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Nudist Resort - Vanessa

Hi, I’m Shunika.

I'm seventeen and live with my mother in a nudist resort in Spain. My Dad past away a few years ago and I inherited the resort. I never knew it existed until my fathers will was read. My mother didn't even know.

Turns out he bought it in the 80's when it was just a rundown resort and completely remade it. I guess those business trips to America were really trips to Spain.

My father had been very wealthy and I got left a lot of properties and businesses when he passed. Everything was left in me and my brother’s name. My brother being the eldest decided to carry on as my father had while my mother and I moved to Spain where my brother would take care of us in the resort while he travelled conducting business.

I woke up as normal in my private villa.

I opened the patio doors out to my private pool and dived in, waking myself with the refreshing 7am cool water. I lived in a secluded part of the resort, just off the main promenade. It was completely private with no guest rooms overlooking the courtyard.

There are seven villa's all placed in a ring around a pool. My job in the hotel was to look after the guests, while my mother managed the staff. My brother looked after all the finance. I basically had the easy life, just socializing with the guests having them think I was also a guest at the hotel, a very friendly one. I would find out what they liked and didn't like about the place and implement changes upon it. My job was all about making the customers happy.

I got out of the pool after doing a few refreshing laps and set off towards the outdoor shower. Washing myself all over, I got to my nipples which were erect from the water. I started playing with them, making me moan. I continued playing with my nipples on my firm 34C breasts.

My hand eventually found itself sliding down to my soaking wet pussy. I rubbed my clit making me moan loudly. I didn't really care if my mother heard me; I often heard her playing with herself out here early in the morning when she thought I was asleep. I continued rubbing my clit faster and faster. After a minute or two I gently slid my first finger into my pussy and began a slow fucking. I started to increase the speed a bit and slid a second finger inside. I picked up the pace a lot and moved my other hand from my breast to my clit and began rubbing at a speed.

Fucking myself as fast as I could I felt an orgasm rush through my body! I let out a long moan, a very loud one. I knew one of the maids or gardeners would have surely heard it or my mother if she was still in her villa. I washed myself again to clean my juices off my hands and legs and then set off for the guest resort.

I put the code in the gate to get out into the resort pool area. There were guests everywhere already laying out their towels on the sunbeds or taking an early morning swim in the pool. I decided to check reception as a large party of people was to be arriving today and had requested a family room. Entering reception I saw that there was seven people sitting on the sofa, clothed and a man at the desk waiting for someone to check him in.

"Hello, Sir and welcome to our nudist resort. Has anyone come to check you in yet?" I asked walking towards the desk.

"No, not yet" he answered.

"Sorry about that, most of the staff doesn’t start until eight thirty; I'm not sure where the receptionist has got to...."

"It's grand. We have a reservation under the name Muller," he told me.

"Ah yes here we are," I said searching the books for the name. "You’re booked in for three suites yes?"

"Yes that's right"

"OK Sir, would you like adjoining rooms or separate?" I asked.

"Separate please. Were just friends here, but we do need two of the rooms to sleep three and the other two"

"That's no problem Sir. The two suites that sleep three are numbers 14 and 11 while the other suite is 19. Is that alright?" I asked him.

"Yes that's perfect," he beamed. I handed him a piece of paper with the codes for the rooms on it. I wished him a pleasant stay and went to find my mother.

I found my mother in the breakfast hall eating her breakfast with some guests. "Mother can I've a word please?" I said.

"Sure, darling what is it?"

"That damn receptionist is gone missing, I had to check in the Muller party!" I snapped.

"Sorry, darling, I'll head up their now and find her, go see if there’s anything the Muller's need," my mother said. I stormed straight off towards the pool, hoping to run into the Muller's. When I arrived at the pool, I saw the young girl of about seventeen that was with the Muller's lying there in a bikini. I headed for her at once.

"You’re with the Muller party right?" I asked as I approached her.

"Yeah, I am" she answered. She had a really sexy voice, along with small 34B tits and a nice thin body. She was lying on her stomach and my, she had a nice ass. I wish mine was as nice as that.

"If you had read the rules you would see that clothing of any kind is not permitted in the resort. You have to strip completely or return to your room. That's the only rule we have here, everything and anything else is permitted," I said.

"OK" was all she said.

She got up off the sunbed and went off towards her room. I guessed she wasn't comfortable about exposing herself to complete strangers. I dived in the pool and played volleyball with the guests for an hour until the lunch bell signalled everyone to go to the cafe if they wanted lunch. Lunch was always a full house, with all the tables being full as the resort was all inclusive.

After a nice lunch of exotic fruits I decided to bring some food up to the girl from the pool. I had noticed she wasn't at lunch so she must be hungry. I got a tray of rolls, sandwiches and fruit and headed for room 14.

I knocked on the door three times. After the third time and still no answer I decide to just leave the food in the room in case she wanted it when she got back to the room. I put the code in and walked inside. I noticed the balcony door was open so I headed out to see if the girl was there.

To my surprise when I walked onto the balcony, the girl was lying their naked with her fingers rubbing her pussy. She had iPod headphones in her ear and that must have been why she didn't hear me knocking.

She was really into it, one hand at her pussy and one playing with her nipples. I was starting to get wet just looking at her. I moved my hand to my tits and start playing with my nipples watching her. I start pinching them, I love when I do that.

The girl put a finger into her shaven pussy and start fucking herself slowly. She brought her other hand up to her mouth and spit on it, and then brought it down to her asshole. She started fucking her asshole as well, taking her fingers out every minute or so and spitting on them to add more lubrication.

After three minutes of this, two more of her fingers found their way into the action. Another was inserted into her asshole making it three in there and another in her pussy. Her thumb was rubbing her clit while she fucked her pussy and ass slowly. She began to increase the pace, still fucking both her holes.

