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Out of Town

Lexie goes to a conference and gets a seminar she didn't sign up for
Lexie had gone to a conference out of town. She was alone in her room and decided to draw a bath in the big Jacuzzi tub in the hotel room. The conference didn’t start until the morning so she wanted to relax tonight. She undressed and stepped into the tub filled with bubbles. She sat back and relaxed to the sound of the running water.

Her thoughts became erotic. She felt herself start to tingle and she became very horny. She noticed the showerhead that was on the rim of the tub. She turned it on and lifted out the holder. She put it on full steam and lowered it down her body. She spread her legs apart and put the head in her crotch. The water was warm and hit her clit with full force. She laid back and let the water do its job.

The water was strong against her and after only a few minutes brought her to climax. Her leg began to shack and her clit began to quiver. She was on the brink of total orgasm. She moved the head away she was not ready for it to be over. She began to run her other hand over her body. She kneaded at her breast, and then ran her hand down to her pussy. She was too far-gone and she needed to finish it. She rubbed and rubbed at herself. She plunged her finger into her pussy and used her thumb to message her clit. Her body started to tense up and her orgasm erupted she felt her juices flow from her, she relaxed her body and she enjoyed herself.

She decided she wanted more and got out the tub got dressed and went to check out the hotel bar. She knew some of the other doctors would be down there, she was out of town, and could use a good man. She walked in sat at the bar and ordered a drink. She looked around, lots of potential. The men looked nice, and even a few of the women were hot, she was horny and just wanted to be satisfied.

She was at the bar next to a lovely woman. She was chit chatting with a man. He walked away and she looked over at Lexie and smiled.

“Glad he finally left. He had the worst breath I have ever smelled.” She said to Lexie and two of them started to laugh.

“Hi, I am Livia. Yes it is short for Olivia.” She said as she continued to talk.

They began to chat and Lexie found out she was a doctor from Wyoming and this was her first big convention she had been to.

“I don’t get out much. I was not sure what to expect but it was beyond my wildest dreams.”

Lexie listen to her go on and on about her small town where she was a family doctor. Livia also did some research at the University of Wyoming and that is why she was at this conference. Lexie could tell she was smart and did some pretty important research. She also sensed Livia was nervous talking to her. Lexie did not know why, they were having a good conversation and all. Lexie and Livia sat there and talked for hours.

The women bought a few drinks for each other and they both became a little tipsy. Livia started to talk about the men around them and things she could do with them. Lexie started to play along, they even talked about one lady in the bar, she was very conservative, and they giggled about how they should loosen her up a little.

A DJ started to play some techno, dance type music and Lexie told her they should dance. Livia was kind of shocked, Lexie could tell she was a little naive and lived a sheltered life in her small Wyoming town.

“You mean with each other?” Livia asked.

“Yeah women do that all the time. There are other women out there, come on.” Lexie said, unaware of this confidence she had, back home she would have reacted just as this woman did.

They went out on the dance floor and there were plenty of people out there already. Groups of men and women, women and women packed tightly on the little dance floor. Lexie and Livia were forced to dance pretty close. Lexie and her friend danced, they grinded and pumped at each other in a very playful manner. They both enjoyed it.

The next song was very seductive but still appropriate for the two women to dance to. They were getting very close, due to the tight space and really grinned at each other. Lexie was surprised Livia did not want to stop, but keep going and got very into the woman on woman dirty dancing they were doing. She even put her hands on Lexie and pulled her tighter at some points. They were really close and really enjoyed each other.

The two danced for a few more songs, they got hot and sweaty, and needed some refreshment. They decided to go back to the bar. They got to their drinks and sat down. They looked at each other in a flirty way. They wanted each other, knew it, but didn’t know how to approach it.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Lexie asked.

Livia shook her head yes and Lexie grabbed her pocket book and the two headed out the door. People watched them leave with a smile. They knew what they were going to do. Lexie and her new friend knew what they were going to do too.

