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Paula and Tina - Memories

I think it was a fleeting smell that transported me away from Ian. He lay over me working his cock inside me like a slow lazy jack hammer. I barely felt the smooth and nauseatingly predictable in-out movement but I caught a sugary sweet smell.
It was that chemical sweet smell of blue razzberry Icee that transported me back in time. I felt my body rocking slowly, Ian grunting and sweating on me. In my mind I was with Tina at the Handee Hugos down from her house. She had been swimming with her friends at the neighborhood pool.
Our neighborhood didn’t have a pool.
She wanted me to meet her and go swimming. I had to ride my bike through the woods and down a trail that took me through a park. Finally I came out on a road that lead straight up to the gas station about a half mile away. I pedaled like a fiend down that road so that I could get there before Tina and her friends left.
Tina met me at the door with an Icee in her hands. She was trying to catch the overflow out of the round plastic dome. With her blue stained tongue, she tried to catch the flow of bright foam and move it up into her mouth. She leaned forward to let the steady flow of Icee drip down onto the hot cement. She was adorable in her tiny new bikini. Her friends stood behind her laughing and talking. The pool was only a few blocks away and some had already started the walk back. Tina smiled at me and continued to lick the overflowing Icee. Her new bikini was different. It was small. Very small.

Ian props himself up with his hands. He thrusts forward deeper into my pussy. I’m wetter now. I think he thinks it’s because of him. I want to cum.

The tiny bikini is Tina’s first step out into the world of attraction. The delicate game of making yourself seen by others you want, in Tina’s case, boys. But like many girls and boys, the first steps are always awkward. We do stupid things. Boys wear stupid muscle shirts when they have no muscle or spray themselves down with Ax body spray because they believe some stupid television commercial. Girls sometimes try to be sexy but they end up looking like a little tramp. Tina may as well have been nude but you wouldn’t have known it by the way she acted. She didn’t seem to care. Tiny triangles of fabric barely covered each small breast. A single string attached each little bit of cloth to each other and two other tiny strings extended from the top and tied around her neck. Each piece of triangle hugged her breast like body paint. Just like body paint it clearly showed the shape of her nipple and the small swell of each breast. Each small chunk of cloth was yellow with orange flowers. Somehow I don’t think the printing process worked quite right with the orange ink because wherever there was orange it was really Tina’s flesh. It took a moment to notice. You had to be inspecting them the way I was and I was truly inspecting each breast as she bent over and held her other hand out in the air. As she moved to the side and I could see her breast in profile, I saw her lovely little nipple clearly. There was nothing for her to do about it. Perhaps the pool water had helped to remove the orange ink? Whatever the case, she was virtually topless. Tina turned to walk away and I saw her ass. She has always had a tight little cheerleader ass. Boys have stood in groups behind Tina to watch her ass. The bikini bottom was made just as tiny as the top and the fabric behind crept between the round cheeks of her ass leaving her ass clearly and neatly exposed. Her old bikini had left a white triangle that cut across her cheeks. Tina’s ass rocked from side to side as she walked in front of me.

“Do you want me to put on a condom?” Ian asked.
“Why? You’ve already been fucking me Ian. I think the point of a condom is before you put it in.” I said.
“Oh.” He looked confused and a little worried.
“It’s ok Ian, too late now anyway. Just fuck me.” I said.

