morning. Her breasts aren't really big or anything, but they are sort of - well I guess the way to say it is they defy gravity and they jiggle a little bit when she walks.

She's 16 years old, just like I am, I think a lot of boys must notice her breasts, I mean; they are really sort of mesmerizing.

I asked, "Doesn't it bother you, what those boys said."

Claire answered thoughtfully, "I guess it bothers me a little bit. But it's funny because it feels like my breasts are still so new. I mean, they sort of just arrived. You remember what I looked like on this same church trip last winter,back then they were really tiny, so in way, I'm still not used to them."

I sat silent, but I really wanted to compliment her, to tell her how pretty I thought she was.

She has dark brown hair that she keeps pulled back in a ponytail. And her eyes are really pretty too. She has dark eyelashes and thick beautiful eyebrows. She's a little bit taller than I am, and she has really pretty curvy hips.It's hard to explain, but there is just something really confident about her, and it makes me so envious.

It made me feel so bad that the boys would make fun of her for just being pretty. Claire deserves praise, but I don't think those childish boys realize just how beautiful she really is. All of this has been really confusing for me, Ifeel so sheltered and Claire has been so kind to me. I wish I could tell this story in a way that really lets you know how much I love her. But I worry some of the details are all mixed up, it's just so emotional for me.

We had been on this trip for a few weeks now, and the devotional work we were doing was really rewarding. We had been traveling every few days, and for the most part we stayed in churches along the way. All of us wouldcamp out in the basements of these churches, and it's been really fun. There was only one time where we needed to stay in a motel. Claire and I stayed in a tiny room together, and we stayed up late and watched TV.

We were both in bed together and we watched this scary movie. I was so terrified, and I sort of clung onto my beautiful friend's arm as she lay there next to me. I feel so silly admitting how scared I was, but Claire was so kindand she would gently pat me on my shoulder and reassure me that it was just a movie.

At one point during the bus ride, all the boys started giggling. I hadn't heard what they had said, but I could tell that Claire was annoyed.

She grumbled, "What a bunch of children."

Claire had to explain what the boys were joking about. She said they were all joking about jacking off. I really didn't know what she was talking about.

Claire told me, "They are making childish comments about masturbating."

I said, "Really? Is that what they were hinting about?"

She softly told me, "Don't worry about them, it's not such a big deal. All those boys are really immature."

I looked at her, and I was surprised because she seemed so unfazed by such blasphemous comments by that group of boys.

I told her, "Talking like that just seems so - profane. Those boys could get in a lot of trouble from the pastor. It scares me."

Claire smiled at me, and then she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, I masturbate a lot, and it's nothing to be scared about."

I was shocked, and Claire could see by my reaction that what she just whispered was too much for me.

She followed up with, "Oh Tammy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."

I said, "You just surprised me, I mean, isn't it a sin to do that?"

Claire looked at me solemnly, "Don't worry, it's not a sin."

"But, I just feel all jittery just to talk about it."

"Please Tammy. You shouldn't feel nervous or bad about this, okay?"

I replied nervously, "Well, okay - if you say so."

She patted me on the leg in a reassuring way, and I felt really comforted by her simple gesture.

I cautiously asked, "Are you serious, I mean you've really - well - you've actually tried it?"

"Yes, and it's really nice. I like doing it - I like it a lot."

I leaned over and cautiously whispered in Claire's ear, "I feel really embarrassed to admit this, but I wanted to try it, and I sort of started - once - but I was just too scared to do anything."

She smiled and said, "That's good. I'm proud of you."

"I'm not sure, it really freaked me out."

Claire smiled and told me, "Don't worry about this. Let's talk about this later, when we aren't in a bus full of boys, okay?"

She was so kind, and she really put my mind at ease.

I said, "Okay. That would be nice."

Claire was so supportive and calm about it. It was such a relief to know she understood how I felt. Claire knew all about my life at home. I lived in such a strict house, and even thinking about this kind of stuff just felt so sinful.Ever since my mom died, I've had to help my Father take care of my two little brothers. We live on a farm way out away from town, so I don't really mix with other kids much, especially girls.

