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How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 06 [Lesbian Babysitter]

Babysitter for lesbian buddy
After the birth of my second child, a cute little girl, we decided to hire a part-time nanny or babysitter. The agency sent a young girl to us and after only one session, we decided to change as she was totally clueless as to what to do with the baby. The second nanny came and she was in her late twenties. She had previous experience before and she had brought up her own child before. Hence, we were very comfortable with the way she handled our baby.

She dressed simple but she looked sweet from a certain angle too. She was petite and on the slim built. We both liked her and after two sessions, we decided to employ her as a full-time nanny and maid. She would drop by at our place about five times per week and would stay overnight at times, if needed to. As usual, I would always wear lingerie or skimpy clothes at home and after a while, I noticed that she would always glanced at me and started to throw compliments my way, "Madam, your clothes is very sexy! I like too!" or "You have sexy body!" I was not sure what came over me and since I liked her work and attitude, I ended up buying several sexy wear for her too and she was so happy and thanked and praised me.

I even encouraged her to wear it whenever she was at home with me. But she was pretty careful in her clothing whenever my hubby was around as she understood and respected us. But we had no problem exposing our bodies to each other. She got a nice body and so I ended up praising her too. Several times, she did place her hands on my shoulders and thighs while massaging me for a short while whenever I was tired. Or when talking or handling my baby together but never once on my intimate areas. I always thought that she would want to if given the chance or excuse to. 

She slowly started to open up to me and on one afternoon, she told me her sob story. She said she had married young and did not even know what love was. She was knocked up when she was a teenager at seventeen. They got married but divorced after a bitter two years. I could see she was lonely and badly needed someone to talk to.

I could see tears in her eyes when she related her life story to me. I consoled her and hugged her to give the moral support and she grabbed hold of me tight and would not let me go for several minutes. I could feel her heartbeat and the warmth of her heart and body. I never thought of anything sexual but I did feel good hugging her.

Silence filled the room and without a single word exchanged, I felt her hands moving downwards to my bum. I became conscience and noticed that my breast were pressing against her breast. And since both of us did not wear bra, both of our tits were brushing against each other through our thin fabric of our lingerie. I could feel my nips were actually reacting to her touch and hardened. Both of us did not break away as I felt that she wanted or needed the touch of a human body badly. I guessed she could feel my tits were poking at her and she slowly moved her body in a circular motion, causing more friction between our nipples.

There was no denying that I was feeling good too. Her hands were now more obvious and was slowly groping my ass and somehow, I just followed suit and rubbed her ass too. It was soft and smooth. Guessed we were both lost in our emotion and I was feeling the beat and the heat! We were pressing against each other and I could feel her crotch desperately pushing upwards to be in contact with mine. This was actually the second time a female had touched me or I had touched them in a sexual way. The first time was in my teens, which I might write about that in another chapter. The soft caress of a feminine touch, captivated me too! 

My eyes were closed and I believed she did the same too. I felt it coming and I waited, holding my breath. The soft touch of her mouth found mine. It was good and I felt the lost in time. I got to have it and I opened my mouth slightly to the invasion of her tongue. We were both twisting our tongues in a circular motion and it instantly sparked the flow of my juice, making my pussy wet in anticipation.

We both knew we wanted to proceed and explore further. We were both still kissing passionately without breaking off and I felt her hands from my back, pulling aside my thongs and rubbing her fingers against my asshole down to my pussy. I did the same to her too and found that her slit were already wet and sticky with her cunt juice. It was too good to turn back then. 

We broke off and quickly stripped each other bare. I led her to my bed and we assumed the sixty-nine position. I was on top squatting over her face and she hungrily swiped and licked every of my juice dry! I bent forward and pulled her legs backward till it was totally spread wide open and tasted her cunt juice too. We both did the same, licking each other's pussies and assholes. We then used our fingers to finger fuck each other. It was so good that we both cum several times, loosing all our inhabitation and self-control. Only the sound of my crying baby broke us off and we took a break! I found out later that she had previously involved with another girl before when her husband neglected her at that time. No wonder that she made the first move as she probably sensed that I did not mind it too.

Needless to say on that same evening, I told my hubby about this piece of juicy news. He was amused yet smiling all the way. He was gamed for it and we carefully planned our next move. I had to be careful not to get too close to her in case she would take for granted and neglected her work. I knew my hubby wanted to watch the whole scene and so we planned to make it happened again soon.

So he took two days off from his work and we all headed to our vacation house for a short break. We put our baby at my in-law's place but asked her to come along with us as we told her she need a break too. She tagged along but of cause she was not aware of our real plans. In the afternoon, we headed for the beach and we found a good shade and planted our base there. She was pretty shocked as she did not realize it was a nude beach but I calmed her down and said she would get use to it after a while. As came evening time, the crowd was thinner and so she felt easier.

