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Shopping Spree; part 4

Lex and I check out the veiwing booths at our sex shop
Two guys were working at the registers. There was a woman behind the counter, too. She looked to be a manager; she was older then they were and preoccupied with a stack of paperwork. They both had lanyards with nametags on them: Todd and James. I stepped into Todd’s line, and Lex waited behind me.

“Did you find everything ok?” He asked me.

“Um…yeah.” It seemed a little strange discussing my dildo purchase with a man I had never met, but he did work here, and he had asked. It was a little exciting too. “You’ve got a lot to choose from.”

“That we do.” He smiled at me. He was cute. “Looks like you made a good choice.” I smiled back at him.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to come back when I need something else.” I smiled at him. I had never been very good at flirting, and I was pretty sure this wasn’t any better than my normal efforts. Practice wasn’t going to hurt any, though.

“Alright," he was beaming now, “I’ll look forward to it.” He pulled my receipt off the printer and scribbled at the bottom of it, “Just don’t come back with this guy.” He gestured at the dildo, “We don’t do returns, kind of a personal purchase.”

“I guess I’ll have to keep him then.” At this point Lex stepped forward and put her things on the counter. She nudged me to the side and I stepped away. She seemed a little irritated and it may have been rude, but I was glad she had done it. I had no idea how to get out of that conversation.

I was desperately horny and was probably making a fool out of myself. I stood to the side and tried to occupy myself while Lex checked out. I looked over my receipt and realized when he scribbled on it he hadn’t just circled the no return policy like I thought. He had written his name and phone number at the bottom.

I felt less embarrassed, but more horny. It felt good to feel wanted. It also felt good to know that Lex wasn’t the only one who thought I looked good today. She was almost finished at the register and I turned my attention back that way.

“And how do the viewing booths work?” She was asking Todd. The lady behind the counter’s head perked up at that.

“I can help you with that over here.” She gestured to the end of the counter where she was working. Lex grabbed my hand and we stepped toward her. Her name tag said Holly. “So, what do you girls need help with?”

“I wanted to know how the viewing booths worked,” Lex asked boldly. “Do we need tokens or something? Do they just take cash?”

“I can get you tokens; two dollars for ten minutes. There’s no purchases allowed in the booths, though. You can take them out to your car, or I could keep them at the register for you?”

She seemed eager to hold onto our things for us. I was also pretty sure she was hitting on Lex. Lex didn’t seem to mind; actually she seemed to be flirting back. The manager was attractive, an older blond, probably in her forties. She was short, with small tits, but as she stepped around the counter to take our bags I could see her wide hips and round ass.

“That’d be great.” Lex took my bag from me and handed our purchases to her. “Can we get half an hour?” She dug into her purse to find her wallet.

“Thirty minutes for each of you?” she asked.

“Um, just thirty minutes.” Lex leaned into the counter, probably giving the manager a great view down her shirt. Lex handed her the money.

“Sure, just one per booth, though.” Holly smiled as she said it. It was pretty obvious we had intended to share one booth.

“Oh, of course,” Lex assured her; “We’re just so curious about what they’re like inside. We’ve never been in one before.” Lex laid it on thick with her innocent curiosity act.

“Not really surprising, not a lot of girls are interested in them.” Holly tried to be reassuring and comforting. I knew Lex wasn’t worried about a thing; she had wanted to check out these booths for a while. She said the idea of doing it alone was what had always stopped her. She wanted someone to go with her, someone to share it with.

She was almost giddy as she raced up the stairs. When we got to the second floor she became more somber though. She looked around for a minute before moving towards the booths. When we got closer she stopped again. This time she started looking at the movies on the rack.

Some people might have thought she was getting cold feet. That maybe she was having second thoughts. I knew her better than that. She kept eyeing a guy looking at movies near the booths. She wanted to make sure no one saw us going into the same booth. Once we got in she didn’t want to be interrupted, or worse, asked to leave.

“Ugh,” she groaned. “Why can’t this guy just pick a movie? They’re pornos, just grab one and move on.” She grumbled under her breath.

“Maybe we could…” I tried to offer a suggestion, but she was working out a plan on her own.

“You wait here. Watch which one I go in. I’ll pull the door to, but not really close it. Just wait a minute and follow me in.”

Before I could respond she was off. Like a woman on a mission she went straight for the door and slid in. I waited around awkwardly for a few seconds. I wasn’t sure how long I should wait. I felt obvious and conspicuous. After what felt like an eternity, and was probably less than a minute, I followed her path to the booth.

She was waiting just inside. I got the same greeting I had gotten in the bathroom at the restaurant. The second the door closed, she pushed me up against it and began kissing me roughly. She was less restrained this time, groping at my breasts instantly.

