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Seduced by my Best Friend

This is a fictional story, but I hope you enjoy it ;)
I sat on a window seat, over looking the ocean. This house was beautiful, it belonged to my best friend; we were enjoying a summer break, to get away from the hectic schedule of working 9 to 5. We had known each other since we were just 11 years old, and we have stayed best friends ever since. I am 22 years old with ample breasts and pert, young, pink nipples. My figure is curvy but my swishing golden hair covered it, as it ended at the small of my back.

As I looked out of the window I felt my hand slide over my young breasts, making rings around my nipples as they started to stiffen. Carrie wouldn't be back from the shop in a while so I figured, why not? I undressed myself slowly, starting at my loose summer shirt and then my cotton skirt. My bra was a bit fiddly but with a little persuasion it fell onto the wooden floor. I started to pinch my nipples and a ripple of pleasure soared through my body. My hand started slowly travelling down my stomach, teasing my senses. My hand stroked my inner thigh. I moaned deeply. But I would not let myself go there just yet.

Suddenly I hear a click as the front door is unlocked. I scramble up my clothes and run to the en-suite.

"Susie, are you here!?!" I heard her call, I made no sound.

I heard her coming up the stairs and walk into the bedroom outside of my en-suite. I watched her through the gap in the key hole. She looked out the window and the looked down, I followed her gaze.

"Shit." I whispered to myself. I had left my bra on the floor. She picked it up and gazed at it intently. She lay wrapped in covers and started to strip down. Her knickers landed just outside the door - I could smell how wet she was. I could see her start to play with her pussy and smell my bra at the same time. I could her her moaning as it grew louder and louder. She had two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. Minutes later, I could see her cum as it squirted onto the bed covers. Then as quickly as it started - it stopped. She got dressed again and left the room. Then I made a hasty get away.


That night I kept tossing and turning, I was so surprised about what I had seen; it was so erotic. I slipped into my sexy night wear and decided to creep down the landing towards her room. I could hear her heavy breathing from outside the door. I turned the handle and moved into the room.

She lay naked on top of her bed. She was beautiful. Her curvaceous body just lying there waiting to be taken advantage of. I tiptoed across to the foot of her bed, breathed in the smell of her pussy juices and licked it slowly. Circling the nub with my tongue, gently nibbling on it, my fingers slid into her wet pussy. I could hear her moaning and felt her hand press against the back of my head. I finger fucked it fast and could start to feel her cumming.

"YES!!!" she screamed.

She pulled me up and we started to kiss, our tongues rolling around inside our mouths.

"Now it's your turn," she whispered.

My world spun as she spun my over so that she would have better access to my body. She started to lick my lips, then my nipples, pausing to nibble on each one separately. She moved down and surprised me by licking the inside of my belly button, her nose pressing against the stud of diamond that was located there. She teased me by licking the insides of my legs. She was moving slowing up and down. I squealed in pleasure. I think she got the point and directed her mouth directly above my pussy and started to lick my clit. I moaned seductively, and then she started to tongue fuck me, slowly at first and then speeding up. As my pleasure reached its peak my cum spurted all over her face. She looked so sexy in that position. Then when I thought it was all over, she reached over and opened her bedside table drawer and pulled out a double ended dildo. Slowly she eased it into my pussy, gently pumping it in and out. My moaning started all over again.

"Mm mm, yes, just like that babe!" I moaned at her.

Then she started sucking on the other end and slid it into her pussy. We started grinding our pussy's together. And for five minutes we moaned and squealed until we came at the same time. It was blissful.

As the evening started to turn into morning we snuggled into her bed, out bodies pressing together. We fell asleep wrapped around each other.

I knew this was the start of something new...

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Posted 13 May 2012 21:15
WOW! What a good friend. Loved the story.
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:21
Very believable, well written
Posted 29 Feb 2012 07:01
Good story, I really enjoyed it :-) Thank you
Posted 22 Oct 2011 14:18
I gave you a 4, agree needs more build up to the main event. nice and dirty though,so I ilked it
Posted 20 Oct 2011 21:15
Scored with a 3 because: well done x
Posted 20 Oct 2011 01:41
A very enjoyable to read first story.
Posted 19 Oct 2011 20:45
A Great read
Posted 19 Oct 2011 19:33
Good story , needs to be a little longer with more detail.
Posted 19 Oct 2011 12:21
thanks for the comments
Posted 19 Oct 2011 12:18
Scored with a 3 because: you need to tease the reader more.. make more curiosity.. make the big event with a slow movement.. Gud luck
Posted 19 Oct 2011 11:01
good job, this is a hot lil story but a lil too short hon...detail makes it all the more steamier
Posted 19 Oct 2011 06:45
Very good first story! Keep it up!
Posted 19 Oct 2011 06:13
Really good story. Write more.
Posted 19 Oct 2011 03:08
A good girly love story. 5

Posted 19 Oct 2011 01:28
great story, loved it
Posted 18 Oct 2011 15:28
Just love a good nibble story..yummy job !

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