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My Brother's Girlfriend

I never expected to see her this way.
Coralie Weeks pulled up into her driveway as a ball of sweat slipped down her bare neck, sighing slowly. The air in her car was the only one she had felt that day, but it in no way made up for the fact that all of her classes had been lacking it. She was thankful that the last had been cancelled and she considered a cold shower before she started on her homework for the week. Coralie opened her door and grabbed her backpack as she slid out, walking to her front door as she felt the sun heat up her bare shoulders yet again.

Coralie was smart enough to dress light and today wore a faded denim mini that showed off her toned legs with a thin tank top that brushed against her skin lightly. Low heeled sandal completed her outfit. She unlocked her door and walked in as she tugged her strawberry blonde hair out of the clip it was in, glancing around the quiet house. Coralie grabbed a cold bottle of water and took everything down to the basement, where she would have continued peace after her parents and two brothers arrived home. Coralie dropped her backpack on the comfortable sectional and glanced at the bathroom door to see it closed as she frowned. She let her hair rake down her damp curls and walked up to the door slowly, looking around.

The moans started as she got closer, though they were low. Coralie knitted her brows together as she stepped quietly up to the old wooden door, listening to that was obviously moans of pleasure. “What the…” Coralie mouthed to herself, curiosity getting the better of her as she dropped silently to her knees.

The house was a few decades old and it happened to have something of a large keyhole on the door, which she normally hated and covered up. Today, the feminine sounds made her hope that it wasn’t.

Coralie pressed her face to the door and her emerald eyes opened wide when she saw her brother’s girlfriend lying on the worn carpet with her skirt pulled up. The gorgeous brunette was busy with the toy that Coralie thought she had hidden well deep in the back of a long drawer, and Coralie felt the dampness between her thighs as she watched her push the purple dildo deep inside of herself and let out a low yelp. She started to sweat again and felt her bare nipples harden painfully against her shirt as she held her breath.

Araceli was a beautiful girl and had always turned Coralie on a bit, though the fact that she was her brother’s girlfriend stopped that in its tracks. Coralie was also just eighteen while Araceli was twenty one, and sometimes she felt like a kid around her. The woman was now very close to a release as she let her head fall back against the toilet and spread her legs, offering a clear view of her bare pussy and thighs as she cried out. Coralie bit her lip hard as she watched her shake violently, feeling shame and desire battle in her mind.

Araceli lifted her head and Coralie fell onto her ass as she fell back. She scrambled to her feet as quietly as possible, slipping her shoes off next to the door and hurrying to the couch as she let herself breathe heavily. She sipped the water as she tried to regain her composure, and tasted the blood just as the bathroom door opened.

She reached for her backpack as she struggled to look casual, and glanced up to see a flushed Araceli glancing at her shoes. “Hey. I didn’t know you were here.”

Araceli looked at her with a devious smile and her deep brown eyes glowed as she strolled across the room. “You are early today.”

Coralie blushed deeply and fiddled with the zipper on her backpack as it all made sense to her. “Yeah…my last class was cancelled today.”

“So you have been here for a while?” Araceli asked, taking a seat at the end of the couch nearest to Coralie, just a foot away. She looked intently at her, and Coralie blushed again.

“Not that….long.” Her voice was a mumble and Araceli leaned closer to hear her. Coralie sighed softly and started to pull a book out of her backpack. Her body was a heated mess and she frowned painfully.

“What happened to your lip?” Araceli asked her, and Coralie slowly met her eyes.

“Bit it as I had to brake too fast,” Coralie lied, feeling the seemingly constant heat of her cheeks as she blinked.

“Looks really fresh,” Araceli told her, and reached out to trace the small wound with her thumb. “Coralie…were you watching me?”

The tension filled the air thickly as their eyes met again, and Coralie took in her smooth olive skin and full pink lips slowly. “I…no-“

“Those shoes were not there when I arrived here with Jake today,” Araceli cut in, and Coralie frowned at the mention of her brother’s name. Araceli raised one of her perfect eyebrows and met Coralie’s eyes. “You look awfully…heated up too.” Her eyes took in Coralie’s flushed skin and pert nipples as she let them trail down her body, and Coralie started to pull a book closer. “I love that you barely wear a bra.”

Coralie felt her pull the book away and she looked curiously at the older woman. She didn’t need a bra. Her B cups were perky and not normally not so attention getting. “Araceli…what are you…there’s Jake.”

Araceli laughed her beautiful light giggle and stared at Coralie. “He knows I am bi. He even knows I have a bit of a thing for you.”

“You do?” Coralie asked, and Araceli nodded.

“You seem so sweet and innocent, but…I doubt that you are totally innocent,” Araceli mused out loud softly, and then captured the wounded part of Coralie’s lip softly with her own gently. Coralie moaned gently as she slowly tilted her head and felt the lips press full against hers. “So sweet.” Their lips met forcefully the next time and Coralie forgot all about any pain as their tongues slipped together easily. They kissed for a few minutes and Araceli pilled slowly away as she looked at Coralie. “I liked your toy in there.”