All of the excitement was back now, and more was building. Lex and I hadn’t talked about it, but I had never had sex with a woman before. I had masturbated in front of Lex before, and in front of a college roommate. I hadn’t been much of a partier in college; I had never even made out with another girl in a drunken stupor. Earlier today was the first time I had ever made out with a girl.

Lex and I had not talked about any of this. I knew what she wanted, and I knew I wanted it too. Now that the time was upon me I had a weird mixture of desire and nerves competing inside me. Part of me wondered why I was going to have my first time in public. That part of me disappeared quickly as Lex unbuttoned my shirt and ran her tongue around my ear, then down my neck.

Her fingers stopped squeezing and her hands became supportive as she lifted my breasts out of my bra to meet her lips. Her tongue swirled around my nipples, in one direction and then reversing. After a minute of teasing me she stopped and stood.

“So,” she looked at me with anticipation, “are you ready to watch a porno with me?”

“I am.” I smiled, looking around the room. It wasn’t as dark and dirty as I had expected. It was actually pretty well lit, and seemed to be regularly maintained. There was a large TV set into an alcove on one wall. A single hard plastic chair sat centered in front of it. By the door was a trash can with a sign above it asking patrons to keep the room clean and dispose of any “soiled materials” here.

“Good, but first lets get rid of this.” Lex leaned into me, like she was giving me a hug, and quickly unclasped my bra. She unhinged the straps and slid it through the front of my shirt. “Now it’s a party.” She giggled as she swung it above her head a few times, before hooking it over the door handle.

Lex picked up the remote for the TV and flipped through the menu for a second. The instructions were displayed on the screen and very simple to follow. Put in your tokens, pick a movie, and enjoy.

“So what are you in the mood for?” She looked towards me. “Interracial? Oral? Gangbangs? Anal? They’ve got it all.”

“Um, I don’t know. You pick, just not anal.”

“You don’t like anal sex?” She seemed shocked by this revelation.

“I don’t know, I might, I’ve just never been too anxious to try it.”

“You’ve never even slipped a finger in there when you were alone? Rubbed your vibrator up against it just to see how it felt?” I knew there was no point in resisting. Once Lex started on a topic like this there was no getting her off of it. Unless of course I could get her off.

“Never. I hate to disappoint you, but my ass has never been the focus of anything sexual. Gangbang sounds too overwhelming. Do they have any threesomes?” It worked. Her eyes lit up and she turned back to the TV.

“Of course they do. I told you they have everything. How about this?” The menu on the TV disappeared and the camera opened on the living room of a beautiful house. “And quit standing by the door, it’s weird.”

“One of us has to stand, in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s only one chair.”

“You sit down; I’ll sit in your lap.” She gestured toward the chair and I sat. She placed an arm around my neck and draped herself across my lap. Then she leaned in close and started kissing my neck again.

“I thought you wanted to watch the movie.” I didn’t want her to stop, but I wasn’t sure what else to say. My default response is usually awkward.

“I do.” She kept kissing my neck. “But these things always take a minute to start up.” She ran her fingers through my hair and moved her kisses down to my shoulders. “So, have you ever had a threesome?” As she asked she slid the shoulder of my shirt back and my breast popped out.

“No.” Having two men all to myself have long been a fantasy of mine. I had never found the courage to put myself in that position though. I denied it like it was a ridiculous idea. Then I realized she probably had, and she probably had some good advice about them. “I’ve always wanted to though.”

“We should make that happen sometime then,” she breathed into my ear. “We can find a lucky guy and have our way with him.”

“Yeah, but I’ve always wanted two guys. I just never understood how to make it happen.”

“That’s even easier.” She had unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and was running her fingers over my breasts. “You just find two friends, and make it very obvious that you’re flirting with both of them. Sit on one’s lap while you touch the other’s arm, men are animals. If you suggest it, they’ll both go for it. And if they don’t, take your top off, and then they will.” She smiled and kissed my lips again.

We could hear the people in the movie had stopped talking now. There was a lot of slurping sounds and every few seconds a girl would gasp for air. Lex turned her head and sat up straighter.

“So that’s what you want to do?” I looked around Lex to see the screen. A cute brunette was kneeling between two men. Both had large cocks on each side of her face. She kept a firm grip on the base of both of them and alternated sucking each one. After bobbing a few times she would slowly pull back her mouth and go to the other.

“Yeah…” I watched enviously for a moment, lost in the back and forth of her head. She kept pulling them closer to her, but when they pulled out of her mouth they pulled back away. Finally, she looked up at them and voiced her frustration, telling them to quit being afraid of each other. Then she pulled both towards her and opened her mouth wide. She took the heads of both in her mouth at once; her tongue working its way out underneath them, then wrapping up around and sliding from head to head. “…I do.”

I could feel my pussy flood instantly.

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