I brought my free hand to my pussy and inserted two fingers into my extremely wet pussy. I fucked myself at the pace to match the girl . The girl sped up, fucking herself hard and fast in her pussy. The other hand left her asshole and found its way to her nipple where she played with it. She pinched her nipple just like I do. She got faster and faster until she reached her limit. Letting out a loud groan she came. A squirt went shooting onto the towel beneath her.

I stood there still fingering myself watching the girl recover from her squirting orgasm. I had seen women squirt all the time when they were masturbating by the pool or being fucked by a guy or women. I had always thought it was something you developed as you got older, but this girl of seventeen had done it right in front of me. I had to find out how but I didn't want to scare the girl.

I slowly backed away from her on the balcony and left the room, not wanting her to know what I had just seen her doing. Masturbation and sex at the resort was not a big deal, everyone done it in the open by the pool. But I guessed this girl did not want to do it while being watched.

I went down the pool and lay down on a sunbed, thinking about what I had just witnessed. I must have fallen asleep. I was awoken about 6pm by a bell saying that dinner was now to be served at the restaurant. I got up and headed for the restaurant. I was greeted at the door by my mother welcoming the guests inside.

"Shunika, darling, please see to the Muller's they should get a first class dine tonight as we need to make a good impression on large groups of guests to impress them," my mother insrtucted me.

"Sure," I said. I walked in the door and approached the table where they were sitting. All eight people where there, including the girl I had watched pleasure herself.

"Good evening, Muller's, I hope you've had a good first day," I said approaching them. "We have a brilliant service here and as soon as everyone is ready to order a server will be over. Just whistle for her."

"Thank you very much," said the man who checked in this morning.

"Where are the bathrooms?" the girl asked.

"If you'll follow me I'll take you too them," I said.

She got up and I led her out the restaurant doors and over to the bathrooms. I went inside with her so I could wash my hands which were still covered in pussy juice. Once the bathroom door was closed the girl pushed me against the wall. She looked into my eyes and I into her sparkling green eyes. Then she kissed me. We kissed softly for a moment and then I felt the girl push her tongue into my mouth. We French kissed for a moment before she broke it.

"I know you were watching me masturbate earlier on my balcony, and you fingered yourself over it. The feeling of being watched turned me on so much that was the first time I squirted. I want to repay the favour," she grinned.

I felt her fingers trace a line down my stomach, moving towards my shaved pussy. She started to genitally massage my clit while we made out. She broke the kiss, and started kissing my neck. She kept moving down until she was at my nipple. She licked it and then tucked it in her mouth. She sucked my nipple before taking it between her teeth and nibbling at it. Shivers went through my body, it was extremely stimulating.

She stopped on my nipple and moved her mouth down my body kissing it as she went. She got to my clit and took it in her mouth while inserting her two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. She sucked at my clit and licked it with her tongue. She increased pace with her fingers and her sucking speed. Finally with the rapid thrusting of her fingers I let the most powerful orgasm I've ever had overtake my body. I looked at the girl, her face covered in my juices and falling off her face onto her breasts.

"So you can squirt to," she said.

"First time, baby, get up, I want to taste myself," I commanded.

She stood up and faced me. I kissed her, French kissed her. I tasted my lovely juices in her mouth. We kissed for a few minutes until I broke it.

"We have to get cleaned up and go back inside, they'll be wondering where we've got to"

"They probably know, they know I'm a little slut, they've seen me fuck loads of their friends before, we do it all the time, and my brother. I'm my family's little slut anyone can do what they want with me. I love being nude, I just hopped you'd show up at my room if you thought I wouldn't come out if it meant being nude, and it worked," she said smiling while cleaning herself.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Vanessa. Come find me tomorrow Shunika, I want to fuck you by the pool with my brother," she said walking out the bathroom door to join her family.

I stood there astonished at what just happened before cleaning myself up and heading back out for dinner. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

After dinner I went straight to bed hoping tomorrow comes quickly.

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Posted 16 Dec 2013 18:35
Hot story, I will continue to read your stories.
Posted 20 Oct 2012 13:43
Such a great story, Keep me interested all the way through. Can't wait to read more of your stories. xxoo

Posted 21 Aug 2012 11:40
so delightful honey. When can I check in?
Posted 05 Aug 2012 12:11
Not sure what was meant by the previous comment. But the consensus is that we all would enjoy another segment to this story.
Posted 20 Apr 2012 19:11
great read
Posted 18 Apr 2012 05:37
I wasn't able to "suspend my disbelief" and buy into this story. This is the first time I have bumped into a requirement to comment. I would have preferred to be anonymous. I liked your main character and do not want to make you feel bad with my comment...but it seems I have no choice.
Posted 25 Mar 2012 03:08
Beautifully written story, and very intense and sexy. Certainly got a raise out of me Loved it and hope you write more of this as could make a great series.
Posted 05 Feb 2012 09:24
hey are you planning on writting another part too this story it looks like it could be a multiple part story that would be awesome
Posted 07 Jan 2012 01:57
mmm would love to go to a nudist resort
Posted 31 Dec 2011 07:40
Mmmm . I lovedd it !!!
Posted 29 Dec 2011 17:34
mmmmmmmmmmmmm love it more keep going
Posted 28 Dec 2011 19:54
Can't wait for the next installment.
Posted 28 Dec 2011 18:54
A little different style from your earlier stories. I like it! A great start to a promising series from you. I'm looking forward to more. Great to have you back, keep writing.

Posted 28 Dec 2011 15:42
your a sweet sult where the next day i want to be her brother
Posted 28 Dec 2011 14:24
Great story can't wait for more
Posted 28 Dec 2011 14:18
Ooo I can't wait for the next part.

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