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Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter Two Part 1

Mrs. Taylor continues her evening of fun and adventure
Mrs. Taylor’s Excellent Adventures Part 2

Chapter One

Mrs. Taylor laughed to herself as she walked away from the phone booth. The good Mr. Rowland was in deep shit and he was going to find out soon. A good start to the evening, she thought as she headed towards the bar to get a cab. There was one waiting and she stepped in, giving the driver the name of her hotel. Once in her room, she got out of her clothes, pausing to give her panties a sniff. Awesome, she thought, the sweet, sweet smell of sex.

She took off her wig and had a quick rinse in the shower. It was still early, only eleven. She got into another outfit, more suitable for the club scene. Vivid red dress that was barely legal at both ends over a fresh set of silk panties and bra. The same shoes, fresh pale red stockings, another three drops of Chanel No.5, simple earrings, no necklace, a wedding band, her own hair and she was done.

She didn't want to carry a purse so she got out her secret purse, a small Velcro closing wallet barely big and thick enough for her room card, a credit card and a medium supply of cash in hundreds. It wrapped around her upper thigh and was invisible unless she felt like flashing some guy with a panty shot.

The club she had in mind was a short cab ride away. On the way over she wondered if Ken was home yet and what was going to happen. If she's smart, she'll accept what happened and get her brains fucked out for the next ten years, she thought. But maybe she's not smart.

The club was a typical trendy place for the young and bothered. Lots of flashing light, an under lit dance floor, head pounding music and people out to party. There was a line up to get in. It usually wasn't a problem. She walked up to the beefy doorman and handed him a hundred dollar bill.

As he took it she grasped his hand and flipping up her dress, put it to her pussy and said, "I really want to get in".

He smiled and in she went without a glance back at the great unwashed. Inside, she paused to get a feel for the place. It was as expected, a place to either tease or get laid. She intended to do both.

She walked up to one of the bars and with a smile at the two guys ahead of her, was offered first place in the line. Gin and tonic sounded good and she ordered one. There were no free tables so she chose one with three younger girls and asked if she could join them. They all looked to be a bit young to be in a club. One immediately said 'yes', while the other two looked skeptical.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'm not competition. The younger guys don't interest me." She didn't add that the younger girls did. That seemed to set them at ease and with a little encouragement, they relaxed and started chatting.

Mrs. Taylor told them part truths about being out on the town while her husband was away. It was easy to make them think she was out for an illicit affair. That seemed to peak their curiosity, which made it easy to probe them for some information. They were all college students and yes, they were underage. But being college students, they had little difficulty getting legitimate looking fake ID. Two of them gave Mrs. Taylor knowing looks as they admitted they were there to have 'a good time' which was college speak for getting laid. They said they had boyfriends who were away with the football team. The other one said she was single.

Mrs. Taylor gave her a considered look while appearing not to. Her name was Michelle. She said she was nineteen, looked seventeen and didn't appear anywhere as committed to the evening's agenda as the other two. She was a modestly attractive young woman, dressed in a more conservative fashion than her friends. A plain white blouse covered her generous breasts. She was generally well padded but not overly so. She wore a thin sweater over the blouse, as if to hide the size of her breasts. A pleated black skirt was a bit long for the club scene. No makeup or jewelry made it obvious she wasn't on the prowl. Both of her friends were in body hugging party dresses, high heels and war paint. Free for the fucking, Mrs. Taylor thought, not that she had a problem with it.

When the other two were dancing, Michelle admitted that she wasn't comfortable with the idea of casual dating which was college speak for random fucking. At least she wasn’t as comfortable as her friends.

"They seem to want to get laid by a new guy every time the boyfriends are gone for the weekend. They say that the boys are doing the same, but I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not going to be going back to campus with them. They'll both have hooked up and for all I know, will be having a foursome within the hour."

Mrs. Taylor noted that Michelle didn't seem disgusted as much as she seemed envious. "If I may," she started, "don't you ever take advantage of all this? The easy sex, I mean."

Michelle gave a slight laugh. "Not yet," she replied. "Maybe sometime I will but a year ago, I was in high school, living at home and going to my church youth group. I'm a bit of a stick in the mud. In fact, I'm...still a know."

Mrs. Taylor felt a thrill of desire. She had found a suitable quarry.

"There’s nothing wrong with that, Michelle. In fact, sometimes I wish I hadn't married so early. Take your time. You can always change your status at a moment’s notice. Half the guys in here would die to do that for you. Just don't believe any of the promises they give you as they try."

Michelle laughed. "I've had my share of promises, mostly at places like this. Yes, I'll still respect you. Of course I won't tell a soul and several others, all of them as feeble as those ones."

Mrs. Taylor offered a reassuring hand, which Michelle took.

"It wasn't that long ago that I was getting those same promises. Even my husband gave me some. Of course I’ll never cheat on you. I'm just going out with the boys for a beer. Boys grow up but they don't get any older. Now I just smile at the lies and have the occasional revenge night out. It doesn't make me a better person but it does make me feel a lot better."

Church youth group, thought Mrs. Taylor. Michelle is going to try to get me out of here and not cheat. I think I'll let her.

As if she was reading Mrs. Taylor's mind, Michelle said, "Maybe it's not my place, you really think that...two wrongs make a right? I mean, far be it for me to...tell you how to live, but you are married after all."

Mrs. Taylor gave Michelle's hand a squeeze and said, "It's hard to explain. It really is. In fact, I really don't want to talk about it. It's bad enough to let some strange know...but to explain why I let it happen? I don't think I could. I just get so angry and so lonely. I just want to get out and..."

Michelle now gave Mrs. Taylor's hand a squeeze. "You don't have to explain or justify. I can't imagine what it would be like to be married to a husband that..."

"Fucks around on you, parks his dick in some other woman's vagina?" Mrs. Taylor finished. "Let some other woman do what I'm supposed to be doing?" Mrs. Taylor let her eyes get misty. Then she made a deliberate effort to look around the room.

"It's so easy to get laid by a guy in here. All you have to do is dance with a guy, rub his crotch a bit and you're half way there. Let me show you," and she went to get up.

"You don't have to. Honest. My friends have already shown me...several times."

Mrs. Taylor sat back down and gave herself a mental pat on the back. Half way there, she thought, half way there.

"Michelle," she said in a feeling sorry tone, "I'm really ruining your night out. I think I'll just leave. You don't need to hear my sorry tales of woe." She was certain of the result and she wasn't disappointed.

"You don't have to go. Please stay. My friends are going to abandon me anyway."

