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Early Morning Sale

Kate gets more then a bargin at an early morning sale before work
Kate was browsing through the online shopping section of a local department store one day. She saw a section where people could make comments about products they had purchased. There was a comment by a woman about something she had bought. She noticed how beautiful she was in the little picture next to her name. Naomi, what a sexy name she thought. Kate liked the comment then clicked on her name and saw another post by her on the site’s page. It said she was going to be attending a big sale there on Wednesday morning. It was an early sale, 6am to 10am. The store did this often. Kate knew of friends who would stop there before work and get great deals.

Wednesday Kate set her alarm very early and decided to go there before work. She got dressed and headed to the mall. She got there a little after 6 and there were a few cars in the parking lot. Her stomach was a ball of nerves. She didn’t know what she was doing there. She just wanted to see Naomi. She had no idea what she would do if she saw this woman but she had to see her in the flesh.

She walked into the store and started to scan the displays and racks to see if she saw her. She didn’t see her at first. She walked up to a counter with watches and looked them over. Nothing interested her. She walked around the escalator bay to the cosmetics area. She walked up to her favor brand and looked across to the other side there she was. Her stomach flipped and she could hardly contain herself.

The woman had a lipstick in her hand and the put it back. She turned her head and the two women locked eyes. Kate was embarrassed and looked away. Naomi didn’t. Kate looked back and Naomi was still looking her way and smiled at her. Kate smiled back but turned around and went to a different part of the store.

Naomi headed in the same direction as Kate quickly. Kate turned in by the men’s clothes, trying to hide. She didn’t know what she was doing. Naomi ducked into the men’s wear also. Kate turned back to the cosmetics section and scanned it for Naomi. She didn’t see her. She turned back toward the door she came in and there was Naomi looking right at her.

“Hi,” Naomi said to her.

Kate was stunned and didn’t know what to say back.

“Are you looking for something for your husband?” Naomi asked her.

“No. No husband.” Kate managed to get out.


“No, no boyfriend,” Kate said back. “Why do you ask?”

“Well you are in the Men’s section,” Naomi said, “and I wanted to know if you had either of those.”

Kate blushed as Naomi smiled at her. Kate could feel her pussy tingle when she looked at Naomi.

“I am so sorry to be so forward. I am Naomi.”

“It’s okay, I am Kate. Nice to meet you.”

“You look so familiar to me. Do we know each other?

Kate wanted to say yes, I stalked you on the internet and knew you were going to be here and that is why I am here, but she didn’t.

“No I am sorry we don’t. But I get that same feeling.”

Naomi took Kate’s hand and said, “Come with me, I want to show you something.”

Kate followed behind Naomi. She had goose bumps from Naomi’s touch. Naomi led Kate to a dressing room in the corner of the store where no one was around.

“Why are we in here?” Kate asked as Naomi pushed her into a room and locked the door.

“For this,” Naomi said then kissed Kate.

Kate didn’t resist. Naomi spread Kate’s lips with her tongue and found her way inside of Kate’s mouth. Naomi didn’t waste any time. Her hands ran down to Kate’s chest and started to unbutton her shirt. Then inside her blouse to her bra, she moved the material covering her nipples and pitched them with her fingers. She moved her mouth to her neck and to her nipple. She began to kiss and suck on one, then the other.

Kate didn’t know what to do. She just leaned back on the mirror on the wall and let Naomi have her way with her. Naomi’s sucked both her nipples. She took the nipple between her teeth and pulled back a little and then let it go. Kate felt her pussy tingle under her skirt. She started to feel it get wet. Then she felt Naomi’s fingertip touch her bare clit.

“Um, no panties,” Naomi said as her finger slid between the fold of Kate’s pussy lips, “I like!”

Kate moaned as this stranger proceed to push her finger into her pussy and suck on her nipple. She was so aroused. She could feel the cum ooze out of her as this woman continued to push deeper into her. Kate pushed her body harder into the wall as her body began to reach the climax of her orgasm.

“Yes. Oh yes I am about to cum,” Kate yelled out.

Naomi covered Kate’s mouth with hers to contain her yells and moans. She kissed her hard and fast. She fucked her pussy the same way with her finger. Kate cam hard. Her body shivered as the orgasm started to subside.

“I want more of you Kate,” Naomi whispered to Kate as she withdrew her fingers.

“You can have any part of me you would like,” Kate didn’t know where that came from.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“Where would we go?” Kate said coming to her senses. “I have to go to work.”

“So do I,” Naomi replied, “But I can’t help myself.”

Kate was so confused. She didn’t understand what just happened or what was about to happen. This woman had total control over her and she can’t say no.

“Meet me at this address in fifteen minutes,” Naomi said as she handed Kate a business card.

It had her name, phone number and address on it. The card was for a consultant firm and it was in the building next to Kate’s office downtown.

“This is next to my office,” Kate said surprised. “Is this where you work?”

“Well I have an office there. The space is empty for now. We will be all alone.

“Can you make it there?” Naomi anxiously asked.

