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Lindsey's Story - Pt 3

Lindsey finally finds out what Alexis meant
Lindsey sat on the bed looking at Alexis. Here she was, sitting on a bed next to a nearly naked girl. Alexis’s robe had separated and her breasts were partially exposed. Her pussy could be seen clearly and Alexis was making no attempt to conceal her body. In fact, Lindsey was sure it was deliberate. On Lindsey’s part, she was still just in her bra and panties. Her bra was very sheer and she could feel her nipples getting hard. She was sure Alexis noticed her nipples straining against the material as she was looking at her breasts.

Lindsey felt herself redden and Alexis laughed. That made Lindsey turn even redder. But even as she reddened, she felt her nipples get harder still. Alexis reached over and brushed her hand over Lindsey’s breast.

“So cute. I love that you’re embarrassed. But you have no reason to be. You are very beautiful and should be proud of your body. Why don’t we both get dressed and go have some more wine?”

Lindsey felt relieved and got up off the bed. She pulled on her jeans and put on her shirt. Alexis pulled out some lounge pants and a tank top, took off her robe and got dressed. She showed no signs of embarrassment at being completely naked in front of Lindsey. They went out into the living room and Alexis refilled both their glasses. She brought in a platter with some cheese, crackers and some cut up fruit. They sat down on the couch and sipped the wine.

“I’m really glad you liked Tom and Brad. They are really very nice guys. I used to work with Brad a few years ago. He transferred and we lost touch. When I moved here, I got in touch with him again and we hooked up. He had always had a bit of a crush on me, and I thought he was cute, so it was a natural thing for us. One night I ran into him in a furniture store and he was with Tom. They were picking up a coffee table and two end tables Tom had bought and Brad volunteered his truck.”

“After they had loaded up the furniture in the truck, Tom said he was treating Brad to dinner for helping him, and invited me along. We all really had a good time and hit it off quite well. We parted after dinner and I did not see them again until that night in the bar. They started talking to me, one thing led to another and well., you saw the result. I hooked with them again, and while I really enjoy the two of them and like Brad a lot, I think Brad wants more from me and I am not prepared to get too serious right now. Also, he is showing signs of wanting to be exclusive, and I don’t want that either.”

“When you mentioned that you were possibly interested in being with two men, I immediately thought about Brad and Tom. I knew they would not force the issue if you were not ready or get upset if you backed out at the last minute. I knew they were okay with having sex with one girl at the same time, so I thought it was a good match overall.”

“Well, you were right about it all. They were great and I never felt pressured to do anything. They both certainly took the time to get me very aroused, which I think helped with the whole situation. And you! Very clever getting the four of us going, then slipping out. But thank you.”

“Hey, it was my pleasure. You took the time to become my friend and I really appreciated that. Besides, I like you.”

The two girls finished off the bottle of wine and the snacks. It was getting to be quite late and Alexis suggested that maybe Lindsey should not drive home. She said she had a guest bedroom Lindsey was welcome to use. Alexis had some things she could lend her to sleep in. Lindsey had been thinking about the drive home. Not that it was that far, but she had been drinking quite a bit and really was not comfortable with the thought of driving home. She had been about to ask Alexis to call her a cab home.

“Are you sure that I will not be imposing on you?”

“Don’t be silly. It is not a problem at all. And I would surely not want you driving home at this time after all the drinks we have had tonight.”

“Well, then I accept your offer. I had not really wanted to drive home, and I know I would have had to wait for a cab at this hour.”

“Great! Why don’t you give me your clothes and I will throw them in the washer for you? Let me get you those pj’s and show you the room.”

Alexis got Lindsey the pj”s and took her clothes after Lindsey changed. She threw them in the washing machine and gave Lindsey another kiss and a pat on the butt as she left her at the door to the bedroom. Lindsey fell asleep quite quickly. When she woke up, it was very light out and she heard noise from downstairs. She found a robe on a chair next to the bed and put it in. She made her way downstairs and could smell coffee brewing.

