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Dannie and Steff: The Teen Sleepover Experience

Stephanie and Dannie have a fun sleepover! Please comment, this is my 1st story! Part two yes or no?
"Thanks so much for having me over Steph!"

"Aw no problem Danielle, we haven't had a sleepover in such a long time! Those midterms really took a lot out of me, so I'm so happy to have some girl time. I'm gonna run to the washroom, okay? Get changed into your pajamas, and I'll be right back!"

Walking down the hallway, I grinned to myself. Danielle and I have know each other for almost eighteen years now, basically since birth. We've had sleepovers since we were young girls, at that awkward preteen phase and to where we are now, definitely awkward no longer. Danielle was 5'8", with medium length brown hair, big blue eyes and an athletic frame. She had more boyfriends than I, but I always joked around saying it was because of her 34C boobs. I hadn't turned out bad either, I have long blonde hair, green eyes, and being 5'10" and a petite frame.

After changing into my tank and pajama bottoms, I walked out of the bathroom and turned the corner into the basement living room.

"Oh, hey!" I exclaimed surprised. Danielle was sitting on the couch in plaid boxers and a sports bra, looking as comfortable as ever.

"Hey! This doesn't bother you, does it? I mean, we've known each other forever and this is what I usually wear to bed, sooo..."

"Oh no," I replied quickly. "Yup, we're all good... Wanna watch a movie?"

After watching a scary movie and giggling over all the dance portions of Magic Mike, we got into our usual routine of sharing stories and secrets. About fifteen minutes into our discussion, Danielle got pretty quiet and I asked her what was the matter.

"Hey Dannie, are you okay? You seem pretty quiet."

"I guess..." she exhaled. "Okay Stephanie, if I ask you a question do you promise to keep a secret?"

"Of course! You know that Danielle. Anything said or done down here never leaves this basement."

"And promise you'll answer truthfully?"

"Gee, what do I have to hide Dannie? What's your question?"

"Well Steff, I was just wondering. Have you ever masturbated?"

I must have looked at her like she was crazy, because she immediately turned red. I began to sputter, "Well, I..I..I... Um well that's an interesting question.."

Danielle looked at me pointedly, giving me a knowing look. "It's okay, everyone does it!"

"Well I know, but... Why are you asking me?"

Danielle got up off the couch and slowly walked towards Stephanie, standing behind her. Placing both her hands on Stephanie's shoulders, she leaned over and whispered, "I know you saw me touching myself when we were watching that movie... Didn't it turn you on a little?"

"I...I have no clue what you're talking about!"

"Don't be afraid! It was kind of sexy, knowing I was being watched." Slowly, Danielle slid one of her hands down Stephanie, underneath her shirt.

Stephanie jolted away. "What the heck are you doing?! Dannie, this isn't right!"

"But it feels right, doesn't it?" Danielle walked toward Stephanie again and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the couch. Although she tried to pull away, Danielle held her ground and sat her on the couch. Standing above her, she said "So you have masturbated then, correct? It feels amazing, doesn't it? Steph, I've known you for so long... You realize your sexy as fuck, right?"

"Don't swear, gee... And speak quieter! But yes, I'll give you that. I love masturbating."

"I'm looking for some more techniques. Can you show me yours?"

"But that's wrong! Dad said he barely wants me dating guys... I can't imagine what he'd do if he heard I was with a girl..."

"Hold your horses! I just want to see your techniques!" Danielle leaned down, and pushed Stephanie's legs apart. "Go on, I'm not moving until you start."

Shyly with an embarrassed look, Stephanie shimmied out if her bottoms and then her underwear. Still in between her legs, Danielle took notice of Stephanie's now wet pussy. Slowly, Stephanie found her clit and began rubbing it back and forth. A soft moan escaped her lips as she reached a hand down her shirt and started tweaking her nipples. She proceeded to shove two fingers in her pussy, bringing them out sopping wet. Looking into Dannie's eyes, she slowly inserted the fingers in her mouth, licking them clean. As her breathing increased, she bunched her cotton panties in her hand and began to rub them furiously against her clit, back and forth, back and forth. Stephanie wasn't even aware of her environment any longer.

Danielle couldn't take the temptation any longer. She stood up, leaned over and plunged her tongue into Stephanie's moaning mouth, French kissing her furiously. Danielle definitely wasn't expecting the reaction Stephanie gave, as she felt something warm spray all over her stomach. Holy shit, this girl was a squirter! As if realizing what she had just done Stephanie pulled away, horrified.

"Oh my God. You KISSED me, and I SQUIRTED! That is so, so, so wrong Dannie... But it felt so right."

Inwardly smirking, Danielle said "So it's okay then, if we continue? Because I think we could learn valuable advice from one another."

"Oh Dannie, I'm so nervous. You can't tell anyone! But, well..."