They went to the elevator. A few people were there also. The bell rang and the elevator was there. They all got on. One couple hit 5, another hit 6 and the man hit 7. Lexie hit 15. They stood in the back very anxious to get to the room very aware that after three stops they would be alone. The doors closed any they were on their way.

They stopped on the 3rd floor and 2 more people entered on going to 8 and one to 9. Lexie and Livia was really trying to be calm but knew that was two more stops and that much longer before they could feel each other like they were on the dance floor. Elevator made the necessary stops and the last person got off on 9 and Lexie and Livia both reached for the 15 button at the same time, in hopes to close the doors faster. When their hands touched they looked into each other’s eyes and as soon as the doors shut they went for it. They kissed, they groped, and they were all over each other in the elevator.

Lexie was pinned up against the sidewall of the elevator and Livia pushed herself into her. Lexie enjoyed her kisses, they were soft and tender and she placed them all over her neck and down her shoulder. The feel of her hands all over her body was just as exciting for Lexie. She had ran her hand up Lexie’s thigh and up under her skirt. She found Lexie’s wet, hot pussy and started to play with her.

Lexie was very excited and the elevator dinged to let them know they were at 15. They both jumped and composed themselves as the doors opened. They were alone on the floor and made their way to Lexie’s room, but not before stealing a few touches and kisses down the hall. They got to Lexie’s door and they both smiled, the Livia kissed Lexie as she opened the door and they feel into the room.

They hurried to undress each other. They barely made it to the bed. Once there they made love to each other. They licked at each other’s pussy and made each other cum over and over again. Using their tongues, their fingers and any other thing they could think of.

At one point Livia was straddled over Lexie midway down her body. Lexie started to finger her and pushed herself down to taste her. She had a musky scent and it drove Lexie wild. Livia sat on Lexie’s face and let her have a go at her pussy until she unleashed an orgasm that lasted forever. Lexie loved it. She could not believe she just met this woman in a bar and was eating her pussy.

When Livia’s orgasm subsided, she slid herself down Lexie’s body, and left a small trail of her cum. She leaned down and licked it off Lexie and then proceeded to go at Lexie’s pussy. Lexie’s body just couldn’t take anymore. It went in to convulsions. Her climax was so wild it took over her whole body. She grabbed hold of the sheets with all her might as her body orgamsed and she finally let it out, it went on and on.

She released herself to this stranger. She let herself go all the way. When it ended she returned to reality. She was there with this stranger and she didn’t care. She just laid on the bed. Livia laid her head on Lexie’s stomach and wrapped her arm around her. Lexie did not understand this, but felt connected to her. They laid there and fell asleep. Feeling like they were the only two people in the world.

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Posted 04 Mar 2014 11:30
This story was so hot. It made my pussy so wet and my girlfriend and I so horny!!!
Posted 07 Jan 2014 05:52
going directly to part 2 , can't wait...
Posted 29 Sep 2012 21:03
My girl-friend and I love reading your stories together, me with my hand inside her wet knickers while she masturbated me.
Posted 22 Jun 2012 11:02
Very hot. Would luv to be a fly on the wall
Posted 14 Jun 2012 21:26
Oh yeahhhhh. very nice!
Posted 19 Aug 2008 21:57
This story was HOT. I wish there was more details when they were eatin each other
Posted 24 Jun 2008 10:30
very hot, im so wet right now!
Posted 20 Jun 2008 07:12
Posted 03 Apr 2008 00:20
Posted 09 Dec 2007 21:15
Posted 15 Sep 2007 01:24
Such a hot story. Pussy is so wet now. Wish I were Lexie.

Posted 27 Jul 2007 15:19
It always looks hot when women dance together. The kind of moves those girls were busting out on the dance floor, no wonder the fellow dancers knew what they were up to! Great read nolagal.
Posted 12 May 2007 04:32
Very nice. Next time give us a name for the other person.

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