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Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter Two Part 2

Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter Two Part 2

Mrs. Taylor carries on with Michelle

"Okay," Mrs. Taylor said with a sly wink. "Care to try the blindfold and restraints again?"

Michelle was unconcerned. The last session didn't even have her really restrained. She gave a 'yes' look and held out her hands. Mrs. Taylor put the wrist restraints back on and gave her victim a kiss. Then she put on the blind fold, the collar and the ankle restraints.

"Up on the bed, sweetness and assume the position. I am so glad I found you at that club. You college girls are so sexy.”

Michelle giggled and did that, getting onto her hands and knees with an exaggerated sway to her hips, looking back and giving her lover an encouraging wink.

As she tied the ropes to the rings, Mrs. Taylor kept up a loving tease. "My, my, are you going to have the time of your life. I wonder if you can take four of these orgasms, one after the other."

"Oh God, "said Michelle, "Why don't you just melt my brain right now," and she giggled again.

"I might need to keep your legs on the bed, sweetness. You just might bail out after only two." Mrs. Taylor waited for her suggestion to take.

"Tie me down, lover. Keep me from hitting the ceiling." Mrs. Taylor got out two more restraints that went around the naïve girl's thighs just above her knees. Then with lots of caresses and sweet nothings, the ropes were tightened, but not overly so. Then a rope was tied to each thigh ring and the end run through the wrist rings.

"This will keep you from hitting the ceiling," murmured Mrs. Taylor as she ran her hands all over the girl's body. Leaving the ropes loose, she reached for the Rabbit and the lube. "Are you sure you can handle this toy?" was her question. She didn't ask about any future developments.

"Oh yes, lover, I'm all yours." And so you are thought Mrs. Taylor.

She started with slow and sweet kisses over the girl's legs, her ass and her back. Wonderful shudders of delight were the result. A generous amount of lube was sensuously worked into Michelle’s vagina and over her clit.

"Ummm," murmured Michelle. "That feels so good!"

"Like that, sweetness? May I play with you?"

"God, yes, don't stop until morning..."

Mrs. Taylor applied lube to her hands and rubbed it on the girl's body like it was lotion. She delighted in the sensation of her hands sliding over the girl’s skin, her breasts, her legs and her throat. "You are so beautiful, sweetness, so soft and warm, so luscious."

Michelle was sighing in deep delight at the total body massage. Mrs. Taylor put some lube on the girl's ass cleft and watched it slide down to her intended orifice of choice. She very gently touched a finger to it and Michelle groaned permission. At the finger penetration, slow and loving, she moaned. Then Mrs. Taylor got in position to give her ass and pussy a serious cat licking.

Over many minutes she ran her tongue over and into the girl's vagina and ass, eliciting more moans of pleasure. Pausing to run her hands under her pussy and up her tummy, she then sat forward and leaning over the teen, gave her breasts some proper attention. She massaged gently at first and then more firmly. She gently squeezed down on the girl's erect nipples.

Mrs. Taylor rubbed herself against the well moistened body and purred like a cat. Then she licked her way back down and resumed her duties at Michelle's well exposed ass. Finally, she took the toy and started to tease. Without turning it on, she moved it in and out of the girl's vagina.

"Ohhh," Michelle sighed. Then it was her clit's turn to be teased. With the toy in proper position, Mrs. Taylor put a finger to, then in the teen's ass. "Yes, yes, justI like that."

Mrs. Taylor worked her finger in and moved it expertly. "You like that, do you?" she murmured, and then turned the toy on low.

"God yes! That feels so good!"

Mrs. Taylor was going to draw this out. She kept the toy on low and teased Michelle until she was begging. "More! For God's sake, more!"

"Okay, sweetness," and she turned it up a bit and started to work the girl’s vagina and clitoris. At the same time she worked her anal finger in deep.

"Yes...Oh God, yes..." sighed Michelle as she slowly rocked herself in pleasure.

Michelle was quick to get closer to an orgasm with the extra sensations. She was now softly moaning and rhythmically twisting her hips. Mrs. Taylor thought about slowing it down but decided to keep going. She turned the Rabbit up another notch and pressed it in firmly. The girl gave a deep sigh and continued to rock.

"Oh God, that feels so good! It feels so fucking good!"

Mrs. Taylor started to work her finger in the teen's ass in earnest.

