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Daylight comes, I'll have to go

"I'm glad you're here. My parents and sisters are out this night and you know how much I hate to be alone," she smiled, looking at Kay, but not at me.

Of course she isn't happy to have me here. Who would be, if your ex-girlfriend of two years was suddenly invited to your sleepover by your best friend who conveniently forgot to tell you until the last minute?

"What about Justin, Ina? Aren't you glad that she's here, too?" Kay quipped, an angelic look on her face.

Ina refused to bite her bait. She shoved open the door and went inside rather hurriedly. Kay sniggered and followed after her. I was left at the bottom of the stairwell, pondering how I felt about this situation.

I had convinced myself that I didn't love her anymore in the five months that we've been apart, but there was no denying that her silence hurt me far more than I would have thought possible. I was certainly glad to see her. The feeling was obviously not mutual, though.

"Come on, Jus. Move your feet," Kay's head appeared from the doorway, her face strangely sympathetic.

Ah hell, was my dilemma that obvious? No matter, I had long mastered the art of hiding my emotions.

"Yeah sure, Kay," I grinned, bounding up the stairs to the door.

This freaky feeling is only because I haven't got laid in two months, of that I was sure. If I fucked Ina tonight, everything would go back to normal. I'm not in love with her, I'm just lusting after her. Yes, that is probably the case.

Quit fooling yourself, a small voice inside my head said snidely. You know full well how you feel.

"Shut up," I said aloud before thinking about it. Then I realized what I just did.

Great. Now I was hearing voices, not to mention talking back to them.

Sighing disgustedly, I pushed open the door. It has been a long time since I've been here, but the decor was still the same. Kay and Ina were opening beer bottles on the dining table. They had already put on a horror movie. I made the mistake of looking in the direction of the table. Ina's beautiful brown eyes met mine. I shot her a shit-eating grin, hoping that it disguised the weird feeling in my stomach. She looked away as if she didn't see anything, but Kay noticed our wordless exchange. She elbowed Ina, grinning evilly.

"Yieeeee," she teased. "You still haven't got over Jus, Ina?"

"Ah, don't worry, baby. If you wanna come back to me, I'd still take ya," I winked, looking--I hoped--nonplussed. Though I was really wondering how much of what I said was true..

"In your dreams, Carson," Ina rolled her eyes at me.

Kay brandished her bottle opener at her best friend. "You never called Jus by her surname before. You used to call her 'baby', 'babe', 'honey'---"

"Yeah well, we broke up," Ina snarled viciously, wrenching open a beer so hard the bottle broke. Her blouse was drenched. She made an irritated noise and shot off to the bathroom.

I shrugged at Kay's puzzled face and unfolded my frame on the couch. I didn't want to think about anything so I tuned them out, intermittently getting beer from the table and coming back to the couch. Eventually they got drunk. Kay and Ina were on the floor, singing 'Kumbayah' nonstop and giggling like little girls.

I got up and killed the tube, which immediately got me a reaction.

"Hey! Switch it on!"

"Damn you, Carson! That ain't your TV!"

A shoe went flying and hit me on the head. "Ouch! Stop it!" I shouted, putting up my arms as another shoe became airborne.

"Turn the TV on then!"

I didn't reply, instead I gathered up all the bottles scattered around the living room and put them in the sink. I heard the tube blaring to life with the Spongebob Squarepants theme song and the girls were singing along with it. I sighed.

I went back into the lounge. After ten minutes of cajoling, threats, shouting, more flying shoes and a couple of hard whacks to the head, I had managed to drag an unconscious Kay onto the bottom part of the bunk bed. Ina was on the doorway of the bedroom, turning a deaf ear to my pleas.

"Come on, Ina, time for bed," I said tiredly.

A pair of eyes glared at me from fiery red bangs. "I don't want to sleep."

I let out a breath and grabbed her from the floor. She outweighed me by eleven pounds and was taller by two inches, so it was hard work. I put her down beside Kay and stood back, hands on my hips, panting from the exertion.

Ina sat up. "I don't want to sleep here."

She began clambering to get to the top bunk, and in no time she was flat on her back, turning away from me. I shrugged, setting out to find the softest bit of floor I could sleep on.

