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Spa Treatment Part 2

This is inspired by a new friend.... for you Steph
Taryn loved this self-serve spa, which she found a few weeks ago. Holly the sweet thing that works there had become her favorite little obsession. Holly and Taryn had meet up a few times during her spa treatments for some extras. Today Holly was not there, but someone else was that peeked Taryn’s interest.

She was sitting across from her in the lobby waiting for a room also. She was a little older of a woman with a nice figure and beautifully full breast. She was looking through a magazine, and Taryn couldn’t keep her eyes off of her. The woman keep looking up from the magazine and catching Taryn looking at her. She was doing the same thing to Taryn. Their looks turned into flirts and then lust.

The Spa girl came down the hall, “Ladies your rooms are ready”.

Both women got up at the same time and went to the hall, bushing up against each other. Taryn’s body shivered from the touch of the other woman, she wonder if it did the same for her. Their sauna rooms were across from each other. The rooms were set on timers and produced hot steam or cool refreshing air. Taryn was in the cool room the other woman was in the hot room. Taryn had her little tryst with Holly a few weeks ago in the hot room. The girl showed them to the rooms.

“Go ahead and undress, then press the button on the wall when you are ready for the timer to start. Enjoy!” she said with a smile as she noticed the women and how they were looking at each other and walked away.

Both women closed their doors slowly and didn’t take their eyes off the other. Taryn shut her door, but didn’t lock it. She undressed quickly and put the robe on behind the door. She peeked out her door and noticed the other woman left the door open slightly. Taryn took that as an invitation. She pressed the button on the wall for her timer to start, closed her door, than crossed the hall.

Taryn entered the other room, the woman stood there with her back to her naked. Taryn shut the door, and locked it. She walked over to the woman standing in front of a full length mirror in the room. Taryn pressed her body against her back and brought her hands around the woman and began fondling her full beautiful breast. Taryn kissed her neck gently. The woman never resisted. They never spoke either. They didn’t need to say anything. Taryn continued to kiss her neck and shoulder, grinding her own body into the woman’s, her hands were full of boob. She pinched at her nipples, holding the full hard buds between her finger and thumb, squeezing and pulling. The woman moaned with pleasure.

Taryn ran her hand down her tight stomach reaching her shaven pussy. One hand stayed and fondled the woman’s breast. Her pussy was already dripping just like her own. When Taryn’s finger tips reached the woman’s clit and touched it, the woman jumped. She had reached up and had her hand in Taryn’s hair. When Taryn’s finger went into her pussy she grab at Taryn’s hair. Taryn continued to pump her fingers, now two into the woman, the woman gridded her pussy into Taryn’s hand, making Taryn go faster and faster. Taryn had the woman’s nipple between two of her fingers and her pussy in the other hand. She rocked up and down, rubbing her ass on Taryn’s pelvis, her back running up and down on Taryn’s chest. She was about to cum. Taryn pumped her fingers in and out her thumb flicked her clit. She was ready, her orgasm came on and her body quivered. Taryn felt her juices in her hand as she pulled out of her.

After her orgasm passed, the woman, turned around. She began to kiss Taryn, it was hard and fast kisses, her tongue pushed its way into Taryn’s mouth. Her hands were all over Taryn’s body. She backed Taryn up to the door. Then she began her decent, down Taryn’s body, she kissed down her neck to her chest, licking, nibbling and sucking on Taryn’s boobs, back and forth. Her hands were ahead of her mouth, reaching down Taryn’s tight stomach to her bare pussy mound. She spread Taryn’s legs, and her hand went right in, straight for her pussy. Three fingers all at once. Taryn braced herself on the door. She was on her toes as the woman went farther down her body. The woman went to her knees in front of Taryn, her tongue was on her clit. Taryn’s clit was pulsating with each lick. The woman had her tongue on Taryn’s clit and her fingers deep in her pussy.

Taryn knew she was ready to explode. Her pussy tightened up around the woman’s fingers and her clit pulsed.

“OH yes, yes”, Taryn moaned in ecstasy.

She covered Taryn’s whole pussy with her mouth. Taryn’s cum squirted into the woman’s mouth. She sucked even harder trying to get all of Taryn’s cum. She didn’t want to waste it. She licked and sucked Taryn’s clit until her orgasm was complete.

Outside the door they could hear the young girl talking, she was giving the tour to some new customers.

“Here is our sauna rooms” she said, ”Both a cool room and a steam room. Right now they are BOTH in use.”

Taryn and her new lover just looked at each other, and smiled. Taryn gathered the robe from the floor and waited a few seconds as she heard the girl’s voice drift away. She peeked out the door and saw the coast was clear and darted back across the hall to the cold room. She enjoyed the blast of cold air on her hot body. She got dressed and when she exited her room, the room across the hall was empty.

She made her way to the lobby and the counter. The woman was gone. She was sad. She wanted to at least have one more glance at her beautiful body. The girl at the counter asked if she wanted another appointment.

“Same time tomorrow?”

Taryn nodded yes.

“Okay I have you down, along with your friend.”

She looked up and smiled. Taryn smiled back.

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