I feel so alone, and at the same time I'm so scared about everything. I'm sheltered from all the things that any normal girl would know about, and I feel so much shame about the simplest stuff. I know Claire from our church andshe is really the only girl friend that I have. She's the one person in the world I can confide in about my fears and nervousness. She's been so kind to me, and I really appreciate it. It felt so nice that she wasn't at all scared totalk about something as shameful masturbation. It seemed so strange, because it really freaks me out to even think about it.

On the bus, when Claire whispered about masturbation, it forced me to think about the one and only time I tried to, well - when I started to touch myself. I was alone in my bedroom, it was late at night and I put my hands downin-between my legs. This may sound funny, but it really scared me when I started to feel myself get - well - wet like I did. It felt TOO good, and I was really worried, and I just had to stop. But, my fingertip was a little bit wet, and Iactually allowed myself to smell it. This may seem funny, but that smell was just TOO much for me. Something about it was really powerful, and it made me feel sort of crazy, and it really scared me.

The pastor announced to everyone on the bus that the road was closed ahead and we would need to stop. The bus eventually pulled into a parking lot of a motel along the highway, and by this time it was sort of late at night.The pastor got out while we all waited, and after a few minutes he returned and said it was all arranged.

Claire and I needed to get our own room. We were the only two girls in a bus full of boys and the church is super strict about these kinds of things. There are a lot of rules, and the people who are here with us are reallyconservative and they adhere to rigid church protocol. It would be considered morally wrong to have boys and girls together in the same room without one of the adults there to act as a safeguard against anything that mighthappen. There was just so much unspoken drama about any kind of temptation, and it made everything seem sort of distasteful between boys and girls.

Claire and I waited until all the boys were assigned rooms. It was going to be crowded for them, and the motel needed to make arrangements with cots so they would all have a place to sleep.

After the boys all moved off and followed the Pastor down the hall, it was just me and Claire left in the lobby. The man at the desk smiled politely at us and said we were lucky because we would be in the nicest suite in themotel. Then he listed off all kinds of things and he talked so fast I couldn't follow any of it. But I did hear him say we had three hours of free movies. We could watch them using the motels on-screen menu.

Claire and I got our keys and walked down a long quiet hallway trying to find our room.

Claire explained, "All I want to do is take a long hot shower after being stuck in that freezing bus all day.

"Me too," I heartily agreed.

I remarked about the last time we stayed in a motel room like this, that I thought it was really fun,

Then Claire giggled, "You thought it was fun? Even though we watched that scary movie together?"

I said, "I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so scared."

Claire added, "It was scary for me too, but you were so terrified, it made me feel all worried for you."

"I know, I never would have been brave enough to watch something like that alone, I only did it because you there with me."

Claire reassured me, "But you managed to watch it, just like I did, and we are both still fine!"

I thought about how sweet and kind Claire was to me.

Claire must have thought I was a totally scaredy-cat when were in bed together and were watching that creepy movie. I was so freaked-out, and I desperately clung onto Claire's arm as she lay there next to me. But Claire was sotender, and it really made me feel nice. It's funny, she has such a strong effect on me, and I just love her so much.

When we got into the room, I was really amazed at how fancy it was. It was a lot bigger than the other place we stayed, and there was a huge TV and a giant sized bed.

But the room was really cold, and Claire immediately went over and turned on the heat.

She said, "I'm gunna crank the heat until this room is roasting!"

"Good, I'm still so cold from that freezing bus." I repeated what she had said earlier.

Claire went into the bathroom and I heard her exclaim, "Wow, we even have our own bathrobes!"

And sure enough, there were two big thick bathrobes hanging in the bathroom. They looked enormous and warm.

Claire said she wanted to take a shower first. She pointed to all the things on the bathroom counter and she sort of giggled, "This is so cool, look at everything they have for us." There was shampoo, conditioner, bath oil,moisturizers, and fresh razors that were all lined up next to the sink.

She said, "I'm gonna take a really long shower and shave my legs. Oh God, that'll feel SO nice."

While Claire was in the shower I thought about how sweet she'd been to me during this trip. She seems so much more grown up than me, I feel like I can be so nervous and awkward at times. But Claire is just so kind to me, andshe is so patient, even when I act all fidgety I know this might sound funny, but Claire is so kindhearted and caring whenever she needs to explains something for me. She has this calm voice that just seems to hypnotize me.

