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Moonlit Dance (Silent Love 2)

Tags: lesbian, oral, love
She speaks her love silently....
The light of the full moon outside our bedroom window cast cool, dim patterns through the curtains and they dance upon her pale skin. Reaching out I trace them with my fingertips they seem to move away from my touch. A smile curves my full lips as I move closer curling my body around hers, my full breasts flattened to her back. The press of my lips land in the curve of her shoulder and elegant neck. I inhale the sweet womanly scent of her skin. Once again it is like the smell of honeysuckle on a spring day. I fill my lungs with her I whisper her name on a sigh, it was no more than a breath, but she stirred in the circle of my arms.

Her head turns a sleepy smile and warm eyes, so beautiful as to take my breath away. My name barely formed before my lips take hers in a slow kiss, an erotic dance of tongue against tongue. Caressing my hand over the slight outward swell of her stomach, cupping it in my hand, her full generous ass moves in the cradle of my hips. Forcing my lips from her I move away and she rolls to her back. Her arms and thighs open welcoming me into them, I settle heavy between her smooth plump thighs. Rolling my hips, feel the warm dampness of her flesh and my lips fall to hers once again. Sinking my fingers into the warm silky strands of her hair feeling them tickle the sensitive insides of my fingers and my palms.

Ending the all too brief kiss I rise to my knees licking a wet path from her delicate jaw, across her collarbones until I wrap my tongue around one tight pink bud, feeling the tight wrinkled hardness of her nipple, the pebbled areola. Savoring the textures playing against my tongue, moving from one to the other repeatedly until her back is arching and her breath is panting between parted lips. I straighten and look down at her, my lover’s skin is flushed, moonlight shimmering off the slight damp sheen on her pearlescent body. My eyes trace over the fullness of her, her breasts, the rounded hips and her sweet curvy thighs. Without my eyes leaving hers I wrap my hand around her slender ankle lifting it until her foot rests against my shoulder.

Turning my head I nip at the high arch, the softness of her skin always amazes me, velvet rose petals, I use the rough flat of my tongue to move upward over her ankle, the flexed muscle of her calf and place a hot kiss to the back of her knee. Slowly I draw my cheek along the silky inner thigh, testing her with the hard edge of my teeth then soothing the faint mark with a gentle kiss. I take in the sweet musky scent of her arousal, relish in her tiny panting moans and I want to taste her, have her unique flavor burst on my senses. Shaking my head I drop her one leg and repeat the slow journey upward until I lie on my stomach between her splayed thighs, I caress my cheek against the tender skin first one then the other.

Wrapping my arms beneath her legs stroking my hands up and over the inward curves of her waist feeling her body arch and writhe until I only tease the outer curves of her breasts. I whisper for her to look at me and until she does my breath is the only thing teasing her. Once those warm chocolate eyes meet mine I smile then use my lips to nip at the full outer lips giving a light pull. Her hips lift and I wrap my arms around her hips holding her in place. With long slow laps the sweet saltiness of her cream coats my tongue . My gaze never leaving hers and I know she wants to close her eyes focus only on her pleasure but I want to see the passion in her eyes, the dilation of her pupils until I cant tell where the iris and pupil end and begin.

One hand glides over her sweat slicked lower belly, my fingers part her lovely folds and I bring my eyes to pink swollen flesh. I take in the plump outer lips, the delicate inner ones that shield her tight entrance and the small hooded clit. Beautiful, I don’t know if I just whispered it in my mind or if the word passed my lips. I could not stop my heart from pounding, I lick my suddenly dry lips before tracing, relearning, the textures and the taste of her that I have enjoyed so many times before. The world ceases to exist, there was only her and me, her taste and the aromas of arousal and honeysuckle. Moaning I trace up one side and down the other, taking care to never touch her clit.

The hard tip of my tongue pushes at her entrance and my reward is another flooding of cream that slides slowly from that so pretty pink pussy. A slow retreat and thrust, her hips roll up to meet my thrusts, taking her pleasure, riding my tongue. Her eyes are closed now I can sense it, she jerks in my arms. Nothing exists but my lover taking pleasure in my arms, my touch. I can feel the slickness of my own thighs, the pleasure/pain twinges deep inside. My own hips move against the warm cotton of the sheet. Being able to resist no longer my mouth lifts then lowers over the distended nub of her clit.

Twirling my tongue, flicking, lapping, pushing back the fragile hood. Suckling, her moans are now desperate and pleading, they barely register as the flavor and perfume of her fill my nose and mouth, taking over my senses. I begin to push, demand, I suckle on and off her clit, moving it quickly between the tight purse of my lips. Her thighs open wider and her heels dig into my back, hook under my arms and try to pull me deeper. She struggles in my arms, the insistent sounds tinged with the slightest bit of fear and the a low intense cry tears passed her throat spilling from between her lips.

The sound of my lover coming apart for me fills my head and I don’t stop until her body calms to small jerks and her fingers sink into my hair. I move up far enough to rest my head on the soft pillow of her abdomen, as always she whispers that she loves me and I can do no more than whisper in my head that I love you too. She deserves more than only the gift of my pleasure, but I know that I can give her no more. Closing my eyes I kiss the wet silk of her belly and whisper for her to sleep, squeezing my eyes tighter as I savor for the moment the feel of her fingers in my hair. I do love her.

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