"Yes! Yes!" she gasped. "Yes, like that, just like that!"

Despite wanting to go for two fingers, Mrs. Taylor waited. No sense in getting the poor girl alarmed.

"Are you ready, sweetness, ready for a big one? Think you can take it?"

Michelle was breathing hard. "Yes," she gasped, "yes. Do it. Fuck me silly, please don't stop!"

With an unseen evil grin, Mrs. Taylor did that. She turned the Rabbit up full and alternated between the girl's clit and G. With her anal finger going strong, she went for it and held the toy in its most effective position. Michelle gasped out and started to moan steadily. Her body was rocking harder as she tried to force the toy in more firmly. She really wanted to come. She started to beg for it.

"Please, please just do it. Fuck me. Make me come! Make me come so hard. Please, please fuck me silly! Fuck my brains out! God, I want to come so bad!"

"Anything you want, sweetness," Mrs. Taylor murmured and she went into serious orgasm mode.

Mrs. Taylor closed her eyes and went by feel, her anal finger now stroking and moving side to side. With the toy, she was pressing in and slightly moving back but not away. The teen's pleading was music, pure music.

"Keep it going, keep fucking , don't back off! I want to come so bad! God, I want to come so fucking bad!"

And you shall, thought Mrs. Taylor and held the toy in firmly, not moving.

Michelle was shaking now, her body jerking and twitching, trying so hard to get off. "Shit...shit...oh please...please..." and she was peaking. Oh my God! Oh my God, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" and she came.

Her body was almost twisted against the ropes, loose as they were. She heaved up until the ropes stopped her and she screamed. "Ohhhh…Fuck!! Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Shit! Shit! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" and she collapsed.

Mrs. Taylor's finger was still in the girl's ass and she held it there, giving it a few strokes that made Michelle gasp. "Stop! Stop! Give me a minute,"

Mrs. Taylor smiled and eased off the anal but with the vibrator turned lower, reapplied it. The teen arched her back and tried to move away.

"Now now sweetness, we can't have that," and she went to tighten the ropes, starting with the ankles, pulling the girl back. Then she tightened the wrist ropes, giving the now helpless teen a bit of body stretch. Then, with a seriously evil smile, she took the thigh ropes and tightened them, pulling the girls knees farther apart and moving them towards her own hands. Michelle was now taught. Her legs were pulled back, her arms pulled forwards and her knees were pinned to the bed. All she could really move was her head. "Now, my sweetness...let's try that again."

"Oh my God, "murmured the girl.”What am I in for?" She said it in a tone that was clearly intended to encourage more fun.

"Well, my sweetness, my special love child, let's find out, shall we?" Mrs. Taylor paused and then gave Michelle a light smack on her pinned ass. "Let's see, where to start, I know, how about four or five goes with my toy here? Does that sound good? Do you like that idea, my sweetness?"

Michelle groaned in false apprehension, not knowing that Mrs. Taylor was serious and then some. "Four or five?” she asked. “I'll die."

"Oh no, you won't, sweetness. You may want to, but you won't. You'll see. Shall we begin?"

Mrs. Taylor took a few moments to savor the scene. The girl was blindfolded and totally restrained except for her head. She was glistening with the sweat of her last orgasm. Her lovely teen body was splayed out for some serious sexual abuse and the poor girl was unaware of what was coming. Mrs. Taylor ran her hands over the girl, top to bottom, both sides, slow and sensuously.

Michelle murmured and relaxed at the touch. A generous amount of lube was again applied to the teen, as Mrs. Taylor didn't want any friction impeding her hands. She massaged and stroked the girl like a true lover would. "Sweetness my love, you are a very lucky girl. Now you will feel like few women will ever get to feel in their entire life."

Michelle sighed luxuriously. "I'm yours," she said naively. "Fuck me until the sun rises."

Oh, I will, thought Mrs. Taylor. Too bad you just might not like it.

Back to the beginning was her thought. Get the girl begging for orgasmic release and then don't let her out of it. Yes, she thought, that's what I'll do. I'll make her come until she can't stand it, then maybe four or five more. Taking the Rabbit, she started on her quest.

"I love that thing," murmured Michelle, as it started to buzz against her most sensitive spots.

"I do too, sweetness, I do too." In minutes, Michelle was moaning.

