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Camp Counselor Michelle

It was the favorite part of her day. The camp was empty except for the few counselors and staff. The campers would arrive later that day. Michelle would wake up in her empty cabin and stretch to the cool Summer breeze. Her long straight brown hair whipped and blew along with the breeze.

Her skin was sun kissed from all the time spent out doors working at the camp. Each day she would always be on the move which gave her a nice skinny frame. Michelle is one of the most attractive counselors at the camp. Unfortunately for the guys, it was an all girls camp. Michelle has a youthful look to her. If it wasn't for her counselor tee, most campers and even counselors who were new would think she was a camper. Even when the boy's camp across the lake goes by in their boat, Michelle gets most of the cat calls.

Michelle started her day by dropping her skimpy short pajama bottoms to the floor exposing her lower half. She never wears panties underneath her pajama bottoms. Next came her t-shirt and she tossed that aside with her pajama bottoms. Michelle stood naked in her cabin for a few seconds and let the breeze cool off her nude body. She walked over to her mirror and looked at her body. Michelle ran her fingers through the small triangular patch of pubes. She has never liked the bare feeling down there. Michelle played with her tits. They are on the smaller side, but her 34 Bs go well with her skinny frame.

After a few minutes, Michelle got things moving. She grabbed her light purple cotton robe and put it on. She then grabbed a small basket that contained her toiletries and opened the cabin door. The sun was just coming out. Most of the counselors were still asleep. She slid on her flip flops and made her way to the counselor shower house. The shower house was basically the only perk than came from counseling there. There were individual stalls with warm water. It was the most relaxing place at camp in Michelle's opinion. It was at the edge of forest so it had the fresh smell you could only find in the forest. 

She made her way to the house. Michelle walked past the large lake and could see that the boy's camp was asleep as well. She soon came up to the shower house and pulled on the wooden door. It did not budge. It was locked. Michelle looked around and saw a sign that read, "BEING REPAIRED, use camper's shower until further notice." Michelle was not happy about this.

 The campers had to use a large shower house that was just one big room with shower heads firing off the walls and columns in the middle. Michelle could not remember when that place had warm water. The lack of privacy and cold water always gave her flashbacks to high school gym.

Michelle decided to hurry up and shower so she could at least have the privacy. She made her way to the other shower house. It was right by the camp pool. She opened the door to find it empty. The whole room smelt like chlorine from the pool. Far off from the pine tree scents from the counselor's showers. The light was terrible, no natural light at all. Michelle turned and looked back at the camp. Everything was still motionless. Michelle entered the shower house and hung up her robe on a nearby hook. With her basket in hand, she entered the shower area and turned on a faucet in the corner. The water shot out with such great pressure as cold as ice. Michelle jumped out of the way giving off a little yelp. Her tiny brown nips instantly hardened. She quickly stuck her hand under the stream and eventually submerged her whole self under the stream. She shivered for about a minute but eventually got used to the water. Michelle washed her hair and fell into a relaxed trance almost like she does in her normal shower. Suddenly, Michelle was snapped out of her trance when she heard the door of the shower house slam shut.

She turned around to see a short blond girl named Lindsey enter the shower area with her own soaps and shampoos. Lindsey is another counselor who started a week or two ago. She was a good few inches shorter than Michelle and was not as tan. Her skin would darken in a few weeks though. Lindsey had a curvaceous body with large tits. She heard they were DDs, the largest of all the other counselors. Michelle did not doubt that one bit as she stared at her naked body. Her pussy was shaved except for a thin blonde strip. Her blond hair was tied up for the shower.

Lindsey turned on the water and the power stream smacked her tits. She gave off a loud scream as she reacted to the cold water that would of woken the whole camp. That was the last thing Michelle wanted, more people in here. Michelle began to lather soap all over her body while Lindsey began to get used to the water. It did not take long for Lindsey to get comfortable. Michelle looked at her from the corner of her eye and saw her playing with her left tit. She pinched her hard nipple till she could really feel it. Her free hand was downstairs toying with her pussy. Lindsey gave off a slight moan. She could not stay still though and bumped into the nearby column. She opened her eyes and gave me an embarrassed look.

