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Her first Orgasm

A younger woman gives her older griving friend her frist orgasm after her husband dies
For the past few years I have been involved with a ladies group at my church. I am the youngest of the women, even though I am in my 40’s. The women were all over twenty years older than me, they were married longer then I could ever image being and have raised wonderful children some the same age as me. I have a favorite of these ladies, Miss Deanie. She is kind. She is full of life and always makes me feel good when I am around her. I think she took a liking to me also. I love being around her and she seems happy around me also.

Her husband was very ill. She had to take some time away from our group to care from him. It was not the same with her not there. I would be very disappointed when she was not around. We got a call one day while together that he had passed. We all attended his funeral at the church, it was beautiful and I have to say Miss Deanie looked amazing that day. You could see her pain had been relieved by his passing.

We welcomed her back to the group a few months after her husband’s passing and she was excited to be back. We all went to lunch at a local restaurant and was enjoying having Miss Deanie back with us. We even had a few drinks. Most of the women had stopped at one and when they were done left. Miss Deanie and I stayed behind and were on our third drink of the afternoon. We talked and laughed and I could see in her face she was enjoying herself and didn’t want to go anytime soon. That was fine with me I loved being with her.

I guess the alcohol had affected me. I looked at this much older widow and felt something I never had before. When she would look at me I would smile, when she talked I giggled, and when she touched my hand while telling me a story I almost jumped out my seat. I think she knew it and she started to brush my hand more and touch my arm. I was on the edge of my chair, I leaned into her slightly. My pussy throbbed from her attentions and I needed the hard edge as a little relief.

Miss Deanie knew she could let a little loose with me. We ordered one more drink and when it came to the table she began to tell me a story of her younger days. She was in the theatre. She did some local productions back in the early 60’s. She told me she was in the chorus one time and enjoyed the group of the cast. One night after a show, she had forgotten something in the dressing room she had shared with 5 other women. She went back in after all the others were gone. At least she thought they were gone.

She took a drink, I watched as her glass touched her lips, the drink made them wet. I was overcome with excitement. My body shook and my clit throbbed more.

She continued with her story, and I took a drink. She went to the dressing room and the door was ajar. She heard moans and kissing. She looked in and saw two of her female cast mates necking. They were in their underwear, bras, garters, and stockings. They were mashed together as they kissed and necked. Their hands ran over each other’s bodies. She told this part of the story quietly so no one else could hear the details of the lesbian love of her friends.

Her whispers drove me crazy and a gulped down another sip of my drink. My pussy got wet under my skirt and I could feel my body quiver as I pictured the two women together. Then I couldn’t help but think about how badly I wanted to kiss this older woman who sat so close to me at the table the others had left. I put down my drink. She leaned closer to me and put her hand on mine. I felt shock waves.

She whispered almost to my ear. “One of the girl’s hands was between the others legs. I could see her pushing her fingers into her. I could not stop watching them.”

I could not stop watching her. I could not say a word. I drank again. I finished my drink. She took another sip, then another and finished hers too.

“Do you want another?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“Oh no, I can’t.” She replied. “I may have to take a cab home.”

“I know I can’t drive either. Let’s share a cab.”

“That would be fine. You can come to my house, we can have coffee and later we can have my son drive you back to your car after you sober up a little. He lives next door and will be glad to bring you.”

“That sounds lovely. Thanks you.”

The waitress came back we asked her for the check and if she could call us a cab. We smiled at each other as we waited. My stomach was in knots I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was not sure she wanted the same thing as me at that moment but I still couldn’t help the fact that I wanted to kiss Miss Deanie right there at the table we shared all afternoon. Her story had me so hot. Now I don’t know about Miss Deanie but I had never been attracted to a woman or wanted a woman until that day.

We paid the check, we got up from the table and we headed to the door. Both of us stumbled as we walked to the door, we giggled as we felt the effects of the drinks. We got out to the valet and told them we had a cab on the way and would be back later for the cab. The cab did not take long to get there. We got in and he drove off.

We were in the back of the cab. I checked my phone for messages. I had a few but nothing important.

“Do you have time for coffee?” Miss Deanie asked.

“Oh yes. I have all night, no other plans for today.”

My hand was on the seat between us and she reached down and put her hand over mine. My heart leap as she smiled at me.

“That is good dear. Do you want to hear the rest of the story?”

“Oh yes, didn’t realize there was more.”

“Well come closer, I don’t want the cabbie to hear.”

I scooted closer to the older woman. Her hand never left mine. She just moved them both to my thigh. I could feel her fingertips on my bear leg, my skirt bunch up a little as I scooted over to her. Electricity started to run through me as her voice whispered close to my ear.

