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Jill, the adventure continues

If you haven't read Jamie, part one and two, you may find it harder to follow this plot
Jill – The adventure continues

I suppose it was a week or so after the experience with Jamie at our local pub (Read Jamie Part II). As I mentioned before I was never much of an exhibitionist so what happened that day was still quite fresh in my mind. I would at once be blushing madly, mortified at my bold and somewhat provocative behaviour; and so aroused by the memory. I had secretly fantasised about being publicly seduced but it was really a very deep and dark secret so when Jamie did to me what she did, it was as if she had explored deep into my secret soul and uncovered my secrets. That said, the experience had undoubtedly thrilled me and tempted me to explore this mild inner exhibitionist side to my psyche a little further.

I had not really thought much about Jill since that day either. Of course she was part of the overall memory of what happened but beyond that I hadn’t really thought. Jill and I had known each other for a while but really only from a distance. She was often in the same group as we were when we met to watch rugby at the pub, or for a Sunday lunch. She never seemed to be with anybody so she was there, on the fringes, and just a lovely girl to be around.

South Africa is, like Australia and America I suppose, an immigrant nation. We are made up of largely Dutch, French and English ancestry but since Angolan and Mozambique independence a fair smattering too of the Portuguese ex Colonial masters had come across the borders to settle. Jill had somewhere in her past, some Mediterranean blood in that she had those dark good looks – black hair, infinitely deep dark brown eyes and that beautiful skin that seemed permanently tanned. She wore her hair loose mostly, hanging down below her shoulders. She’s petit with small breasts and a smile that simply melts the most hardened heart.

When she spoke to me that day and said; “Sarah, stop it. I know what you are doing” I was at once embarrassed but also, so pleased to have her hand to hold onto in my moment of ecstasy. When I returned to the table with Jamie, Jill had left but slipped under my glass was a note from her telling me once again that we should have coffee. Frankly, in my sudden consciousness at what I had just done, I tucked her note into my purse and never really gave it another thought.

So, it was Saturday and I had just come home from a morning of shopping – nothing too exciting, mainly household needs and some food for the week. O! I had also bought some new underwear but I never got too excited about that as I was and remain quite boring in my underwear choices – usually bikini-cut cotton panties and simple lace bras. I mainly wear panties and bras for work, or if I am wearing a skirt over the weekend, I do wear panties but rarely a bra around the house anyway.

I had managed to slot the key into the front door; I was loaded down with parcels and trying my best not to drop anything before I made it to the kitchen where I could put the parcels down when my phone rang. “Fuck; don’t these people know I am loaded up like a pack-horse” I swore to myself. I managed to get to my phone without dropping anything, pressed the green answer key and grumbled “Hello”. There was a moments silence during which I was about to bestow the curse of the fleas of a thousand camels on the private parts of whoever it was that had called me when I heard this soft voice saying “Sarah, is this a bad time?” it took me a moment to recognise the voice of Jill.

“Oh goodness, no. I am sorry” I muttered, now more in embarrassment than frustration. “I was trying to get into the house without dropping anything” I told her. “But it’s okay now, I have put everything down and I am all yours”. After some small talk she said “Sarah, what happened last weekend, what you did at the table, was very, well…. Sarah I left you a note asking you to call me. I did that because I really meant it; I wanted to see you to know more about what happened and to well, get to know you”.

This revelation was too much for me to take in in one sitting, my mind was racing, wondering what on earth was she going to say next – condemn me to eternal celibacy for my bold and public display; recommend a councillor to deal with my antisocial sexual tendencies? Then she went on “Sarah it was beautiful and I loved sharing it with you, even in such a small way as you holding my hand as you climaxed”. Now I really was confused and blushing madly. I didn’t quite know what to say next but was saved that awkwardness when she said “Please can we meet; for coffee or a drink”?

My mind was racing because firstly she had brought into the open my display and secondly, I had no idea she was remotely interested in me. I suppose I had never given it a thought since we never really made a big deal of our sexuality in our group, we were simply friends together. And here was this lovely girl asking me “on a date”; well sort of. We chatted a little more about God alone knows what. I was finding it hard to concentrate as my nether regions as if on command from a force beyond my influence, had decided to tingle. We agreed to meet later the afternoon at the same pub where we had been the previous week. Given that it was a pub and summer, we were almost certainly going to drink something so I decided to take the bus. I quickly freshened up, changed into a skirt and little floral, cotton blouse and headed for the bus stop. About thirty minutes later I arrived and walked around to the garden where I found Jill, alone at a table.

As I approached she stood up and came to me. Jill was wearing a plain white, long, cotton dress. Peeking out from under the shoulder straps of her dress was a cotton bra with the palest blue floral design. She was wearing little or no makeup apart from the palest pink lipstick with the faintest hint of some very subtle, fruity perfume which I couldn’t quite identify. She hugged me lightly and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. WOW! This certainly confirmed any doubts or questions I may have had before regarding her sexuality. We had never kissed more than a friendly peck on the cheek. She sat and I sat opposite her.