“Yes I will be there.” Kate replied.

They both left the dressing room and headed to opposite doors. Kate got in to her car. She headed to her office building, parked in her spot, and nervously walked to the building next door. Naomi was in the lobby waiting on her.

“So glad you came,” Naomi said as Kate walked up to her. “Follow me.”

They went to the elevator. Naomi pressed the button and they waited. Kate fidgeted while they waited.

“Don’t be nervous. I won’t bite you,” Naomi said, “Unless you want me too.”

The women laughed and the doors of the elevator opened. They stepped in and someone else ran up just in time to catch the doors. The man got in and pressed the 8 button. Naomi pressed the 11. The ride was quiet and long. The gentleman got off at 8 and the doors shut. They were alone and Naomi turned to Kate and kissed her.

“I wanted to do that as soon as I saw you in the lobby,” Naomi said as her lips left Kate’s.

“I did too. That was the longest elevator ride I ever took,” Kate said as the doors opened to the 11 th floor.

Naomi led Kate down a hallway, to a door with 1113 on it. She took out a key card and unlocked the door. They walked in. It was an apartment. There was a Kitchen to the left, a living room with a view of the city and 3 doors down a hallway to the right.

“I thought this was your office?” Kate questioned her.

“There is an office, through there,” Naomi pointed to the first door on the right.

“This is a corporate apartment. Our offices are on the 7 th floor.”

Naomi took Kate in her arms and began to kiss her again. Kate followed her lead and put her arms around her too and kissed her back. They kissed slowly this time. Naomi took her time kissing Kate, and running her hands up and down her back. She broke their kiss and took Kate’s hand and led her down the hallway to the bedroom.

“Let’s get comfortable,” Naomi said as she started to undress.

Kate did the same. Both got down to their bras, neither had on panties. Kate smiled at Naomi. Naomi reached behind Kate and undid her bra. Kate did the same to Naomi.

“Shall we get on the bed,” Naomi motioned to it.

Kate climbed in first, and then Naomi crawled over her. They kissed again. Kate enjoyed Naomi’s lips and couldn’t wait for them to be all over her body. Naomi kissed down Kate’s neck, briefly kissed her breast, then her tummy. Kate squirmed under Naomi as she anticipated where she would kiss next. Naomi sat up on her knees and moved Kate’s legs around hers. She ran her hands under Kate’s ass pushing her hips up off the bed and her mound to her mouth.

“Oh yes!” Kate yelled out as Naomi’s lips touched her clit for the first time.

Naomi began to lick up and down Kate’s lips. She circled her clit and went back down her puffy lips. This drove Kate wild. Kate squirmed and squealed as Naomi licked and sucked on her pussy. Kate grabbed on to the bedspread and pushed her pussy into Naomi’s face.

Naomi went at her faster. Kate moaned louder. Her body shook as her orgasm was coming on fast. Naomi could tell and she plunged her tongue deep into her pussy. Kate yelled and that was it she exploded and her cum shoot out of her and all over Naomi’s face.

Naomi loved what she had done to Kate and sucked and licked her pussy for a bit longer as her orgasm subsided. Kate just let her as her orgasm eased and she lay back on the bed. Naomi sucked one last time and then started to kiss back up Kate’s body.

Naomi straddled one of Kate’s legs and as they kissed again Kate felt Naomi’s wet pussy rubbing on her leg. Naomi rode her leg faster as they kissed faster. Kate felt her cum start to run down her leg. Naomi went faster. Naomi set up straight and rode faster. Kate reached up and squeezed her tits as she fucked her leg. Kate pushed her leg into her as she was ready to cum.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Naomi yelled out and began to buck on Kate’s leg. She was cumming.

Naomi fell down along Kate when she was done. She kissed her intensely. Then Naomi jumped up from the bed.

“We need to get ourselves together and go to work now,” Naomi said as she started to get her things and went into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.

Kate sat up, surprised and shocked. She got up and started to get dressed. She was already late for work. Naomi came out the bathroom all put back together. She looked just as beautiful as she did at the counter in the department store.

Kate went in and cleaned herself up. When she was done she walked into the living room area to get her purse and head over to her office building. Naomi stood there smiling at her. She walked up to her and kissed her again. It was soft and loving. Kate kissed her back parting her lips letting her tongue into her mouth as they kissed once more.

“MMM, you taste so good,” Naomi said, “I will have you on my mind all day.”

“I am not sure I will be thinking of anything else either.”

“Let’s meet back here after work,” Naomi suggested. “Can you do that?”

“I would love to.”

“Then we will meet back here at 5. I will be thinking of you all day.”

Naomi couldn’t resist kissing Kate. She also reached up under her skirt and swiped her pussy one last time. Kate jumped not expecting that.

Naomi opened the door and they walked out to the elevator.

“You go down. I am going to take the stairs. I feel energized.”

Kate watched as she walked down the hallway and then the door to the elevator opened and she got in. As the doors closed she could not believe the morning she had.

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