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Lilly's First Taste

Tags: office, f/f
After Lilly's Special Delivery, she wanted to more and she gets it

Lilly could not stop thinking about the rain the other day and what she experienced with the delivery girl. The girl knew just what to do to her and as she thought about her it made butterflies in her stomach and moisture in her panties. All she could think about was tasting her new friend in the same way.

Days went by and no deliveries. No sign of her new friend. She was worried about the situation and hoped she would see her again. She did start to notice the other women of the office building more. She wondered how many of them that passed by liked what she had experienced or longed for it like she was. She looked at everyone and tried to figure out what they would taste like or like done to them. How her tongue would feel on their wet pussy. She was obsessed now.

One day she had to deliver a package on the 32nd floor, to the executive offices. She had never been up there and needed a special code to go on the floor. She wondered the hall looking for the office the package was addressed to. All the offices looked empty, it was around lunchtime and she knew the big wigs took long lunches, so she was not that surprised.

She finally got to an office with someone in it.

“Excuse me, do you know…” Lily started to ask if the blonde in the office knew where the package went.

“Yes. Okay. Yes.” the lovely blonde in the office spoke.

Lily was confused, she thought she was talking to her, but she soon realized she was talking into the head set on her ear. She motioned for Lilly to wait, and she ended her call. She looked at Lilly like she was so frustrated.

“Do you know what office Mr. Jefferson is in?” Lilly asked again.

She got up from her desk to show Lilly. She led Lilly to the office, it was only a few doors down.

“He is not in today. It seems like no one is around today.” The woman said as she opened the door.

She was the only one up there and it was a little spooky. She walked Lilly into the dark office to put the package down. Lilly could not help but notice the view from the office. It was a spectacular view of the city.

“There is a better view at one of the other offices down the hall.” The girl said, “Would like to check it out?”

“OH yes that would be nice.” Lilly was so excited.

She followed the beautiful girl down the hall, watching her body sway down the hall with such grace and fluency in her heels and tight fitting skirt, that went with a matching suit coat that she was not wearing, she had a very thin light silk blouse on.

They got to the office and the girl opened the door to this massive room, it didn’t look occupied at the time, there was nothing on the desk or on the walls, just some bookshelves, a massive desk and big executive chair behind it. She showed Lilly the window and they looked out over the city, seeing the other tall building and the older smaller ones next to them and the massive river that ran along the buildings. They both were in awe of the beauty of the view.

Lilly looked over at the young woman and couldn’t help but think about her in the way she has thought about every woman she has seen in the last few days. She wondered if she enjoyed the touch of another woman, the taste of a woman’s sweet juices. She wondered what she would taste like. She had not yet got to taste another woman, and couldn’t wait to experience it.

The woman, looked at Lilly as if she could tell what she was thinking. She touched Lilly’s arm as they looked out the big window on to the city. It was if she knew what Lilly’s reaction would be to her touch. Lilly got those butterflies, and felt the spark of electricity that came from her fingertips.

Lilly turned to face the beauty before her. She could see the excitement in the other woman’s eyes. The woman put Lilly’s face into her hands and brought her lips to Lilly’s. The kiss was tender and the woman’s lips tasted sweet. Before she knew it Lilly had parted the woman’s lips with her tongue and explored her sweet mouth. Their kissing became hard with passion and Lilly pushed the girl to the desk with the force of her kisses.

The young woman sat on the edge of the desk and wrapped her legs around Lilly. She pulled Lilly in as close as she could and Lilly could feel the heat from the woman’s pussy through the material of her dress. Lilly’s hands ran to the woman’s thighs and up under her skirt, to her bare mound. The woman had no panties and this just excited Lilly more. Lilly ran her finger up and down the wet slit of the woman until she could tell the woman was wet and would welcome her finger deep into her hole, to find her G spot.

Lilly was so intrigued by the act, she was performing, and knowing how much she wanted to taste this beautiful woman’s love, and she fell to her knees and pushed the woman skirt up to her reveal the hard clit to her. She hungered for this. Lilly could not believe she had done this.

Her tongue was drawn to the woman like a magnet. Her first taste of another woman, it was like a defining moment in her life and she breathed in to savor and remember this moment forever. Her tongue touched the woman’s clit and her body quiver with sheer excitement. Lilly felt her own pussy start to drip. She had felt her own slight orgasm at just the mere sight of this beautiful pussy.

The first lick felt like it lasted forever as she ran her tongue up to the tip. She ran it back down to the opening of the girl’s vagina and back up again. The woman quivered and moaned with each touch of Lilly’s tongue. She rolled the woman’s outer lips into her tongue. She could not believe it was like she knew exactly what to do to make this girl cum. She imaged her lovely delivery girl and how she made her feel and knew she was doing the same to this girl.

She pushed her way into the warmth of the girl’s pussy and twitched her tongue a few time inside. The girl let out a scream and then her pussy lips tighten on Lilly’s tongue and the juices just flowed out of her right into Lilly’s mouth. She had cum, and Lilly put her whole mouth over the opening to suck it all in.

