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New Parent Mixer

Layne goes to visit a her daughters new school and now can't wait for parent teacher confrences
It was the New Parent Welcome Mixer at my daughter’s new school. As I walked into the old building, rushing to get there on time, I felt a bit out of sorts. The school was one of the oldest and most pristine in the country and I was so excited my daughter was going to attend in the fall. 

I looked around the room and saw all the couples, rich good looking couples at that. I did see a few moms alone, well without their husbands; they stuck together. A sure sign that they were not single mothers like myself. They didn’t like the single mothers. They believed the single moms wanted to fuck their husbands.

I lingered around the room, got a cup of wine and ate a cookie. Parents gathered into groups and faculty came in and out the room. Finally the older head mistress of the school stood at the front of the room and welcomed everyone. She introduced some of the staff who were there to give tours.

“You all have a colored Post-It note,” the lovely older woman said, “Please meet up with the staff member who has the same colored Post-It, and they will take you on a tour of our beautiful school.”

Everyone hurried to their tour guide and the leaders started to lead them out into the hall. I had a neon pink post-it. The woman holding up the neon pink post-it was around my age, she looked beautiful, in her navy blue blazer and red tight-fitting dress. She wore red heels that looked hot against her toned and nicely tanned legs that went on forever. I walked over to her and the others gathered in front of her.

“Hello, I am Ms. Hymel, and I will be your tour guide today. I am a teacher here and look forward to teaching all your girls in the upcoming years.”

Her voice was just as beautiful as her body. She walked us out into the hall and began the tour. She twisted back to see us as she walked and talked. I was in awe of this woman. I had no idea why. I had never thought of another woman like I was right now.

I didn’t hear a word she said. I watched her body sway as she walked. I watched as her hands waved to statues and pictures on the wall. I watched her lips as words came out of them. All without hearing a word she said.

We walked to all different parts of the campus and the whole time I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Our eyes met a few times and I looked away in embarrassment. I hoped she didn’t notice I was staring. I couldn’t believe the thoughts going through my mind about this woman. I didn’t even think I'd thought of a man in some of the ways I did of her.

I do admit I was very horny. After my divorce my sex drive was in overdrive and so far the men I'd met just didn’t do anything for me. My ex was an amazing lover. We had a great sex life; even after all the years of marriage it puzzled me why he left me for someone else. Someone who, he admitted, was not good in bed.

We stopped outside of a beautiful building. The sun was just about to set. The natural light did even more for this woman’s beauty. She smiled as she talked about the building. She made gestures to the statues and the doorway. It was the chapel. She told us of how the alumni could marry in the chapel as she did. I heard that. I was disappointed she was married. Wait she said Ms. and I noticed there was no ring. I wondered if she was still married.

We started to move on. The others walked ahead. She let them pass and as I approached her our eyes met. My stomach was in knots; she watched as I walked to her and smiled at her.

“Hello, Mrs. Ross,” the teacher said as she held out her hand.

“Hello!” I stuttered. “You know my name?” I asked in amazement.

“Well, it is there on your tag.”

“Oh yes! It is, but it is Ms. Ross; Layne,” I replied.

“Nice to meet you, Layne, I am Patty.”

We shook hands and when they touched, electricity shocked my body. The jolt went straight to my clit and it pulsated. I wondered if she felt it too. Oh my, this can’t be. From the smile on her face as we looked at each other I thought maybe she felt it too.

“Shall we go back to the mixer?” she asked as we walked back to the room we started out in.

“Yes, it was nice meeting you and I hope we will meet again.”

“Are you leaving?” she asked puzzled by my comment.

“No, but I'm sure you have other things to do than to hang around with the one single mom here.”

“Well no, actually I would love to talk some more. If that is okay with you?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

We went back in the party and got another cup of wine and started to talk. She introduced me to a few of the other staff members and told me a lot about the school and the programs there. We had a few cups of wine and started to talk about a few of the other parents around, giggling and really enjoying each other’s company. The more we talked and drank the hornier I was getting. I could tell my pussy was wet and the throbbing was unbearable.

The evening began to wrap up and many people had left. I was getting hornier as I stood next to this woman who had me so turned on. I wanted to take her into one of the classrooms and tear that dress off of her. I knew that was not going to happen. I just didn’t want to leave, and it seemed like she didn't either.

“Do you have to get home?” she asked.

“No, my daughter is sleeping over at friends. Do you?”

“No. Would you like to get a drink?” she asked. “Something a little stiffer than this,” she said while holding up the cup with the wine they were serving.

“Yes.” I sighed. “I thought you would never ask.”

“Great. Let me just get my purse.”

She told me of a little bar a few blocks away. I waited as she went back to her classroom so we could walk over together.