I was drifting off when I heard Ina whimper. My eyes flew open, my senses straining. Then I realized she was just dreaming.

I stood up and shook her awake. "Ina. Wake up."

She woke. Her face was something to see, without its usual expression of derision whenever she looked at me. She looked younger than her actual age of sixteen, her brown eyes large and fearful. I didn't know what she had dreamed about, but I was sure it bothered her. I was torn between comforting her and staying out of her business.

"Would you sleep beside me?" she suddenly said in a small voice.

"Uh, yeah. Sure." I climbed and lay down beside her. She put her arms around me and buried her face in the hollow of my neck and shoulder, her right leg thrown over my body. I hugged her back, my fingers brushing her dark red hair, smoothing out tangles. I could feel her breathing becoming more even.

She slowly raised her face so that it was on level with me. With her eyes closed, her mouth sought out mine, her kiss slow and sweet. My hands lock into her hair as our lips move to a familiar dance. She holds me tighter, linking her arms behind my neck as she deepens the kiss, pushing her questing tongue into my mouth. I responded by rubbing hers with my own, tightening my grip on her hair. She growls deep in her throat, equaling my ferocity. Our tongues fight for dominance.

I felt myself getting wet and moan, dragging my right hand across her body and forcing up the hem of her shirt, baring her 34C breasts. Her nipples were pale pink in the moonlight. I pinch her right one, pulling at it until it became erect, then brushed it with the pad of my thumb. Her back arched. I wrench my mouth from hers, licking downwards until I found her breast.

I climb on top of her, taking her left nipple into my mouth and nipping at it with my teeth. She groans, burying her fingers in my long dark hair as I suckle her. My right hand plays with her other breast as my left one slips underneath her shorts and panties, encountering her soft nest of curls and finding the wet slit below. Ina gave a sharp intake of air. I smiled against her chest as I proceeded to play with her folds, never parting them, spreading the wetness and marveling at how hot she was under my hand. Her hips started to move but I just continued teasing her.

She was having none of it and pulled my face up by the hair. Looking fiercely into my black eyes she grabbed me by the wrist and started rubbing herself on my fingers. I became turned on as hell and began kissing her again, this time stimulating her clitoris on my own. The hand that was on my wrist slipped into my pants and she ran her fingers back and forth my slit, making sure she hit my clit with every stroke. There was something about our forearms between our bodies that I found erotic.

"Do you want me to put it in?" I muttered against her mouth.

"Yes," she replied, her voice as breathy as mine.

Slowly I slipped two fingers into her vagina and she did the same to mine. I groaned deep in my throat at the feeling and sucked on her lip. She sucked back with enthusiasm and I began fucking her, my rhythm slow. Her hips met every thrust that I made. I was aware of her hand between my legs that was now moving, too; she was fast, curving her fingertips up every time she pulled out. This had me gasping and bucking in no time, though my rhythm still hasn't changed.

She bit my lip. "Fuck me faster," she ordered, her voice raw.

"Fuck you where?" I teased between great pants of breath, my eyes half-lidded because of what she was doing to me.

"In my pussy. Fuck my pussy, goddamn it!" she growled, punctuating every word with a brutal thrust of her fingers.

I needed no more persuasion. I matched her pace and we were fucking each other hard and fast, hips bucking, open mouths gasping, kissing. With a muffled half-scream she came, her vaginal muscles clamping down hard on my fingers and I followed suit not a second later. She continued kissing me, her sticky hand from between my legs now framing my face after dragging out mine from her pussy.

She drifted off to sleep minutes later, but I didn't. I thought about what I said to myself hours ago, about how this weird feeling would end when I fucked her. I was wrong on a colossal level. I continued to hold her tight through the night, dreading the dawn when we would have to act like nothing happened and go back to our separate lives. But there was no avoiding the daylight. After showering and fixing stuff up in the house, it was time to go.

Kay went out the door first, yammering on about some private time. I went to Ina, who was sitting on a chair beside the dining table.

"What are you waiting for? Leave," she said, averting her face from me.

I said nothing, instead I took her into my arms and planted a kiss on the crown of her head. Turning on my heel, I walked out of her door.

I did not see the tears falling from her eyes.

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