Her young body, restrained and unable to move, was now shaking with the pleasure. Mrs. Taylor took a few more minutes to expertly bring her up to climax and the teen shrieked, "Yes! Yes!" then came. A wondrous body tremble was followed by a long moan of sexual ecstasy.

With the toy only partly withdrawn, she was gasping and wiggling like a puppy. Giving her only a moment's rest, Mrs. Taylor went to work again.

"Oh God! Another one?" the girl sighed, still unaware of her true situation.

"Yes, my sweetness,” crooned Mrs. Taylor. “Another three or four perhaps…if you’re willing…” Not that she really cared.

With Mrs. Taylor's expert ministrations and gentle vocal urges, the second orgasm came quickly and Michelle was now tugging against the restraints. "No, no, sweetness, stay where you are. The night is young."

Mrs. Taylor wondered how long it would be before the girl was coming again. She was gasping for breath as the Rabbit entered her again. Mrs. Taylor slowed it down and enjoyed her work. The girl was soon twisting and rocking her hips with another impending climax. It wasn’t long in coming. She started to howl.

“Oh my fucking, fucking God, that’s good!! Sweet Jesus! Fuck me with that thing!!” Mrs. Taylor did just that.

She expertly worked the girl’s G and clit, and Michelle went wild. She was thrashing against the restraints as waves of orgasm swept up and down her body. Mrs. Taylor backed off completely and then just watched as the girl calmed down. It took a while. Then, it was back to work.

"Oh my fucking God, will you ever stop?" pleaded Michelle. "I'm all fucked out. Can’t you see?"

"Oh now, now sweetness, I think you should reconsider. Have I been fucking a woman or a little girl? She looked closely at Michelle's splayed ass and pussy. "Looks good here, so let's just keep going, shall we?" and in went the Rabbit.

Michelle tried to move forward and away but her ankle ropes were tight. With her thighs tied to her own wrists, she couldn't close her legs. She tensed for a second and then relaxed. “Okay,” she sighed. “I’m a woman. Fuck me again. I can take it. You’ll see.”

Mrs. Taylor took hold of the collar and pulled it back, arching the girl's neck. With her other hand she cupped one of Michelle’s breasts and massaged firmly. Then she released it and turned up the toy.

“We’ll see just how much you can take, my sweetness. We’ll see.”

Michelle knew what she was in for. Her earlier entreaties like ‘fuck me till morning’ and ‘melt my brain right now’ were about to come true. I’ll just show her I can take it, she silently promised herself.

"Just enjoy it, sweetness,” Mrs. Taylor said with a simple smile, “and I'll let you know when I'm through with you. But don't hold your breath. It might be a while."

Mrs. Taylor thought it time to lay down the law in more certain terms and went to her suitcase, taking out a riding crop. She walked around the bed, tapping the blindfolded girl gently. "Rule number one...there are no rules in here but my rules." She brought the crop lightly down on the teen's thigh.

Michelle tensed and again relaxed. As if she understood the new rules, she said, “Yes Mistress.”

Mrs. Taylor lightly tapped the restrained girl’s vulnerable pussy. “Yes, my sweetness, I think you understand.”

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Taylor went for the teen's labia again, using a light touch. She tapped it several times in a row. Michelle just accepted it.

“I wish to please you, Mistress,” said Michelle and Mrs. Taylor wondered if she really meant it.

Mrs. Taylor ran a gentle hand through the girl's hair. "Better. Much better. You'll find me a pleasure to be with...if you remember your place. Now, let's see, oh yes," and she got on the bed in front of the girl and knelt down and put her clit to the girl's mouth.

Michelle did what was silently commanded of her as Mrs. Taylor held her head to her own pussy. Slowly and carefully the girl worked her mistress to a shuddering climax. As Mrs. Taylor arched her back in ecstasy, she said, "Lovely. Just lovely. I like a girl who knows her place," and she moved forward again, putting her moist clit once more to the girl's mouth.

As she luxuriated in the power, she held the teen's head and murmured, "Good girl. You really are a good girl, but you haven't thanked me for letting you have the divine pleasure and the privilege of sucking my clit."

Michelle said in a husky whisper, "Thank you for letting me suck your clit."

Mrs. Taylor gave out a disappointed sigh. "Sweetness, my name is..."