Danielle quieted her stuttering, kissing her fiercely and pushing her back on to the couch. She then straddled Stephanie's legs, reaching her arms across herself and removed her sports bra.

As Danielle sucked on Stephanie's breasts her own swung freely, brushing over Stephanie's stomach. Stephanie laid there, gasping from all the excitement and stimulation. She knotted her hands through Danielle's hair, pressing her head harder between her breasts.

"That feels so good! Oh Danielle, faster please! Your tongue.... Feels... Amazing.

Danielle continued swirling her tongue all over Stephanie's tits, gently biting her nipples. Just as Stephanie was about to peak, Danielle pulled away saying "Stephanie, have you ever given a blow job before?"

"Well, once or twice but-"

"Well then good, it's sort of like that. Just lick more than suck. You'll be a fine pussy eater!"

"Dannie, what?!"

"Stephanie, come on." Danielle knelt down and looked in her eyes. "It's pretty obvious you were enjoying this, and I'm your best friend. Try it okay? I didn't get my pussy wet and juicy for no one!"

"Well if you taste anything like my own pussy juice, I guess I could handle it!"

"Good, now quiet!" Danielle flipped around and sat her dripping pussy on Stephanie's face. Surprisingly Stef responded quickly, lapping at Danielle's pussy like a thirsty puppy. Grinding her face Danielle moaned, "Oh, you like that baby? I know you do! Lick up all my tasty cum, and eat up my pussy. Uh, yeah, just like that! You're a secret slut, aren't you? Make Dannie cum Steff, make me cum!" Danielle reached down and slapped Steff's pussy, causing her to bite down lightly on Danielle's clit. This sent Dannie over the edge, cumming all over Stephanie's petite face.

Gasping for breath, Danielle slid off of Stephanie and reached into her sleepover bag. Pulling something out she exclaimed, "Well Stephanie, I'm happy you went along with this... Because now, it's truly time for the fun to begin!"


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Posted 19 Jan 2014 12:01
omg amazing story got me so excited
Posted 03 Mar 2013 10:03
That was a 5 star story... That was so hot to read I got so excited reading it.Thanks for a wonderful hot story to read
Posted 25 Feb 2013 22:33
Very hot! I love the premise, reluctance overridden by desire. Believable characters, steamy sex, and a hot scenario will always get me going!
Posted 22 Feb 2013 20:03
Your naughty mind is SO WRONG and yet it is so RIGHT!!
Posted 19 Feb 2013 06:14
Hot and sexy. Pussy juices are elixire for guys. 5
Posted 10 Feb 2013 22:33
Wow! That was so sexy ...
Posted 08 Feb 2013 12:49
Continue definitely
Posted 05 Feb 2013 10:36
I think it was a great start to a real hot story. Do hope you continue.
Posted 28 Jan 2013 16:42
Nice job on your first story Anna...Thanks for taking the plunge! I have to agree about the previous comments about switching from first to third person. Very sexy, and I look forward to part 2 should you choose to continue the story.
Posted 27 Jan 2013 17:08
Exciting story. Let's hear more, please!
Posted 27 Jan 2013 10:03
Maybe try to make it from dannie or steff's pov instead of third person. But over all, your story was great and you should be proud of yourself if that is your first story

Posted 27 Jan 2013 07:55
excellent story, very erotic and lustful... ready to part 2
Posted 27 Jan 2013 05:33
I hope that the "to be continued" at the end happens it was short but not bad for a first post please don't torture us we want more
Posted 27 Jan 2013 03:40
Went a little quickly, arousing and sexy. The biggest thing for me was the switch from first person to third person for Stephanie once the ladies got interested in each other. A bit jarring. Keep going, you have a good style, and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more of your work.
Posted 27 Jan 2013 01:02
This is a very nice first story posting. The only disappointing thing for me is that it ended so quickly. I'll be looking to read more of your stories in the future, so I hope you will keep writing.
Posted 26 Jan 2013 23:58
Thanks everyone for the comments so far, I will take these into consideration!
Posted 26 Jan 2013 20:07
Wonderful first story, very sexy. I also would ask for you to slow down a bit and add more emotions. Looking forward to more from you/.
Posted 26 Jan 2013 20:06
hot story, hope i dont have to wait long for part 2
Posted 26 Jan 2013 18:32
Very hot
Posted 26 Jan 2013 17:05
Very hot and sexy luv.... cant wait for the second
Posted 26 Jan 2013 15:32
Very nice and Very Arousing... I would agree with MindsEye slow down just a little, make it last, give us more to enjoy.... Mmmmm and I enjoyed it very much... Great job, I can't wait to read more of your stories ;-)
Posted 26 Jan 2013 13:38
I do love girls that love girls. Moved alittle quick, but still very nice

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