I wanted to go in the bathroom I was standing by to relieve my throbbing pussy but couldn’t bring myself to go in. I didn’t want to miss her when she came back. She was not long and I could hear the clicking of her heels as she walked backed. I looked at her coming toward me and my heart skipped a hundred beats. What had come over me? I wanted this woman so badly and didn’t know how long I could control myself.

“Let’s go. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

“No, I hardly noticed you were gone.”

We walked the few blocks to the little bar. It was dark and not very crowded. There were a few booth tables along one wall and a long bar along the other.

“Grab us a table and I will get drinks. What would you like?”

“I will take whatever you are having.”

I scooted into the dimmed booth. I watched her at the bar. She smiled at the bartender as she gave her order. She looked back at me once over her shoulder and smiled at me. My pussy ached now for her. I was very excited. I think she was into me also, but I didn’t want to assume anything. I was nervous, had no idea what I was doing and was going to let her make all the moves.

“Here you go, I hope you like this.” She sat the drinks down and slid in across from me.

I tasted the drink. “Umm that is good. Thank you.” 

We talked a little more about our lives. She was a widow. Her husband passed away a few years ago. She had no kids and worked a lot to keep busy. She was beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her, touching her and tasting her. Man my mind got so dirty when I looked at her.

“Do you want another?” she asked after the third one.

“No, I shouldn’t.”

“Me either. Do you want to leave?” she said as she touched my hand.

My heart jumped to my throat and my pussy ached more. I swallowed hard as I thought about what to say next.

“Well I want to leave here, but not you.”

She smiled back at me. I could not believe I said that to her. “We can grab a bite to eat.”

“Yeah I am a little hungry.”

“What if we pick something up and go back to my place?”

“That sounds good.”

So we grabbed our purses and scooted out of the booth. We stood up at the same time. I wanted to kiss her, and I think she wanted it too. She gave me her address and I went to pick up some take out. She asked me to so she could make sure the house was tidy. I agreed and understood.

I drove up to her house. It was not far from the school. I was nervous. My heart pounded in my chest and I didn’t know if I could go in. Then the door opened, she came out on the stoop and waved to me. I pulled the key out the ignition and grabbed the bags. It seemed like the longest walk.

She invited me in and then closed the door. I brought the food into the kitchen, she followed behind me. I sat the bags down and she grabbed forks and wine glasses. She walked over to me, sat them down and we turned to each other.

“I am not hungry,” she said.

“Neither am I.”

Our bodies nearly touched and her hand reached up and brushed my face. Then it happened, our lips touched. We kissed. It was the hottest kiss I had ever had. Our hands touched each other’s body and our tongues found each other’s mouth. She broke the kiss first. I wanted more.

“I am so sorry for that, but I have wanted to do that since you held up that neon pink post-it.”

“No, it was fine. I have to tell you I have no idea what you said on the tour. I was thinking of that kiss the whole time.”

“I am sorry. I don’t really know what came over me. I just could not control myself.”

“I am sorry also. I have never been attracted to another woman, but I haven’t been able to think about much else but you all evening.”

I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth.

She stepped away, looked down at the wine glasses, reached for one. I followed and did the same, but our hands touched again. We didn’t pick them up, we looked at each other. My pussy pulsated at the thought of her touching me again, her lips touching mine. I reached up, pulled her to me and kissed her this time.

We kissed faster and more passionately this time. We didn’t stop. Our hands ran over each other’s bodies as we pulled ourselves closer together. She broke the kiss again, leaned back and looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure? Do you want this?”

“Yes, if you do. I have not wanted something so bad.”

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. We undressed each other. Her body was perfect. She was thin, her legs were long and her breasts were small but perky. We stared at each other for a few seconds.

We climbed on to the bed and lay alongside each other. She reached up and brushed my hair back, leaned in, and then kissed me. That was it. I was wet already. We started to intertwine our legs and my thigh rubbed in between her legs. I could feel she was just as wet as me.

We kissed and rubbed each other until we both had a small orgasm. It didn’t last long but it was intense. She pushed me down on my back and straddled me. Her hands massaged my chest. She fondled my breasts, they were much bigger than hers.

She leaned down and kissed my lips lightly, then my neck. She kissed down my chest to my breasts. She found my nipples and began to suck and flick her tongue on each one of them. My clit throbbed, I knew where she was headed. I couldn’t wait for her tongue to do the same to my clit.

She had straddled one of my legs. I felt the juices from her vagina on my leg. As she made her way down my body, she kissed my stomach and around my belly button. I pushed myself up on my elbows as I watched her head make its way between my legs. Her kisses reached my clit. I spread my legs wide and gave her room to enter my wet pussy.

