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Greta 2 – On The Island

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Her Mistresses Pleasure
Second Day On The Island


It was not quite 8:00 am and through the kitchen window Greta saw the boat from the mainland pull up to the dock. Janet got out alone toting her overnight bag, waved goodbye to the captain and started up to the house.

Greta, always of service, greeted her at the door. Janet smiled pleasantly and explained that her husband still had some business leftover from yesterday. She had some work of her own to get done, and so she had to leave him on the mainland. She set up her laptop on the dining room table and immediately got to it. Janet was a very focused woman, and Greta liked that. It was her opinion that serious women have serious drives. One thing that Greta had a hard time to swallow was a wishy-washy woman. Janet was definitely not that.

After about four hours Janet looked up from her work and asked, “Who was that I heard you talking to earlier? I noticed the kids aren’t even up yet. They must be pretty tuckered out.”

“Well, that depends on when you heard me. If I sounded angry, that was the gardener; it’s the only way I can get through to him. If I sounded nice, it was the grocery delivery boy. He’s a real sweetheart. I just love these young college kids. And as for your two, we hit it off great. They seemed awful excited last night, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are still recharging their batteries.”

Janet just smiled, and thought to herself, ‘Amazing, the house is still in one piece and Greta seems happy with them.’ So, she settled back into her work. And Greta busied herself about in the kitchen.

“For Holy Fucking Shit!” Janet screamed out loud as she slammed down the phone. Still in a rage, talking to herself she exclaimed, “Fucking asshole!” Boy was she pissed.

Greta poked her head around the corner just in case she was needed. “Sorry about that Greta,” Jan apologized. “Some people just have to make the simplest things next to impossible. That jerk was a psychopath.”

“No problem,” said Greta. “If you can find out where he lives, I can go over there and I’ll straightened him right out for you!”

Janet just laughed. Of course, she had no idea that Greta probably would have obliged if she had the opportunity to do so.

Totally frustrated Janet blurted out, “Well, that’s it for today. That bastard got me so wound up I’m in a knot. I’m going to take advantage of that monster bathtub and soak myself into oblivion.”

“That sounds like a great idea Mrs. Klaus.” Greta said, “If you need anything, just give a call.”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do,” said Jan. “Please stop calling me ‘Mrs. Klaus’. I want you to call me Janet and think of me more as a friend. You and I are the only adult gals around here, and with my kids, I think we might need each other before this summer is over.”

“That’s okay with me Janet,” Greta said, “but I would still like to think of you as the woman I serve. It’s just my nature.”

“Fair enough,” Jan replied, “but I’m sure you’ll find me very easy to get along with. Anyway, I’m off to the bath of the century.”

With that, Jan rolled and clipped her long blond hair tightly to the top of her head, sighed deeply and closed her laptop. She reached for the back of her neck and you could just feel the tension as she tried to work herself loose.

“Well, and hour or so in the tub should straighten that out,” she said. “If the kids want to know where I am, you can tell them that I’m in the think tank. They’ll know what that means, and they’ll give me some space.”

Greta just chuckled. “Sure thing,” she said. “But from the way you sound, I suspect you need to ‘un-think’.”

“Well,” Janet paused reflecting, “In just one day, Greta, you already know me better than my husband. We’re going to get along just fine.”

Greta just smiled; looking across the table she appraised the beauty of this woman. She was stellar. If that psychopath had just a glimpse of her, instead of giving her such a hard time, he would have bent over backwards to please her. Something that Greta was already gearing up to do.

Janet went directly to the bath. When she had her mind set on something, she was all business. The water in the tub hadn’t even reached the sides before she was settling her gorgeous bottom down. As an afterthought she realized that she didn’t have a towel to put under her head, nor was there any in sight. “Oh, the annoyances of being in a new place,” she said to herself. She heard some rustling outside in the hall and called out. “Greta, is that you?"

“Something you need?” Greta responded.

“I don’t see a towel anywhere,” Janet said.

“Be right there,” Greta said.

She entered the bath and pressed lightly on a panel just next to the tub. It sprung open, and there lay about a dozen perfectly folded plush towels.”

“Oh my,” said Jan.

“Got a favorite color?” Greta inquired.

“Right now, yes!” Jan smiled, “Pink, very soft pink.”

“For your head, right?” Greta softly said.

“You know, Greta, you are just the best,” Jan sincerely replied.

Greta refolded the towel to fit perfectly under Jan’s head and placed it at the edge of the tub while she waited for Jan to recline her elegant head. Jan just closed her eyes and sank back into the towel.

“All set?” Greta asked.

“I know that you’ve go a lot to do Greta,” Jan said never opening her eyes, “but since you’re right here, perhaps you can work this horrible knot out of my neck?”

“Janet,” Greta softly said, “YOU – are my number one priority.”

She said it so sincerely and warmly that Janet started to blush. She then tilted her head to look at Greta out of the corner of her upturned eye and said, “Where have you been my whole life?”

“Well,” Greta replied, “I’m right here now, just for you.”

With that, she cupped the sides of Jan’s head in her hands and slowly drew her up. With her gentle but firm fingers she then began to work on her neck.

The knot revealed itself to her intelligent fingers. “There it is.” Her words were as gentle as her touch. The tension began to vanish, and Janet was visibly transformed. Greta noticed that her toes at the far end of the tub began to wiggle slightly like they were going down for the count as the warm water started to rise above them.

Greta leaned forward and just behind Jan’s ear whispered, “Now, how’s that? Better?” Her warm breath carried these words like balm into her ear and over her whole body. The waves just went right through her.