"Mistress, thank you Mistress. Thank you for letting me suck your clit, Mistress.

The simple joys in life, thought Mrs. Taylor as she shuddered with another climax. Moving back and off the bed, she considered her next pleasure. The girl was so pretty tied up like that. She ran a hand over the gorgeous ass and thought, yes, her ass, her pretty helpless ass. She grinned and went to her suitcase. She selected an anal dildo and turned to eye her prize. Her ass is so unused, she thought.

"Sweetness, do you mind if I play with your beautiful and ever so available ass? It would make me very happy if you said yes.”

The girl paused only a second. "Yes Mistress.”

Mrs. Taylor smiled. "Yes what?" she asked, wanting to hear it.

"Yes Mistress. Please play with my ass."

My, my, she thought, such a sweet ass and it is ever so pretty. She touched the dildo to the girl's ass and watched it tighten.

"My, my, is this a virgin ass I see?" She paused and when the girl stayed silent, she gave her a moderate smack with the crop, landing it on one of her Michelle’s breasts.

Michelle winced slightly, and then said, "Yes Mistress. It is a virgin ass."

Mrs. Taylor ran her hand over it, pausing to touch a fingertip to the puckered skin.

"Can this be true? Such an exquisite ass, such beauty has never been pleasured? Sweetness, I'm going to give you a rare gift. I'm going to allow you to be anally deflowered by me. Do you like that? Are you thrilled?" Her words were delivered with the voice a mother might use to her young child.

Michelle played her part. "Yes Mistress. I'm be...anally...deflowered by you."

Mrs. Taylor sighed. "Well," she began, "I must do this properly. I must...let's see..." and she went back to her suitcase and got her strap-on. Then she chose as her deflowering toy a dildo more suitable for the leather harness. "Ah, this will do nicely. Yes, it's perfect. So, tell me sweetness, are you really looking forward to being fucked up your ass? It might just be,” she paused, “unusual for you."

The girl was determined not to flinch. "Yes, Mistress, I'm looking forward to it."

Mrs. Taylor gave her other breast a taste of the crop. "What exactly are you looking forward to, my sweetness?"

Michelle winced once more and said, "I'm looking forward to being fucked up my ass, Mistress." Her tone was firm.

Smack! The crop came down hard on the restrained girl’s labia. “A little more enthusiasm, if you please.”

Michelle knew enough to obey. “Yes Mistress,” she said in a false voice of expectation. “I’m really looking forward to you fucking me up my ass!”

"And so I will be my sweetness. And so I will."

Mrs. Taylor attached the vaginal dildo to her strap-on and stepped into it, tightening the straps. Deciding to give the poor girl a break, she applied a generous amount of lube to the dildo. Then she used more on her target and worked it in. Mrs. Taylor shivered at the delights awaiting her. Getting on the bed and settling in behind the teen, she closed her eyes and smiled. "Now, my sweetness, others might start you off easy. Small stuff a finger perhaps, but you don't want that, do you?"

Michelle silently had hoped for something small but she was determined not to appear a young girl. "No Mistress. Fuck my ass anyway you see fit."

Mrs. Taylor gave a rapturous smile and said, "Now don't move, not that you can." She put the tip of the dildo to Michelle's quivering ass. "Oh, and one more thing, my sweetness, this is really, really going to be different than anything you’ve ever felt.”

With that, she started to press forward. Michelle was already gritting her teeth.

"My, my," said Mrs. Taylor as she felt the girl's ass clamp down, "you're only making it harder on yourself. Relax, if you can."

The girl's ass was not relaxing but it wasn't an issue for Mrs. Taylor to worry about. She held and increased the pressure. Michelle was already tightly pushing against her restraints, trying vainly to move away from the dildo that was about to penetrate her ass. Mrs. Taylor grabbed the collar around the teen's neck and pulled on her long hair, forcing her head back.

"Now listen to me, sweetness," she hissed in a voice of false concern, "your" And with that she pushed harder, then harder still, until the girl's ass was forced to open and the dildo slowly penetrated.

Michelle just held steady. It hurt but not anywhere as much as she had feared.

Mrs. Taylor gave a primal howl of pleasure, the howl of the sexual predator as the victim is penetrated. The dildo slipped in deeper and Mrs. Taylor watched it disappear into the girl who was now sweating again. As it penetrated to the strap-on, Mrs. Taylor murmured, "Now, my sweetness, you are an anal virgin no longer. You may thank me."

