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Lilly's Night Out (Part 1)

Lilly gets asked out after work, and it becomes one interesting night
Lilly was daydreaming again. It seemed to be all she can do lately. She was not a very experienced girl when it came to sex. She had been with one boy, they were young and “in love” and it didn’t go very good the night of the spring dance. It was quick and awkward. The few times after that they were together before he left for college that fall were the same. But in the last couple of weeks she had experienced a whole other world, sex with woman, strange woman at that, and here at work.

Really not like her, but both times she was just caught up in the moment and enjoyed them both. She hadn’t seen either woman since their tryst. She had missed the delivery girl that day she was with the executive. She enjoyed them both so much, more then she could have imaged. She now longed for a man inside of her. She remembered few seconds her first love was inside her, she did like the feeling and now after all the excitement she had experienced she found herself wanting a man too.

“Well, you are here,” Lilly heard come from the hallway.

It was her lovely delivery girl. She was standing there smiling at her. Lilly didn’t know what to say, she imaged seeing her again, kissing her again, she even imaged how she would taste and was now wanting to let her know she knew what to do. Lilly smiled back at her.

“We are getting together tonight at O’Malley’s, I wondered if you are not busy if you would want to meet me there after work,” she said to Lilly.

Lilly was a little taken by this, was she asking her on a date? Lilly didn’t know how to react.

She took a minute and then said, “Sure.” Her voice sort of made this weird cracking as the word came out.

“Okay, you know where it is?” the lovely woman asked her, she shook her head yes.

“See you later.” The girl smiled at Lilly as watched her leave. Lilly was excited and nervous at the same time.

Lilly walked into the bar, it had a nice crowd in there, mostly a business crowd, people coming in to grab a drink to unwind after a long day at the office. She noticed a few people she recognized from her building, little groups of co-workers drinking and talking. She noticed in the back a group of people dressed in the uniform her friend wore. She started to go that way.

In a booth with a couple of other people she noticed the woman from the 32nd floor. She looked up at Lilly and gave her a sweet smile. Lilly returned it, and a wave of excitement came over her, both her new friends were here. How about that? Seeing both women in the same day and at the same place, Lilly thought this must have been a sign or something. This evening may get really interesting.

Lilly walked toward the table where the delivery company people were, she didn’t want to just approach it with out seeing her friend, but before she could, the woman walked up to her. Thank god, she didn’t know any of those others so she was saved.

“There you are” and a kiss on the cheek.

The touch of her lips to Lilly’s skin sent a wave of excitement though Lilly. Lilly missed her touch and it was so soft and sweet it made Lilly feel so good. They sat at another table from her co-workers but next to them, there really wasn’t any room at the other table. She asked Lilly if she would like a drink.

“I will have whatever you are drinking.”

She saw that in a movie and thought it would make her sound adventurous. She left Lilly there and went to the bar. Lilly looked over at her other lover while this one was away, the other woman looked her way also and their eyes met for a brief moment. They both looked away when their eyes met, but for that brief second, Lilly saw the same look she had that day, she was not finished with her.

Her friend returned with the drinks, two shots and two light beers. Lilly knew this night was going to be really interesting if she shots. Well they toasted to new friends and drank up. Then a few minutes later, another round this time 3 were placed on the table. Lilly looked up to see the man who she had the crush on that use to deliver to her before this beautiful woman came along. Lilly was surprised and excited all at once. He sat down at one of the other chairs.

“Ladies may I join you, I brought presents?”

The girl said of course and they drank up, all Lilly could do was smile and giggle a little as they clinked shot glasses. They were all laughing and having a good time and more rounds showed up. Lilly counted at least 5, when she excused herself to the little girl’s room. She got up could feel the shots had affected her.

She went to the bathroom. She entered and there was no one there. Lucky for her, no one in the girl’s room was a rare thing. She went in used the bathroom and when she opened the stall door she was stocked. The woman from the 32nd floor was there. She smiled at Lilly. Lilly smiled back. Lilly’s head was spinning and really didn’t comprehend what the woman said. The next thing she knew the woman had pushed her back in the stall and kissed her.

She was thrown for a loop and didn’t know what had just happened. Soon she recognized the feeling that stirred in her and started to kiss the beautiful woman back. The woman was in a hurry unlike the other day, she knew they didn’t have much time in the woman’s room.

