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Last minute reports due and I can't seem to think about anything else but those lips
It was a very busy day around the office. We were trying to get some things closed out for the end of the year. I was looking over this report that was just baffling me and I could not seem to make head or tails out of it. It just was not adding up or coming out to the figures I needed it to. I finally thought a fresh set of eyes might be able to help. I walked over to my coworker’s office to see if maybe she could figure it out.

“Em, can you look this over? I can’t seem to figure out why it will not balance,” I asked.

Em worked in the accounting department also, but was in a different area of the floor. She had a nicely spaced cubical at the far end of the hall, the doorway was positioned so far off that you could not really see in or out of it. I think when I walked up I startled her. She fumbled with a few papers and motioned for me to pull up a chair next to her. She was going to pull up the information needed on her computer screen.

“Okay, let’s look and see what you got,” she said as she took the papers from my hand,

I felt something strange when her fingers touched mine in the exchange. She looked at me at the same moment and for the first time as our eyes meet I got butterflies.

This was very strange because I had known Em for years and never had this happened. She got a little nervous after that so she must have felt something too, or noticed me looking at her longer. As I was sitting there, next to her, I could feel something come over me, my pussy started to throb each time I caught a glimpse of her cleavage barely show in her modestly cut shirt. It would tingle every time I looked up from the paper to her eyes as she talked. I could not believe this. I never was attracted to a woman before and have known Em for a long time and this has never happened before.

I totally lost concentration on the report and could only think about how much I would love to kiss her beautiful lips that were talking to me. I wanted to reach over and touch her slightly hard nipple that was pushing against the material of her blouse. My pussy was getting wet and I hoped it was not putting off an aroma.

I started to stare now at Em’s face as she told me about this figure and that figure and that number has to be in the wrong column or something like that. Oh how I wanted to kiss her lips, how I wanted her lips on my wet pussy. What the hell was going on in my mind?

Em caught me staring and gave me a slight smile back. She even bit her lip once. She started to squirm in her seat. Was I making her nervous? I looked away and started to look at the papers on her desk, not knowing what I was looking at.

“Are you listening to me? She asked.

“Sorry, yes I heard you, I…” I looked back at her as I spoke, “I, I , just” our faces were closer this time when I turned to her. “I can’t stop.” I could not finish that sentence. She was staring back at me, her lips slightly parted and I wanted to taste her, I wanted to kiss her soft lips.

Em touched my hand, and the electricity ran through my body. She leaned in, and so did I. Our lips touched. It was so soft. Our lips parted, and our kiss became passionate. Our mouths opened and our tongue touched. Our tongues twisted in each other’s mouths, as our kisses became more and more primal.

We broke our kissing. Em looked around and saw we were the only ones left in her department. The others must have gone to lunch. She looked at me and we kissed again. This time our hands were in each other’s hair, they were running all over each other. I let mine drift to her chest. I could feel her hard nipple through her shirt. Her hand ran further to my thigh. That did it my pussy was soaked now. I could feel the cum dripping from my clit.

“We have to stop, what if someone comes back?” Em protested.

I couldn’t stop now. I kissed down her neck. Then I slid down to the floor from my chair. I crawled under her desk. I don’t know what came over me but I was going for it now. I spread her legs apart. She scooted to the edge. All I saw was the tiny piece of material covering her womanhood, and the wet spot that had formed. I ran my hand up her thigh and to the patch of material. I ran my finger under it and felt her clit with my fingertip. Em moaned with pleasure. I moved the fabric and leaned in with my mouth. Before I knew what was happening, my tongue was licking up and down Em’s clit to her pussy and down to her ass.

I licked, I sucked and I twirled my tongue around her little bud. Her body was twitching at every lick. She pushed her hips into my face. I stuck my tongue into her awaiting pussy hole.

“OH yes” she yelled out.

I used my finger to spread her pussy lips open more and then I plunged my tongue deep inside of her. I twisted it into her pussy and used my nose to rub on her clit. She was bucking and thrusting into my face. Her pussy clamped on to my tongue and in an instant her cum shot out of her. I put my whole mouth on her and suck her until her climax subsided.

It took a few seconds, but I got all her cum. I licked it from her inside and out. Then I moved the wet material back to the same place it was earlier. Em pushed back from her desk and let me out from under her desk. I sat up in the chair and heard a few people coming back to the office area. We looked at each other and smiled.

“Thanks Em. I got it now.” I picked up my report and went back to my office. My pussy was dripping and I didn’t know how I was going to make it without it sliding down my leg.

When I returned to my desk I had an email from Em.

Here is your report. I fixed it and it is ready to go.



I returned it with:

Thanks so much.