"Are you sure," Mrs. Taylor asked, already knowing the answer. "I mean...I can stay. There’s nothing much else for me to do anyway."

Michelle smiled and seemed relieved. Mrs. Taylor gave a happier smile and said, "Okay, girl's night out has just started. I think another drink is in order. What can I get you?"

Michelle wanted a vodka and orange juice. When she had the drinks, Mrs. Taylor sat down and asked innocently, "How are your friends doing?"

The friends seemed to be doing fine. Having successfully hooked up with a couple of guys, one came back to the table. She gathered her purse plus that of her friend and said," Don't wait for us, sweetie. We're going to get laid big time." And with that she was gone.

Michelle looked a bit defeated so Mrs. Taylor said, "You know, we can do what they just did. Pick up a couple of guys and take them back to my hotel room. It's not too far from here."

Michelle blushed. "Lord, no. I mean, it's I can't, but...I'm not into that sort of thing."

Mrs. Taylor gave Michelle a reassuring smile. "That's okay. We can stay here or...why don't you and I go back to my room? It will be girl's night out for just the two of us."

Michelle's eyes brightened a bit. "That would be good. Okay, let's go."

As they were walking out, Mrs. Taylor asked, "Do you want me to pick up something to drink? I could get some vodka and some orange juice."

Michelle nodded yes. "Cool," was all she said.

A block away was a grocery store. A minute later, Mrs. Taylor had what she thought would be Michelle's undoing. She got the store clerk to call a cab and only fifteen minutes later, they were in the room.

She wasn't sure if she was going to need one of her very special tablets. Her husband had given her a supply of the date rape drug, although she seldom had to use them. As much as drugging and abusing Michelle was a delicious thought, getting the same result voluntarily was much more delicious, safer and might lead to future adventures. Start with the alcohol and a bit of seduction was her first plan.

She poured two drinks, handed one to Michelle and said, "Here's to us. No guys allowed."

Michelle smiled and replied, "To girl's night out," and they touched the glasses together.

"Make yourself comfortable," said Mrs. Taylor as she sat on the bed.

Michelle sat in the chair and sighed. "This is so much better than staying at that club. Thank you."

Mrs. Taylor gave another reassuring smile. "No problem, Michelle. This will keep me out of trouble anyway." But not necessarily you, she added to herself.

Michelle looked at her with hint of curiosity on her face."Do you really go out and fool around on your husband? I mean, seriously?"

With a false wistful look, Mrs. Taylor replied, "Yes, I do. I know my husband does it on me. So I do it as well. If I didn't, I would likely go crazy. I mean, at least I'm not sitting at home being angry or feeling sorry for myself. He never tells me what he's been up to and I don't either. It's kind of an implied arrangement. Not the best way to run a marriage but it works for us. So here's to surviving," and she raised her glass again.

Michelle looked a little dubious but raised her glass also. "Well, if it works...go for it," she sighed.

Mrs. Taylor thought about her next step, how to introduce the subject of her interest in Michelle's young and innocent body. She decided to be fairly straightforward. If it didn't work, there was always a tablet.

"You know Michelle," she started, "I don't always fool around with guys. I have on occasion had some women in my life." She avoided looking at Michelle with too much interest, waiting to see how she responded.

Michelle pondered what she had just heard, then said, "Lots of girls at school have...experimented know, other girls." Mrs. Taylor remained silent, letting Michelle carry on if she wanted.

She did. "When I said that I was still...a virgin...I meant...well, with guys. I know...a few times..."

Mrs. Taylor nodded knowingly. "I understand, Michelle. I do. It's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there are times I prefer female company." She avoided saying 'like now', but added, "Safer, and if I may, usually better."

Michelle laughed. "Well, I wouldn't know about better, but safer I understand."

If you only knew, thought Mrs. Taylor as she looked over her intended partner for the night. She smiled and went to work.

"So," she began, "have you ever been with an older woman?"

Michelle seemed to have been expecting some kind of invitation.

"You're not old," she said, with a slight laugh. "Although back in high school, I had a serious crush on my gym teacher. Her name was Miss Hadley and you do kind of look like her."

"Do I now. How serious of a crush? Did you two ever..."

Now Michelle finished the question. "Get it on? No, but I did dream about it."

Mrs. Taylor patted the bed beside her and said, "Dreams can come true, Michelle. And I'd love to make that happen."

Michelle paused a few seconds, thinking and then got up. Her face was nervous, her skin slightly flushed.

”There’s no problem, Michelle,” said Mrs. Taylor. “We can make each other feel better."

Michelle hesitated, then walked to the bed and sat beside Mrs. Taylor who turned to her. Putting her arms around her, she pulled her in and kissed her mouth. Michelle seemed to stiffen for a second, then relaxed and kissed back. This is good, thought Mrs. Taylor.

Kisses led to touching, which led to fondling and soon they were both massaging breasts, moving hands up legs and going for each other's vulvas. Mrs. Taylor was a bit surprised at Michelle's eagerness. Her hand was under Mrs. Taylor's panties almost immediately and Michelle was actually pushing her down onto the bed.

Mrs. Taylor got a hand under Michelle's panties and was also surprised at how wet she already was. Michelle moaned as her slit was stroked and a finger probed at her vagina. She moved her panties aside to let the finger enter and again moaned as it did.

On top, Michelle struggled to get at the zipper of Mrs. Taylor's dress, so she turned them both over and from underneath, succeeded in undoing it. Mrs. Taylor pulled up the sweater and started unbuttoning Michelle's blouse, then got up to allow her dress to be removed. Michelle looked appreciatively at Mrs. Taylor's attractive matching panty and bra as the dress was slipped up and over her head. Her own bra was quite plain but had a front fastener which she undid herself, letting her larger breasts, firm and youthful, be displayed for Mrs. Taylor's pleasure.

Very nice, was her thought as she fondled and started kissing Michelle’s exquisite breasts. When she had a nipple in her mouth, Michelle sighed and held her head to her as she massaged over Mrs. Taylor's back and ass. Thinking that Michelle had done this more than a few times, Mrs. Taylor wondered if the girl might be gay. Not that it matters to me, was her thought.

She started to remove Michelle's sweater and blouse getting help in doing so. Taking off her shoes as well, Michelle was now in her stockings and panties only. Plain white and covering more skin than most, they made Michelle look virginal. Good, thought Mrs. Taylor. She soon won't be. Mrs. Taylor gave Michelle a long and careful look, up and down. With a few less pounds, she could have been a bathing suit model. She wasn't pretty enough to be a centerfold, but she was a real dish and Mrs. Taylor was hungry.