As the girl came down from the orgasm raging though her Lilly let her suction go and backed away. The lovely woman leaned down and pulled Lilly to the desk, she scouted herself back and guided Lilly next to her. She moved to her knees and pulled Lilly’s dress hem up to her waist to reveal Lilly's panties.

She moved the thin material out of the way and brushed her fingers along Lilly's slit. She rubbed the wet clit up and down. She leaned in and now used her tongue to do the job. Her breath on Lilly’s wet lips was warm and sent a shock though out Lilly’s body. Lilly still had the taste of this beauty in her mouth and wanted more. Lilly leaned up a looked at the young woman. She could see her eyes and the want in them.

“Turn around.” Lilly commanded.

The woman sat up and turned herself around and straddled Lilly’s body on top of the desk. Lilly took hold of her hips and scooted her body to her, the woman’s ass and pussy was now in Lilly’s face. She ran her hand up her hips to move her skirt up over her butt. Lilly ran her hands over her beautiful round ass, and spread her open so she could put her tongue back in her warm pussy.

Lilly again licked at it, sucked on the hard clit and plunged her tongue in an out of her pussy hole. Her fingers began to rub some of the woman’s juices to her asshole making it wet and easy to stick the top of a finger in. This pressure made the woman scream. She leaned down and began to lick harder at Lilly’s clit, harder and harder, and then she plunged her tongue deep into Lilly’s hole and began to tongue fuck her. Lilly’s body bucked and she could feel her orgasm began.

Her clit began to quiver. Her legs began to shake and then she cam. She released her orgasm into the woman’s mouth. The beauty took it all in she sucked up all of Lilly. Lilly finally came down from the orgasm and the woman turned to face her. She was straddled over Lilly leaning over her, Lilly could see the tops of her lovely round breast and she reached up to cup one in her hand. It was soft and she could feel the erect nipple thought the thin layers of her blouse and bra. Lilly could tell the woman was not done with her.

She backed down and stepped down off the massive desk. She stood at the edge of the desk and pulled Lilly down to her. Lilly’s ass was at the edge, her pussy was bond again by her panties. The girl pushed Lilly’s dress up as far as she could and took her panties off of her. She spread Lilly’s legs and straddled one with her legs. Lilly could feel her wetness dripping out of her on to Lilly’s thigh.

She rubbed herself on Lilly’s leg, and then began to finger Lilly’s pussy, first softly with one finger, then a little harder with a second. She began to grind herself on Lilly’s thigh, and pushed her pelvis into her hand as her fingers fucked Lilly. She was used her fingers as a dick and fucked Lilly harder and harder. Lilly felt her leg getting wetter and wetter. She was getting wetter.

The girl placed her thumb on Lilly’s clit and rubbed it in unison with her finger going in and out of Lilly. Lilly’s back arched on the desk and her free leg began to quiver and there it was, her final orgasm, it was larger than the rest and it had taken over her whole body, it was from her head to her toes and it was massive. Her entire body went into convulsions as the cum ran out of her pussy into the woman’s hand and dripped to the floor.

Lilly sat up, and ran her hand between her thigh and the girl’s pussy. She began to finger her now, she rubbed along her lips and found her hole, it was warm and wet and Lilly fucked her now. Harder and harder, in and out, she did the same to this beautiful woman using her leg to push her finger in deeper and deeper. She found her g-spot and rubbed it vigorously.

The girl began her own orgasm to end all orgasm at this time. Lilly held the woman’s pussy in her hand. Lilly wrapped other hand around her back and pulled her closer. She felt her whole body quiver. The cum flowed out of her and her body went limp in Lilly’s arms. Lilly held her for a few minutes while her body came down from the orgasm.

The woman kissed Lilly softly on the neck, and then pulled away. She straightened herself, Lilly climbed down from the desk. The woman asked Lilly if she enjoyed the view and Lilly answered it was beautiful and they left out of the office.

Lilly went to the elevator to make her way back to her tiny office in the mailroom. As she got off the elevator she realized she left her panties up there. She didn’t care. Maybe the woman would find them and remember how she felt at that moment.

As Lilly walked up to the mailroom, she noticed out the window the delivery truck. It started up and drove off. “No!” She thought to herself, she saw the package on the counter of the mailroom window, with a note. Sorry I missed you………

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Posted 02 Feb 2014 08:38
Damn Hot. well written and dripping with sexuality.
Posted 04 Oct 2013 01:08
Had the whole thing playing in my mind! Really hot story!
Posted 30 Apr 2013 11:59
Hot story! Poor Lily, when it rains it pours!
Posted 29 Sep 2012 20:32
Great story - any reference to a girl fingering another through her panties sets me off and even more so when she makes her come in them.
Posted 30 May 2012 14:42
Better than the first Lily story if that is possible.
Posted 15 Sep 2007 01:53
Great story, thank you for writing it. Made my pussy so wet.
Posted 05 May 2007 04:53

Posted 27 Apr 2007 16:36
Great story nolagal. Could break up the paragraphs a bit more so it's easier to read pls!

Posted 27 Apr 2007 14:54
Excellent stuff! Loved the detailed account of Lilly's first time. Could almost picture the office and the two girls in my mind. Maybe I was watching the whole event from a nearby office!

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