Then I got:




The flirty emails were not helping my already throbbing pussy. I so needed to do something about it and need to do it soon. The report was printing and my boss was on me to get it to the executive secretary ASAP. I got it from the printer. My pussy tingled with every step I took. I needed to get to a bathroom to relieve myself but I needed to get up to the 43 floor.

I went to the lobby to get to the elevators that wentto the top floorswhere I needed to get the 4 copies of this report to the executive secretary before my boss’ head explodes. The doors opened, I stepped on and heard a voice callout “Hold the Elevator Please!”

I pressed the button and held the door open. Em walked in. We both looked at each other and smiled. My pussy got so wet when I saw her walk in to this elevator. The doors closed and it started to move. Em pushed me into the back wall and just started to kiss me. She had her hands running all over my body. She was attacking me and I was letting her. I wrapped one of my legs around her just so I could grind myself against her to get some relief. The elevator moved fast and we heard the ding as it stopped.

“Floor 43” the computerized voice of the elevator said.

We both straightened ourselves as we walked off, both of us with our reports for the executive secretary. We walked over with a very big smile on our lips and my pussy still dripping. Man am I ever going to get some relief today? We handed off the reports and went back to the elevator.

“I am starting to drip down my leg. I need some relief soon.”

“I want to give it to you. I want to return the favor.” Em told me.

The elevator opened, a few people walked off. We got on. We waited a couple of floors and no stops so we started again. This time Em, put her hand up my skirt. Oh yes I thought, finally my pussy was going to get attention. I spread my legs open and let her find her way to my clit, then to my pussy. She entered me and I just let out a loud moan.

“OH YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then there was a loud thump and the elevator stopped. The alarm went off. The elevator was stuck. We looked at each other. Em didn’t move her fingers. What do we do, continue or stop. Neither of us wanted to stop but what do we do. Then I panicked.

“What do we do? Is there a phone? Look, please”

Em look for the emergency phone picked up the receiver and pressed the button.

“Yes we are in Elevator 12

“Okay there are two of us in here. Can you see us?”

There was a pause.

“What are they saying?” I asked. “Tell me.”

“Okay well we will be here. The phone will ring.” Em smiled. “Thank you” Em hung up the phone.

“What did they say?”

“The elevator is stuck between floors. They have are going to work on it, but it looks like it is may be awhile.” Then she just smiled at me and walked up to me and started kissing me again, her hand when back up my skirt and to my wet pussy.

“What are you doing?”

“We might be here for a while and I really want to taste you.” Em smiled at me and then started kissing me again. “By the way there is no camera in here, no one can see us.”

She shoved me harder into the wall, and dropped to her knees. She pushed up my skirt and I spread my legs to let her in. Her hands spread my lips apart and her tongue touched me for the first time and I quivered. I let out another moan, and before I knew it, my orgasm that was built up from a long day of flirting back and forth flowed out of me. Em just covered my pussy with her mouth and sucked all of me. This only brought on another orgasm and my body bucked over and over again over her head.

“Oh my gosh, Em that was amazing.”

But she didn’t want to stop. She leaned back on her feet and looked up at me. The jerked on my hand and pulled me down to the floor. We were kneeling next to each other. We started kissing again. I could taste myself on her. She was all over me again and I was all over her. My pussy was still quivering from my orgasm and I couldn’t wait to have another one at the hands of Em. We grinded into each other, our hips were pressed into each other. I reached up under her skirt and reached for her panties, they were not there. I looked at her with a surprised, and question.

“They were soaking wet, they are now in my desk.”

I just smiled and ran my hand to her still wet dripping pussy. It felt amazing to touch her. I pinched her clit between my fingers and slid those two fingers into her and pushed deep into her. I used my pelvis to push my fingers deeper. Em kissed me harder with each push. She pushed me down to the floor. She set over me. She lifted my hips up, slide one leg under me. Then she put one of her legs over mine. Our hips in the air, our pussies touching. We rubbed them together, grinding harder into each other. Incredible, this was amazing. My clit was in her pussy, I was pushing myself into her harder. I was actually fucking her with my clit. I loved that I was doing this. I could feel her clit touching me it was wet and I could feel her juices dripping out of her and down me. We continued to trib and we wet at each other harder and faster.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me.” Em yelled out.

“Yes, this feels incredible. I am ready to cum”

“Oh yes, so am I. I want to cum with you.”

“Yes please cum with me baby.”

Our bodies began to buck and our pussies smashed into each other. I felt my orgasm coming on, my pussy is filled up and now we are both ready. They we go, both together, but cumming together. Our bodies thrust into each other and we wait for our orgasms to subside. We lie there for a few. The phone rings and we both jump up. Em picks it up.

“Yes. Okay. Thank you.”

As she hangs up the phone, the elevator turns back on and starts to move. We jump up, and straighten ourselves. The elevator moves fast and before we know it, the doors open. We went back to our desk and I will never forget that day we got stuck in the elevator.