She slipped off her own panties, leaving on her bra and stockings. Then she moved up and straddling Michelle, put her pussy to the girl's mouth. Michelle showed no hesitation and started a surprisingly good job of working Mrs. Taylor's offered femininity. Michelle's tongue ran up and down the older woman's slit, teasing them apart and felt the wetness already there. Her tongue played with the vaginal entrance and now Mrs. Taylor moaned in earnest. Michelle moved up to the swollen clit and started sucking on it like an expert.

Mrs. Taylor leaned down and felt a fingertip enter her vagina and start to move. Then a second was added and she felt the thrill of another woman's fingers working in and out of her. Fingertips teased her G and then just circled. Michelle was obviously no virgin when it came to women. Soon she had Mrs. Taylor's hips rolling and her clit working against the mouth that was sending her higher.

"My God Michelle, where did you learn to do this? I'm going to come so fast and hard."

Michelle just kept up her expert ministrations, now concentrating on G massage. Mrs. Taylor made good on her promise. "Oh shit. Shit," she hissed through clenched teeth. The orgasm was starting and it built up, then more and more until she was writhing in ecstasy. fuck...oh fuck..."

Mrs. Taylor tensed her body as spasms shook her and then with a gasp, she came. She pressed her clit into Michelle's face until it hurt. Her pelvis pushed into the girl's face with several convulsive thrusts and she screamed. No words, just the release from lustful tension. With a few last gentler thrusts into Michelle's face she started calming down and rolled onto her back.

Michelle rolled to her, took her in her arms and hugged her tightly. As Mrs. Taylor recovered from her unexpectedly intense orgasm, she wondered just who was in control here and made up her mind to be the one.

The girl was looking very happy with her efforts.

"My turn now?" she asked, her voice sweet and innocent, like that of an adolescent.

Mrs. Taylor felt an inner rush, a heat, and a wave of sinister thoughts as she planned her assault on the naïve younger woman. Start her off easy, she thought and smiled a warm and deceptive smile.

"Oh yes, honey, it's your turn now."

Michelle moved up onto her lover, straddling her as she had been straddled and moved her own pussy to the waiting mouth.

"Share and share alike," was the request and Mrs. Taylor complied.

Michelle's pussy lips were as full as her breasts, thick and rich, swollen with young estrogen. Her clit was larger as well and her shaft was already stiff with desire. As Mrs. Taylor took the head into her gently sucking lips, it felt firm and rubbery. Michelle moaned softly and moved her torso down to the bed, giving better access to her vagina and ass. Mrs. Taylor ran her tongue down the full and moist slit, and sought out the very wet and delicious vaginal entrance. Michelle's wetness was sweet and slippery, like a fine, sugary oil. And as her tongue probed, Mrs. Taylor found the fluids literally dripping onto her tongue.

Michelle was deeply and passionately excited. Lovely, thought Mrs. Taylor, thinking of the possibilities. That and the teenage sweetness enveloping her mouth, made her very excited.

She gave Michelle a serious working over with her well developed oral technique. The girl was responding with moans, sighs and gentle pelvic rocking, gently fucking the face under her. By glancing straight up, Mrs. Taylor could see the girl using one hand to massage and squeeze her own breast and rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. Mrs. Taylor wanted Michelle to get a bit frustrated so she deliberately eased off the oral technique. After a minute, she could sense Michelle’s growing sexual frustration. Perfect, she thought. Then moving out from underneath, she positioned Michelle on hands and knees, gently pushing her upper back down and Michelle happily settled her gorgeously firm breasts onto the bed.

Mrs. Taylor gazed at the full and inviting ass before her. Like all of Michelle, it was perfectly padded, round and firm. Her pink asshole was a rosebud of delight. Her skin was flawless and smooth. From behind, her thick pussy lips made a lovely sight, with her inner lips barely peeking out. Mrs. Taylor gave a sigh of anticipation and moved in to feed.

It was an ass to worship before abusing and that was the plan. She kissed, licked, touched and caressed, and was rewarded with Michelle arching her back and spreading her legs. With fingers, mouth and her own breasts, Mrs. Taylor reveled in the sensations of touching and tasting Michelle's offered delights.

"Oh my honey, you are a beautiful sight. You’re such a lovely young thing, so lush and fresh, so sweet and tender and delicious. And you are so incredibly sexy. You have no idea how turned on you're making me."

All of which was all true. Michelle murmured at the compliments and just settled onto the bed, arching her back and getting her ass even higher in the air. With her tongue and fingers, Mrs. Taylor probed the vagina and ass in front of her, moving the girl's own wetness from her flowing vagina to her tight, pink rosebud asshole.

Pausing every now and then to rub her own pussy against a thigh, Mrs. Taylor slowly and teasingly brought Michelle along, keeping up a sensuous stream of tender sweet nothings. Michelle was almost silent, just enjoying the pleasures and giving off slight sighs of content. As she moved up her climb to orgasm, the sighs were replaced by moans of ecstasy and murmurs of encouragement. Mrs. Taylor considered how to go from lover to abuser. In steps, she thought, slow and careful steps.

"Michelle, honey..." she started, and then paused.

“Yes?" was the hesitant reply.

"I want to really drive you wild." Mrs. Taylor was talking in her best reassuring but seductive voice. "I want to take you places you've never gone before. I want to make you come so hard, you'll scream. And I want to do that again...and again. Can I do that for you?"

Michelle wiggled in an accepting and inviting way.

"Oh yes. Oh my god, yes. I'm yours. Take me. Do whatever you want. Do anything."

Mrs. Taylor was certain she meant it. She was also certain she didn't know the full meaning of 'anything'. Giving Michelle a long, sensuous tongue bath to her pussy, moving from clit up to ass, she said, "Lovely."

Getting up off the bed, she said, "Now be a good girl and close your eyes."

Michelle just nodded consent and her eyes went shut. Mrs. Taylor went to her suitcase and got out a blindfold.

"Have you ever tried this?" she asked, putting it on the girl and running her fingernail all the way down her spine. Michelle moaned at the touch and nodded no, but let the blindfold go on.

Mrs. Taylor took her time. She continued to play with Michelle's femininity, bringing her a bit closer to climax and then paused to add more bondage items. First she put a collar around Michelle's neck. Sensing no concern, she continued to suck and finger probe the vagina and ass of the unsuspecting Michelle.

"You're going to come for me honey but not just yet. When you come, you'll be begging me to finish you. Then you'll be begging me to do it again. I think you're going to like it."

