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Summer on the Plantation Chapter 4-6

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Ella is enjoying her stay with her cousin, but she needs to get Maria to loosing up
This story has 3 prior chapters, you may want to read first to stay up with the story.

Chapter 4

A few days later, Maria was in the sitting room, she sat at the little desk that she used to tend to her household duties. Raising her head, she heard horses on the drive. She looked out of the window that faced the front of the house and saw two strangers approaching the house. She then saw her father go out and greet them.

The two men rode up to her father and dismounted from their horses. The gentlemen shook Maria’s father’s hand in turn. They looked very friendly with each other. One man was older, closer in age to Maria’s father and was very rough looking. He looked as if he has worked in the fields for many years. The other man was younger, maybe his son, indeed they had very similar features.

Maria got up from her desk and walked out to the veranda to greet their guest.

“Papa, who do we have here?” she asked as she walked up and stood next to her father.

“Maria, this is Mr. Mondisa and his son Harry.”

She took their hands as her father introduced them to her, greeting them warmly. They kissed her fingers respectfully. As she shook Harry’s hand she could tell he had not worked as hard as his father, his hand was not as rough to touch and as their eyes met they both smiled. She felt a twinge and blushed a little from his smile.

“Mr. Mondisa is our new foreman and his son will be working alongside him learning the ways of a planation.”

“Well,welcome to our home. Will you now be joining us for dinner tonight at the house? I have servants to instruct.

“Charles,” she yelled to the man servant, “Charles come out here!”

Charles, one of their fieldhands, came from behind the side of the house.

“Yes Miss Maria, I right here.”

“Charles this is Mr. Mondisa and his son Harry. Can you please show them to the foreman’s house so they can clean up and settle in. They will be staying for a while and helping out with this year’s harvest,” Maria’s father told the him.

The men walked off as Charles led them to the back house. Harry looked back at Maria, as he followed. Their eyes met again and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She turned away, and walked back into the house with a coy smile as she returned to her desk and sat down.

Netty, a house servant, arrived. “Miss Maria, what is that big ole grin changin' yo' pretty for?”

“Nothing Netty, there will be two more gentlemen joining us for dinner tonight. Please make sure the cook has enough for the two guests that just joined our household. Oh, the new foreman and his son.”

“Yes'm, ma’am.”

Maria went back to her letters and notes on the desk. She could not stop thinking of Mr. Harry. He was so very handsome and tall. His hair was long on the top and just fell above his browline. His eyes were blue as the sea and his lashes would be the envy of any girl.

Ella walked in at that moment. “What are you so happy about?”

Maria looked up at Ella, startled, she was not alone, a woman, about her age was standing there with her.

“I am sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Maria, this is my friend, Tara. I was in town and ran into her. We went to charm classes together back home. She is staying at her uncles also this summer. I can’t believe a friend from home is here. I invited her to have tea with us this afternoon. I hope that is okay.”

“Why yes. How rude of me,” Maria stood up and went to greet the woman, “Please sit.

“Netty! Netty! Where is that girl?”

Ella and her friend Tara sat next to each other on the satee, the same one that Ella had started to seduce her the other night on. The girls sat down and giggled at each other and started to talk about the good old days at their little school and Miss Harriet who taught them how to curtsy, hold their heads up, and wear their bonnets properly.

Netty finally came in. “Yes Ma’am.” She smiled as she saw Miss Ella and Ella smiled back. Maria noticed their exchange. ‘What was that about?’ she asked herself. “Hello Miss Ella, you are back from town. Who is this Miss?” She motioned to Ella’s friend Tara.

“That is Miss Ella’s friend from back home, they ran into each other in town and she invited her back her for some tea. Will you get us some?” Maria said to Netty and sent her off to the kitchen.

Netty returned quickly with a pitcher of iced tea and three tall glasses.

“Thank you Netty.”

“Yes Ma’am, you enjoy it now, it is fresh brewed”

Ella smiled again at Netty as she walked out of the room and back to the kitchen.

“So ladies, how was town? Where did you run into each other?” Maria asked.

“It was nice. We were walking just outside the fabric store when we ran into each other.” Ella said.

“Literally into each other!” Tara giggled.

“Yes it was funny, we were not even looking and ran right into each other.” Ella continued.

They laughed. Maria noticed how the girls touched hands as they were talking and laughing. She watched them as she drank her tea. They were very friendly to each other. They talked for a little longer. They talked of their days at the school and growing up. They giggled and laughed and Maria felt so left out of their little jokes.

“Tara went to Europe the winter before I did. She came home and told me all about it. That is why I wanted to go so badly and convinced my father to let me go.” Ella got up and walked over to Maria.

“She gave me the Book,” Ella whispered in her ear as she went to pour another glass of tea.

Maria was shocked. ‘Did Ella know Tara in those ways?’ she asked herself as Ella went back and to take her seat next to Tara again. They looked at each other and just keep smiling and giggling, touching each other in knowingly ways.

“Ella, we have guests joining us for dinner tonight” Maria interrupted them.


“Our new foreman and his son, Mr. Mondisa and Harry.”

“Interesting.” She turned to Tara, “Can you stay also?”

“Oh I should really get back to my uncles, he will be sending out a search party soon.” Tara responded.

“Oh no, you should join us also, Tara.” Maria said, “I will send Charles with a note to him saying you are staying here for dinner.”

“Maybe you can stay the night if dinner goes late?” Ella smiled at her.

