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Special Delivery

Lilly gets something new in a delivery to the mail room
Lilly worked in the mailroom of a high-rise office building downtown. She didn’t have much excitement there but everyone was nice to her. There was always people coming and going she was on the hallway to the parking garage so she saw lots of people every day. The one thing that did excite her was the sexy delivery guy who would deliver to her about 3 times a week. That is what she came to work for, she would make herself up each day and dress nice, even though he never had a regular delivery day, and she knew he would come in at some point throughout the day. He was so nice he always smiled and always looked and smelled good. Even on the hot days of summer he looked like he just got out the shower.

One day it was very hectic and the day flew by, she realized it was passed the time he usually came in and there was no sign of him, until she saw the truck pull up. She needed something to brighten her day. To her surprise it was not him. It was a woman. She was a nice looking woman, her hair pulled neatly in a ponytail that bounced as she walked. She had a very fit toned body and a beautiful smile along with a pair of aqua blue eyes that drew you into her.

Lilly was sad, her day was not getting better. The woman walked up to Lilly and smiled, Lilly half heartily smiled back and signed for the package. Good day she said with a nice smile, Lilly just smirked and turned away. She was so disappointed.

A few days later the truck pulled in and the same woman walked in. Lilly was more disappointed.

“What happened to the regular guy?” Lilly asked.

“He got a management position and I took over his route.

“All the ladies on his route seemed to have the same look of disappointment on their faces as you when I walked in,” She added, “he told me to take good care of the pretty girls on his route."

This made Lilly blush a little as she looked into her eyes.

Weeks went by and the lovely lady would come in and deliver to Lilly, she always smiled and always made small talk. Lilly started to feel the same way about his woman as she did about the guy. She felt the same excitement and tingles she did every time he came in her building. She didn’t get it she was not into girls. At least she didn’t think she was but this one did something to her that was not going away.

One day it was raining really badly outside. The hallway had no one in it all day everyone was staying in. It was very quiet. Lilly came to the window from the back and was startled at first. The delivery lady was out there soaking wet with a large box on her hand truck. Lilly could only think about how hot she looked, all wet and dripping all over the floor. She told herself to stop it.

“I’ll open the door so you could bring it to the back.” Lilly told the girl.

The girl came in and set the box down.

“Let me get you a towel to dry off a bit.”

When she handed her the towel their hands touch and Lilly could feel the electricity between them. Lilly watched the woman as she toweled off

“It’s a little chilly in here.” The woman said as she handed Lilly back the towel.

Lilly noticed the woman’s nipples poking through the tight knit shirt she wore. Lilly could feel herself getting tingly.

“I can tell,” Lilly blurted out.

The woman looked down and noticed her hard nipples. She then looked at Lilly’s “So can I.” Lilly looked down and she too had hard nipples. The woman smiled. Lilly giggled and tried to hide her headlights shining through her shirt.

The rain was really hard and Lilly insisted that she wait it out.

“You are my last stop so I don’t see the harm.”

Lilly just smiled and felt like a giddy schoolgirl. Her heart was beating so fast. She motioned for her to follow her to the back where she had a small desk and a couple of chairs. The desk was out of view of everyone and everything. They just sat there and looked at each other.

“You have a beautiful smile.” The woman said trying to break the ice.

“So do you,” Lilly said and smiled.

She reached over and put her hand on Lilly’s cheek and kissed her. Lilly was shocked and even more shocked that she kissed her back. They started with sweet kisses first but they got faster and longer and more passionate.

Lilly was not holding anything back she pulled her to her and the woman started to unbutton Lilly’s blouse and revealed her bra, she pulled the cups down and Lilly’s perky breast popped out. She started to lick and suck on them. Lilly was getting so wet. She could not believe this beautiful woman was sucking on her like this.

Her clit was throbbing at each touch of the tongue. The woman reached down and ran her hand up Lilly’s thigh, up under her skirt. Lilly welcomed her by opening her legs wider for her reach her wet panties. Lilly’s body was now shaking with the excitement of this new experience and the fact that she was at work and on the verge of a lesbian orgasm she could not control herself.

The delivery woman licked at Lilly’s now rock hard nipples, the woman ran her fingers under the little skirt to Lilly’s uncovered pussy. She knelt down in between Lilly's thighs. She could feel the heat and the wetness and found the bud of her clit. Lilly moaned from the pleasure the woman gave her. Lilly began to quiver and the shock she felt when the woman’s finger enter her hole sent waves through her body she never felt before. The woman fucked Lilly with her finger and her pussy was wet, and got wetter with every thrust.

She slowly moved her tongue up Lilly’s thigh and under her skirt now pushed up to her hips. She buried her mouth in to her mound. She kissed it, she licked it she sucked her clit. Lilly was on the brink, she shivered and her climax was about to explode. The woman took Lilly’s whole clit in to her mouth and wrapped her hands around Lilly's backside. She pulled Lilly in close and put her whole mouth over Lilly's pussy as Lilly shot her cum in to her mouth. She sucked it all in. Lilly exploded.

She kept Lilly in her mouth until Lilly’s orgasm subsided. Lilly smiled when the woman looked at her.

“I always keep my word, I told the last guy I would take good care of the pretty ladies. I hope you enjoyed it.” The woman said to Lilly.

“Yes I did.”

She sat back on her feet as she watched Lilly re-buttoned her shirt. Lilly helped her to her feet. They leaned in and kissed each other. The rain had slowed and they both needed to get back to work. The woman kissed Lilly lightly and reminded her she would be back.

Lilly thought about the rain the other day and what she experienced with the delivery girl everyday. The girl knew just what to do to her and just the thought of it made butterflies in her stomach and moisture in her panties. Now all she could think about was when she was going to taste her new friend in the same way.
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