“Can you repeat that,” Jan said, “only a little bit slower and a little bit closer.”

Greta placed her lips right to Janet’s ear and very slowly repeated. “Now, how’s that, better?” And she lightly kissed her ear.

“At the moment,” Jan softly said, “better doesn’t seem possible, but if you can think of something else I’m definitely in the mood.”

Greta reached forward with her hands to Janet’s face and wiped the tension on both sides down along her temples to her chin. Reaching forward with her thumbs she massaged her full lips. Janet just slightly opened her mouth and sighed.

“Here,” Greta said, “Now rest that beautiful head of yours,” and she drew Janet’s head back onto the towel.

“You can’t just leave me here like this, you know,” Jan said, not moving.

Of course Greta hadn’t the slightest intention of that. Her left hand was already sliding across the smooth skin below her neck and onto her right breast. Touching only Janet’s erect nipple with her open palm she slowly went round and round pressing just to rotate the tip like a twirling top.

When Janet reached the point where she just couldn’t take it any longer, through her clinched teeth she implored, “Squeeze it. Just fucking squeeze it!”

Greta clasped her firm nipple between her thumb and index finger, squeezed hard and tugged.

That was it. Janet plunged out of the tub, both arms around Greta and brought them both tumbling onto the soft rug. Before they even hit the fur, Janet had her tongue full into Greta’s mouth. This deep kiss lasted a minute, then Janet seem to gather her composure a bit. On top, she pulled back her head to get a good look again into those steel blue eyes and said, “You are better than ANY medication in the cabinet. I think that a big ‘Thank you’ is in order.”

With that Janet began to softly and repeatedly kiss Greta all over her face. Longer and shorter, gentle and more gentle, she went slowly about. Greta just moved her head from side to side. The fur tickled her ears just slightly as she did so, and she presented them alternately for Janet’s caresses.

“Kissing is just a wonderful thing that men don’t seem to fully appreciate,” she whispered as she fluttered lightly over her ear. Greta just nodded and uttered a barely audible 'Hmmnn'.

Jan plunged down her neck with her tongue to the recess so elegantly appointed there. She lingered there for a moment as she unzipped Greta’s service attire the full length down the front. She swept away her bra and then in a similar way using her tongue swept across her breast to her nipple. She caressed her right nipple with her tongue; she caressed the left with her hand.

At 5’ 11” Greta was a whole head taller than Janet and with her long arms was still able to reach down to grasp her ass.

“You know,” Greta said as she playfully squeezed, “your ass is identical to your daughters. It’s almost as if you two came out of the same mold. A person could easily take you for sisters.”

“That’s a huge compliment,” Jan replied, “and if she’s anything like me in the sack, that ass is going to see a lot of action.” They both started to laugh.

“But,” Jan said, still lying on top of her, “enough of the jokes. I’m in need of a category 5 orgasm, and I’m counting on you to deliver it.”

If there was one thing Greta didn’t need much of in this territory it was encouragement. Cradling Janet in her arms, she managed to get up without Jan ever touching the floor. As she carried her towards the bedroom she said, “What are the chances of your husband coming home?”

“Who cares?” she replied, “that might even be a rush, but the kids might be a problem. I’m not sure what they are up to.”

“All taken care of,” Greta said. “Your side of the house is off limits. They know that now. And the rooms are sound proof.” Still holding her like a baby she firmly said, “And good thing, young lady, because you are going to scream!”

These last words sent a thrill right up her spine. Before she knew it, she started to feel herself falling head first toward the floor. As she was abruptly stopped, she felt Greta’s strong arms around her waist, and her cheek was against Greta’s abdomen. An enormous surge of blood just rushed to her head. Before she could even gasp, she felt Greta’s face press into her pussy, and in an instant her tongue was on her unsuspecting clitoris. Janet had never felt such a jolt of pleasure in her life.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” she started to let out a moan.

Greta immediately bit her on her clit. The lightning bolt hit; then an explosion! Jan heard someone scream. It echoed again and again in her head. She realized that she was the one who had screamed. The thrill was almost unbearable.

Janet lost all sense of up and down. She felt the bed beneath her as she started to recover her bearings, and met Greta’s kisses with eager heat. Those wonderful fingers were now doing even more wonderful things in her vagina. More fingers slid into her ass. All she could think was that it was impossible that there was another woman in the world like Greta. Pressing on her clit with her thumb, never stopping with the kisses, Greta brought Janet into such a condition she was no longer capable of making any sound.

Greta, feeling the pitch of her quaking, shifted away from Janet’s mouth and brought her teeth down to her nipple, bit and tugged hard. This sent a thrill right through her, causing her clit to throb even harder.

After her climax subsided Janet was so overcome that she was on the edge of crying. Greta went back to holding her like a baby.

“It’s all right now,” she said “Greta’s here.”

Greta was just everything all rolled into one.

“I just love you Greta,” Jan said. "I think I'm going to have my orgasm sensor re-calibrated - that was a Category Off the Scale!" Then she started to laugh, but then, “Now how am I ever going to live without you?” She was still joking, but she also knew through the way she felt that there was a touch of the truth in that remark.

“Look,” Greta said, “you haven’t even spent one night here yet. Why don’t you ask me again in 10 weeks at the end of the summer? I may not be able to live without you!”

Greta just knew how to make you feel good. Jan may even have to re-calibrate further.


Greta is up to more tricks in Chapter 3 as The Humble Servant

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