Michelle murmured and gave her ass a wiggle. Do it, was her body language message. At another tongue bath, Michelle groaned in anticipation. Mrs. Taylor went back to her suitcase. She took out wrist and ankle restraints. Still keeping up the slow and reassuring sweet nothings, she applied them to Michelle's four limbs.

Caressing all over the girl's body and kissing her neck, she asked, "Has anyone ever tied you up? Has anyone introduced you to the pleasures of trust?"

Michelle, taken in by the words and her own growing desire for orgasm, shook her head no. "You'll be the first. Tie me up and ravish me. Fuck me till I beg you to stop."

Mrs. Taylor gave a warm and gentle laugh.

"And if I don't stop? If I keep you coming till you melt? What if I fuck your brains out and just keep fucking”?

Michelle just gave her ass another wiggle.

"Don't stop until morning," she said. Her voice was one of soft and wishing naiveté.

Mrs. Taylor said nothing. She just gave Michelle a longer tongue bath and a gentle bite to one of her swollen pussy lips. Michelle moaned in delight at the bite. Mrs. Taylor gave her another one, a bit more firmly and the girl just stayed still and sighed. Very, very good, thought Mrs. Taylor.

Still going slow, she attached ropes to the restraint rings and with lots of kissing and wet, wet tongue technique she ran the ropes to the four bed posts under the frame. She kept them loose and with Michelle on all fours, her knees completely bent, there wasn't yet any real restriction to her movements. Michelle was just getting off on the novelty. Mrs. Taylor went back to work and deciding to give Michelle a first orgasm. Slowly and expertly she brought her up close with two fingers in her vagina, stroking and massaging her G spot. Her other hand alternated between clit attention and slight ass entries.

Michelle was breathing deep and steady as she got closer to orgasm. Then she started to talk.

"God you are good at this. The other girls just go for it and fuck quickly. You are so good at this, so fucking good. I love it."

Mrs. Taylor smiled. She was good at this. Steadily bringing Michelle closer, she gazed lovingly at the wet, warm vagina, the lips, the succulent rosebud and the full round cheeks spread before her. She saw it as a sexual smorgasbord just for her choosing. Make it a good one, she thought, a blend of a clit orgasm with a vaginal Big O. Yes, she thought. That would keep Michelle wanting more.

She sucked on two of her fluidly wet fingers and went for Michelle's G. With gentle clit massage and more sweet nothings, Michelle was now rolling her hips and whimpering. Her flowing juices left no need for any lube.

"Oh yes, baby, come for me," Mrs. Taylor urged. "Come all over my hands. Do you want to come, you precious sweet thing? Do you?"

Michelle was murmuring, "Yes...yes...make me come...make me fucking come...make me scream...fuck me and don't stop..."

Mrs. Taylor was very good at judging impending orgasms. She played Michelle like a violin, getting her close, easing off and giving her more teasing words.

"You do want to come. You really want it...but not yet...not until you beg...I want to hear you beg...I want to hold you at the edge until you are squirming..." And she did, backing off the pressure and tempo.

Michelle was working her clit and vagina against the hands that were so close to giving her what she craved. She was squirming in delight and intense sexual desire. She was working herself back into Mrs. Taylor’s hands, trying so hard to come. Backing off even more, Mrs. Taylor knew that in a minute she would be squirming in intense sexual frustration.

"Oh my god,” Michelle hissed. “Oh my fucking, fucking god! Don't do this to me. Shit, I want to come...make me...let me...please...oh my god, make me come..."

Mrs. Taylor wanted to make Michelle almost hurt with the feeling of being so close but yet, so far. Whenever she felt Michelle's muscles start to clamp and squeeze, she backed off.

"Not yet, my sweet thing, not yet. I'm not sure you really want to fact, I think you want me to stop."

She backed off more and Michelle groaned in frustration.

"Please, for the love of Christ...please...oh my fucking god, make me"

Mrs. Taylor was enjoying this immensely.

"Oh my," she said, "look who wants to come. Look who fucking well wants to come. I just might let her."

She picked it up a bit. "Is this better, my sweet thing?” she asked in a sing song voice. “Will this do?"

Michelle was almost crying now and whimpered, "More...more...harder...fuck my pussy...fuck my fucking pussy...for the love of God, fuck me harder...harder..."

Mrs. Taylor waited a few seconds as Michelle again groaned in supreme sexual agony. Then she went to work again, concentrating on giving Michelle's G a serious and well practiced finger fuck. The girl whimpered in partial release, her vaginal muscles clamped and Mrs. Taylor felt the strength of her youthful efforts to get off.

"My, my...such a good girl..." Mrs. Taylor murmured. "...such a...fucking...sweet...girl...I think I'll let you come. Yes, I will."

Michelle was almost babbling her thanks as her hips were rolling.

"God do it...oh my shit, shit..."

Mrs. Taylor kept it up and with a few firm clit rubs and seriously firm G pressure, Michelle was over the edge and coming. Her body went into a trembling spasm and her breathing stopped. Then with a convulsive jerk she was screaming. Mrs. Taylor kept the G massage going hard and Michelle was doing a good job of reacting to what might have been extreme torture. Her primal voice was a series of guttural obscenities and her pelvic contortions were almost enough to break the fingers in her vagina. Her young and powerful vagina muscles were rippling. Mrs. Taylor was pleased.

Michelle just kept coming. In seconds the intensity overwhelmed her.

"Stop…please stop. No more...please"

Mrs. Taylor took that as an invitation to really show Michelle what an orgasm was all about. Pausing only a few seconds, she returned to Michelle's G massage and her clit.

"One is never enough, sweet thing,” she said seductively. “Little girls stop at one. You’re a woman now. Show me you’re a woman."

Michelle groaned but didn't move. "Okay...okay..." she gasped.

With her usual expertise, Mrs. Taylor had Michelle groaning again in seconds. The girl's pelvis was rolling and then with a second, intense orgasm cresting, she stiffened.

"Shit...shit...oh my god...fuck, fuck, fuck," she hissed between clenched teeth and she was coming again.

Spasm after spasm wracked her body and she clamped down on Mrs. Taylor’s fingers so hard they were in danger of breaking. Her breath left her chest with a sound like escaping steam.

Mrs. Taylor smiled as she felt Michelle's muscles rippling around her fingers. She slipped them out and admired the generous volume of girl cum dripping onto the bed. She paused to let Michelle enjoy the extended orgasm. The girl's pelvis bucked a few times and she was again gasping in short breaths.