Here's an example. Earlier in the trip she had to point out to me that the boys were flirting with me. Some of the boys on this church trip were sort of acting really attentive towards me. And they were making silly jokes. I felt soawkward around them, and later when we were alone together Claire told me that they were flirting. I know it must sound dumb that I didn't know what they were doing, but I live such a sheltered life. Claire could have laughed atme, but she didn't. She was SO sweet and kind. She carefully explained what they were hinting at, and it felt so wonderful to have someone so smart take the time to help me understand such normal day-to-day stuff.

And just a few weeks ago, after church we sat together and she convinced me to cut my hair short. I had this long blond hair that I always thought was nice, but she thought I would look cute with shorter hair. She carefullyexplained why she thought I would pretty with shorter hair. And listening to her I was just swept away, there is just something magical about her voice. Later on that same day, I let her cut my hair, and she was totally right. Ithink I look really cute with my new short pixie haircut, and now I get compliments about it all the time.

After what seemed like forever, I heard the shower stop and after a few minutes Claire came out of the bathroom wearing one of the oversized white terri-cloth bathrobes. Her hair was wet and she looked so beautiful.

She exclaimed, "Oh my God, that was wonderful! Now it's your turn."

When I got into the bathroom it was still warm and steamy. I saw Claire's bra and panties on the floor, and I immediately realized that she wasn't wearing anything under the bathrobe when she spoke to me just seconds ago. Imean, that's normal I guess, but for some reason, it felt funny to me. Seeing Claire, and knowing she was naked under the bathrobe seemed a little bit improper.

And I thought about how pretty she looked today, in that tight sweater, and how even with a bra her breasts sort of jiggled when she walked. I felt a little bit worried, was I envious of Claire and how pretty she is?

I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. Seeing myself in that misty reflection, I was amazed at how funny I can look. I mean, I always seem to have this frightened deer-in-the-headlights kind of expression.

I have sort of big eyes, and I always look sort of scared. Maybe it's just because I'm so shy. But, since my new haircut, I feel a little more content. I have to admit, it's pretty cute. I have this pale red hair, and everybody I meetwill comment on how they think it's pretty. When it was long, it seemed sort of stringy, but now that it's short, it just looks prettier. I have Claire to thank for that.

Then, I took off my clothes and folded them on the edge of the big counter top, but I was careful not to look at myself in the mirror, it just feels funny to see myself naked.

I stepped into the tub and turned on the water. The feeling of the hot water in the shower was heavenly after that icy cold bus. The shower we have at home is so tiny, and we hardly have enough hot water, so it felt luxuriousto just let the hot water run over my body.

Claire said she had shaved her legs in the shower, and I thought I should do the same thing. I'm sort of funny like that. I respect Claire so much, that I find I'll do whatever she does. She's so calm and confident that I really thinkit helps me, I mean, whenever I follow her lead, I feel like it makes me a little bit more self-assured.

So I stepped out of the shower, found a fresh razor on the sink and took it back in with me. The way the bathtub was set up, it had a little seat, and I sat there in the steamy bathroom, with the shower nozzle pointed at me andthe hot water pounding on me and I shaved my legs. I guess I really don't need to shave them, I have such thin wispy hair, but I did it because Claire did it. She seemed so excited about doing it, and it made me feel the sameway.

After the shower, I took the towel and wiped off the steam on the mirror. I stood alone in the bathroom and looked in the huge mirror. It was a funny feeling to see myself naked and wet. At home, we only have a little mirror inthe bathroom, so I've never really seen a full view of myself naked like this in front of a really big mirror.

Claire always describes me as petite, and that's a really nice way of saying that I'm small. I actually like it when she says that, but I just don't understand why I was feeling so confused about seeing myself naked in the mirror likethis.

As looked at my reflection, I was, as always, immediately fixated on my tiny breasts. They are just so small, it's like they aren't there at all. I feel so funny getting all self-conscious like this, it just seems so unfair that Claire hasbreasts that are normal sized compared to mine. I mean - I'm eighteen years old now, but my breasts are still in the sixth grade. Yes, I know, this must sound weird, but I just can't help feeling all obsessive about them. They arevery small. I mean, they just stopped growing when I was about twelve years old.