“Th…thank you Mistress, for taking my anal virginity.”

Mrs. Taylor looked down at the base of the dildo up against the girl’s ass. Slowly she backed out until only the tip was not visible and she paused. She gave the girl a moment of respite, and then pushed forward again.

“Oh my fucking God!” hissed Michelle as she felt her ass being fucked.

“Different, isn’t it?” murmured Mrs. Taylor. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. She settled into a steady rhythm of anal fucking. “A little more of this and you’ll be able to accept a proper anal toy. And soon you’ll be begging the guys to thrust their cocks up here as well. Think of how popular you’re going to be.”

“Why don’t you call one right now. I can take it!” Michelle said in a voice that was actually defiant.

With an evil laugh, Mrs. Taylor did her 'Wicked Witch' imitation. "All in good time, my pretty..." delivered in a high pitched cackle and she pushed the dildo in to the hilt.

The teen gasped as Mrs. Taylor rocked her hips, thrusting the dildo back and forth. "Come, come, my sweetness...its girl’s night out…remember? No boys allowed.”

She settled in and rocked back and forth, the dildo moving in and out of the girl’s ass. The pressure of the dildo base against her clit was heavenly. It was only a few more moments before her orgasm started.

As it built, she pounded into Michelle's ass, bringing forth more gasps, half pain and half pleasure. As the climax peaked, Mrs. Taylor screamed out again, her brain drunk on the power and the pleasure. No words were screamed; just primal power and triumph. As the orgasm washed over her, she bucked into Michelle with five separated but powerful thrusts, each one sending her higher. It was Mrs. Taylor’s brain that was melting.

She held herself tightly against Michelle as she came down. The girl was sighing softly, as if she didn't have the energy to be louder. Mrs. Taylor looked down at the dildo, still impaling the girl's no longer virgin ass. She held it there for a few moments before ever so slowly easing it out. She ran a hand over the girl’s red ass cheeks and then ran a finger right over the so recently fucked hole. She noticed with satisfaction a streak of blood. One less anal virgin, she thought happily, but so many more to go.

Her work was done. It was time to go. She leaned forward and took a large handful of Michelle's hair. Twisting the girl's head to the side, Mrs. Taylor leaned forward and hissed in her ear. "It’s time for me to go, Michelle…and time for you to stay.”

“Okay…Mistress…just take off all of this stuff…please…”

“I like you the way you are…silly girl” was the playful answer.

“Hey!! You can’t leave me like this!” she protested.

“I suppose not. Just imagine what housekeeping would say in the morning?” Mrs. Taylor slowly undid the restraints and removed the blindfold. She turned to the desk and poured herself another drink. Turning to Michelle, who was just getting up off the bed and stretching, she asked, “How about you?”

Michelle nodded ‘yes’ and collapsed into a chair and then reached for the drink as it was offered. “So, how did I do?” she asked.

Mrs. Taylor sat on the couch and considered for a moment. The girl really hadn’t done too badly, she said to herself. She’d gone further than I thought she would. She smiled at Michelle, took a big sip of her drink and said, “You were great honey. You really were. I was afraid at first I had taken up with a little girl, but I was wrong. But now I have to go. You can stay the night if you want. The room is paid for.”

With that, she got up and started dressing. Exhausted, Michelle just watched. Then Mrs. Taylor packed up her things, putting them in her suitcase. As she put away the strap on, she turned to Michelle and said, “You’ve got real potential, my sweetness…real potential.”

Michelle made no effort to convince her to stay. She’d had enough and wanted no more. She got up and went to the closet, taking out a plush bathrobe. Putting it on, she said, “I’d like to take it in stages. It’s all a bit new to me.” With that, she sat down on the chair, curling her legs beneath her.

“Fair enough, Michelle, that’s fair enough.” And with that she was out the door, knowing she would never see the girl again.

Driving home, Mrs. Taylor was a bit tired but happy. One marriage likely wrecked and another girl’s anal virginity mine, she thought, all in all, a very good night. She wondered what her husband was up to. Was he on a bread and butter case or was he really putting the sexual screws to the indiscreet female half of a divorce case. She’d find out in the morning.

Arriving home, she got ready for bed and was soon sound asleep.

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