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A young woman's luck is on a downfall until a beautiful stranger changes that...
“Shit.” I shot out under my breath, “Shit, shit, fuck, ass, bitch. Ugh!” I spit out as many cuss words as I could. People passing me on the street looked at me like I was mad. I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered right then was to find my wallet which had appeared to have evaporated from my purse. I could feel the scarf around my neck unwinding as my movements became more frantic. I kept getting in my own way of searching. I looked around for somewhere to sit, so that I was out of the way of the traffic on the Manhattan sidewalk and could have a little more space and liberty to dig through my god-forsaken sack of crap. I found a bench and perched myself upon it while I continued rooting through my bag.

It wasn’t here.

I choked back a sob, and tried to collect myself before I truly burst into tears. I retraced my steps in my head, thinking of anywhere I could’ve set it down or dropped it. I held my head in my hands, allowing my rouge knit hat to slide off my brunette curls and onto my lap. How am I going to find it in this huge city? I thought. My flight is in 3 hours. I am fucked.

“Excuse me, miss.” A gravelly voice inquired.

I looked up into a face so grimy and coated with dirt that I could hardly distinguish the bloodshot eyes from the chapped, dry lips. “Yes?” I answered disdainfully.

He smiled, showing rotted gums and a whopping total of two teeth, “Might this item be yours?” I examined what his bony hand was holding and nearly fell out of my chair. He made a raspy sound that I think was supposed to be a laugh, “I take that as a yes, then.”

I glared at him and stood, “Yes, that it mine. Would you be so kind as to give it back?” I put as much sarcasm into my tone as I could.

“Well, of course, miss,” He grinned like the Cheshire cat, “but it’ll cost you.”

I scoffed, “Who the hell are you? Rumplestiltskin? Give me my damn wallet!” He pulled it further out of my reach. “Seriously, dude? This is pathetic.”

“A man’s gotta get money somehow, eh? Would you prefer paying me in some other way?” He languidly thrust his groin at me, not that I could even see it under his mountain of a beer belly.

“You are fucking disgusting.”

“Whatever, it’s your choice, miss.” The homeless man cocked a bushy eyebrow.

I was absolutely fuming, “Fine! How much do you want?”

He smirked, “A solid hundred should cover it.”

“Hell no! The most I’m giving you is twenty!”

He scowled, crossing his filthy arms, causing some of his stench to rise to my nose, “I’ve seen what you’ve got in there, girl. You can afford to give me at least seventy-five.”

“Fuck you.”

“Fifty, then.”

“Give me my wallet first, and then we can negotiate.” I held my hand out expectantly.

“Fine, but first you should know that if you wind up trying to run...” He opened his moldy jacket to reveal a gun hooked in his belt. I must’ve shown some sign of panic on my face because he beamed eagerly, “That’s right, girly.” He handed my wallet back to me.

I stood for a moment, shooting daggers his way, until I opened it up and pulled out two twenties and a ten. I thrust the money at him, letting it fall and watching him scramble to catch the bills before they fluttered away with the cold, early spring wind. I turned around and quickly walked away, being considerate enough to throw him the finger over my shoulder before turning the corner and continuing on my way down to JFK for my 9:15 flight across the country to California.


Finally I had made it to the waiting area for my flight, but all I could think about was that airport security is a bitch. This trip was looking dimmer and dimmer as I got closer to the aircraft. There was an issue with my ticket at check-in. Then TSA had been so kind as to throw away my favorite water bottle, claiming that there was liquid in it, even though I had emptied it before I packed it. They even went through my suitcase because my 3 oz. containers weren’t stored properly in the plastic bad I’d put them in. Those bastards just wanted to sift through my panties. I also had to pass through the body scanner multiple times until a female guard came over and scolded them for what they were doing.


This is why I had been so sexually drawn to women lately. Everything about women was so much gentler and softer than men. I’d had experiences with both sexes, and in almost every comparison I’d made between my partners, the girl had proved to be volumes better.

As I sat reminiscing, I realized that my panties had become damp and my jeans had suddenly become suffocatingly tight. I glanced around, seeing if anyone had noticed my arousal. I crossed my arms over my abundant chest, making sure my nipples hadn’t become too evident either. Being a 36DDD, it was often hard to draw attention away from my tits once it was there, but luckily no one had seemed to notice. Except for one.

My heartbeat quickened as I locked eyes with a girl sitting to my right on an adjacent bench. She was grinning slightly, her pretty, brown eyes glittering with amusement. I blinked a few times and looked down towards my hands, golden brown, like the rest of me. God, she’s beautiful. I couldn’t help thinking it. She looked around 22 or so, very relaxed and calm. She had a book in her hands and she was leaning over it as it was propped on her crossed legs. A stray hair had fallen from the long braid that cascaded down her neck and resolved between her cleavage. It was a picture of serenity and peace, the opposite of what my day had been.

I didn’t realize I was staring until her eyes flicked up and caught mine once again. She smiled at me once more and I returned the gesture, frozen otherwise. She closed her book after marking the page she was on, then collected her things and walked over to me.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” Her voice rang clear, like a pretty lark; unlike mine, which was lower in my register and more smooth, like coffee.