“Well, good morning, sleepy head. Would you like some coffee, or something else to drink?”

“Coffee would be just wonderful. Do you have any cream or milk? And just where did I leave my purse last night? I think I need an aspirin.”

“Well, I’ll get your purse. Here’s the coffee and there is some flavored creamer in the fridge, as well as milk if you would rather have that.”

Alexis handed her a nice large mug of coffee and went to get the purse. Lindsey noticed that she had on the same lounge clothes as last night. Her clothes were neatly folded and sitting on top of the dryer. When Alexis returned with the purse, Lindsey got out two aspirin and swallowed them with a swig of the coffee.

“Are you hungry? I have cereal or can whip up some French toast or pancakes really quick.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do anything special just for me. You have already been more than generous. I don’t want to put you out.”

“Oh, you would not be. Sunday is the one day when I allow myself a nice big leisurely breakfast. It’s no problem making just a bit more for you.”

“Well, okay then. I am a bit hungry, but make whatever you were going to have.”

Alexis whipped up four slices of French toast. Lindsey noted that she added vanilla and cinnamon to the eggs and it smelled delicious. She had asked Lindsey if bacon was okay as she had no sausage in her freezer right now. It was all ready and on the table in about ten minutes. Alexis offered her some orange juice, but Lindsey said just another cup of coffee would be fine. When they were done, Lindsey helped clear the table and dried the dishes over Alexis’s protests.

Lindsey was about to grab her clothes and head back up to the bedroom to change when Alexis came up behind her. She wrapped one arm around Lindsey’s waist and brushed her hair off her neck with the other. She gently kissed Lindsey’s neck and the hand around her waist moved up to Lindsey’s breast. Alexis squeezed the breast, then pinched the nipple through the thin tank top. Lindsey felt her pussy muscles clench and winced just a little at the pressure on her nipple, but she did nothing to resist or stop Alexis.

Alexis took this as a sign and kept going. She took the other nipple in her other hand and began twisting, pinching and pulling on both of them. Lindsey moaned a little and tilted her head a bit more. Alexis started planting little bites on Lindsey’s neck, then turned her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. Lindsey felt herself responding to the kiss and the touching. When she felt a tongue pressing against her lips, she opened her mouth and sucked the tongue inside. She put her hands on Alexis’s back and pulled her in closer.

Alexis continued kissing Lindsey and swirled their tongues together, sucking and tasting. She reached her hand down between Lindsey’s legs and began rubbing her pussy. The pj bottoms were already getting damp. Lindsey felt her legs go weak as she let out another soft moan. Alexis broke of the kiss, took Lindsey’s hand and lead her up the stairs to the bedroom. She took off her top and helped Lindsey remove hers. She quickly removed her shorts, then turned back to Lindsey, leaned over and took a breast into her mouth. She sucked on the nipple as Lindsey stood there in a trance. Alexis began kissing her way down Lindsey’s stomach and removing the pjbottoms as she did.

When they were down around her ankles, Alexis pushed Lindsey gently down on to the bed. She knelt down on the floor between Lindsey’s legs, placing them over her shoulders. She buried her head in Lindsey’s pussy and began to lick it. She spread apart the lips to gain better access to her slit. She pushed her tongue inside, fucking her pussy with it. She used her thumb to begin rubbing Lindsey’s clit. Lindsey felt herself wrapping her hands in Alexis’s hair and holding her head in place. She felt the tongue move to her clit as two fingers pushed into her pussy.

Her whole body began to quiver and she knew she was not far from climaxing, but she released her grip on Alexis’s head and moved her legs off her shoulders. Lindsey moved herself further onto the bed and turned her body. She reached down and took Alexis’s hand, pulling her up onto the bed next to her.

“Are you sure? Because I am fine if you are not.”

“Yes, I want to.”