“Oh my fucking god; that was awesome…just fucking awesome!” she sighed. Mrs. Taylor went back to work.

"No! No more...please...I don't think I could take it!"

Mrs. Taylor leaned forward to kiss Michelle's low back.

"Try, sweet thing...just try,” she urged soothingly. “Little girls stop at one. Big girls stop at two. But women know that good things come in threes."

Mrs. Taylor was now massaging Michelle’s back and hips gently and mouthing more sweet nothings.

"Hold still. Just let it happen. Come for me, just one more for me."

Michelle groaned in acceptance and relaxed. "Okay. But just one more...please...only one more..."

Mrs. Taylor gave an unseen evil smile.

"Yes, just one more,” she murmured. At least for now, she said to herself and went back to work on Michelle.

The third attempt at getting Michelle off went as well as the first two. With expert fingers and tongue, Mrs. Taylor reveled in the wet, wet pussy in front of her. She was a bit more firm in her anal fingering and Michelle sighed in consent. Mrs. Taylor put her thumb into Michelle’s vagina and palmed her clit, rocking her hand back and forth. Steadily, she increased the pressure and the pace. In just a minute Michelle was again rolling her hips and groaning.

"Oh my God, oh my God...can't fucking believe it, Yes, god damn it! Yes!”

Mrs. Taylor removed the anal finger and then wet her index and middle fingertips with Michelle’s flowing juices. Pushing them against Michelle’s asshole, she carefully and slowly worked them in. Turning her hand side to side, she went in deeper.

Michelle gasped, “Fuck yeah! Do it! Do it! Oh my god, fuck my ass! Fuck it!”

Still doing her palm and thumb thing, Mrs. Taylor did as she was told. A little wetter would be good, she thought, and she let saliva fall onto her anal probing fingers. The effect was perfect as her fingers now slide in and out almost effortlessly. I don’t think I’m the first one here, she mused, but that’s okay. She continued to thrust and twist her fingers.

Michelle’s reaction confirmed Mrs. Taylor’s judgment as she felt the girl’s anal ring relaxing even more. Despite her wish to go for three fingers or even four, Mrs. Taylor kept up with what she was doing. Her ass will get what it has coming later, she thought, allowing herself a wicked smile.

Michelle was now in ecstasy. Her face was pure bliss as sweat beaded and ran down it. Her body shone with sweat and she was moaning continuously. She was working back into Mrs. Taylor’s hand in perfect rhythm, fucking as well as being fucked. Her breathing was getting slower and deeper as she struggled to maintain composure, obviously wanting this orgasm to be volcanic.

That’s it, you bitch, thought Mrs. Taylor. Enjoy it well you can.

Michelle was climbing and climbing. Her body movements were focused on pure sexual release, grinding back against Mrs. Taylor’s hands.

That’s it, bitch, Mrs. Taylor thought again. Fuck yourself. Fuck your own brains out. Do the work and give me the credit.

The girl was close. Her breathing was now just deep heaves as if she knew she was about to go under water. Her vaginal muscles started to squeeze and then her whole body followed. She went tense and trembled. She let out a high pitched shriek and she was coming again. It sounded like agony but Mrs. Taylor knew it was ecstasy. With the shriek Michelle bucked several times, went stiff for several seconds and then bucked several more times. With a deep gasp, sucking in air, she collapsed on the bed.

She lay on her tummy with one hand covering her vulva tightly as if protecting herself from any further stimulation. She lay for a minute, calming down. Her chest was heaving with the deep breaths of someone who was seriously winded. Mrs. Taylor just lay down beside her and stroked fingers over Michelle's body.

After a few minutes Michelle was breathing steadily. She rolled to face her lover, staring into her eyes.

"I've never been able to come again quickly, never," she said in a quiet, content voice. "And I’ve never, never come like that before. God, you're incredible…just incredible. I can’t thank you enough"

"No…thank you, sweet thing," was the reply. "I'm so glad you're enjoying this."

Michelle gave a short laugh as she relished the thought of Mrs. Taylor’s hands at her orgasm buttons.

"Enjoy is not the word. I just kept going, and really was...incredible..." She gave Mrs. Taylor a long, languid kiss. "You can do that to me...anytime..."

Mrs. Taylor kissed the girl back. "I will." She smiled sweetly as she thought about the abuse to come. "But first, a few for me please and thank you." With that, she started to undo the ropes, leaving on the restraints.

Michelle gave her a questioning smile. "For later, my love"

Michelle giggled like a school girl. "Yummy" was all she said.

Well, it'll be yummy for me, thought Mrs. Taylor, but not so much for you.

She then lay down on the bed with her knees up and legs apart. Michelle took the hint and went straight for the money. Soon Mrs. Taylor was groaning in pleasure. At Michelle's finger entering her vagina, she gasped and the girl went for the G.

In a few minutes Mrs. Taylor was writhing and calling out, "Yes, oh my God, yes...fuck that's good...yes...."

Mrs. Taylor was in real sexual delight. There was no need to pretend as Michelle was obviously good at what she was doing. Soon, the climb to orgasm was starting. Michelle didn't make her lover wait but kept up her tender Taylor was squeezing down on Michelle's hand. With a wonderfully intense total body tremble, she was over and melting. Good one, she thought as her orgasm continued. This girl really is a find.

Michelle waited until her lover was almost down before sending her back up. Mrs. Taylor's multi-orgasmic capability was well practiced. She let her body relax and accept the powerful sensations coming from her clitoris and vagina. In less than half a minute the pressure was building and she waited until it was almost unbearable before she squeezed down on Michelle's hand again. She let out a long low moan of sexual ecstasy and she came again. Michelle lapped at the juices given her and Mrs. Taylor held her head close and relished it.

"Another?" asked Michelle.

"Oh yes, sweetness, but let me get something." Mrs. Taylor didn't need a lot of time to recover. Getting up, she went to her suitcase and returned with a Rabbit type vibrator and some lube.

"Oh my," gushed Michelle, her face aglow with anticipation. "Give it to me."

Mrs. Taylor returned to her position and Michelle gave the toy some lube.

"I've never seen one like this but it seems pretty straight forward," she said.

"This goes here," and she put the main end into Mrs. Taylor's ready and waiting vagina.

"And this" Michelle murmured as the clit part was touched to its intended place.

“And now for the fun part," she said and turned it on.

Mrs. Taylor gasped as both her clit and her vagina started to buzz. "Yes…yes,” she groaned. “Fuck me with that thing!”

Michelle was pleased and started to work the toy, instinctively knowing to alternate clit touch with G touch.