You know when after a rush of excitement or anticipation there is a sudden and inexplicable, almost awkward silence? Well that descended upon us and we sat there for a few minutes looking at each other, fidgeting. Her confidence so evident in the way she had greeted me had suddenly evaporated. She looked so fragile sitting there, this little girl in a woman’s body. I leaned across and took her hand in mine. “Thank you Jill. I truly appreciate your invitation and I’m very pleased to be here with you. Why don’t we order a drink and get the awkwardness out of the way?”

We both ordered dry white wine and a little plate of snacks. We sat in ever more comfortable silence for a bit and then she blurted out what clearly had been on her mind for some time. “Sarah, I think you are very attractive and what you did last week was the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I want you to tell me all about it, every detail”. Another WOW! You could have knocked me over with a tampon. I looked at her again, into her intense expression, her soft lips parted so slightly and I made a decision. I was going to tell her the finest detail of everything that Jamie and I did that day.

After I had told her, which in itself was a cathartic experience for me, Jill looked at me for a few moments and sighed. “I have never been with a girl Sarah. I never knew what was wrong with me that I could never show any interest in the guys Mum wanted me to hook up with. I would go out with them but it was empty. I always loved being with our group because everybody was so relaxed and comfortable. I knew you and Jamie were together in some way, and probably some of the others too. For some reason I always felt immensely comfortable around you yet also a little envious. You all seem so confident and happy. Nobody ever made an issue out of the fact that there were seldom any guys in our group. It simply felt so right…..

We continued to chat for a little longer, enjoying the late afternoon sun. There was, after Jill’s revelation, a new kind of intimacy between us. Nothing overt, but we were closer, our souls had connected. The tingling I had felt in my nether regions earlier on had returned with a vengeance and I found myself wondering about her body. Of course the obvious was there to see, the fact she had small breasts, was impeccably fresh and clean, her makeup understated but…. I stopped myself for a moment. My mind was wondering again. I wanted to know the minutia of her body; I wanted to know her scent, did she ever touch herself, was she natural, trimmed down there? Why did these details seem so important to me when I barely knew this girl and she was clearly going through an identity crisis of sorts? Jill was telling me about her family; like me an only child but unlike me, a very close, almost overpoweringly so, family. Her parents of strict Baptist stock who seldom had more than a small glass of wine and then only on special occasions, and fanatically supported the principles of their church and here I was having lecherous thoughts about their daughter.

As the sun neared last for the day, I suggested we leave. I told Jill I had come by bus as I had not wanted to drive and she said she had done the same. It turned out she lived in the same direction as me, but two stops after me so we waited together at the stop. I desperately wanted to hold her to me, to breathe her scent, to hear her husky, passion-voice. The bus arrived and we got on to find it crowded with not a seat to spare and almost no standing room. We were standing facing the front, me behind her and she tucked close to my body. Confines of the space forced us into heavenly contact. I had my left hand clutching one of those leather rings that hangs from the roof to prevent us from staggering like drunks and she had the same. My right hand was on her hip, for support of course ha-ha, and I was leaning forward to talk to her. Whispering into her ear I told her how good it felt being so close.

With the movement of the bus her bum was rubbing against my mound taking my tingling to deliciously unbearable heights. Emboldened by the wine, the closeness of the crowd in the buss, I started to rub her bum, trying to lift her skirt in as unobtrusive a manner as possible. At last….. heaven. She was purring softly as I worked my hand between her legs from behind. At first I was doing no more than gently explore over her panties. Jill was now consciously (or so it seemed to me) leaning into me, rubbing against my breasts which in my haste to get out to meet her in the afternoon, were unencumbered by a bra. I could feel my nipples hard, like raisins pressing against her, stimulated by the fabric of my blouse and her rubbing.

More confident now, I worked my finger inside the leg of her panties, to her beautiful centre, her wetness betraying any protest she may have offered to deny her desires. She was so warm, silky-slick smooth and soft inside. Try as I might to be gentle the movement of the bus on occasion foiled me and my finger was jerked into her at which she would gasp.

I noticed the girl standing in front of Jill was similarly moving with the motion of the bus, pressing into sweet Jill. Her head leaned back against her as if to hear the whisperings and gasps as my finger explored her fragrant garden. Jill was by now moving in counter thrusts to the motion of the bus, bum pushing back to meet my finger. The girl in front of her was rocking in time to Jill’s own movements in seemingly well-choreographed sex dance. I could not hear what Jill was saying to her, or even if she was talking but that there was a connection, a bond born out of this primal need, there is no doubt. My own peak was rapidly approaching not through any stimulation to my secret place but out of the sheer thrill of this love act we were performing in a crowded and hot bus.

Suddenly the bus jerked, forcing my finger to thrust so deeply I feared I had hurt her, she squealed so loudly, face buried into the nape of the neck of the girl in front of her. Her walls tightened around my finger and she shuddered. I had to take hold of her to support her or I swear she would have collapsed to the floor. I held her thus as my own body passed beyond the clouds and the rain, leaning on her for support. With that the bus stopped and the girl in front of Jill turned, smiled, and mouthed some silent encouragement or thanks before getting off. The next stop was mine……

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