“I liked watching you with it,” Coralie admitted boldly, and Araceli’s eyes lit up.

“Hold on,” Araceli said, and went back into the bathroom. “Nobody will be home for an hour right?”

“Yeah,” Coralie said slowly, staring at the object in Araceli’s hands.

It was very familiar and her pussy twitched as she pressed her lips together. She had only been with one woman before…a girlfriend. Natalie had been her age and new to it as well, but Coralie suspected that Araceli was much more experienced.

“I was going to use it again before you got home…it is not washed off yet,” Araceli said, and Coralie watched as she sat down next to her.

She slipped over Coralie’s lap and brought it up to her lips slowly, and Coralie took it into her mouth. She whimpered as she tasted Araceli’s juices, allowing the woman to slide it further as she leaned her head back. Araceli left it in her mouth as she slid Coralie’s shirt off, slipping her fingertips over her skin before returning one hand to her lips. She pinched her nipple with one hand as she removed the dildo and kissed her again deeply, tasting herself on Coralie’s tongue.

They moaned together as the kiss grew frantic and hungry. Coralie felt all of the pushed aside lust she had felt for Araceli rising to the surface as the woman pushed her back onto the couch. She moved to her jaw hungrily, and then her neck where she nipped and sucked lightly as Coralie started to shake.

Araceli was indeed more experienced.

The teeth grazing her nipple made Coralie yelp as she arched her back for her and she felt her skirt lifted easily. “Oh…fuck.”

“Yeah? Do you want to?” Araceli teased her as she continued to pay close attention to her now throbbing nipples.

A hand slipped between Coralie’s legs and she shut her eyes as a finger traced her soaking underwear teasingly. She was not going to last long and she took a haggard breath as fingers met her bare skin. They slipped through her wet folds, over her needy clit, and one slipped inside of her very slowly as she moaned softly. Araceli still stroked her clit with her thumb as Coralie bucked her hips slightly, and the finger went deeper after another was added.

“Oh, Celli…oh god.” Coralie realized it had been a long time since someone other than her own hand had made her have an orgasm, and she bucked sharply as her body exploded. She flushed deeply and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? That was fucking hot,” Araceli told her, and Coralie looked at her in surprise.

In the several months that she had known her, Coralie had never seen this side of her. She knew her brother had, having heard the moans coming from his room when they knew his parents were not home.

“I am not done with you anyway.”

Coralie watched as she kissed down her stomach slowly, moving over the skirt and settling between her legs as her tongue stroked her. Araceli teased her slowly until Coralie was on the brink again and then slid the dildo in between her legs as she panted. The vibrating nub teased her clit relentlessly as Araceli moved it solely in and out, dragging it over her as Coralie screamed weakly. She came again, hard and fast and Araceli licked her clean as she rested.

“This is not going to become a weird incest thing, is it?” Coralie asked as the thought drifted across her mind.

“No. I just wanted you,"Araceli told her, and Coralie looked at her.

“I want to taste you,” Coralie told her.

Araceli smiled as she moved her body above Coralie’s face. Coralie licked and sucked her still wet pussy as her hand drifted up to cup her fuller breasts, drinking her in as Araceli flooded her lips with a strong gush as she cried out her name.

They rested beside each other on the wide couch, panting and glancing at each other with knowing smiles as they recovered.

“So can we do this…again?”

It seemed to be okay with Jake, though it surprised her.

“I am down if you are,” Araceli told her, and they moved to kiss each other softly. "How many women have you had?”

“You are my second,” Coralie admitted, and Araceli smiled. “You knew I liked this though?”

“I saw the way you looked at me when you thought I was not looking. I saw you getting yourself off one night after I was with your brother…your door was cracked open and I heard you whispering my name as you came so hard. I wanted you then.”

“Was this intentional today?” Coralie asked softly, and Araceli giggled.

“I was really turned on down here and I thought you might have something…I was right,” Araceli said and shook her head. “I loved the idea of you watching me. I could see you in the door and I think I came right after.”

Coralie smiled as her body surged with desire again, and took a deep breath. She let her hand slip down between her legs and rubbed firmly as Araceli watched her. She imagined the scene in the bathroom again as Araceli’s hand joined hers, and together they made her explode again, sucking the juices off of each other’s hands.

Later that night at dinner, the girls smiled secretly at each other as the family chattered around them. They both knew the secret and that it would be happening again…as soon as possible.

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Posted 22 Jun 2013 13:20
lovely plot.. well written and liked the detail and apparent power of the older girl over the young corelli, wish the story continued and a better erotic description of both girls enjoying mutual consenting sex..
Posted 16 Apr 2013 02:46
i remember this story and still like it
Posted 14 Apr 2013 09:32
Well written....loved it.

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