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Kia and I

Just a warning, there is a very small amount of violence in this story. Also, there is a big lead up, so if you're looking for a short, quick, get-it-over-with kind of story, this is NOT for you.

*buzz**buzz**buzz* I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text from Kia. Kia is my best friend, practically my sister. She’s the same age as me - 18 - and looks like a Celtic goddess. Kia has long, wavy, bright red hair and piercing green eyes. She has a fair complexion and flawless skin. Her breasts are about a 34 B and her ass is small, but not flat. She has a gorgeous body and a beautiful smile. Another thing she has?

My heart.

Kia has unknowingly had my heart since I realized I was bi-curious. I say bi-curious because I've never actually been with a girl. I want Kia to be the first girl I do anything with. I mean, I've been with a guy before, but it just didn't feel right. So I started thinking about what it'd be like to be with a girl, especially Kia. Unfortunately, there's one problem - Kia is straight, always has been. Unless you count the time she kissed Jenny at a party last year.
*buzz**buzz* my phone reminded me of my text message.

“hey! party at my house. 8:00 friday night. do you think you could come? I’ve got a surprise for you. (:”

My heart jumped a little. Of course I’d go!

“your parents?”

“nope. they’re going out of town for the weekend.”

“kay! I’ll be there! (:” I haven’t told anyone about me being bicurious. Friday night I planned on changing that.

“great! I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

Three days later - Friday.

“Hey, Layla!” I turned around and saw Kia walking towards our lockers.


“You ready for the party tonight?”

“Yea, except I don’t know what I’m gonna wear,” I lied. I actually have tons of stuff to wear, but I’d already worn it all around Kia.

“Well, right after school, I was gonna go to the mall. You should come! That way you can find something hot,” she said with a smile.

“Sure! I’ll meet you there.” I got butterflies in my stomach. Why is my body acting like this? I know she doesn’t know about me being bisexual, but my body obviously didn’t understand that.


Later that day, Kia and I went shopping as planned. The part that I hadn’t planned on was Trey, her boyfriend, being there. It’s not that I don’t like him or anything (okay I obviously don’t like him) but he’s been taking advantage of Kia, the girl that my heart jumps for, for months and it’s been pissing me off a lot lately.

“Hey, Trey? Me and Layla were hoping to have a little girls night before the party tonight. Why don’t you go home and get ready for tonight?” Kia said. I could see a suspicious look on his face as he reluctantly said okay and left. “Okay, now that he’s gone let’s do some real shopping. You have got to look *HOT* for your surprise tonight.” My heart sank a little, knowing that she wasn’t going to be my surprise, but oh did I have a surprise for her. I smiled a little mischievous smile as I looked up at her.

Kia dragged me to our first stop - Victoria’s Secret.

As soon as we walked in, the sales lady greeted her by name.

“Come here often?” I whispered to my best friend.

“Duh! Where else am I gonna get my sexy stuff?” she smirked. I clenched my fists as I thought about her dancing around in her lingerie in front of Trey. “Hey, are you alright?”

“Yea, sorry. Just thinking. Nothing important,” I shrugged. We went on and I picked out a few outfits to wear.

Outfit 1: Black and pink corset and a black thong.

Outfit 2: White lacy push-up bra, white boy shorts, and white thigh highs.

Outfit 3: Black and pink polka-dots lacy baby doll push-up bra top and a matching lacy thong.

After trying on each set, I’d call Kia in to get her opinion. She said the first one didn’t fit my personality right, the white one was an immediate no, but the baby doll top, she loved.

“I think your surprise will eat you up in that!”

“Well that’s the idea, isn’t it?” I smiled.

Kia laughed, then turned around to exit the dressing rooms. I got dressed and walked out of the dressing room with my outfit. Kia was holding the same thing I was, but hers was pink with black polka-dots. I started getting upset again knowing that it was probably for Trey. I shook myself before I got too far into my thoughts.

“You ready?” Kia asked.

“Yep. Let’s go,” I said before walking up to the sales lady.

After purchasing our items, we went to another store to buy the rest of our stuff. I ended up buying a pleated miniskirt and a pink and blue strapless shirt. Kia got a matching shirt and a tight pair of jeans.

“Damn, we’ll be looking hot tonight!” Kia said.