She went on to describe how the two women continued to make love to each other as she watched. Neither knew she was there. She told of their tribbing, of them licking each other, and how their orgasms took over their whole bodies. The whole time her hand was so close to the wetness that had formed between my legs. She had moved her hand a few times across my thigh, but never let go of mine. I wondered if she could tell how much I was turned on.

The cab came to a stop and we were at her house. I paid the fair as Miss Deanie got out. I followed her to her door. My panties were soaked. She opened the door to her house and welcomed me in. I stepped inside.

“Let me put the coffee on.” She went toward her kitchen. “Make yourself at home.”

“Can I use your restroom?”

“Sure dear it is right there to the right.” She pointed to an open door to a half bath.

I hurried to the toilet and pulled my soaked panties down and sat and peed. I hadn’t gotten up from that table the whole time I was with her. I pulled my panties all the way off and stuffed them into my purse. I could not go another minute with those wet things on. I cleaned myself off, washed my hands, checked my face and hair, and then walked out.

I put my purse down on a chair and walked toward the kitchen. I heard her run the water in the pot and put it on the maker.

“Do you need any help?” I asked as I got to the kitchen doorway just in time to run right into her.

There we were, in the doorway of her kitchen, only inches from each other. My pussy was getting wet again.

“Opps! Sorry dear.” She said as our bodies touched and she backed away just a little.

I looked into her eyes and smiled. She did the same. She reached up and pushed a piece of hair from my eyes. Her hand brushed my sink and I tingled. I shyly smiled as our eyes never left each other.

“I am sorry. I didn’t realize you were coming out.”

“No it is fine.” We didn’t move.

“This is really crazy, but I have a strong desire to,” and before I could say it, Miss Deanie pulled my face to hers and kissed me.

I returned the kiss. Her lips were soft on mine. Her hands ran through my hair as we kissed. My arms wrapped around her and caressed her back. We kissed for several minutes. Our hands ran up and down each other over and over. I was pushed up against the door jam and Miss Deanie was pushed into me.

I felt her hands go under my shirt. Her soft hands ran over my bare skin. She broke our kisses, and started to look at her hands making their way up to my bra. I watched her. She smiled when she took both of my breasts into her hands. My hands started to unbutton her blouse. I fumbled with each button. Then I pushed the fabric away and then off her shoulders. Her blouse dropped to the floor. She removed my shirt, raising it up over my head.

She stepped back and started to look up and down my body. Her hands ran up and down my arms. Then she took my hand and started to walk me to her bedroom. Once in the room she started to undress, so I did the same.

I slipped my skirt down. She smiled as she realized I had on no panties. She removed her slacks. She stood there in her white high-waisted undies and cross your heart bra. Her body was wrinkled and her skin was worn, but she looked beautiful to me. I wanted to feel her next to me so bad. I smiled to reassure her that she was beautiful.

I stepped closer to her. I pulled her face to mine and started to kiss her again. After a few kisses, I pulled back and ran my hands down her back and began to undo her bra. I was more relaxed then when I unbuttoned her blouse. She did the same and we both removed our bras at the same time, flinging them to the side. We both started to grope each other’s breast. She looked at me and said how beautiful my breast are, I did the same.

After a few minutes, she sat on the edge of her bed. She looked down at the floor with sadness. I sat next to her and put my arm around her.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No dear, you are beautiful, and young,” she paused, “And you excite me, you always have.

“It’s just, this is so, wrong.”

“Yes I know. I don’t know what came over me. I will go.”

“No!” she put her hand on my leg to stop me from getting up.

“Please don’t leave. I want to do this. I want you. It is just so new to me.”

“For me too.” I said trying to ease her fears. “I have never been with another woman.”

“Oh, my dear, it has been so long since I felt this excited. I didn’t think my woman parts still could do what they are doing right now.”

“Oh Miss Deanie!” I said with a little laugh, “You are doing the same to me.”

“I have never been with anyone but my husband.”

“I know. I understand. We can stop.”

She turned and looked into my eyes. She reached up touched my cheek. She kissed me. I kissed her. We kissed again and again. We fell back on the bed and didn’t look back. Our hands, our lips, or our bodies never left the others. We twist our bodies into each other. Our breast mashed together as our nipples grow hard. Our tongues twirled around inside each other’s mouth. We grinded our horny pussies into each other’s thighs. I could feel her cum drip out on to my leg, my cum slowly did the same.