The bikini certainly had the desired effect because boys surrounded her in droves. In fact it was too successful because Tina became embarrassed by the attention, especially from boys far older than her, and she hugged into me tight. The bikini had another little aspect to it, the strings didn’t like to stay tied tight and every dive in the pool or sudden quick movement in the water sent the bottoms down or the top sliding to the side. Tina flashed her way around the pool and the boys loved it. I loved it.
I enjoyed Tina pressing against me and huddling close to me as we made our way around the pool to the diving board. The deep end of the pool had become a very popular place with the older guys. Each dive into the pool became a flash of creamy white skin with brown lovely nipples. Whatever flashed, there were eyes watching and smiles all around. Tina never seemed to care. She joked and laughed and pretended to be cold each time she got out of the pool. She has always been this way. I remember a game of monopoly when she was wearing her early cheerleading shorts and during the game I noticed the boys that were over kept pointing and whispering to each other. I looked closer and saw that Tina’s shorts flopped open each time she bent forward giving anyone looking from the side a clear view inside as she sat Indian style. I told her and she just shrugged and kept on playing. I think she has always liked this.
It all ended with one final dive. She tried to do a flip off the end and managed most of it but when she hit the water it was choppy and her legs weren’t ready. Her bottoms floated in the water. An older boy grabbed them and held them up like a victory flag. Tina came up in the water with her top askew and tried to get them back. The boy laughed and threw the bikini bottoms to another boy. I ran over and tried to help. Tina wasn’t even angry. She didn’t even try to cover her exposed chest as she moved from boy to boy, swimming to try to get her bottoms back. Every so often everyone could see a round swell of white flesh surface as she swam. I helped Tina but I was no more use than she was. It didn’t end until a parent came over to see what the fuss was about and ordered them to give her bathing suit back with a reprimanding scowl.
Tina laughed as she pulled up her bottoms under the water. She was watching the boys. I was watching her. Her lovely sense of confidence and of course her natural beauty made me fall in love with her.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m cumming Paula.” Ian says.
“Oh yes, cum!”
Ian thrusts forward and stops all movement. I feel the warmth flooding into me but I know what will shortly follow. I try to move but Ian has me trapped under him. His eyes are closed and his face a mask of pleasure and pain. I’m not sure which he really feels. “Oh God.” Ian says.
I don’t answer. I didn’t cum. I wanted to. I wanted to wrap his cock with my sticky sweet juices and have ours mingle together inside me. I wanted my legs to tremble and my body to shiver.
“I need to go.” Ian says.
“I know.” I say.
“It’s just that, well you know my parents get…”
“It’s cool Ian, you don’t have to explain.”
“I love you.” Ian says.
It’s not the first time Ian has said that he loves me. I don’t love him. I don’t want to say it back to him. I don’t know what he thinks when he doesn’t hear me say it back. I keep thinking that he will just never show up again but he always does. He shows up after school and it’s always the same. We don’t really even speak. Sometimes we don’t even bother trying to have foreplay. Today I didn’t even try, I just opened the door and turned and started stripping off my clothes as I walked back to my room.
“Ok, well see you at school.” Ian says as he gathers his bookbag and picks up the Icee he was drinking.
“See ya.”
I turn on my side and bring my legs in. I don’t even wait for Ian to get out of the room before I put my hands between my legs and begin to rub my clit. I think of a little yellow and orange bikini. I imagine what it could have been like. I change the story around a little and this time Tina dives into the pool and her bottoms float to the top. Boys grab them and hold them above their head. Their victory prize secure, Tina swims over to me and looks down at her chest. Her tiny bikini top is askew and most of one nipple is completely exposed while the other breast hangs out of the bottom.
“Looks like you lost something.” I say.
“I know, this bathing suit is a piece of crap.” She says and rips off the top.
Tina swims over to me and wraps her arms around me. She pushes her firm little breasts into my chest and she whispers, “Take off yours.”
I lift my legs so I can slip out of the bottoms and Tina helps me untie the top. She throws my top off to the side of the pool and the guys form an audience around us. They smile and whisper, some rub themselves. Tina and I kiss, our sensitive nipples touching and rubbing each other. She pushes her fingers into me and I pull away to look into her eyes. She is consumed by lush for me. I finger her pussy and we continue to kiss. Guys swim around us watching and touching us. Her pussy is so tight and warm. I imagine the fingers pumping in and out of my pussy are hers instead of mine. The boys begin fucking each of us, cocks pushing into our pussies and asses, filling every hole. Tina doesn’t care. I don’t care. We just hold each other and say over and over again, “I love you!”
I cum!