The fact is that I'm tiny all over, I'm short, and since Claire cut my hair, even that's short too. I turned a little sideways and looked at my reflection. Maybe I exaggerated, I do have breasts, but they are just really small. The weirdthing is that I have really pointy nipples, I don't understand it. To make things even more awkward, my nipples always seem so obvious through most of my clothes. It's embarrassing for me, I mean; I simply can't wear tight t-shirts like normal girls. My nipples are just so noticeable - even with a bra. It's something that has been especially troubling on this church outing, I mean, It's just so inappropriate, I just have to dress so carefully because if Idon't everyone would notice my nipples, especially those leering boys. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself because I was staring at my own nipples, so right then, I put on that thick bathrobe. It felt warm and luxurious.

I wanted to put my underwear and bra back on, but I didn't. The bathrobe was so big and thick that I thought that it was all right to be naked underneath. I mean, Claire wore her bathrobe like that, so I thought maybe it wasokay that I did it too.

When I got out of the shower I was amazed at how warm the room felt. The heater was still on high and it felt glorious after that frigid bus.

Claire was lying on the bed wearing that giant bathrobe. It was funny to know that was naked underneath, but since it was just us in the room, I tried not to worry about it.

She was using the clicker and scrolling through a menu on the giant sized TV that was positioned directly across from the bed. She had a bunch of pillows behind her so she was all propped up.

Claire said, " You won't believe what they have on their movie list."

I asked, "What?"

She giggled and said, "They have a list of what they are calling 'adult cinema' and they have a lot to choose from."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean they have all kinds of porno movies!"

I sort of gasped and said, "Oh no, that's terrible."

"I don't know, it's really tempting. I mean, we could watch them and nobody will ever know!"

I said, "You're kidding aren't you?"

"No, I'm serious. I kinda wanna watch one."

Her comment seemed to take me by surprise. I mean, we were both committed to doing charity work on this devout church outing, and it just seemed too scandalous to even consider watching movies like that.

I said, "But, we can't watch anything like that."

She was egging me on, "I don't know, maybe we should at least peak at one. I mean, I've never seen anything like this ever, and I'm really curious."

I spoke in an uneasy voice, "But I don't think that I'm brave enough to watch them."

Claire said, "Well - if it's too creepy or something, all we have to do is just shut it off, okay?"

I nervously asked, "Really? Are you serious?"

"My parents set up the internet with all kinds of things that block any kind of - well - sexual content, and I've always wondered what this kind of stuff was all about, and we are all alone and nobody will ever know."

I immediately said, "Oh Claire, it just wouldn't be right."

She replied, "Please, I really think we should check it out. I mean, I'm totally curious, I've never had this chance before - ever."

I said, "Well, neither have I."

It was a funny feeling to even consider doing something so disgraceful, but I could tell Claire was serious. I like her so much, and I don't want her to think I'm too righteous or anything.

I nervously said, "Well, I mean, I guess - maybe - I'm a little bit curious, but something about it makes me feel really nervous." I like Claire so much that maybe I just told her what I thought she wanted to hear.

She looked at me and smiled, and in a devious way she said, "Oh God, Tammy, I feel nervous too!"

I climbed on the bed, and I felt so awkward because the only thing I was wearing was that big bathrobe. I tried to keep myself totally covered as I sat next to her. The heat was still on, and the room felt wonderfully warm. I satnext to Claire facing the huge TV screen; both of us were propped up on all the pillows on that huge bed.

She looked at me and solemnly asked, "Are you sure you're all right?"

I said, "I'm not sure. This is really scary for me."

She tried to reassure me and said, "I know, it's scary for me too."

There was a long video menu with a series of titles and pictures. She scrolled thru with the clicker and they each one seemed so vulgar. All the titles sounded awful, and all the images were of muscle building men with a lot oftattoos, and women with way too much make-up.

Claire sounded uneasy, "This is isn't what I expected, I mean, all of this stuff looks sort of gross."

