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Out of Town Part 2

Lexie and new lover spend the week getting to know each other better
The next morning they awoke, to each other. They smiled as they saw each other’s naked bodies again. They knew what they did to each other last night was not a dream. Livia looked up at Lexie she was in a state of shock. She excused herself and had a lecture at 9 and she better get ready for it.

“Are okay with what they did?” Lexie asked.

“Yes, you were wonderful, I was more than pleased.” She smiled at Lexi, “It was just what she needed.”

Lexie agreed.

“Let’s meet up after the lectures today? Or is that too soon?” We could meet another day since we are both here.” Livia rambled on.

Lexie rose to her knees on the edge of the bed holding the sheet to her chest, and pulled her new lover in for a kiss to shut her up.

“I guess that is a yes.” Livia said out of breathe from their kiss.

“Yes. I can’t wait to see you again.” Lexie said. “You know my room number don’t be a stranger.”

She smiled as she dressed and when she was done kissed Lexie goodbye and showed herself out. Lexie just fell back on the bed and smiled. She got up a few minutes later, showered and dressed for the day.

At 9 am Lexie walked in to a lecture, she had planned to attend this lecture, by Dr. Jaxson, and now she hoped it was the same one her new friend was attending. The lecturer began to speak and to Lexie’s surprise and delight it was Livia. The women caught Lexie’s eye and smiled at her. She finished her speech. Lexie could not concentrate on the lecture. All she could see was that beautiful woman over her and tasting her sweet cum.

That night Lexie stayed in and a little after 9, right as she was about to turn out the light, there was a knock at her door, and it was Dr. Jaxson. She let her in. Lexie told her she was glad to see her and hoped she could give her a refresher on her lecture since she could not really concentrate on it.

“All I could do was think about making love to her again.”

“I am flattered and upset you did not stay after.” She kissed Lexie.

“I saw you with the others and did not want to interrupt.” Lexie said as they kissed and undressed each other.

“You can always interrupt.” Livia said as she took off Lexie’s robe.

“When I saw you in the audience, all I wanted to do was kiss you.” Livia said as she pushed Lexie to the bed.

“I lost my concentration several times wanting to undress you.” She removed her shirt and her pants quickly.

Lexie didn’t say a word. She laid on the bed, spread her legs and waited for her lover to join her.

She did and they made love again and again that night.

The rest of the week they were inseparable. They ate breakfast in, had lunch together, went to the same seminars, shopped, danced and had hot sex every night. The week came to an end. The two planned to spend their last night together. They would met after the mixer in Lexie’s room and make love all night long to each other. Knowing it was their last night.

About twenty minutes into the mixer they both knew they were ready to leave. They would glance at each other over the others in the room. Not really concentrating on the conversations they were having with the others in the room. While one of the other doctors was talking to Lexie, Lexie had glanced over to her beautiful lover, Livia, when their eyes met they both knew it was time to leave.

Lexie excused herself and went straight to the exit door. She looked back at the other doctor and saw her was headed in her direction. They met at the elevator.

“Here we are again,” Lexie said.

The elevator opened and they were all alone this time. The two women smiled as the doors closed. They begin to kiss each other. They kissed faster and more passionate at each floor. By the time they reached the 15th floor, Lexie’s hand was up her lover’s skirt. When the bell rang and the elevator stopped they had controlled themselves, just in case. No one was there, but they hurried to the door, Lexie fidgeted with the key card and once inside were all over each other again.

Before they knew it they were undressed and in the bed.

“I have wanted you all day. You looked so hot in that dress” Livia told Lexie, “I couldn’t wait to get here to taste you.”

Lexie couldn’t either. She rolled her lover on her back and started to kiss down her body. She stopped at each of her breast, both nipples hard as rocks. She kissed down her stomach. She had anxiously waiting all day for this moment. She wanted for her scent, for her taste. When she reached her destination, she parted her legs and kisses so lightly on her pussy lips. She kissed them and teased them with her tongue.

Livia moaned at each touch. Her wetness was smeared all over her inner thigh and Lexie made sure to take every bit of it off before going to her pussy again. She licked at the women’s lips, up and down, twirling her little bud with her tongue. She licked, she sucked, and she could feel Livia get wetter. Her moans got louder, her body began to writher.

Lexie stuck her finger in to her lover’s hot pussy. She shoved it in, in and out, and she rubbed on her g-spot while she licked at her clit. She came all over Lexie’s hand. Lexie sat up and looked at this amazing women, she watched her, her eyes closed, and her hands rubbed her body. She could only image what she was thinking about. Her lover was beautiful and Lexie kissed her way up her body, same path she went down it. She got to her nipples and kissed them both just as before, Livia moaned. She kissed her neck, and she kissed her sweet lips.

They kissed each other passionately. She rolled Lexie over and began to do the same to her. She straddled Lexie. Lexie could not take her eyes from her, she watched her lean over and as took her nipple into how mouth, she watched as she took it with her teeth and pulled on it. The slight pain aroused her. Her clit pulsated with each touch, with each kiss, with each bite. She did the same to the other nipple.