She spread my lips with her fingers as her tongue ran up and down my creamy slit. She twirled my clit with her tongue and ran back down my puffy lips. After a few trips up and down she finally entered my pussy with her tongue. She plunged it as deep as she could. My body leaped off the bed. Her tongue was inside of me. She twisted and turned it, searching for the spot to make me lose all control.

She backed her tongue out, ran it up to my clit, then down. Back inside she twisted and turned. My body shook with excitement and my leg twitched. I was ready, I was going to explode. She knew it too.

She plunged her tongue back and forth, in and out of my hole. She used a finger to rub my clit. She rubbed it faster and faster, her tongue in and out. I lifted my hips off the bed and pushed them into her face. My clit pulsated, and my pussy squeezed her tongue tight. Cum shot out of me, it squirted all over her face. My body shook as she continued to lick at my clit until my orgasm subsided. She sucked on my pussy until all my cum was gone. Then she stopped.

I laid on the bed, my body and clit twitched. My eyes closed, I enjoyed the bliss. I could feel her over me as I opened my eyes. She was there, beautiful, and messy with my cum on her chin. She leaned down to kiss me and I tasted my own juices for the first time. Now I wanted to taste her. I pulled her down to me and turned her over.

I was wild in my journey to her closely shaven pussy. I kissed feverishly down her body, sucked hard on both nipples and moved on. My tongue made one long streak down her belly. My hands pushed her legs open as I positioned myself between them. I looked at her for a few seconds, admired the shape, the color, and the way it glistened from her cum. I had never been this up close and personal with another woman’s pussy.

She looked at me. I looked up to meet her eyes. She smiled and pushed my head into her.
My tongue did to her what she did to me. I ran it up and down her lips. She was creamy and sweet. I sucked on her clit. It was sticking out at me.

I had her in my mouth. I ran my tongue to the hole. It was tight when I entered. Once inside my tongue roamed around. I plunged deep inside, back and forth, fucked her with my tongue. Her hands pushed my head deeper into her.

“OH yessssss!” she yelled out.

Her lips tightened up on my tongue, I could feel her clit pulsate on my nose. She was ready and so was I. I moved my tongue inside of her, my nose on the outside of her and the next thing I felt was her cum running down my chin. I pulled back and put my whole mouth over her pussy and sucked all her cum into my mouth. I sucked every bit off of her.

I felt her body ease down on to the bed and knew her orgasm was done. I licked her clit one last time as I began to make my way back up her body.

I was next to her on the bed. She turned to me and kissed my lips. My body shook, my pussy wanted more. I wanted more.

I heard a moan from her lips as she kissed me again. Her hands moved all over my body and mine over hers. She pulled me into her and our bodies smashed together. Our breasts rubbed together and our legs parted to welcome the other in.

“You are so sexy,” she said to me. That was the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. I don’t want to stop, I feel like I could cum a million times.”

“I don’t want to either. I want to make you cum a million times,” I replied.

We giggled at how silly we were being, our bodies ground into each other. We moved to a position where our clits touched, we ground them harder into each other. I reached down and slid my hand between the two of us. My fingers slid between our clits and found her pussy.

I inserted two fingers, plunged them deep into her. I began to fuck her using my own pussy to push them deeper into her. She arched her back and pushed herself closer to me.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” she yelled out, “Oh yesssss, yessss! I want to cum again.”

I pushed my fingers deeper inside her. I felt her tighten up on my fingers. She had a hold of them and didn’t let them go. I felt her body quiver in my arms.

“FFFFUUUUUCCCCCK, yes! Here I cum again!” she yelled out.

I held my fingers inside of her as her orgasm ran through her body and didn’t let them out until I knew she was done. Wow, I had made her cum three times, my own pussy quivered. I let her body fall to the bed as I did the same. We lay there, out of breath, like we had just ran a marathon.

“That was incredible,” she said as her hand ran down my back.

“Yes that was,” I agreed.

“Are you hungry now?”

“Yes, starved.”

“Let’s go eat.”

We both got up from the bed, naked and walked to the kitchen. She pulled the food out of the bags; we started to eat. We were comfortable as we ate and talked, naked in her kitchen. We drank the wine she had opened.

When we were done she kissed me, then took my hand and led me back to the bed where we made love again. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. Then in the morning, we made love again, kissed each other goodbye, and I left.

What a night of the most incredible sex I had ever had. We saw each other many times that summer before school started up. It was the best summer of my life. Then school started and we had to refrain from our encounters since she was my daughter’s teacher. We tried but when parent teacher conference day arrived it was hard to keep our hands off each other.

Well, that is a story for a different time.

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