I sat silently as Claire scrolled thru the titles. They all looked so creepy to me.

But then she spoke, "Maybe that one, it looks different."

The very last image at the very bottom of the menu was of two young teenaged girls, and it seemed out of place among those other images. They were smiling at the camera and they both looked perfectly normal. They bothwore tank tops and it looked like they were photographed on a nice summer day, it looked like any ordinary picture of two high school friends. There was something sweet about the picture. Right below the pretty image of thetwo girls was the written words: High Definition Video, One Hour Long.

Claire looked at me and asked, "I don't know what to expect, but all those other ones looked gross, should we try this one?"

I cautiously said, "Well, maybe."

She pressed the clicker and there was a long pause with the screen totally blank.

I said, "Maybe it won't work, maybe the motel knows we didn't pay for these movies."

Claire replied, "No, they said we got three free hours of movies, so we don't have to worry about anything."

Then the huge screen was suddenly filled with the image of a quiet country road. And the title came up and read: HOME ALONE AFTER SCHOOL. After that, along came two young women, well, girls really, riding bikes downthe road. There was a long series of shots of them just riding along, and they were pretty and laughing. The background music was just a gentle guitar, and it was really soothing.

Claire looked at me and said, "Well, this doesn't seem like what I thought we would see."

I agreed, "Yeah, this seems sorta pretty..."

I couldn't figure it out, the imagery in this movie was calm and peaceful, and it was really nicely photographed so everything was crisp and clear on the huge TV screen. The two girls had on simple summer clothes, just tanktops and shorts. One girl had short sorta pixie hair, and the other had long straight hair with a pony tail.

I asked, "I'm confused, what is this?"

Claire answered, "I don't know."

I said, "Maybe it got mixed up, maybe this is a little kids movie or something."

And we all watched a series of picturesque scenes as the girls rode across a quaint little bridge, through some fields with lots of flowers and eventually up a driveway to a pretty country house. They parked their bikes and wentinside the house.

I asked, "This is weird, I don't get it."

Claire didn't say anything; it was like she didn't hear me.

We watched as the two girls went up some stairs and into a bedroom, obviously a little girl's room filled with stuffed animals and big windows, so everything was bright and cheery. They both climbed up onto the big bedtogether, and began to play with the stuffed animals. They all seemed so content and happy. Neither of them said anything, they would just giggle and smile at each other.

Both of the girls were really pretty, and now that they were inside and the camera was closer you could see them better.

One of the girls looked just a little bit taller and she had the long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had on a really tight white tank top t-shirt and it really drew attention her breasts. This may sound funny, but she sort ofreminded me of Claire. I mean, they are both pretty, and Claire's hair is darker and shorter. But the thing that I noticed was that they both have really similar figures, and I couldn't help but think at how the boys on the busnoticed Claire, and how her breasts looked pointy. The girl in the video had beautiful breasts like that too.

The other girl was sort of tiny, she had short blond hair and it looked like the same pixie style haircut that I have. And she had on a tight white tank top too, and her breasts were really small, but you could clearly see the outlineof her nipples. I thought to myself, that's exactly what I would look like if I ever wore a t-shirt like that without a bra.

After a while one of the girls (the one with short pixie haircut) carefully undid the other girls pony tail. Then she got a comb out of the drawer by the bed, and started to comb the other girls long straight brown hair. The girlgetting her hair combed was sitting Indian style on the bed, with her friend behind her, slowly combing in long gentle motions. It was really pleasant to watch, there was something so sweet about it.

So, the two girls were just sitting on the bed together, and it seemed like nothing was happening, except for the gentle combing. And it went on like this for a few minutes.

I looked at Claire, and I could tell she was transfixed by the peaceful images on the TV screen.

I asked, "What is this?"

She whispered, "I'm not sure, but it's something about it seems - I don't know - really pretty." She was right, there was something so pleasant about these two girls, it was soothing to watch.

