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Fucked... Just Like I Needed

Fucked... Just Like I Needed

A Good Fuck Is What I Need
Coming home from work I decide to jump right into the bath. It’s been a long day, and I just want soak for a while. I light some candles, and grab my favorite bubble bath soap. As the water fills, I strip out of my clothes. I work my way out of my blouse, which clings perfectly to my breasts, revealing a white lacy bra. I reach around un-hooking and wiggle free of it. Nothing beats freeing these babies from a bra each night. I kick off my heels and slip off my skirt and nylons. My panties which match my bra is all that is left. I remove them, and start to think of my girlfriend.

Once in the tub I can feel my muscles begin to relax almost instantly. The small jets pulse around the tub, helping the aches and pains. It was well worth spending a little more on a fancy tub for these jets. Ana my girlfriend is the one who convinced me we should get them, when we re-did the bathroom a few months ago.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know I hear Ana whispering my name, bringing me out of a dream. She’s kneeling beside the tub, stroking my hair and smiling at me. She doesn't realize how beautiful I think she truly is.

“Long day, Lizzy?”

“It was a very long, tiring day. You were right about this tub.”

“I told you so, babe. Why don’t you get out and I’ll give you a massage.”

“Did I win the lotto, or what?”

“If the lotto is me, then yes you won. Now get out, you look like a prune.”

“You still love me, even if I’m a prune.”

“I do. Now get out, before I change my mind.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

“You might, if you get lucky.”


“I know.”

She laughs and leaves the bathroom, the door open still. I watch her strip out of her clothes as I climb out of the tub. I notice the sun has set; I must have been in the tub for a while. I grab a towel, and dry off before going into the bedroom where I find Ana on the bed. She’s naked and pats the bed next to her. I pounce onto the bed, and snuggle my face into her pillow, inhaling her scent.

I’m facing down and she sits between my legs, squirting a bit too much oil on my back. The scent of honeysuckle fills the room quickly. The coolness of it makes me tense, a soft groan escaping my lips. Her hands find my back soon thereafter and work the oil in, which warms instantly. Ana use to work as a masseuse, she left when she needed to start making more money. She use to tell me about some of the most awful stories when she worked there though. She got some really nasty offers by some of the gentlemen costumers. I guess they had seen a few to many movies about massage therapists.

Her fingers work into my neck, and shoulders. I don’t even move, my body is limp and at her will. I've never met anyone who can make me feel this relaxed with a simple touch. She squirts more oil in the dip of my back, working it slow but firm. She leans down and kisses the dimples on the lowest part of my back. It sends a reaction deep inside me, and I groan once more. She’s so playful tonight.

Her fingers slide over my ass cheeks, caressing and working in the oil. I know what she’s up to now, and I want her. I stay quiet, with the few exceptions of moans that she forces out of me with certain touches. I can feel her spread me a little wider, working her hands over me. The dampness between my legs is growing, and making me want her more.

She comes down again, kissing my ass lightly. I love the way she opens me up, my ass and my pussy opening as she spreads me, still working in the oil. Ana pushes against my ass, silently asking me to get up on my knees. I move into the position she wants, her mouth moving closer to my center. I feel my nipples harden, I push back against her. Her finger nails dig into my cheeks, her tongue slides slow between my lips.

She works slowly from the front of my pussy, over my clit achingly slow, brushing over my whole pussy before coming to my ass once more. She tongues me there, I give a moan, she moans back to tease me. Ana’s tongue comes back and finds what she wants. She begins to tongue fuck me quickly.

“Oh Ana! Please, don’t, don’t stop, baby.”

She doesn't stop. Her tongue working quickly inside me, one of her hands comes up and she gently places one finger over my asshole. She pushes just up to the nail and keeps it still. The simple act of that increases the pleasure so much. Her other hand comes down between my legs, and begs to tug on my clit.

“You’re going to make me cum, baby. Please don’t stop, I need this.”