“No, of course not!” I scooted over, even though it wasn’t necessary because the seats were separate anyway. I felt clumsy and awkward as she fluidly sat down beside me and gracefully crossed her legs again.

She offered her hand, “I’m Marissa, but Rissa for short.”

I took her soft hand in mine and shook it tenderly, “My name’s Aliya, it’s nice to meet you!”

She flashed me a beautiful smile again, “Yes it is! Your name is wonderful, so pretty!”

“Thank you,” I flushed slightly, “So is yours.”

“It looked like you were enjoying yourself over here, I wanted to come figure out what was so fun!” She giggled, such a lovely sound.

“Oh-- uh-- I-- I was just remembering something that happened a while ago.” I willed the conversation to take a turn in a different, less embarrassing direction. God forbid this woman wasn’t even interested in me.

“Can I ask what that was?” She probed, friendly-enough.

I broke her gaze, “Oh, just a memory I had with a special someone.”

She seemed perfectly comfortable and questioned further, “Is that special someone still ‘special’?” She waggled her eyebrows at me and laughed.

Her attitude relaxed me a little, “Nope, not anymore.”

“So... There’s a chance for me then?” She bit her plump bottom lip.

Now call me crazy, but this beautiful specimen was actually flirting with me. I couldn’t say anything, she’d rendered me speechless. After being single for half a year, this seemed like a dream too good to be true. Don’t get me wrong, I hate all of that crappy “Disney love” and the typical cliches as much as the rest, but this was actually happening. Must’ve been making up for all the bad luck I’ve had today.

“Is that a no?” She looked at me with a slightly confused expression, still trying to be cheerful because my stupid ass still hadn’t responded.

“Oh god, no. I mean yes. What I’m trying to stay is that I think it would be--” Rissa leaned forward and lightly kissed me, letting me taste her delicious, pink lips for a moment. Damn, this girl was forward.

She sat back up and licked her lips, making sure to drag her tongue seductively across both of them, leaving them glistening. “Mmm, I think I know what you meant.”

A voice over head interrupted my thoughts, “Flight 2543 is now boarding. Unaccompanied minors first, and first class passengers will board next. Stand by.”

She saved me from saying anything stupid and stood up, “I’m in first class. If you want to sit with me, and I really hope you do, I’m sure we can find some way to get you up there. This flight shouldn’t be too crowded since--”

“I’m already in first class.” I grinned, silently thanking the whichever god it was who decided to give me a high-paying job right out of college.

“Perfect!” She exclaimed, exuding enthusiasm and vanilla and happily started towards the gate, obviously expecting me to follow her, which, of course, I did.


After getting settled in our seats, we started chatting. She was actually 24. A few years older than me, and lived in New York as well. She was working in the fashion industry as an assistant to the president of one of New York’s finest modeling agencies. She told me that it was not an easy business to be a part of, even as an assistant, she was expected to keep up with fashions and always look a certain way. She was incredibly interesting. I was so absorbed in everything she said and she returned the favor when I told her about my work in the music producing industry. I was the “genius” behind the technology they used. Then she brought up the topic of love. And I learned that her love life seemed to be substantially similar to mine. She experimented mostly with boys and had only one experience with a girl.

“Just one?” I was suprised, such a striking girl like her should have had multiple partners of both genders.

She was adorably timid when she confessed, “Yes, just one girl and three guys.”

“Wow, you’re so beautiful, I would’ve guessed there were more!” I laughed. She blushed. “But I suppose it’s a good thing, otherwise, I probably would’ve thought you were a slut.” I nudged her, trying to lighten the atmosphere with a joke.

She laughed, “I just don’t find a lot of people good enough nor mature enough to keep up with me!”

“And I am?” I asked.

“It would appear so.” Her smile faltered a little as she looked into my soft, green eyes and saw the love and lust that was building there. I took the opportunity to lean in and kiss her again, this time lingering on her lips.

I rested my head on hers, “Marissa, I don’t know why or how, but I have some connection with you that I hope you can feel too. I’m sorry my thoughts aren’t coming out very clear right now, but the one thing I do understand is--”

“--is what I feel,” she finished my sentence for me then tilted my chin up and pressed her lips to mine once more. She moaned as she groped for me, for something of me to hold onto. I cupped her neck gently with my palm and moved my kisses over to her earlobe, playing with it and moving down, trailing my tongue along her throat, then back to her mouth where I caught her tongue with mine and tried to taste as much of her as I could. Her delicate hands had moved to caress my tits, she was massaging both, causing my nipples to stiffen.

Someone coughed.

We sat up quickly, realizing exactly where we were. The stewardess had arrived with the drink cart. A look of disapproval was on her face as she asked if we’d like something to drink. We both ordered water and she continued on her way.

I looked at her and she started laughing. “Hey!” I said, “That was not funny!”

“You’ve got to admit, that was pretty damn hilarious. Did you see her face?” She was laughing so hard that she had to gasp for air.

