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Ashley and Sam

Ashley finally gets a girl.

It’s been almost a year since I had my threesome with my friend Kelly and her fiance Steve. I’ve had a few adventures with guys since then, but never had another opportunity with a woman. Last night that changed.

I’m involved in an entrepreneurship club at college, and our club was getting together for a dinner. The idea was to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner to get to know everyone a little better. I was really looking forward to it, because I wanted to get to know Sam better. Sam is 5’8 with long dark hair and an athletic body. She wears glasses that give her a kind of sexy librarian look. She was so hot that I got turned on every time I saw her at school.

I lucked out and ended up sitting across from Sam at the restaurant, and could barely keep my eyes off her. She was wearing a black dress with a neckline that showed hints of her perfect breasts. She caught me watching her a couple times and gave me a sly smile. I saw her whispering with a couple of her friends near the end of the dinner, and when we all got up to leave she came over to me and asked, “Hey Ash, we’re going to the Chillipepper tonight. Want to come?”

The Chillipepper was a local hotspot I enjoyed to go to, and since it was Sam, I really wanted to go. I rode in the back of Sam’s car and listened as she joked back and forth with her friends. The more I was around her the more I wanted her. Not only was she absolutely beautiful, she was also smart and had a great sense of humor.

When we arrived at the bar we all ordered drinks, and headed out on the dance floor. Sam’s two friends had an early class the next morning so after a two or three drinks they decided to go home. Since Sam had driven she offered to give them a ride home, but they decided to take a cab instead so that Sam and I didn’t have to go home early.

Sam and I were having fun on the dance floor dancing to the pounding beats of the dance music blaring through the speakers. I’m a cheap drunk, and it turns out Sam is too, because after another couple of drinks we were both a little tipsy, and we started to touch each other more often. Pretty soon I was running my hands along her back, and massaging her tight ass. As we moved on the dance floor I stared into her eyes, and slowly worked up the courage to kiss her. I leaned in and brought my lips to hers, still not completely sure how far Sam would be willing to go. As I pressed my lips to hers, Sam hesitated for a moment, and then returned my kiss, slowly sliding her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues wrestled for a few minutes before we decided we should leave the bar for a more private setting.

Sam realized she was in no shape to drive, so we decided to get a cab back to her place. When we got to her place we sat down on the couch and resumed our passionate kissing. Still being the aggressor, I slid my hands over her body, and began massaging her breasts, before reaching behind Sam to undo the zipper on her dress, I slid the dress down to her waist and exposed her bra-less breasts. They were so beautiful I had to break our kiss, and I leaned down to kiss and suck her breasts.

I was really enjoying the taste of her soft skin, so I had her lay back on the couch and slid her dress the rest of the way off her body. Sam now lay before me, wearing only a black thong, that perfectly offset her light skin. I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy. I pulled the fabric of her thong aside and kissed her moist lips before sliding my tongue into her very wet cunt.

I swirled my tongue inside her for a while before I slid it up to her clit. First I swirled my tongue around her clit, then I began sucking it, as I worked a finger into her pussy. Sam let out a moan that let me know she was enjoying this, and I continued to pleasure her and just when she was right on the edge of an orgasm, I switched from sucking, to lightly nibbling her clit. This pushed Sam over the edge as she screamed in ecstasy.

As she calmed down from her orgasm, I kissed her on the lips, giving her a taste of her juices on my lips. This time she worked my dress off of me, and returned the favour. Sam was hesitant at first, and even admitted she had never done this before, but as she ran her tongue over my nipples I let out a moan that seemed to encourage her, and pretty soon she was kneeling between my legs, licking my very wet pussy. I was so worked up from pleasuring her that it didn’t take me long to cum, and I had an amazing orgasm.

We started to come back down to earth a little, and realized how late it was. Sam invited me to spend the night in her bed, so we went to her room and climbed into bed. Lying in bed, naked, beside this beautiful girl, I had the best sleep ever.

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