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Lily just needed someone to help her start over. Did she find it?
Lily rushed down the somehow uncrowded New York sidewalk as he called her name behind her, his tone angry and threatening. Her eyes searched the businesses for anywhere to escape him and his endless control as she walked on shaking legs, trying to ignore him as his voice grew louder.

“Leave me alone!!” Lily called back to him, finding a sign that must be a bar-a crowded, safe bar that she could just blend in.

“Lily, get over here!” Kyle called out to her, forcing her feet to slow for a second.

“Go away, Kyle. We're done,” Lily shot back at him over her shoulder, walking up to the entrance to the loud place and staring at the bouncer with big pleading blue eyes. She dug into her pocket and blindly handed him the money that she found, and he glanced between her and Kyle with wary eyes. “Please let me in. I'll give you all of the money that I have.”

“No need,” the guy responded, his eyes quickly taking her in as he took her arm gently and pulled her inside. He called something out to Kyle as she rushed forward into the crowd and to the bar. She glanced down at the cash in her hand, realizing it was a couple of twenties from their shopping trip and thanking him for forgetting that she had it.

He'd never see it again, despite the fact she had no idea what she was going to do. She'd moved here for him alone, though against her better judgment even six months ago. He paid their rent, bills...everything. She didn't even have a job.

“I need a shot. Anything,” Lily told the bartender, brushing her matted blonde hair out of her face. She glanced around to see a stage and people that were not dressed like she was, forcing her to turn back and blush. Her lavender peasant top and jeans were a bit torn from falling outside, and she knew that she was bleeding a little bit.

She needed to drink and then deal with everything crashing down around her.

“Make it a lemon drop and add three more, Jake. She looks like a sweet drink kind of girl,” Lily heard the slow drawl of a girl next to her, and turned her head sharply to see a girl with red and black hair taking her in unabashedly as she frowned. The green eyes that met hers were clear and unwavering as she offered a small smile. Lily looked her over, admiring her leather pants that matched the red of her hair and black corset that showed just how good of shape that she was in for being a petite girl. She was still about an inch taller than Lily, though a quick glance at her feet showed a high wedged heel on her boot.

“Ummm... thanks?” Lily said as the guy grinned at the girl and slid the drinks forward. She offered a bill to him and the girl chuckled as she shook her head.

“They're on the house. I work here,” the girl told her, and Lily raised her eyebrow. The girl cocked her head towards the stage and Lily looked harder at her. “Band. We're on next. Let's drink.” Lily watched as the beautiful woman drank one easily, her eyes open and locked on her. She had always had an unnamed attraction towards women that often took forms of jealousy or admiration that was quickly becoming something tangible.

Lily thanked her softly and held up the drink before drinking it slowly, finding the flavor pleasant. “This is good.”

“I knew you weren't a whiskey type and that is just what Jake would have given you.” The girl winked at the bartender as she handed Lily another one and then let her eyes slide over her face. “I'm Joss.”

“Lily.” She drank it much easier this time, craving the numbness that she was waiting for.

“You don't look like a typical visitor to this place,” Joss suggested, and Lily shrugged miserably as she watched Joss hand her the third drink.

“I'm not. I've never been here,” Lily admitted, shooting it back with a desperation as nerves and need hit her hard. She heard someone call Joss and watched as the girl nodded in someone's direction.

“Look, I have the set but stay here. Drink. We'll take care if that knee afterward if you think you're okay,” Joss told her, her eyes conveying a need for Lily to be there after she was done. “We'll talk.”

“Yeah. Okay,” Lily agreed before she had time to think about her answer. Joss grinned and pressed her glossed red lips together before turning and moving into the crowd. Lily looked at Jake and he gave her a reassuring smile.

“She said to keep them coming. You want the same?” Jake asked her, his brown eyes warm as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Is she trying to get me drunk?” Lily asked, eying the bottles behind the shiny wood of the bar.

"Joss never has to do that,” Jake assured her, and she blushed as she bit her lip.