I playfully swatted her on the shoulder, “Stop it! Besides, I think that old guy over there was starting to enjoy the show.” I gestured across the row where a man was trying to discretely adjust his junk.

She leaned close to me and put her mouth next to my ear, whispering, “Well, let’s just ask for a couple blankets and fool around in our seats.” I nodded, captured by the lust leaking from her body. “And when we get off this plane I’m taking you with me, I don’t care what you say.”

We called the flight attendant over and requested blankets and pillows. Then made as if we were going to sleep like many of the other passengers on the plane. But instead of going to sleep, we started fondling each other underneath the cover of the fleece. I managed to get to her breasts and twist and flick her nipples, making her whole body shudder. She pushed my knees open and slid her hand into my pants, making circles around my clit. I gyrated my hips to match her rhythm and tried to get her to press harder. I gasped when she brushed my little nub and that made her go a little faster, moving her hand side to side, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My hands fell from her chest as I tried to grasp onto something, the window or the seat, but nothing held me down. I could already feel my orgasm rushing towards me fast. I bit my lip to keep from yelling out when she took her other hand and squeezed one tit and started pulling its nipple. I looked at her and she was watching me with her big, brown eyes, eating up every bit of me with her gaze. That pushed me to the edge, and just as I was about to hit my peak, I heard the flight attendant in the row behind us asking if people wanted anything to eat.

Rissa stopped her vicious rubbing and whispered to me, “You’re going to order something. Do you understand?” I looked at her with hazy fear in my eyes, still in the midst of my semi-orgasm. She pinched my clit and I held back a cry. “I said, do you understand?” She asked more harshly this time.

I nodded, fighting back tears of pleasure and frustration, “What am I getting?”

“I don’t give a fuck what you order, but I want you to keep control of yourself no matter what I do or else this stops right now.” I nodded at her, wondering where this dominant side of her was coming from.

The stewardess was at our row now and suddenly Marissa was circling my clit with one finger now, making my voice catch in my throat when the woman asked what I‘d like.

I managed to gasp out, “What do you have?” She looked at me strangely and listed off some items, but I wasn’t listening. I said the first one I heard, “Umm,” Marissa switched to sliding her fingers up and down my slit forcing me to close my eyes for a moment to compose myself. “The first option is fine.” My voice rose higher as I felt my orgasm coming back.

“Okay, and anything for the young lady sleeping?”

Marissa pressed directly on my clit and alternated between hard rubbing and flicking. I coughed to cough hide my emotions, “No, she’s fine,” I hit my climax and controlled my body, trying to keep it from shaking as I managed to squeeze out a “thank you”. And when she finally left, each wave of my impending orgasm hit me full force. I couldn’t see anything in front of me and the feelings coursing through my body took over and I blacked out for a moment.

I sat up, feeling more than a little dizzy. Rissa wiggled her hand from my pants and stuck her fingers in her mouth, giggling, “You are really yummy, Aliya!”

I managed to gather my thoughts, and shot back, “Damn right.”

Seeing my still-dazed look, she grinned and said, “Honey, that isn’t even the end of what I’m going to do to you!”

I laughed, “Please. I have more tricks up my sleeve than you might think. Just wait.”

Just wait.

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Posted 11 Jun 2012 03:39
I'm glad I stumbled across this delightful story.
Posted 10 May 2012 07:11
WOW this story is sooooo good lol its a 5 from me so far xx
Posted 31 Mar 2012 06:15
Very clever story, well put together, i love it
Posted 30 Mar 2012 11:33
Love it!
Posted 30 Mar 2012 10:00
Take me away once more. great job. Ty
Posted 29 Mar 2012 23:11
I enjoyed your story very much.
Posted 29 Mar 2012 18:55
come on with the next part, we're "just waiting!"
Posted 29 Mar 2012 17:58
whai a great story, just loved every part of it. thanks
Posted 29 Mar 2012 14:02
Excellent story! Beautiful, sweet and fun to read. I can't wait to read the next chapter, if there is one coming.
Posted 29 Mar 2012 11:46
A delightful erotic story!
Posted 29 Mar 2012 11:03
omg i love it keep going
Posted 29 Mar 2012 09:55
great story
Posted 29 Mar 2012 09:37
Very nice storytelling and set-up to that encounter. I was about to be thoroughly squicked by the thought of her paying for her wallet by sex with some homeless and toothless pickpocket. Nifty deflect.

Keep on writing, great stuff!

Posted 29 Mar 2012 08:20
Lesbians On A Plane! That'd be a great XXX movie! You did a great erotic job of writing on this hot story!
Posted 29 Mar 2012 08:00
Great story, very well written. Thanks
Posted 29 Mar 2012 07:43
Biw I know why I don't go to the big apple haha
Posted 29 Mar 2012 07:29
Beautiful story very well put together
Posted 29 Mar 2012 07:28
How long you want us to wait to read more of the tricks up her sleeve? Nicely crafted and beautifully described story. 5
Posted 29 Mar 2012 07:19
What a great story, I only wish I was the guy in the other seat watching.

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