"I'm sorry," Lindsey said, "I forgot I was not in the counselor's showers."

"No problem," I replied and gave her a friendly smile.

Lindsey went back under her shower and Michelle continued to the lather up the soap. Next came the hard part; she tried to reach her back, but Michelle is not too flexible. Michelle gave a big effort to reach her back but nearly fell.

"Do you need some help?" Lindsey asked.

"I'm fine thank you," I replied.

"Please let me help you," Lindsey insisted, "We don't want you to fall and get hurt."

 Michelle hesitantly handed her a bar of soap. She grabbed Michelle's shoulders and turned so Michelle's rear faced her. Lindsey began to lather the soap on Michelle's upper back. Her hands massaged in the soap. Lindsey had a soft comforting touch. Michelle got comfortable, arching her back. Suddenly, there was a thud. Michelle looked down to see that Lindsey dropped the soap. That did not stop her. Lindsey continued to massage her back slowly getting lower. She was about to reach for Michelle's ass when she stopped and turned Michelle around.

"You have wonderfully soft skin," Lindsey said with her arms on Michelle's shoulders.

She ran her hands down Michelle's sides until she reached her waist. Lindsey reached around with both hands and grabbed Michelle's rear. Michelle jumped and broke the contact.

"Your ass is nice and round too," Lindsey commented.

"Thanks," Michelle said blushing slightly.

"Here," Lindsey said, "feel this."

Lindsey grabbed Michelle's hand and placed it on her large tit. Michelle did not know what to think. Lindsey took Michelle's free hand and placed it on the other. All Michelle observed was that Lindsey's tits were a lot larger and firmer than her own. Lindsey returned the favor and gave Michelle's tits a feel. She smiled and toyed with her nipples.

Suddenly, Lindsey leaned foreword and sucked on Michelle's left tit. Michelle jumped once again but did not move away. The feeling of Lindsey's lips on her breast felt nicer than her magic fingers on her back. Her tongue teased her nipples and she began to suck on them. Michelle gave off a soft moan. Lindsey's hands then went back to Michelle's rear. She gave her rear a good squeeze and let one of her hands slide around to the front door. Her gentle fingers grazed Michelle's pussy. Michelle froze and awaited Lindsey's next move. Never had a girl touched her private area. Lindsey knew her way around and instantly found Michelle's clit. Michelle whimpered as Lindsey began to tease it with her thumb.

Michelle's knees began to shake. Lindsey noticed that and she motioned Michelle to the ground. Michelle sat down on the shower floor with the help of Lindsey. Lindsey did not break contact with Michelle's pussy as they went down. Michelle laid her back on the tile floor and let Lindsey do her thing. Suddenly, she felt Lindsey insert two fingers into her pussy. Michelle lifted her head and gave Lindsey a nervous look.

"Don't worry," Lindsey said patting Michelle's stomach, "I'll be gentle but you will feel this."

Michelle reclined her head and let Lindsey slide her fingers in and out. She bit her lip as Lindsey picked up the pace. Michelle braced herself and her breathing picked up. Her pussy began to strongly tingle; she was about to cum. Suddenly, all the ecstasy and feeling stopped. Lindsey had stopped, but not for long. Michelle felt Lindsey's tongue bury into her pussy.

Michelle gave off a loud moan. Lindsey giggled still going at her pussy. Michelle continued to moan as she felt her pussy tingle like crazy. Lindsey once again toyed with Michelle's clit while she licked her pussy. That was too much for Michelle. She came to an orgasm; one of the most intense ones she had ever had. Never had a cock pleased her like that.

"Now take what I've showed you and try it out on me," Lindsey instructed leaning back spreading her legs.

Michelle was nervous but curious to taste another woman's pussy. She crawled up toward Lindsey, but suddenly, they heard the door to the shower house open. Both girls jumped up and returned to the showers.

Riley, the camp director walked in.

"The campers will arrive soon so get nice and clean for them," Riley said turning on the shower.

Michelle then turned off the water. She wrapped herself in her towel. Her pussy was still tingling. She was going to have please herself later. After she could get away from the campers.
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