Little by little, the girl with the long brown hair was bending her head back as her friend tenderly combed; she was looking up and showing her neck. She had her eyes closed and she seemed to be in a place of deepcontentment, and it was really enchanting to see her so relaxed. The combing motions were slow and gentle, it was the way you would stroke a sleeping kitten, and it was so loving and captivating to watch. The little girl with thelong brown hair was beginning to react to the gentle combing. She was arching her back a little and responding to each long stroke for the comb. The sound was so quiet on the film, but at one point the taller girl with the longbrown hair let out a deep sigh. It was sort of surprising, because it had such a deep feeling of yearning.

I kind of flinched at the intensity, and I looked at Claire, lying on the bed right next to me, and she was utterly entranced by the images on the screen.

This slow passionate combing went on for a few more minutes, and the little girl with the long brown hair was beginning to quietly moan with each long stroke of the comb. Then, the tiny girl with the short hair set the combdown, and leaned in from behind, and very cautiously kissed her friend on her neck.

Suddenly, my heart began to quicken.

The camera moved in to a tight close-up of the one girl's lips against the pale skin of the other girl's smooth neck, one kiss after another. The kisses on her neck seemed to make the little girl with the long brown hair breathe alittle deeper. And little by little, the kissing moved up the girl's neck, to the side of her face.

I reached over and sort of grabbed Claire's arm, the way I did when we watched that scary movie together.

And then very slowly, the two girls were kissing - right on each other's mouths.

Claire let out a nervous, "Oh my God..."

For the next few minutes, it was just a loving close-up as these two girls kissed. Their lips seemed wet and glossy, and you could hear the wet sounds as they gently pressed their mouths together. Both their tongues lookedwet and pink, and there was something so magical and tender about what we were seeing.

I heard Claire whisper, "Oh no..."

And - things began to slowly build in their intensity and passion.

I moved a little closer to Claire, and clung to her arm just a bit more desperately. I was overcome with a strong a feeling of apprehension.

Claire and I silently watched the big screen as the little girl with the long brown hair let her friend slowly lift her t-shirt off over her head, and her breasts were suddenly exposed for us to see. It was really strange, I mean, she wasso pretty, and her breasts were pointy and jiggled as she moved, and her nipples seemed so pale and hard.

There was something so perfectly beautiful about what we were seeing, but at the same time I was REALLY scared. I thought to myself that we should shut this off, that we shouldn't watch any more. But I stayed quiet.

Both Claire and I watched in silence as the girls on the screen continued to kiss, with mouths open and using their tongues.

Then the little girl with the short blond hair, reached around and began to slide her friends shorts down along her long smooth legs, they both acted a little bit nervous as they awkwardly shifted on the bed. Little by little theshorts inched down her legs until her shorts were all the way off, and suddenly the girl with the long brown hair was entirely naked.

Claire gasped, "Oh my God!"

I was shocked, because Claire and I could see her vagina, and the little girl with the short blond hair immediately leaned over and began to softly to kiss it. The camera was suddenly super close, and on the giant TV screen theimage seemed so intense.

Claire began to squirm on the bed, and she grabbed the clicker and made the video pause. The frozen image on the screen was of the naked little girl with the short blond hair with her open mouth pressed against the othergirl's hairless vagina.

Claire said, "I'm sorry, I just had to turn that off. It was kind of intense."

I said, "Wow, I didn't expect anything like this."

Claire sounded serious as she asked, "Yeah, I'm a little bit weirded-out. Was it too much for you?"

I nervously said, "I don't know, it's got me really freaked-out."

Claire looked right at me and stated, "I didn't have any idea what to expect. But, I was surprised the way it started, there was something so - well - so gentle about it."

I admitted, "I guess so..."

Claire and I were both staring at the paused image on the screen. It showed the little girl with the short blond hair with her open mouth pressed against the other girl's silky smooth vagina.

I cautiously asked, "Why doesn't she have any - well- any pubic hair?"

Claire said, "She must shave it, that's really common with a lot of young women."

I said, "It is? Really?"

She said, "It's true, a lot of girls will do it."


Claire giggled, not in a mean way, but more to make me feel at ease. She told me, "I think maybe girls shave their pubic hair because they want to look like porn stars. Or maybe they think boys will like it more."

I know I must seem like a clueless little girl, but Claire was so gentle the way she explains things for me.

I said, "I feel so dumb, I didn't know that."