"You've done this before," murmured Mrs. Taylor.

"No…really," was the honest answer. “I mean, not quite like this one.” Then she giggled.

"Well then, you need to get one, sweetness,” Mrs. Taylor murmured. “It’s perfect for any lonely nights and for your special friends. You're a natural with it"

It wasn't long before Mrs. Taylor was squirming in genuine ecstasy. Making no effort to hold back, she let the climax rise, peak and then wash over her.

"Yes," she sighed. Then with a few jerks, she said, "Stop! That's enough."

Michelle just eased off, saying, "You aren't serious and I know it. One more, coming right up," and she resumed.

"You're going to be the death of me, sweetness," murmured Mrs. Taylor and relaxed.

Her fourth of this session and fifth of the night was soon approaching and Mrs. Taylor knew it would be harder, deeper and longer. She wasn't disappointed. She was soon twisting and squirming as the stacked orgasm built and built. She got seriously potty mouthed and started mouthing obscenities like a drunken sailor.

“Michelle, you fucking whore, fuck me! It’s a cunt, not a crystal glass! Fuck it! Fuck my cunt!”

Michelle wasn’t remotely put off by the language. She put even more effort into fucking with the vibe, pushing it in and out like she was angry.

“So you want to get fucked, do you? A bitch like you wants to get fucked, does she? That cunt of yours is really gonna get it now. Oh yeah! Gonna fuck your cunt hard now, you fucking slut, you!”

With that, she went primal on Mrs. Taylor’s vagina. The rabbit was pummeling up into Mrs. Taylor’s vagina, deep, fast and hard. Michelle was somehow not concerned about going to hard. She was sure Mrs. Taylor could take whatever she gave her.

Mrs. Taylor lay back, pointed her legs to the ceiling and held them spread. Michelle took that to be the ‘fuck my G’ sign, so she did. Holding the vaginal tip of the vibe firmly to Mrs. Taylor’s G spot, she massaged and pressed, then turned the vibe onto high.

Mrs. Taylor’s face was a mask of intense concentration, her eyes wide open, staring at nothing. Her body started to twitch and then almost convulse. She would take a deep breath, hold it and then force it out only to take another one. Michelle stared in amazement. She had never suspected that a woman could take this kind of fucking for so long.

She stared at the sweat soaked woman before her. Her abdominal muscles were tight and her legs were taught. Then they made eye contact. It was like the woman was pleading for mercy but Michelle knew better. She knew the woman was pleading for more.

Sweat and juice was running down from Mrs. Taylor’s pussy to her ass. Michelle put two fingers to the woman’s asshole and pausing only for a few seconds, pushed in.

“Fuck yeah!” hissed Mrs. Taylor. “I’m a woman, god damn it! Fuck me like I’m a woman! Don’t be such a fucking pussy! Fuck me like you mean it!"

Michelle glowed at the invitation. She started to pound the two fingers in and out of the willing ass in front of her. She had to concentrate to keep up with the vaginal fucking as well. She settled into a natural rhythm, in with her vibe as her anal fingers came out and alternating in perfect synch. All she had to do was slowly build up the force and the pace.

It wasn’t too long before Mrs. Taylor was doing the pelvic Tahitian happy dance. Again Michelle marveled at the woman’s endurance. She was actually getting tired and this woman was still going. Fucking A, she thought.

Inside Mrs. Taylor’s world, great sexual dynamos were spinning up. Years of careful practice had taught her to control her body’s response to intense sexual stimulation. Her eyes were open but the room may as well have been pitch black. Millions of nerves were sending cascades of messages from her inner pelvis to her brain stem and the deeper, more primitive parts of her brain.

She had learned how to shut down her thinking cortex and let her sexual response be totally primal. The building pressure felt like was being crushed from all directions. She could almost see a building sphere of pure sex enlarging within her vagina, threatening to tear it apart. She didn’t have to try to hold on. Her body knew when to let go and she trusted her body.

Like molten metal, the heat started to move up from her pelvis to her head. She could almost see herself heaving and twisting. Pressure…pressure…beautiful exquisite pressure…a rushing sound inside her head and she was erupting.

Waves of ecstasy seemed to wash up and down her body and every nerve was screaming in pleasure. It kept going and going until arching her back, Mrs. Taylor nearly levitated off the bed. Michelle had learned her lesson and this being the second climax, eased off slowly without completely stopping. The woman in front of her had just shown her what an orgasm was really all about. She silently wished that some day she too would be able to go that high and fall so far.

Mrs. Taylor’s eyes slowly gained their focus. Her breathing was deep and her chest was moving up and down. Michelle put her hands to the small, firm, wet breasts and held them protectively. Mrs. Taylor put her hands on Michelle’s, closed her eyes and just lay there panting. When she was calmer, she opened her eyes to look into Michelle’s. She was staring back lovingly.

"I love giving multiple orgasms," gushed Michelle, almost wiggling like a puppy. “Just love seeing them happen…watching them happen”

"You're very good at more please and thank you," answered Mrs. Taylor.

And immediately her wish was granted. Oh shit, she thought, this is going to be awesome. And it was.

The third rabbit orgasm seemed to climb forever and she was soon gasping and tensing as the heat and pressure seemed to build up to the point of killing her. Michelle was now using the toy only at the high setting and leaving it at Mrs. Taylor's achingly hard G spot. Lying on the bed, she was trying to lie still but couldn't, bucking up to the toy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me with that fucking thing!"

Michelle went for 'harder' and held it in place as best she could while her lover was moving like a bitch in heat. Mrs. Taylor's mind went to fantasy mode and saw Michelle's body in full restraint, on the bed in classic ‘ass in the air’ mode. She saw herself with her favorite anal strap on, giving Michelle the ass fucking of her life. In her mind, Michelle was screaming for mercy and that did it. The thought sent her over the top.

The third stacked orgasm peaked with painful intensity and then broke. She screamed out in primal lust and took the powerful waves of pelvic spasms that felt like she was being electrocuted with a vaginal probe. Her body was twisting and shaking. Her faced looked like it was reacting to ultimate pain.

She lifted up off the bed, thrusting her pussy towards Michelle’s face and howled, "Yes...yes…fucking, fucking yes!" and collapsed on her back, covered in sweat, legs splayed and her pussy dripping.

Michelle was stunned. She had never seen this type of sexual power before. She looked at the buzzing toy in her hand and then at Mrs. Taylor's rapturous face.

"Holy shit," she whispered to herself. "I can't believe I did that."