“Something sweet like this would be great,” Lily told him, and he nodded and turned to make something. She told herself that someone like Joss would never want someone like her, if she was even into girls at all. Lily had such little experience with them herself and it was clear just looking at the musician that she did. Lily turned as Joss called out to the crowd, greeting them in that melodic voice. The drum kicked in along with the guitar, and red and black hair was tossed back as she hit a gritty note. “She's the singer.”

“Damn good one, too. They need to get signed, but I think they like this scene. It would just be good to see them really get paid for their talent.” Jake shook his head and slipped a dark purple drink to her. “Try this.”

It was sweet and delicious and she stared back at Joss as the alcohol started to numb her system. She was captivating on stage, and she oozed sex appeal. It was clear that others noticed it as well, and Lily pondered her attraction and potential as she continued to drink. There had been no sign of Kyle so she assumed that he was handled as she lost herself in a drunken numbness. The future was fuzzy and she stared at Joss as she walked up to her after the set, sweaty and looking at her curiously. “You're drunk,” Joss noted, and Lily giggled as she nodded. Lily hadn't been comfortably drunk in quite some time.

“I am,” Lily cooed, leaning back against the bar as she looked at the singer. “You're beautiful.”

Joss smirked at Lily as she reached for her hand. “Let's take a look at that knee.” She pulled Lily forward and down a hallway, switching on the light in a private bathroom before she urged Lily to sit down. Lily dropped clumsily onto the toilet with another giggle and watched breathlessly as Joss spread her legs slightly apart. “What happened?”

“I fell,” Lily told her vaguely, seeing Joss run a hand up her leg to peer closely at the large wound. She hurt other places as well and frowned as she remembered the fight on the street with Kyle before she'd run away.

“I'd like to clean that up. Do you live anywhere around here?” Joss asked her carefully, and Lily sighed heavily. She had no home now that she'd ended it with Kyle.

“I have to get a hotel room tonight. Would they have something?” Lily asked, and Joss cocked her head at her as she stared at Lily.

“I have a feeling I really shouldn't touch this,” Joss murmured, watching as Lily moved closer. Lily knew that she meant more than the wound. “Am I right, Lily?”

“I don't know,” Lily admitted, not sure of anything as she reached out a hand and pulled Joss closer. She kissed her, softly and hesitantly as the other woman leaned into her. Their lips parted together gently, and Lily felt the touch of Joss's tongue as heat filled her body. It was the kind of primal need that she hadn't felt in a long time and despite every reason she could think of to walk away, Lily tugged her closer and slipped her hands deeper into her hair.

Joss let out a feral groan as she slipped her hands up Lily's sides slowly, sliding under her shirt. Their tongues met eagerly, well past the new stage as Lily shuddered. She knew that she wore no bra per Kyle's request and she felt her nipples hardening at the fingertips that traced her skin. She silently thanked the asshole as Joss stroked the slope of her breasts, pushing up to cover her nipples as Lily moaned.

Joss pinched gently as Lily dropped her head back, pushing the thin shirt up with one hand. “I have to taste this,” Joss told her, moving her mouth down to cover one nipple as the other was teased by her hand. She sucked and licked, tugged with her teeth and bit as Lily thrust her body forward. “Am I going to do this on a toilet or in my bed?”

“I don't care,” Lily panted, longing for the orgasm that was pending as she sucked in short breaths. This was nothing like the only wasted experience with a girl that had ended up with her and the other participant passed out and unsatisfied.

“You're too sweet for a bathroom. Come on,” Joss said as she looked at Lily with a hungry gaze. “I have a place in Brooklyn. We'll cab it.”

Lily adjusted her shirt as Joss tugged it down reluctantly and looked at her knee. “You good to walk?'

Lily's legs were weak and she nodded as she stood. She barely felt the pain with the way her body was pulsing and throbbing for Joss. “Yeah.”

Joss shook her head and kissed Lily again, slowly and teasingly. “I have a kit at home.” She took Lily's hand and led her out of the bathroom and through the club, waving at her band mates as they eyed the couple. The street was crowded as Lily looked around carefully, wondering if he was still here. “He was tossed out.”