“I think you should have a party.” Meredith says.
“You have to have money to have a party.” I say.
“Bullshit, all you have to have is booze. Kids don’t care if you have anything else.”
“Yeah, and I don’t have booze.”
“Your mother doesn’t have booze?” She asks.
“No, she doesn’t have booze. Why should she? That’s what her boyfriend’s house is for.”
“So buy some.”
“With what money?” I ask.
“Didn’t your mom leave you some money?” She asks.
I can’t believe she’s asking this. Meredith is fucking amazingly beautiful but she is just about as dumb as a post sometimes. Today she is looking particularly amazing and so I try not to piss her off. She doesn’t like it when you point out her stupid mistakes.
“No Meredith, she didn’t leave me any money. I’m just kinda on my own.” In fact if it wasn’t for Meredith’s shitty job I would be completely on my own and probably starving. The 50 bucks a week she is paying me hardly keeps me stocked in food but it’s better than nothing and I’ve been able to bum some money from Ian a few times. His parents are loaded. People who have money don’t understand not having money. It doesn’t compute. They just don’t get it.
Meredith keeps right on unpacking boxes of books and I keep right on checking out her body. Today she may as well be nude. Her new dress is just as transparent as the others but shorter. Each time she bends over I get a flash of her pussy. It would be really interesting if we actually had any customers.
“Well if you can get some booze, you should have a party.”
“Then I won’t be having a party.”
I don’t know if Meredith hears me. She talks at you, not with you.
I jump over the boxes of books and nearly trip in the process. Tina stands in the doorway!
Tina and I talk. I introduce her to Meredith.
“Wow Paula, you never told me about Tina.”
Actually I told Meredith about Tina at least thirty times.
“It’s a shame you haven’t come by here before now Tina. I would love to have met you before now. Shame on you Paula.”
I roll my eyes at Tina while Meredith hugs her. After trying to talk through and around Meredith for 20 minutes, Meredith says, “I’m thinking about closing shop a little early, would you girls like to come to the house for a some wine and crackers?”
“Wow, that sounds cool but I honestly can’t. I just wanted to come by and see the place of employment. This is…definitely different.”
“I know, totally not what you would expect huh?” I ask.
“Actually, I think it fits you Paula. Listen, maybe we can hook up this weekend?”
“Paula is having a party!” Meredith says.
“We were just talking about it. I’m going to bring the booze, you should come.” Meredith asks.
“Wow, what a cool boss! Are you really having a party?” Tina asks.
“Yeah, I guess so.” I say.
“Ok, cool. Well I will definitely be there. Want me to tell some friends?” Tina asks.
Tina says goodbye and leaves. Meredith watches her head out the door and then finally turns back to me, “Wow, she is adorable.”
“Yeah. Very.”
“So are you guys like…”
“Not totally. She has a boyfriend but yeah, we have.”
“Cool. So this should be a very interesting party.”
“So are we closing up?” I ask.
“You said you want to close early.”
“No, no, there is too much to do. We have to get all these books unloaded and priced. Why would you think we are leaving?”
That’s what I mean. Meredith is just flaky at the best of times. So we go back to our nudie show and Meredith continues to flash her pussy at me and swing her huge tits around the shop while I continue to admire and price books.

The house is empty another night. As much as I’ve always hated my Mom, I can’t help but wonder where she is. It seems really odd for her to be gone this long. Usually she heads out with a new boyfriend and drinks it up for a few days or maybe a week and then they get pissed at each other so she heads home. He shows up, stays here for however long and then they may be off again or she kicks him out. Whatever the case I’m usually never alone too long. She has been gone long enough this time that I’ve opened notices that say the lights will be cut off soon. I don’t have enough to pay them.

I fall asleep thinking about how cool my party is going to be.

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