Mrs. Taylor was gasping for air. It took a moment before she could speak. Then as she lay panting, she reached up to pull Michelle down to her and held her tight. She luxuriated in the large, firm breasts squeezing against her own sweating body. She wrapped her legs around the girl's ass and gripped her tight.

"Oh my God...what you did for me...fantastic! Absolutely, unbelievably…fan…fucking…tastic!"

Michelle didn't quite know what to say. "You're welcome," was all she could think of.

"Give me a few minutes," sighed Mrs. Taylor, "then it's your turn again."

"Oh my God, “murmured Michelle. "I don't think I can take what you just took."

Mrs. Taylor smiled, both in happiness and sinister intention. "I think you can sweetness. I think you can."

Then after another minute of closeness, Mrs. Taylor suggested, "Perhaps a break? We can have another drink, perhaps shower together and then carry on."

Michelle felt better about that idea. She thought that more alcohol just might allow her to absorb the sexual fury she felt awaited her.

They got up and Mrs. Taylor poured two stiff glasses of vodka and orange juice. Michelle sat in an easy chair with one leg over the chair's arm rest, completely at ease with her intimate exposure. Mrs. Taylor sat on the couch opposite and openly eyed Michelle's femininity. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and Mrs. Taylor imagined the sight of her shaven clean.

"You're cute," she said, honestly. "I wish I had breasts as gorgeous as yours," she added falsely, knowing what they would be like in thirty years, but for now, they were just added toys to play with.

Michelle smiled and said, "Thank you. You're gorgeous too. You really are."

Mrs. Taylor responded by putting a leg over the couch's arm rest, giving Michelle the same intimate view and she beamed. "And you're cute...down there as well." And again, she giggled.

They gave each other intimate compliments, sipped their drinks and talked. They talked about guys, girls, sex and life. Mrs. Taylor gave away nothing personal, just well practiced lies. Michelle was serious and Mrs. Taylor suspected innocently honest as well.

"I mean, those friends of mine, they know that the guys are going to be boasting of their conquest all over campus next week. They know their boyfriends will hear and they don't care. The boyfriends don't care. It just seems so...superficial. I mean why have a boyfriend if you're going to...fuck any old guy when he's away, let alone two at a time? I mean, don’t they know what sluts they are?"

All the while she was sitting naked, thoroughly fucked with her pussy still damp and exposed.

Mrs. Taylor smiled wanly. "Doesn't make much sense, does it?" she replied, knowingly full well why the two friends were doing what they were doing.

It’s because sluts have more fun, silly girl, she thought to herself. Maybe Michelle would get it one day but with her church going background, she might not.

But then, Mrs. Taylor thought, she isn't having a problem fucking me. She may have a problem with what’s going to happen later, but that's her problem.

She smiled at Michelle and said, "Care to rinse off? Bring your drink."

Mrs. Taylor removed the collar and limb restraints and they went into the bathroom, getting into the shower. Mrs. Taylor was looking forward to getting her wet, soapy hands all over Michelle's luscious young body. It really was a treat, she thought, old enough to have serious feminine curves and young enough to be an illicit delight.

She started with shampooing Michelle’s hair and luxuriated in rubbing her own body against Michelle's full and almost hard, ass and breasts.

"Ummm..." murmured Michelle, relishing the touches and body rubs herself.

After rinsing the suds from the girl's hair, she shampooed it again, just for the pleasure. She gazed at wet suds running down the girl's breasts and tummy, then down over her vulva. As Michelle tilted her head back to rinse again, the sight of the suds running down the beautifully curved back and ass was heaven in Mrs. Taylor's eyes. She took the bar of soap and started to explore in earnest.

"You have a lovely touch," murmured Michelle as gentle hands caressed her, massaged her and paused over special places.

After working over the young body for several minutes, Mrs. Taylor put down the soap and let the water rinse it away fully. Then with the warm water running, she got down on her knees and pulled Michelle to her mouth. The girl sighed as she lifted one leg to let Mrs. Taylor have her way with the deliciously clean and wet pussy.

After a few minutes of gentle oral, Mrs. Taylor touched Michelle's vagina and the girl obligingly spread her labia, inviting the penetration. Mrs. Taylor was slow, wanting Michelle to have a long and luscious build up. After a few minutes of gentle fingering, she entered a second finger but didn't work any harder. She teasingly just brushed over the girl's G and worked her fingers around, in and out.

Michelle was sighing and thoroughly enjoying the pleasure. When Mrs. Taylor judged the time appropriate, she took her second hand and started to massage the teen's ass cheeks, firmly and sensuously. Michelle just murmured her consent. Then, after another minute of gentle oral, Mrs. Taylor picked it up and sucked and tongued a bit firmer, while paying more attention to the teen's G.

Louder breathing assured the move was welcome. Then, with Michelle well into it, Mrs. Taylor put a tentative finger tip to the girl's squeaky clean ass hole. There was a bit of a shudder, but no protest. A firmer pressure brought about another murmur and Michelle adjusted her posture and put her hands to her ass cheeks and parted them.

Good, thought Mrs. Taylor, she's had this before or at least wants it for the first time.

With her usual skill, Mrs. Taylor worked her fingertip into the girl's ass gently and slowly. She then moved it around, testing the resistance. Michelle gave a low moan and held still. Careful to keep the girl's clit and G in the picture, Mrs. Taylor worked her finger into the inviting ass and slowly stroked in and out by only an inch.

"Ummm..." sighed the very happy girl.

Awesome, thought Mrs. Taylor. Quicker breathing and a slowly starting pleasure dance told of pending build up. As her seducer went into more serious oral and G activity, the girl started to squeeze down on the ass penetrating finger.

"Yes..." she sighed. “That feels wonderful...oh, so wonderful."

Mrs. Taylor moved the anal finger around more firmly, working at stretching the girl's anal ring, then penetrated a bit deeper and stroked more fully. The water running over the girl's parted ass cheeks kept enough wetness there to make it comfortable and the sensation of having clitoral, vaginal and anal all at once kept the girl climbing up to climax.

"God that's good...just like that...yes...don't stop...don't stop...oh fuck yeah…" Mrs. Taylor had no intentions of stopping.

Soon Michelle was writhing and her hips were slowly doing the 'get me off' gyration dance.

"Ohhhhh....Ohhhhhhh....yes, yes, yes....fuck it...fuck it...yes!" and she was peaking. With a serious pelvic gyration she started to groan in ecstasy and then with several sharp gasps, she came.