I suddenly felt her hand, wiggle between our bodies. She searched for my clit. When her fingers found their destination, she rubbed my puffy hard clit until I screamed out in passion. I cam so hard and so fast from her attention to my hard bud.

“Oh yes, oh yes. I am cumming.” I yelled out. She kissed me hard as my body shook from my orgasm.

“Please do that to me.” She begged.

“I will my love, I will.”

I rolled her on her back on the bed. Still dripping wet, I straddled over her, leaned down and kissed her. Then I kissed her neck. I kissed her chest. I moved down her body. I kissed her saggy boobs. They were still nice, her nipples were big and I sucked them both. She moaned as I did so.

I kissed down her body. When I got to her waist, she squirmed under me. I sat up, I pushed one leg open as I moved my knee to the inside of her legs, then I did the same with the others. I looked down to the natty patch of white hairs the still covered her pussy. It was messy. I looked up to her eyes, she watched me as I scooted back, and then my head disappeared between her legs.

I kissed the top of her mound, the hairs were soft. I kissed down just above her clit. She moaned loader with each kiss. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart. Her pussy glistened with her cum as I began to lick up her slit to the top of the bud. I twirled the bud with my tongue then went back down. I could feel Miss Deanie squirm around. I could hear her moan out as I continued to lick up and down her pussy lips.

“Oh yes. Keep doing that my dear.” She yelled down to me.

“That feels so good.” She said over again.

I just licked up and down. Then I opened my mouth over her clit and sucked it into my mouth. She yelled out louder now.

“Oh yes. Yes!”

I sucked harder. I pulled back a little this time. Her clit followed. I didn’t let go. I could feel one of her legs start to shake next to me. I knew she was about to lose control. I let go of her clit and dove once again between her legs. I covered her whole pussy with my mouth, sucking it in. I slide my tongue to her opening and plunged it deep inside of her.

“Yes.” She yelled out.

Her hips came up off the bed and she pushed her pussy into my face. I sucked harder and pushed deeper into her. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten on my tongue and then she cam. The cum gushed out of her. I did all I could to suck it all up. I licked and sucked until I could not breathe. I had to come up for air. She was not done. I watched as the cum leaked out of her pussy and ran down to her ass.

Miss Deanie laid on the bed, her body twitched and trusted about. She cried out to me.

“Oh dear! oh dear!”

She finally calmed down. She stopped. Her naked wrinkled body just laid there. She was done. She opened her eyes and I looked down at her. She smiled as her breaths were heavy and she could not speak. I smiled back knowing I gave her pleasure for the first time in a long while. I lay next to her on the bed and watched as she turned her head to me.

“That was unbelievable. I never felt that before in my life.”

“What? You have never had an orgasm?” I asked in disbelief.

“Well if that is what an orgasm is then no I have never.” She laughed.

“Oh Miss Deanie, I am honored to have been your first.” I was quick to say.

The look in her eyes was making my own pussy quiver. I felt like a giddy school girl. My stomach had butterflies. The smile did not leave her face. We laid there just staring into each other’s eyes.

She whispered, “I want to taste you.”

I smile, “You will, let’s rest.”

We wrapped our arms around each other cuddled up tight and dosed off to sleep. We stayed like that for a while, when I was startled by the telephone ringing. I popped up. Miss Deanie didn’t move. It rang again.

I could see on the caller ID it was her son. I was unsure I should answer it. Then the phone rang again. I grabbed it. I knew her son, and he knew I was there. She had called him earlier to tell him we may need him to bring me to my car later.

“Hello.” I said a little nervous.

“Hello. Mother?” He said on the other end.

“No this is Kate.” I replied.

“Hello Kate, is my mother there?”

“Yes, I am sorry to answer her phone but she is asleep. We had a rather rowdy lunch and drank a little. We both have been over here and dosed off for a bit.”

“Oh okay.” He said surprised and confused. “She had left me a message about maybe needing to bring you to your car.”

“Oh yes, that is right she did. Are you able to do that? I am at the restaurant by the mall.”

“Sure, I will be pulling up at my house in five minutes. Will that be good for you?”

“Oh yes it will.”

I hurried and got dress. I walked into the living room and found my shirt. I went into the kitchen the pot of coffee was still on. It did smell a little burnt. I turned it off and put the hot pot in the sink. I did find a piece of paper to leave Miss Deanie a note.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon.
I will never forget it. Our first time.
Hope it will not be our last.
Love always,
Your Kate

There was a knock on the door and I gathered my purse. It was her son. He brought me to my car. I smiled as I looked back at the house as we drove off. What a wonderful afternoon.

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