“How did you know?” Lily asked her, and Joss gave her a look. She hailed a cab and watched as one stopped in front of them.

“I made sure he was dealt with. I spoke to the door guy since I saw everything,” Joss explained, sliding into the back seat of the car as Lily followed. She told the guy an address and leaned back as Lily watched her. Her hand slipped over Lily's denim clad thigh as their eyes locked, moving up.

Lily had come just from the press of her jeans by the time the cab stopped abruptly in front of an older apartment. She'd kept quiet but it was a hard orgasm and she had bitten her lip hard as she dropped her head on the seat. Joss chucked and slipped the driver a bill, aware that he'd been paying close attention to them. “Out,” Joss whispered to Lily, sucking her earlobe between her lips as she moved closer. Lily moved out of the car as Joss opened the door, looking around as she blinked slowly. “You live here?”

"I got the place from my grandma. She raised me mostly and it's a place to call home,” Joss replied, leading her up a set of stairs and unlocking a door. “It lets me focus on the band since it's paid too. I only work an occasional day job.” Joss pushed it open and led them inside, flicking a switch that bathed the living room in a soft light. Lily smiled, guessing that the big flat screen TV wasn't the grandma's as she admired the obvious style that belonged to Joss. “Now, come here,” Joss told her, and Lily looked at her with wide eyes. Joss pressed her against the wall and kissed her slowly, covering the apex of her thighs with her hand. “So warm. Did it feel good to come?”

“Yes,” Lily whispered as Joss stroked her.

“I want to taste it,” Joss murmured against Lily's lips, seducing the girl with her tone and firm fingers. “I want you naked on my bed so I can taste all of you.”

“OK,” Lily agreed, way past stopping anything. The kiss back at the club had sealed the deal for her. She could deal with reality later as she took a cab to some random hotel if Joss kicked her out. She let Joss guide her down the hallway and into a room with a dim light, kissing Lily as she backed her onto the bed. Lily gasped and opened her mouth as she responded, scooting back to allow Joss to move between her thighs as they both stretched out on the bed. They kissed hungrily as their bodies eased closer to each other, pressing together firmly as Lily touched every part of Joss that she could.

Joss undressed eagerly as she moved to a standing position, naked under her clothes. She was beautiful and just as flawless with pale skin and deep pink nipples, and bare between her legs. Lily slipped her shirt off shyly, and unbuttoned her jeans as she blushed. “Come now. I've see you and I asked you here.” Joss teased her and tugged the jeans down to eye her purple lace thong that was soaked with her come. Joss smelled the denim before dropping them to the ground and crawled up Lily's body. She kissed her stomach and up to her nipples, squeezing one in her hand as she sucked it between her teeth. “Did you fuck him today?”

“No,” Lily breathed, her curiosity breaking through her desire. “Why?”

“I just want to taste you.” Joss returned to her nipple and teased Lily mercilessly, moving her leg between her thighs as she sucked and licked. Lily moaned as she kissed down her stomach and spread her legs with her hands.

Joss covered her with her mouth, tasting her lightly as Lily slowly rocked her hips. “Mmmm,” Joss said, moving her fingers over Lily's labia to find her clit. “Is this what made you come earlier?” Her tongue stroked it firmly as Lily nodded, knowing that she would again. Joss slipped a finger down and inside of Lily as the woman moaned and spread her legs apart, wanting more and more of Joss.

“Fuck me,” Lily begged, her own words making her blush. “Hard.”

Teeth clamped her clit gently as another finger joined the first in a deep thrust. They curled and found her sensitive spot as Lily dropped her head back and clenched the sheets. Joss increased the speed and thrust deeply, over and over as Lily whimpered and closed her eyes. She came at Joss's urging, her voice vibrating through her bones as her fingers stroked her hard and deep. “Fuck... Joss,” Lily cried out, moving her hips with the explosion as Joss sucked on her clit.

“You're so sweet,” Joss told her, fingering her and sucking gently as Lily watched her. “Will you remember this?”