Mrs. Taylor felt Michelle’s hips close on her fingers and her ass clamp down. Then spasms of muscle contractions told of a seriously intense orgasm. Michelle tensed and stopped breathing then exploded in relief.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck...Stop! Stop! Oh my't...shit..." She stood there, trembling and clenching and then she was melting.

She partially collapsed into Mrs. Taylor and stated to moan.

"Oh my God...oh my fucking God! That was...unbelievable…un-fucking-believable."

Mrs. Taylor smiled. Just wait honey, she thought,just wait.

Michelle looked down at her lover and rolled her eyes dramatically.

"My God, I thought I was going to explode. I felt like my whole body was coming. And it lasted so long! How do you do that?"

Mrs. Taylor answered honestly. "All it takes is experience, sweetness. You'll get it. Just wait." She smiled again and stood up.

Michelle wanted to return the favor and started to wash her lover. She was very happy and seemed genuinely thankful to be able to do it. She shampooed Mrs. Taylor's hair and ran the soap all over her.

"You really do have a gorgeous body," she murmured, "and I love your breasts. They're so firm and round. You really don't even need to wear a bra."

The teen played with them and smiled happily. Then she leaned in and gave her lover a passionate kiss. The two of them locked lips and French kissed for several minutes while Michelle caressed breasts and face, legs and ass. She really was enthralled with her situation.

Good, thought Mrs. Taylor in her deviously sinister mind. I want you compliant.

Michelle wanted to return the orgasm and although Mrs. Taylor was eager to move from loving sex to sexual abuse, she let it happen. Michelle did what she had had done to her and she was reasonable good at it. When the teen touched her lover's ass, Mrs. Taylor murmured her consent and lifted one leg, putting it on a convenient shelf in the shower enclosure. Michelle wasted no time in working a finger into Mrs. Taylor’s well used and experienced ass.

Mrs. Taylor groaned. She really did relish her ass being penetrated. She preferred a good thick cock or a strap on anal dildo, but the present finger was a good start. She speeded up her orgasm by looking back on some of her memorable anal moments, like that guy from the out of state police force who traded a torn up speeding ticket for the opportunity to get his rocks off.

God, but did he have an enormous one, she recalled, thick like a Polish sausage and curved like one as well. They had driven off the highway and when well hidden she had given him more than his fair share of the deal. When she saw how truly gigantic he was, all she wanted was to get it up her ass even though he was relishing getting it into her pussy.

She recalled having to convince him that what she really wanted was a good ass fucking. He later said he had never had anal sex as no other woman dared to accept him. It took lots of lube and the use of three successively thicker dildos to get ready for him but God, what a fuck that was. It was by far the thickest cock that had ever penetrated her, pussy or ass. She pushed back as hard as he had thrust in. The guy managed to hang on as she went through two anal orgasms. She had felt like she was about to split when he finally came in a roar of lust and a scream of pain. His wonder cock had to work hard against its tight confines to get the cum out. He was left exhausted, in a bit of penile pain and very happy. She drove away ticketless and very happy herself.

She paused in her memories and felt Michelle's finger well up in her, almost to the hilt. Not quite ready she moved on to the time of one of her many threesomes with a cock in her pussy and another in her ass. Having had many, she decided it was time to go for double anal. She was laying face away on one guy whose cock was doing its part when she took the other guy's cock out of her pussy and held it to her already occupied favorite sex orifice.

The guy looked at her like she was sex personified and with a little effort and lots of lube, was able to join his buddy. That one had hurt but in a very, very good way. She had howled in painful pleasure while the guys tried took turns in giving her hard anal fucking. They all came close together in an anal orgy of obscenities and cum drenched passion. Mrs. Taylor could still see the wonder in their eyes as she bade them to get out of her ass and then let them see a stream of cum follow, flowing and dribbling from her still partly open asshole.

Mentally noting Michelle's progress at getting her off, Mrs. Taylor felt it was close but needed one more bit of memory help. She let her mind wander back to her own college days and Professor Applewhite. Good old Johnny Appleseed. While generally a good student, she had fallen behind in his history class and was in danger of being washed out.

"Gee, professor, can't I make up the work...surely we can work this out?"

She hadn't gone there trying to seduce him but he had taken it that way.

He had closed and locked his office door and said, "Miss Green, you aren't the first girl who's asked for extra credit for extra...well…activities and you won't be the last. Slip off your shorts and your panties and let's get on with it."

He wasn't bad for a sixty year old professor. An old man's cock, thick and flaccid but all he wanted was to fuck her once a week until the end of term. In return she got her ‘A’ for a lay. Well, many lays, she thought. He was reasonably quick about it, laying her across his desk, face down with one leg up and on the desk. He had never even bothered with her top or her breasts.

For the rest of the term, it took him a few minutes to work up an effective erection, masturbating while she dropped her panties, got positioned and spread her labia as a show. But once it was there, he simply used a dollop of lube, got himself condom wrapped and entered backdoor with little adieu, stroking for about one minute and coming with a minimum of noise, fuss or bother. She was usually in and out of his office in less than five minutes.

She thought about herself lying there on the desk, thinking about something she had to get done or what to have for dinner while Appleseed calmly fucked her with his thick, soft cock. On a few occasions she had fantasized about his cock, thick and firm, calmly fucking in her ass. He had never tried and it was her only regret. Yes...that's it, she had thought. The image of old Johnny Appleseed with his cock up her ass was still stuck in her memory.

Michelle was now seriously stroking in her ass and it was heaven. Her G was screaming to come and in seconds it did. She gasped, shook and made all the usual signs of pleasure. Michelle was pleased. Mrs. Taylor paused to think of her coming pleasures and smiled some more.

They got out and toweled each other off. "One more drink?" offered the older woman.

Michelle nodded yes. Not knowing how much she would be expected to take, she was happy for another dose of alcohol. They sat in the room and gave each other loving eyes. Mrs. Taylor poured two more stiff ones and knew for certain that her special tablets wouldn’t be necessary.

"So," began Michelle, "what comes next?" Mrs. Taylor grinned slyly and said, "'s time for you to have a turn with the Rabbit vibe. You're going to love it. But I think you might bail after only one orgasm. It does give an intensity that can be hard to imagine..."

Michelle took the bait. "I think I can handle it. I maybe a bit inexperienced but I do have my youth and strength to help." She smiled sweetly.

Mrs. Taylor gave a return sweet smile, thinking that youth and strength is no match for experience and treachery. Yes, my sweet young thing, she thought, you’re inexperienced…but not for long. Again she smiled without a hint of deceit.

To be continued in Part 2
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