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My Mistress

She is my Mistress and my lover
I never thought I could find true love, especially one like this. Life seemed more like a dream, unreal, unsolvable, untouchable. But there she was in front of me, her body like a work of art. Her mind and thoughts created an atmosphere that I could sit in for hours, breathing deeply, marinating in, taking in every scent, sound and taste that could possible stimulate my senses. She was my everything, and her love was inevitable.

She stood before me dressed in her favorite lingerie, a corset, white with black polka-dots and specially made to fit her sexy curves and complement her beautiful C cup size breasts. Her hair was dark brown and wavy as it fell to her perfectly rounded bottom. She was an amazing sight, and my eyes traced upon her like waves in the ocean. “Sorry I got home so late baby,” I said to her.

She smiled and placed her hands on my hips. “Why were you late exactly?” she said, her lips inches from mine as her breath lingered against my skin.

“I got distracted thinking of you and I had to work a few extra hours,” I said to her. She pulled my body tight against hers and kissed me, her lips were soft and her tongue danced with mine in our passionate kiss. She pushed me against the wall.

“You've been a bad girl,” she said, “Working late, I think I have to punish you.” Her words were slow as she teased me, I had no idea what she planned to do. Her lips were warm as she trailed them down my neck. I moaned softly as I wrapped my hands around her firm bottom. She had me hot already, and I could feel my panties becoming damp with anticipation.

“Undress yourself for me,” she said, taking a step back.

I could feel myself becoming more excited as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my laced, black bra. I pulled down my pants, wondering if she would notice the dampness in my panties. Finally every piece of my clothing came off and I was naked, standing before her.

“On your knees,” she said. I knelt down as she asked, peering up at her lovely figure, I licked my lips, I wanted to have her on my tongue, but I knew she would make me wait.

“What is it you want my darling?” she said. 

“I want you,” I said. “I want to taste your sweet cunt, Mistress.”

“But you've been so bad,” she teased.

“I'm sorry, Mistress, please.”

She smiled down on me. “Get on the bed,” she told me.

I crawled to the bed slowly and laid on my back. She stood over me and looked down at my body. 'My pet' she called me, she loved it when I pretended to be her slave. She leaned down over me and kissed my lips. My hands slowly traced the curves of her body before she grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the bed. “Ah, ah, ah,” she said, “You know better, no touching mistress until she says it's okay.” She kissed my neck and traced her tongue all over my bare skin. Her trail led down my chest as she sucked my nipple into her mouth.

She bit down on it slightly, teasing me. A quiet moan escaped my lips as I felt her finger, lightly tracing the lips of my pussy. I wanted to run my hands all over her, but I knew she wouldn’t let me. I reached down again and she released my breast from her lips. “Do I have to tie you down, my pet?” she said.

“No mistress, please, I'll be good.” She got off of me and reached under the bed and pulled her little box of toys. “Why don't I believe you?” she said, gripping her furry cuffs in her hands. “Spread your arms and legs.”

I did as she ordered, spreading my arms and legs so that she could easily tie me down. When she finished I was bound perfectly, my body completely liable to bend to her will, I loved it. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter the longer she stood over me and dragged her lustful eyes up and down my body. She got over me and gently caressed the curves of my body. “Are you going to be good now?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I licked my lips.

“Yes what?” She pinched my nipple.

“Yes mistress!”

“Mmm,” she pinched it harder, causing me to moan. “I like the way you moan when I do this.” She twisted it in her fingers.

“Oh, Mistress.” I twisted my body beneath hers. “Fuck me Mistress, Please!” I moaned. She smiled and lowered her head between my legs, licking the lips of my pussy, teasing me. Eager, I pushed myself towards her. “Lick me, please!” I pulled the cuffs on my wrist in an effort to urge myself closer to her. I jumped as I felt her finger slide into me slowly. “Ohhh,” I breathed deeply, “Mistress that feels so good.”

I moved my hips side to side, anything to feel more. She slowly fingered me, moving at a steady pace, it felt so fucking good, but I wanted more. “You like me fingering your cunt don’t you?” she asked, rubbing my g-spot with her thumb as she fingered me.

“Yes mistress!” I moaned. “Lick me, please!” I twisted my hands in the cuffs.

“Who?” she pinched at my pussy.

“Mistress!” I screamed. Suddenly, I felt the wetness of her tongue against my hot pussy. She swirled her tongue inside me and flicked at my g-spot. I felt myself on the edge of an orgasm. “Mistress, I have to cum, can I please?”

She sucked my clit in her mouth and nibbled on my soft skin.

“Mistress! Please!” I couldn’t hold it in, but I knew if I came without permission I would surely be punished for it.

“Cum for me now, my pet,” she said, jamming her fingers deep into me. I released my muscles and let my body be taken over in sweet ecstasy, my pussy clamped down on her fingers as I screamed.

“Mmm,” she said, sliding her fingers into my mouth and I licked and sucked my cum off of them. Next thing I knew her lips were against mine and her tongue invaded my lips. She kissed me and undid the cuffs around my hands. I immediately grabbed her waist and spun her so that I was on top of her. I kissed her neck and reached between her legs to rub her cunt. “Mistress,” I whispered in her ear. “I want to taste your sweet pussy.”

I gently licked her neck and kissed down her chest, nibbling on her breasts as she did mine. “Oh, baby,” she said with a gentle breath. I licked my down her stomach and finally reached the soft lips of her cunt. I opened them with my fingers and slowly slid my tongue all the way up her hot slit. She moaned and pushed her waist towards me.

I slid my finger inside her and rapidly moved it inside her pussy as I licked and teased her g-spot with the tip of my tongue. “Holy fuck, oh, holy fuck.” She moaned at me. “That feels so fucking good.”

I fingered her faster, thrusting my finger inside her deeper and harder. “I’m going to cum!” she screamed. I sucked on her cunt, sliding my tongue inside her. Suddenly she moaned and trembled as her cunt spasmed against my tongue. I licked the sweet juices from her and then kissed her lips deeply. She pulled me down on top of her and held me tight against her chest.

“That was amazing baby,” she told me.

“Anything for my Mistress.” I lay my head against her. I wondered what would happen when she found out about the speeding ticket I got.

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