My name is Crystal

By CellarLive324

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The first meeting of Crystal and Joy. Their nameless adventure.
I remember the night I met Crystal perfectly. I pulled up in my car tomy favorite club, and got out, seeing this woman in front of me. She was leaning against the brick exterior of the club, a cigarette hanging idly from her lips. Her heavy black eye liner way slightly smudged and her lipstick was getting on the cigarette filter. Her hair was rumpled too. The tight leather pants she wore showed off her small legs, and the too-big Rolling Stones t-shirt left too much to the imagination.

All I could think was, “she’s beautiful.”

I knew I needed to talk to her.

I made it seem like I was looking for my own cigarettes-even though they were in my purse- and stopped to look around. My eyes came back to her as she was looking at me. I asked,

“Hey sweetie, can I bum a cigarette?”

Even in the bad lighting of the club I could see her turn a little red.

“Uh, sure” she stammered getting out her pack. She took one out and handed it to me. Our fingers touched and we both gasped a little at the spark that went through us. It was something I don’t thing either of us had ever felt before.

“Are you going in?” I asked as I lit up.

“I’ve been in. I just came out here for a smoke break. You come here a lot?” she asked shyly.

“I come here almost every week.” I said smiling.

“That’s funny, I never see you,” she said wrinkling her cute little brown eye brows.

I laughed a little and knew I wanted her. It wasn’t even for sex; I just knew I wanted her body.

I walked up to lean beside her on the wall. Our arms were almost touching and I saw her none-smoking hand fall to my side. I switched my cigarette over and gently brushed her hand with mine. That same spark went through us and we both took in a sharp breath.

She took my hand in hers, and turned to me. She looked into my eyes for what seemed like eternity, and we both dropped our unfinished cigarettes to the pavement. We moved closer in together and I immediately took her face in my hands. We looked at each other one last time and I kissed her. She kissed me back nice and softly. Then her hands took my waist and she let her tongue slip into my mouth, which was greeted with my own. Our tongues danced and slipped against one another. I pulled her small frame closer to me by taking her hip in one hand. She moaned a little when our chests touched, and when she did my body fired up because just hearing her was enough to set me off.

I felt like a firework had been lit off in my brain. I could barely think. I broke away and took her hand in mine. She didn’t hesitate when I pulled her towards my car. I barely looked back after I had shut her door for her. But when I did I saw that the bouncer had a hard on. It made me laugh.

I drove fast and recklessly as she crawled over the console and started kissing my neck and biting me. She ran her hands across my chest and between my legs. She felt me up through my jeans and I wanted to jump on her so badly but I kept my head clear a little longer. It was so hard to keep my hands on the wheel and every once in a while my foot would twitch off the pedal and I would floor it as I put my foot back on the gas. Even through the pleasure haze I still got us to the park I wanted.

It was 12:00 at night and no one was there. I was strong and taller than her, so I took her by her waist and lifted her onto my lap. I leaned my car seat back and started kissing her.

She whimpered a little when my hand touched her chest. The Rolling Stones t-shirt hid that she was well endowed. I sighed against her soft lips and grabbed her ass in both hands. She moaned this time and growled a little at the animalistic move.

Then she lifted herself up a little off of my lap and unbuttoned my jeans, playing with my clit. I almost screamed when her cold hand touched me. It felt so good.

I knew it was my turn.

I took her face in my hands and sat up, pushing her gently into the back seat. I put both seats down without breaking the kiss and then lay her down slowly. I got on top of her and she broke he kiss to take off her shirt. I took of mine too.

All I could think were that her breasts looked even better than I imagined.

I sucked on her nipples and she pulled my hair and moaned as I bit them.

She tugged on my hair to pull me back up to kiss her. I unbuttoned her pants and she kicked them off for me. I reached down to take off her panties, and realized she wasn’t wearing any. I broke the kiss and looked down at her as I started touching her. Her eyes went wide and she screamed as my fingers went into her. I smiled a little as she squirmed under me. She started breathing fast as I pulled my fingers in and out of her. I kept smiling and she whimpered and pulled herself up, digging her nails into my arm, and kissed me hard and fast. My tongue licked her lips and she bit my tongue softly. I growled and moved her head to the side. I bit her neck hard and sucked it until it was swollen and I could see the purple mark in the dark. My fingers moved even faster as I did this and she was scratching my back with her nails and making me wet. I got enough pleasure from her that I didn’t need her playing with me. I took my fingers out of her because I had a feeling she was about to cum. I violently stroked her clit and she breathed heavily underneath me. I liked and sucked her chest as she came. And when she did she screamed as loud as she could, her back arched, and little beads of sweat were on her brow. I felt myself cum a little at her screaming. I sighed and rested my head on her neck. Her breathing slowed and she looked at me.

We smiled at each other and I said, “My name is Joy”

She said, “My name is Crystal.”