Then Claire looked over at me and confided, "Don't feel bad. I know this might sound really personal, but - I do it too."

I sort of gasped, "What?"

"I shave myself, just like the girl in this movie."


"I started shaving myself a few months ago, and I like it, it feels pretty."

"Oh my God, you do?

"Yeah, and I did it tonight, in the shower. I used one of the fresh razors, just now in the shower. It was nice because the water was so hot, and there was shaving cream too."

"Really, are you kidding me?"

"No, it felt nice. It makes me feel - well - really smooth. It's a nice feeling, I like it a lot."

I couldn't believe that Claire would do something so - well, so scandalous. It seemed so strange, that someone so devoted and so kind would shave her own pubic hair, and at the same time she could be so peaceful when shetalked about it.

We were both silent for a little bit, and then Claire asked, "Should we watch a little bit more?"

I said, "I don't think so, I don't know if I can handle it."

Claire spoke with a sort of caution, "I'm still curious, I mean - maybe - it might be interesting to see what's going to happen."

I quietly said, "Well, maybe..."

And then Claire looked at me, waiting for some clue for what to do, I didn't say or do anything. After a moment she slowly picked up the clicker and pressed play. Suddenly, the once frozen image of the pretty girl with the longbrown hair was squirming on the bed as her friend kissed her softly - directly on her smooth shaven vagina.

Just like before, I automatically slid in close and gripped Claire's arm. I felt like a little kid watching a scary movie. It's hard to explain why, but I nervously clung to Claire's arm as we watched the two pretty girls on that huge TVscreen in the dark motel room. We watched as the other girl got undressed too.

When the girl with the short blond pixie hair pulled her t-shirt off, I was really surprised to see she her tiny breasts, all I could think of was that they looked almost exactly like mine. In one scene, she was lying on her back and itmade her look so flat-chested, and her nipples were sort of pointy, just like mine. Then, the other girl pulled her shorts and panties off, but she wasn't shaved like her friend, she had a little bit of pale pubic hair, just like me. Weboth watched in silence as the camera lingered on the girl with the short blond pixie hair as she was lying there, naked on the bed.

Claire sort of whispered to herself, "She's so pretty." It felt nice to hear her say that, because it made me feel a little bit better about the way I look, especially about my tiny breasts.

Little by little, they were kissing each other all over each other - naked - as they desperately tried to satisfy each other. Some of the shots were so close I was losing track of who was who. At one point the one girl was on allfours with her face pushed against the bed and her hips were arched upwards, her butt was facing the camera, and the her friend with the sort pixie hair-cut was on her knees, right in close - and then, I couldn't believe it - shestarted licking her friend's little pink anus! That really freaked me out.

Oh my God, this was too much for me, and I started squeezing Claire's arm really tight.

She felt my grip tighten and asked, "Should I stop the video?"

I replied, "I - I think so."

Claire found the clicker and hit pause.

The frozen image on the huge screen was a close-up of one of the girl from behind, she was on her knees with her butt facing the camera, and the other girl had her pink tongue pressed against her anus. Her tongue lookedglistening and wet.

Claire asked, "Are you all right?

I kept clinging to her arm and I said, "I'm not sure, I think this is just too intense for me."

"I understand, it's really intense for me too."

I timidly asked, "Do people really do that? I mean, licking like she's doing."

Claire said, "I guess so. It must feel good."

"I didn't know..."

"She must like it, the way it feels, I mean she sure seems to like it. Maybe because her - her anus is so close to her - her vagina - maybe it must feel all sensitive too."


"And the way that cute girl is licking so eagerly, it sure seems like she loves it too."

Again, I immediately felt somehow calmed by hearing Claire's voice, and the gentle way she would explain things to me. I whispered, "I guess so."

Claire went on, "This is really intense for me to watch too, I feel the same way you do. But - there is something about this movie - I don't know how to say it, but it seems so pretty, even this part, with the girl getting her bum-holelicked like that. I think - maybe - that would feel really nice."

It felt so reassuring to hear Claire say that, it made me a little bit less scared.

Claire asked, "Is it okay if we watch just a little bit more?"

I nervously replied, "I guess so."

* * *

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