I was the first to be nude and she was watching me as if she was worried for me to be undressed in a public place. My hubby did the same and she was clearly embarrassed and pretended to away even though she was glancing at him every now and then. She did not strip but she did change to a sexy bikini, which I had bought it for her. She sat there most of the time and was too shy to move around. My hubby went for a swim and I finally managed to convince her to take off her top. Her boobs were slightly sagging but quite a handful for her petite size!

When my hubby came back, I could see that she was staring at his dangling cock. Probably amused to see it in public beach. I asked her to go for a dip but she was still shy and hesitant to move. So I winked at her and told her that I would join her in a short while. She then stood up and slowly headed to the water and we both watched her swaying ass in her tiny thong from behind.

I told my hubby that I would be back in a short while but hinting to him to look out for us as I would probably make an advance on her to start her on. I ran down and joined her. We hold hands and we splashed water on each other. It did not take us long before we were hugging each other under the water. Nobody could actually see what we were up to. I went behind her and hugged and rubbed every part of her body and she did the same to me too as we took turns to be the one to dominate from behind. Of cause her bottoms came off with my insistence as I told her that she did not need those anymore. 

We came back to the beach both equally naked and my hubby was smiling. We just enjoyed each other's company and slowly she felt more at ease with all of us being naked. We left the beach when dusk and went for dinner before heading back to our vacation home. My hubby then made the same excuse of forgetting to buy beer, which of cause I knew what was going to happen next. He had already told me what to do and so I followed exactly. 

After my hubby had gone off or so it seemed to be, I took the opportunity to hit on her. I sat next to her, put my hand on her thigh and whispered to her that we should carry on where we left at the beach. She was hesitant initially as she said, "Your husband may come back." 

"Not to worry, he won't be back so fast." Without waiting for her reply, I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom and told her, "We will clean each other!" We both stripped each other and went for our shower. We helped to soap and clean each other. She then squatted down in front of me and I quickly lifted one of my legs high up as if I was doing a ballet dance. She did her magical tongue licked on my pussy and I was enjoying it tremendously. In turn, she adopted the crouch position with her hands on the wall while I was squatting behind and painted her, making her moaning in pleasure which she was missing for many years.

As I had mentioned in the earlier chapter that this place was not renovated yet. The bathroom was right behind our backyard, in a small open space with no walls or doors but was surrounded by several thick bushes. It was just a simple shower head mounted on the back wall. I knew exactly where my hubby was. He was hiding behind the bushes and with the cover of darkness, nobody could detect where he was. There was actually several small openings behind the bushes where anyone could easily peep in but no one knew about it as hardly anyone would walk by there. We knew it all along but was not bothered at all. They could peep all they wanted as the nudist beach was nearby, why bother to peep in the first place! But still, there was one case of a peeping tom which I might write about it in the later chapter.

Felt like we were in a strip club doing a lesbian show but the only audience was my hubby! After our shower and licking dry, we proceed to the bedroom to continue our action. We just finger fucked each other silly! She wanted to fuck me first and so there I was lying on the bed with my ass sticking high up, waiting for her onslaught. She started to spread my asshole wide and stick her tongue in, flicking and sucking it. Oh no, it was heaven! The sensation hit the soft and sensitive part of my anus. After wetting my back hole, I felt it was praised open! She was fingering my ass. It had been sometime, since my ass was invaded. My hubby hardly did it and so were his friends.

The feeling was good. It was real damn good! We were lost tracked of the time. My hubby just appeared at the doorway of the room, holding on to a crate of beer, watching us in silence. She was so engrossed and excited that she was not aware of his presence. So I just pretended he was not there either till she spotted him and quickly backed off from me, scrambling for the blanket to cover her modesty.

She kept saying sorry to him but he consoled her that it was nothing and that he already knew it all along and approved it. He then passed a bottle of beer to her but she looked at me as if asking me what should she do! I told her to take the beer and we would celebrate! We were all siting on the bed having a toast as I took the time to explain to her our lifestyle. It was no secret since she would know or find out sooner or later. 

She was rather taken aback after hearing some of our stories. I stated 'some' as only the milder version were told to her. While drinking and talking to her, I reached out to touch my hubby in his crotch. She was watching intently but did not know how to react. But at the same time, my left hand was holding on to her hands. I leaned towards her and whispered, "Do not worry, I just want you to watch and enjoy it."

She did not know what to say but she did not move away either. I was sure she was going to be my audience for our private show.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Another good story, Jen! Thanks for sharing!
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