She kissed Lilly and her hands unbuttoned Lilly’s shirt. Her hands were inside of Lilly’s bra before Lilly could protest. Her hands cupped both of Lilly’s breasts, her palms pressed up against her nipples. She popped Lilly’s breast right out of her bra. Her mouth went straight to Lilly’s nipple, first the left one, she kissed it, licked it a few times and then put it in her mouth and sucked on it. Next she took the tip of Lilly’s nipple in her teeth and yanked it back and let it go to pop back into place.

She went at the left one now, this time she was gentler. Lilly could feel her the dampness in her panties. She wanted the girl to reach up her skirt and satisfy her. The woman seemed content with her chest, one in her mouth, and the other in her hand. Lilly began to moan as the touches, the licks, the nibbles, and the pinches drove her crazy. Lilly moved her hands in to the woman’s hair and ran them though her hair. Lilly’s clit began to pulsate.

Lilly finally took her own hand and slid it down her stomach and in to the waistband of her skirt, she reached the warmth and wetness that had built up down there. She began to rub her clit slow at first but then with every suck of the woman on her hard nipple she moved faster. She moaned louder as she brought herself to cum.

The lovely woman again took her nipple in her teeth, and pulled on it, this sent a sensation though Lilly’s body straight to her clit. She started to cum. She rubbed faster as the cum dripped from her pussy, her leg began to shake, and her clit twitched. Her juices flowed down her thigh. The woman stepped back and watched Lilly as she came down from her orgasm.

When Lilly opened her eyes, the beautiful woman smiled at her.

“Thank you, I forgot to do that the other day. I have thought about sucking on your luscious tits all week,” she said as turned to leave the stall.

She looked herself over straighten herself and walked out of the bathroom.

Lilly washed up, and straighten herself also. She doesn’t know what has come over her, she had one lover in the past six years, and he was her high school sweetheart. Their sex life was nothing like what she had just experienced in the last week that is for sure. She had masturbated before and has always known how easy it was for her to cum by herself, but what she did with these women was nothing like what she was use too.

She checked herself one last time in the mirror and decided to go back out there. Her buzz was gone and she thought she needed another shot. As she opened the door to the bathroom, she almost hit her delivery girlfriend with the door.

“I was coming to make sure you were alright. You have been in here along time.”

Lilly made an excuse that her mom had called her on her cell and she kept her on the phone longer then she expected.

“Sorry, come on I think it is my turn to get the shots,” Lilly exclaimed as she took her hand and lead her to the bar.

They went up there to order the drinks when, the delivery guy walked up behind them.

“Is one of them for me?” he asked.

“Sure is, here we go, to possibilities.” Lilly toasted them.

Lilly looked at them both and threw the shot back. They all did, and then the guy asked the girls if they would want to get out of there. They said sure and they started to leave. Lilly looked back at her secret bathroom friend one last time and smiled. The woman met her eyes and smiled in delight. Lilly left with her new friends.

The guy had gone to get the car and told the girl to wait. Lilly had left her car at her building and just walked the few blocks to the bar earlier and knew she could not walk now, with her head buzzing from the shots and her recent orgasm. She agreed to a ride.

The two women stood there. Her sweet friend had started running her hand up and down Lilly’s arm. The touches sent shock waves through Lilly’s entire body. She leaned in and kissed Lilly on her lips. Lilly kissed her back, parting the lovely girl’s lips with her tongue and explored her mouth with her tongue.

They were still kissing when the car pulled up at the curb. The girl opened the back door for Lilly to get in and she slid in right next to her. Lilly got in and asked where they were they going.

“My place, let’s go have some fun,” the driver responded.

Both women looked at each other and smiled. He sped off, headed to his place.

Lilly was in the back seat with her beautiful lover, the beauty’s hands found their way to Lilly’s thigh. She ran her hand lightly up and down Lilly’s leg, she would get to the hem of her skirt and go back down, each time she inched the hem higher up her leg. She started to kiss Lilly on the neck, flicked her tongue on Lilly’s ear lobe. Lilly’s eyes were closed enjoying the sensations of this beautiful woman. Lilly opened her eyes and saw the guy in the front seat, as he looked in his mirror at the action in the back seat. She saw the smile on his face. He looked right at her in the mirror.

“I know I told you to take care of the pretty ladies, I didn’t think you would go that far.”

The girl caressed Lilly’s body, kissed her, and had her so turned on. The man up front was also turned on, she could tell by the way he was looking at her and the speed he was going, that he was trying to get back to his house as fast as he could. He pulled in his drive way and hurried them in the house so they could continue the make out session, for him to watch.

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