We went back to her house to eat and do our hair. At 7:30, we said goodbye to her parents as they left then finished getting ready. When we were done, we went downstairs to turn on the music and wait for everyone to show up. Not paying attention to the time, I figured it was time to tell her.

“Hey, Kia? Can I tell you something?”

“Of course you can, Layla. What’s up?”

“Okay. Well, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while, but I’m-“ just then, the doorbell rang.

“Hang on just a second,” Kia told me as she was getting up to answer the door. It was Trey. “You were saying?” she asked as she sat down between me and Trey.

“Oh, nothing. It’s not that important,” I lied. To me, it was really important.

“Oh. Okay.” People started showing up a few minutes early, so Kia got up and started on the punch. I walked in the kitchen right as she was about to pour in the liquor.

“Wait, let me get a cup before you put that in,” I told her.

“You don’t want any of the good stuff?”

“Not yet, at least. I will later,” I said, smiling. She shrugged and waited for me to get my cup of punch, then finished the bowl of punch.

Once the party was really going and I was on my second cup, Kia found me and grabbed my wrist.

“Come on! I want you to meet someone,” she said as she pulled me over to a gorgeous, muscular, tan guy. “Todd, this is Layla, the girl I’ve been telling you about. Layla, this is Todd, Jenny’s cousin.” I looked him over then looked to my side where Kia was, but she was gone. I looked back at him. He was totally fuckable.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked me. I gave a little nod and smiled at him.

As we were dancing, I turned around so I was facing away from him so we could grind. I looked back at him, and it must have been the alcohol in the drinks, but we started making out. I turned around so I could grind my pussy on his leg and still make out. He was a good kisser!

Then Kia popped in my mind. I started wishing it was Kia I was making out with, so I opened my eyes so I could remind myself that it was, in fact, Todd. When the song changed, we stopped dancing and making out. Todd checked his phone and saw that it was after 9:30.

“Shit! It’s almost 10! I have to get home!”

“What?” I asked confused.

“I’m on probation and if they find out I was out past 10, it’ll be a violation. I had fun tonight. What’s your number?” I gave it to him and watched as he walked away. *So much for a surprise.* I saw Kia through the crowd and she was making out with Trey the same way I was with Todd before. I needed to tell her; I couldn’t keep acting like nothing was wrong. I walked over to her and told her I needed to talk to her. When she didn’t pull away, I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her away, but when she started to come with me, Trey pulled her back.

“What do you think you’re doing with Kia?” he snapped at me.

“I need to talk to her about something important,” I said, trying to pull her again. This time, he grabbed my wrist. “Trey, let go of me.”

“Who do you think you are, trying to take my girlfriend from me?”

“She’s my best friend and I think I mean a little bit more to her then you do, so back off!” He raised his hand and *smack!* I brought my hand to my cheek and my eyes started to tear up. I looked over at Kia and she had a horrified look on her face. Trey tried to grab her again, but she pulled away with all of her strength then slapped him twice as hard.

“It’s over, Trey. I should have done this a long time ago,” she told him. She grabbed my hand and brought me in to the bathroom. All eyes were on us as the people cleared a path to let us through.

In the bathroom, Kia got a wet washcloth and started dabbing the cheek that Trey slapped.

“I’m so sorry, Lay. I never knew he was that violent.”

“It’s okay. As long as he never hit you, I’m fine. Hey Ki?”


“Can I finish what I was saying before Trey got here?”


“I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now, but I never had the guts. I-I’m-I’m...”

“Just tell me, Layla. What is it?”

“I love you, Kia,” I told her.

“Well I Love you, too, Layla. Now what were you trying to tell me?”

“That’s just it, Nikia. I don’t just love you, but I’m in love with you,” I confessed with tears in my eyes.

“But, Lay, you’re straight.”

“No, I’m bi, though I’ve never been with a girl. I wanted you to be my first.” Kia stood up and started to back away. “Kia, please don’t freak out.”

“I’m gonna go. I’ll let you finish in here,” and she left. I started balling my eyes out. After about 15 minutes of crying, I looked in the mirror and started covering up the red spot on my cheek and fixed my make-up. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom to find myself a hot guy, but after a couple of drinks, I felt my phone go off in my pocket. A text message from Kia.