Livia scooted her way up Lexie’s body, straddled herself over Lexie’s chest, her hard little clit was right in Lexie’s face. Lexie wanted to lick it again. She stopped her. She took one of Lexie’s small breasts in her hand and directed the erect nipple straight to her pussy. Lexie could feel the heat from her pussy on her. She could feel the juices over her nipple, drip on to her chest. She circled her lips with Lexie’s nipple. She did the same with the other one. Lexie felt her own pussy throb. When finished with Lexie’s nipples, she leaned down and licked her nectar from Lexie, kissed her on her lips and headed down to Lexie’s dripping pussy.

She kissed it softly at first, Lexie was so wet and so hot. She licked at her juicy pink lips, up and down, from the bottom of the opening to the top of her hood. She would stop and stick her tongue in. Take it out, lick some more, stick it in, lick, and stick, faster and faster. With each lick of the tongue Lexie’s body went wild. She was trying to hold it in she didn’t want her to stop, but she couldn’t wait, her clit quivered, her leg shook and she knew it was time.

She couldn’t keep it in any longer. She cam, she cam hard, she exploded. Lexie could feel it run down her ass. Livia came up to meet her for a kiss while her orgasm continued. Their mounds were pressed together, and Lexie could feel Livia’s cum as it ran down and mixed in with her own. She couldn’t believe her orgasm made her lover have one too. There connection was stronger than ever and she knew they shared something that no one else could in their lives.

When they were finished they decided to take a bath in Lexie’s Jacuzzi tub. Lexie ran the water, and they both climbed in. They sat across from one another at first. They talked to each other about their lives and their practices as they soaked in the tub. They talked about everything. Lexie found out Livia was married to her high school sweetheart. She had never been with anyone else but him her whole life, until Lexie. She never even knew she could be attracted to another person she had loved him almost her whole life.

She told Lexie she will never tell him of them. She knew her and Lexie were connected in a way that her and her husband could never be. She would never leave him, they had a life and children. Livia loved that part of her. She hoped Lexie understood. Livia knew that she wanted Lexie in her life too. When she was away from Lexie she wanted to be with her. She could not wait to see her again and she longed to feel her next to her again. She loves him and he is a great lover but not the same way as Lexie.

Lexie was a little broken hearted but knew what she meant to her and knew she could never ask her for anything more than what they share here. Lexie told her lover of her life back home also, she told her she had an affair with the chief at her hospital and how her husband caught them and she thought her life was over. She needed this trip to get away from it all. Lexie let Livia know that being with her this week made her see life was just beginning.

Lexie moved and scooted herself to Livia in the tub. She held her in her arms and wrapped her legs around her. Their naked wet skin touched. She began to kiss her. She wanted to feel Livia close to her. She knew after this night was over she may never see her again, and didn’t want to forget this moment.

The doctor began to run her hands down Lexie’s body. Lexie felt her lover’s fingers in her pussy. She felt them enter her warm hole. She began to finger fuck Lexie. She pushed her fingers deeply into Lexie, she reached her g-spot, and rubbed it until she cam.

Lexie moved herself up the side of the tub and sat on the edge with her legs spread open. Livia knew what she wanted. She spread Lexie’s pussy lips with her fingers. She held Lexie wide open and began to lick up and down Lixie’s shaft. Lexie went crazy. Her orgasm began, her body quivered and her lover sucked all the juices from her dripping clit. She put her whole mouth over her and took it all.

When Lexie’s orgasm was finished, she led Livia to the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her to her. She kissed her firm belly and traced her tongue down to the trimmed patch of light hair. Lexie wrapped her arms around Livia’s body and pulled her closer to her. She slid down to the floor and spread the woman’s legs. She slid her tongue between the folds straight to the bud at the top of her clit. She flicked at it. She could tell it was driving Livia crazy.

Livia responded with load moans. Lexie moved her head inward and tilted it to position herself right under the dripping pussy. She lapped at her lover’s lips and clit. She pushed her tongue deep into her waiting hole. She pulled out, licked at her again, and plugged back in. Her lover’s moans grew louder and louder. Lexie’s tongue got faster and faster. Lexie then stopped. Livia was right at the verge of her orgasm.

“No!” She screamed.

Lexie looked up at her. She scooted back up to the edge of the bed.

“You want more my love?” Lexie said as she ran her hands over Livia’s ass and kissed her belly again.

“Yes. Don’t stop now.”

Lexie laid back and pull Liva on top of her.

“I will never stop.” Lexie whispered in her ear.

Livia kissed Lexie wish more passion then she had ever kissed her husband. Lexie knew her clit was enlarged and wanted to feel her lover’s clit against hers as they cam together. She rolled Livia to her back. Lexie straddled herself over her stomach. She moved down just a little and put her clit up against Livia’s. She rubbed the tips together, the friction made their pussy hot. Lexie used her fingers to jerk her lover back to her orgasm and herself to another. They both cam together, both of their juices mixed together. Lexie went down to Livia’s clit one last time to taste them both. She made her way back up to her mouth, and kissed her. This kiss lasted for an eternity and they knew it was all they had left.

There they laid naked, their bodies intertwined, and fell asleep in each other arms. The next morning, Livia left her new lover and returned to her old one. Lexie did the same, with memories of love and ecstasy only known in that hotel room, out of town.

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