They kissed for a few minutes as their hands explored each others bodies. Lindsey, especially was moving her hands all over, feeling Alexis’s face, her breasts, her stomach, her ass, and finally, between her legs. She turned her body so they were in the 69 position and began mimicking what Alexis was doing. She soon found a rhythm and started exploring the tastes and feels of another woman’s pussy. Her hands roamed up and down Alexis’s thighs and around her pussy.

She sought out her clit and drew it into her mouth pulling it deep inside. When she did, she heard Alexis take in a sharp breath and felt her body shudder. Her fingers pushed there way into Alexis’s pussy and she felt the muscles clench against them, squeezing, trying to hold them in. She curled them around the tip of the cervix and searched until she found her g-spot. She moved them in and out, twisting them as she did. Her tongue continued licking Alexis’s clit. This all appeared to be having the desired effect as she could hear soft moaning sounds coming from between her legs.

In the meantime, what was being done to her was driving her crazy. Alexis knew just where to lick and just when to stop. Time after time, she brought her up close to the edge, then stopped or moved to another spot. She would feel that wave begin to start and her thighs begin to quiver, then stop. She would build up close to a climax again, then Alexis would slow down and let the feeling subside once again. After a while, Lindsey felt a finger being run around her rim. Alexis pushed her thumb in to Lindsey’s ass. With everything else Alexis was doing, that finally pushed her over the edge.

She momentarily tensed, then arched her back as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over her. Her body was racked in spasms. Though her head was still between Alexis’s legs, she stopped what she had been doing. The tongue on her clit and her ass being fucked was driving her to one of the longest orgasms she had ever experienced. Alexis knew exactly what to do to keep her going. After what seemed like an eternity, Alexis finally slowed down her ministrations and Lindsey was able to regain her composure a bit.

As soon as she caught her breath a little, she remembered where her head was and began to work on Alexis again. Her fingers were still inside Alexis’s pussy and she began moving them around again. Curling them and rubbing them, moving them in and out. Tickling her walls as she moved her fingers around. She added a third finger and fucked her pussy harder and faster. Her tongue was working on Alexis’s clit and she periodically sucked it into her mouth. Alexis was moaning loudly now, telling her not to stop. She had hold of Lindsey’s head pulling it to her tightly.

Suddenly, Alexis’s entire body trembled and then she exploded in a tremendous orgasm. She let out a yell as she came again and again. Lindsey just kept licking and sucking and fucking Alexis’s pussy, drinking in the juices as they flowed out, until finally Alexis yelled for her to stop. They both rolled over on to their backs and lay there catching their breath. After about five minutes, Alexis began laughing and Lindsey joined in.

“Are you sure you have never done this before? Because it sure seemed like you knew what you were doing!”

“First time, I promise.”

“Well then, you are a natural.”

They lay there giggling for awhile, then Alexis suggested a shower. They got up and headed for the bathroom. Alexis turned on the water and they stepped in when the temperature was perfect. They took turns soaping each other up and rubbing body parts together. Finally, the hot water began to run out, so they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Alexis took a towel and started drying Lindsey off. Lindsey did the same to her, then they finished dying themselves off and went back into the bedroom.

Alexis threw on her robe and ran downstairs to grab Lindsey’s clothes. She came back upstairs and they both got dressed. Lindsey brushed her hair back and put a little make up on. Alexis used the blow dryer on her hair, then they both went downstairs. Lindsey said she really needed to get home as her parents were expecting her over for Sunday dinner. She had to stop to pick up something for dessert, so would just have enough time to do that on her way to their house. They walked to the front door and hugged good bye.

“I hope you had a good time last night.”

“I really did! First time with two guys, then my first time with a girl. It was an amazing night!”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And while it may have been your first time for both those things, I’m guessing it sure won’t be the last time with two men.”

“No, I’m sure it won’t be. And if it’s okay with you, I hope it won’t be my last time with you either.”

“I’d really like that.”

Lindsey leaned over and kissed Alexis hard on the mouth. She walked out the door and headed to her car. She was going to have to hurry if she was going to make it to her parents on time.

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