“I know you do, baby. Give it to me.”

“I am, I am! Oh god Please.”

Ana shots her tongue back inside me, fucking me relentlessly. Her tongue is impossibly long, where she hides it all has always had me bewildered. I don’t care though, I’m the one who gets all the pleasure it holds. I quiver, and begin to cum for her.

“I’m cumming, baby!”

I dip my chest forward, my ass pushing backwards into her, my legs tremble holding myself up as I cum. The shaking I endure is extreme, and I scream out her name. Ana’s tongue is still moving in and out of me with excessive speed to give me the best orgasm. I collapse onto the bed, my body feeling numb with pleasure. I know I want to return the favor, and look at her.

“Your turn.”

“Is it now?”

“After that, how can I not?”

I get up, and pin her under me. I nip at her pierced nipples, tugging hard on them. Ana looks down at me, watching me as I do. I begin to suck on them hard, watching her watch me. Every so often you can hear the soft moan from her lips as I bite down on one of her nipples. I reach down and softly insert two fingers inside her soaking pussy.

“So wet, Ana.”

“After hearing you cum, how can I not, LizzyBabe?”

I smile at my nickname she calls me. I push my fingers deeper inside her and begin to work with a quick need. Her pussy tightens around me, my thumb lightly moves on her clit. I move my mouth back to her nipples, sucking on them hard. I fuck her tight little pussy with as much will as I can. She has always liked it rough, deep and hard.

I stop and have her lay flat on her back, and hold her legs up. She does, letting me see all she has to give me. I lift her up a little higher from under her ass, holding her there I slide my tongue into her pussy. I work deep inside her, making sure she squirms under me. I keep her as still as I can. Ana begins to moan my name a little louder. I tug on her clit, and let my tongue slide deeper inside her. It makes me wish my tongue was as long as hers, but I always get the job done.

She lifts herself up higher; I can feel her whole body tremble with excitement. I know she is close, and I begin to slow down.

“No, no, no! What are you doing, Lizzy?!”

“What did I do?”

“You know what!!!”

“What’s wrong, baby? Were you close?”

“You know I was!”

Her voice is high, and full of frustration. She almost sounds near tears. I can’t help but laugh, which only makes her turn red. Maybe a little angry, but I’m not done with her. She knows I wouldn't hold out on her. I go to the side table by our bed and pull out one of our ‘little friends’ and look at her. Ana’s eyes go wide, almost as wide as her smile. She knows now I have more planned then just to leave her on the verge of an orgasm with no release.

Ana brings her legs back up to where they were. She reaches down between her legs, and begins to rub her clit softly. I slide our toy inside her, allowing her to be filled with it. Ana’s moans are hot, as we both watch her take every last inch of the vibrator. With it fully inside her, I switch it on. The vibrator coming to life at a slow speed, I begin to fuck her.

The vibrator buzzes softly inside her, I move it in and out as she continues to play with her clit. The wetness of her juices, her moans and the buzzing is what I can hear. I can’t help it and reach down and begin to finger myself, still fucking her with the toy.

“Turn it up higher, baby. Oh god, I want it, please turn it up!”

“Anything for you, AnaBabe.”

She smiles at me, I turn it up and her eyes roll in the back of her head. I fuck her a little faster, her fingers moving faster on her clit, and mine working deeper inside myself. We’re both drowning into what we know will be hard orgasms. I turn the toy up even further, until it can’t go higher, and she squeals a moan, thanking me. She starts to cum hard for me, pulling the toy deeper inside as she does. I watch, and can’t help but cum with her. I’m in love with the way she cums so hard for me.

Ana’s legs shake so hard she has to drop them; I slide the vibrator out, and lie beside her. I still want her touch, and feel her grope and caress me. I feel relaxed, my body is now not hurting, I’m in my own heaven.

“I love you, AnaBabe.”

“I love you, LizzyBabe.”

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