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Out of Town (Part 3)

In two days Lexie would be in Georgia, another medical conference. Dr. Olivia Jaxson was on the schedule as a speaker. She knew she could go there and forget all that is happening in her life and at the hospital. She knew she could go there and see her and lose herself in them. She could not wait to be in her arms.

Lexie arrived at the conference. She checked in at went straight to the lecture room. She could not wait to see Livia. She got there just in time, not wanting to run into her before the lecture. She figured she could flit with her from the audience. She sat in the third row right in the middle. She knew Livia would see her. She walked out to the podium, Lexie squirmed in her seat, and Livia looked so radiant. She started to speak and looked up and saw Lexie sitting there. She smiled to her and Lexie returned the greeting. Lexie didn’t take her eyes off of her, and she didn’t either. It was like she was talking right to Lexie, and Lexie was not hearing a thing she said, all she could think of was making love to her. She wanted her so bad. She thought of her amazing body, her perfect breast and her beautiful labria.

The lecture took forever. When it was over she waited outside the hall for her to come out. She didn’t. After about 20 minutes Lexie left, she was broken hearted. As she was walking away, she heard her name, it was her.

“Lexie wait.” Livia called out “I am sorry I could not get out of there fast enough.”

They hugged clearly wanting to be in each other’s arms.

“How are you?” Livia asked “I have missed you, so much.”

“Me too,” Lexie responded. “Let’s have lunch and catch up.”

“Okay but let’s have it brought to my room” the beautiful doctor suggested. She smiled and they went off to the room.

They called room service and before it came they were undressed and in the bed. They were just lying there kissing and cuddling. Their food arrived and Lexie got nervous. She watched as the beautiful doctor went to the door, her robe loosely covering her naked body and opened the door a little to hide her lover from the delivery guy. Just leave it there, I am not dressed and I will get it in a minute, she handed him a tip and watched him leave. She brought the cart in from the hall and said that is for later. She took her robe off and climbed back in the bed.

Lexie rolled her lover, on to her back and started to kiss down her body. She stopped at each breast, both nipples hard as rocks.

“Um. I have missed these beautiful breast.” Lexie said as she kissed them over and over again.

“Oh I missed this sexy belly.” She said as she kissed down Livia’s flat stomach.

“All I want is this pretty pink pussy.” She said as she spread Livia’s legs and gazed at the glistening pussy bettew them.

“Oh yeah. What are you going to do to that pretty pink pussy my love?”

Lexie loved how Livia called her ‘my love’. She was totally in love with this woman. She knew she could never tell her, in fear of losing her. Lexie continued to make love to her while she could.

“I am going to kiss.” Lexie said as she kissed Livia’s clit.

“I am going to suck.” She sucked the hard clit into her mouth.

“I am going to lick.” She licked Livia’s creamy slit. “This pretty pink pussy.”

“Um, I love what you are going to do to my pretty pink pussy.”

“I love doing it to your pretty pink pussy.” Lexie said into Livia as she kissed, sucked and licked more.

Her beautiful lover moaned at each touch of Lexie’s mouth to her. She licked at her lips, up and down, twirling her little bud with her tongue. She licked, she sucked, and she could feel the women get close to her orgasm.

Lexie stuck her fingers in to her Livia’s hot pussy. She shoved them deep inside of her and twisted them around in her. Livia cam all over Lexie’s hand and chin. Livia push her hips up into Lexie’s face as her orgasm keep going as Lexie keep licking. Livia sat up on her elbows and watched Lexie suck all her cum from her pussy.

“Come her baby.” Livia said softly. “I need to kiss you.”

Her lover was beautiful and Lexie kissed her way up her body. Making her wait, teasing her with her eyes and lips on her skin. She got to her nipples and kissed them both.

“Oh please hurry, my love.” Livia said. “Stop teasing me and kiss me now.” Livia said as she grabbed the back of Lexie’s hair.

Lexie hurried to her mouth. Livia covered Lexie’s mouth with hers. She kissed her franticly, sloppy. Her tongues lick all her cum from Lexie’s face and then plunged into her mouth. Lexie was intoxicated with the flavors and the pace.

Livia rolled Lexie over and straddled her. Lexie could not take her eyes from her, she watched her lean over and takes her nipple into her mouth, and she took it in her teeth and pulled on it. The slight pain made Lexie’s clit pulsated with each pull, each kiss, and each bite. She did the same to the other nipple.

Livia sat up, turned around over Lexie. Lexie pulled her to her mouth by her hips and began to lick her pussy again. She grabbed hold of Livia’s clit with her mouth and didn’t’ let it go. Livia rode on Lexie’s mouth. Then she leaned down and licked the nectar leaking out of Lexie. They both went at each other’s pussy in a 69. They licked at each other’s juicy pink lips, sucked on each other’s clits, and didn’t stop until they both cam. Livia was first, squirting her cum into Lexie’s mouth. She rolled off of Lexie when she did and then just concentrated on her pussy. She plunged her tongue into Lexie and Lexie tightened up on it and her clit pulsated the cum out of her. Livia licked it all up. Livia came up to meet Lexie for a kiss while her body calmed after that orgasm.

When they were finished they finally ate their lunch. Neither had scheduled anything else for the rest of the day knowing they wanted to spend as much time together as they could. Their connection was stronger than ever and she knew they shared something that no one else could in their lives.

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