“How could I forget?” Lily whispered, feeling her body throb slowly.

“You drank a lot tonight,” Joss reminded her, and Lily smiled weakly.

“Reality is far too scary to get too forgetful right now,” she said wistfully, meeting green eyes. “I'm not that drunk.”

“I want you to remember me,” Joss said, moving beside Lily and stroking her own breast with one hand as she took Lily's hand and pulled it over to the other one. Lily eagerly let Joss squeeze her over her full breast, filling her hand as the nipple pressed against it. Lily let her desire flood her mind, replacing the fear as she moved closer to Joss to kiss her.

Lily ended up on top of Joss, pushing her hands up and over her head as she kissed her deeply. She ordered her to leave them there before moving her hands back down her body, kissing her neck as Joss groaned softly. She didn't know quite what she was doing, but the way she tasted and groaned just felt right. Lily tugged at the skin of her lower neck with her teeth and was rewarded with a plea of more.

Lily kissed Joss down to her chest as she spread her legs with her knees, licking her nipple as the woman arched her back. Inexperience was forgotten as she acted on her desires and her need to escape life, as Joss reacted to the ministrations eagerly. Lily tested Joss with her fingers, stroking and probing lightly as hips moved against her. “Fuck me like I fucked you, Lily. Use your fingers...your tongue.” Lily followed suit and slipped one finger, then two inside of Joss as she gasped.

It grew harder and deeper as Joss urged Lily on, with the singer finally crying out her name as she came against her hand. Lily dropped down to suck on her clit and take in her juices, fear surpassed by need. Joss shuddered against her, coming again with a groan as Lily memorized her thick sweet taste with a reminiscent smile. “Damn, Lily. You seemed hesitant a few times tonight You were amazing.”

“It was you,” Lily admitted resting her head on the smooth stomach as she closed her eyes. “You brought out the best in me.”

“Did I?” Joss teased, stroking Lily's hair.

“It was a great way to spend what might be my last night in New York,” Lily said softly, letting out a breath. She didn't want to leave, not really. Not now. She didn't want to give up the scent that filled the room or the way she wanted Joss.

“Wait...what?” Joss asked, and Lily frowned.

“I was his kept woman, Joss. His apartment, his money paying for it, and his money paying for everything that I have here. I was so stupid but he was good in the beginning,” Lily explained slowly, letting regret sink in. “I might just go back home to Oregon and start over.”

“What?” Joss asked, sitting up and looking down at Lily. “I can get you a job. The bar is always looking for help and you'd make tips.”

“I need a place,” Lily told her, rolling onto her back.

“I can't believe I am saying this, but you can stay here for a while. I have another two bedrooms here, and you can get a job and we can figure it out.” Joss shook her head as she spoke, as Lily stared at her with wide eyes. “Don't just give up. You came here and you need to find yourself here.”

“Do you want me to...stay?” Lily asked her, and Joss moved to kiss her shoulder.

“Maybe,” Joss admitted, kissing her lips.

“Do you save people a lot?” Lily asked her, remembering the look in her eyes a few times. There a hidden compassion, no...concern. It had been puzzling to Lily but she got caught up in other things and let it go. What a night it had been.

“Not everyone wants to be saved, Lily. I think you want to fight though,” Joss explained, her voice firm as the girls looked at each other.

“I do,” Lily admitted, smiling weakly as she kissed Joss. “I do.”

Lily slept in the main bedroom that night after another slow round of sex, relieved that she had time to figure things out. Joss bandaged her knee after a little ointment and a soft kiss to her lips, making Lily feel safe. Welcomed.

She had an angel that was willing to help her and she wasn't ready to lose her yet. Lily wasn't ready to give up on her life in the city.

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Have I told you how I love your stories? Another great one.
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Good detail, good progression, interesting story. Great job
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Very very amazing story !!!! So erotic , so sensual , so hot !!!! Please keep writing chapters of this story . You are a very talented writer !!!!
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An amazing job, love it

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A very romantic and well written story, loved every detail including the tenderness between the two lovers
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Great story. Very well written

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