“hey. your surprise is ready. go in my room and put on the lingerie we bought today. text me when you’re ready. it’ll be there in a second.”


I walked up to her room and saw my clothes lying on her bed. Her light was off, but there were candles lit all around her room. I got dressed and sat on her bed and laid back so I was leaning on my arms and I looked myself over making sure I looked hot. My 34 C tits stuck out proudly from my chest, my blonde hair flowed around my shoulders, my pussy was shaved, and my long legs were, well, long.

“kay. i’m ready.”


A minute later, her bathroom door opened and I took a deep breath in anticipation of who it could be. Out walks the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

“Kia?!” She was wearing the lingerie that she bought only a few hours before.

“Hey. I was thinking about what you said earlier and I realized that I’m in love with you, too. I never really admitted it to myself, but I think I always have loved you,” she said walking towards me.

In disbelief, I repeated myself. “Kia?!” She giggled.

“Yes, Layla. It’s me,” she said when she reached me, “and I’m in love with you, too.” She put her hands on either side of my face and leaned down to kiss me. She kissed me softly, at first. Then her kisses grew in passion. Soon she was straddling my waist as we made out. My hands were rubbing up and down her back, then squeezing her ass. She moaned into my mouth as I spread her ass cheeks.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Ki?“ She nodded, then continued to kiss me. I brought my right hand between us and under her panties and started rubbing her clit. She broke our kiss and moaned, semi-quietly. But when I pushed two fingers in her pussy, she almost screamed, so I sat up and covered her lips with mine. I rubbed her clit with my palm while I continued finger fucking her pussy.

“Oh, God, Layla! You’re gonna make me cum!” I started to fuck her harder with my fingers and her legs started shaking. She squealed as her pussy squeezed my fingers and her juices flowed, then collapsed on top of me with my fingers still in her pussy.

“Hey! I was supposed to do that to you,” she said while she rolled off of me onto her back. I pulled my fingers out and put them in my mouth to taste her juices. I could have came right then and there if she hadn’t pulled them out of my mouth and into hers. It was so sexy the way she looked up at me.

“You still can,” I informed her. She had a huge smile on her face as she rolled back on top of me and kissed me again. Kia squeezed my tits together, then undid my back strap and pulled my top off of me. She bent down and licked my nipple lightly and sucked on each nipple until they were rock hard, then nibbled each. Keeping my right nipple in her left hand, Kia came up and kissed me with passion. Her right hand trailed down my stomach until she reached my panties. She started rubbing my clit through the thin fabric of my panties, making me moan. Pulling my thing to the side, Kia slid her hand up and down my slit before sticking the tip of her index finger in my pussy. Teasing me, she pulled her finger out then put just the tip in again. She repeated until I begged her to stop.

“Mmm, Kia! Stick your finger in me! I need to feel your finger in my pussy!”

Kia pushed two fingers all the way into my slit, only to pull it back out. “You want that? You want me to fuck your tight little pussy?”

“Oh, God! Yes, Kia! Fuck my pussy!” She pushed her fingers back in me and started fucking me. She started crawling down my body leaving kisses along the way until her lips reached my clit. She flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue. I had to grab a pillow to muffle my moans and screams. She sucked on my clit making me squirm and squeal. “Oh my God, Kia. You’re going to make me cum. Oh, yes. Keep sucking my clit!” My pussy squeezed her fingers and cum covered her chin and fingers. I pulled her hand up to my mouth and tasted my cum on her fingers. She continued licking my pussy clean until I pulled her back up to me. I kissed her with as much passion possible. She was the first to break the kiss and lay down next to me. She laced her fingers through mine and we laid there holding hands.

“Uhm, Nikia?” I asked.

“Yes, my love?” She replied, smiling.

“What about the party?”

“Oh, shit!” She got up and quickly pulled off her baby doll top. She got dressed, not even bothering to take off the thong, and ran downstairs. I followed her, but took my time getting dressed. As I was about to walk out of her room, I looked down at my overnight bag in the corner and saw my new double dildo and vibrator. *Man, are we going to have fun tonight,* I thought to myself and smiled.

I’ve taken a little bit of a break from Aelle’s Acceptance, but it’ll be up, eventually. Let me know if you want a part two for this one, as well. Please comment and rate. Thanks!

ToriElizabeth. (:

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