“Okay, let me write the note.” Tara said.

“Netty! Charles!” Maria called out.

Netty came first, she was quick to the room, “Miss Tara is now staying for dinner also, let Cook know, and tell my father when he comes back to the house.”

“Yes ma’am” another smile at Miss Ella as she left.

“Yes, Miss Maria. What do you need?” said Charles husky voice as he came in the house.

“Please take this note over to the Charleston Plantation up the road. Miss Tara is going to stay for dinner and maybe the night and this note is for her uncle so he will not worry.”

“Yes Ma’am, right away ma’am.” He tipped his hat to the ladies as he left.

“Come up to my room Tara. We can freshen up and rest a little before dinner.” Ella pulled her up from the satee and led her up the stairs, the girls ran off giggling.

Maria can only image what is going to go on up there.

Chapter 5

The girls went into Ella’s room, still giggling from downstairs. Tara went in first admiring the big room and all its furnishings. She pranced around the room while Ella closed and locked the door behind her.

“You don’t want us disturbed, do you?” Tara asked her with a coy smirk on her face.

Ella walked up to her, and started to kiss her friend passionately.

“No, do you?” Ella asked her as she broke away for just a second, and went back to her lips again.

Tara did not need to answer. They kissed feverously and began to undress each other. Hands everywhere untying this and that, the layers came off in a hurry and the girls stood naked in the room. Ella still kissing and caressing her friend moved them both toward the bad. She threw Tara to the bed and the girl let out a giggle as she scooted herself back on the bed.

Ella pulled Tara’s legs high in the air and put her body between them. She ran her hands down them as she knelt on the little stood next to the high bed. Tara held her legs up spread wide for Ella, her trimmed mound ready for whatever Ella had planned.

Ella’s hands ran down the outside of Tara’s long legs, her hands followed around her hips and slide under her round bottom. She took her ass into her hands and lifted her up just slightly as she lowered her mouth to her awaiting womanhood. It was a dark shade of pink, the lips puffy and swollen and her clit pointing straight at her. She could see a few beads of cum start to coat her lips. She went down to meet them with her lips, she kissed away juices, and more came out. She took her hard clit into her mouth and sucked it gently. Then her tongue rolled around the bud. Tara squirmed on the bed as Ella skillfully licked at her pussy.

Tara’s moans were escaping her mouth as her body shook on the bed. The moans were for more, for Ella not to stop. Ella sat back, teasing Tara by stopping.

“You are such a messy girl.” Ella scolded her.

Tara looked up at her, “Should I be punished?”

“Yes, turn over, now.”

Tara did as she was told, she turned on to her stomach and Ella stood behind he on the little stool. She brought her hand back and with one swift blow, she smacked Tara, sweet little behind. Tara yelled out in pain. Ella did it again, and again. Three smacks to Tara’s bottom. Tara moaned again, squirming on the bed. She closed her eyes again Ella swung down and slapped her again this time leaving a red mark in the spot her hand landed for a fourth time.

“Yes, Yes, I have been very bad.”

Ella stopped and laid next to the girl on the bad. Tara sat up on her side, they began to kiss again. Tara pulled her close to her, their naked bodies touching. Ella eased her knee between Tara’s legs and started to grind her mound, her juices coating her thigh as she rubbed. Ella and Tara continued to grind into each other, their lips never breaking apart as they rubbed each other’s clits with their legs. Their kisses and petting got faster as their orgasms were starting.

Ella reached down between Tara’s legs and began to push her finger inside her pussy using her leg to push it in deeper. Ella pushed her fingers deep into Tara twisted them inside of her. Tara body went wild and her orgasm began to take over. She moaned out as her orgasm began and her leg shook under Ella’s.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Tara yelled out as she arched her body into Ella.

Ella leaned down and sucked on her nipple pointing out at her.

Tara’s orgasm started to subside and she pushed Ella over and climbed over her. She pulled Ella’s hips up to her and put one leg over Ella’s. She moved her dripping wet pussy to Ella’s and began to rub them together. She pushed herself hard onto Ella as she pushed harder and harder into her. Ella grabbed onto the sheet as her orgasm raged inside of her. The feel of their pussies together was incredible and she could not take it much longer.

“Oh my yes!” Were the only words she could get out when her cum started to shoot out of her.

Tara rubbed just a little more and then fell to the bed.

They looked at each other and giggled as they laid there in the afterglow of their sex.

Chapter 6

Dinner was being served when the girls finally came down stairs giggling the whole way down. They hurried to the two open seats at the table. Both girls were apologetic as they sat.

“Uncle this is a good friend of mine from home Tara.” Ella introduced her friend to her uncle.

“Welcome to our home Tara. Dinner is served at 5 please don’t be late again my sweet niece.” Maria’s father said in his stern voice.

“Yes Uncle, we are truly sorry, we lost track of time while we were catching up.”

“This is Mr. Mondisa and his son Harry,” Maria said, “He is the new foreman.

“This is my cousin, Ella and her friend Tara. They ran into each other today in town, and we invited Tara for dinner.”

“Nice to meet you ladies.” Mr. Mondisa said politely.

The girls nodded back to him and smiled coyly. He returned the smile. Ella and Tara were both thinking the same thing. He was handsome in a rough way, and they liked that. Mr. Mondisa could see these two may be a little trouble, but trouble he would like to be in.

The dinner went nicely. The servants bring out the courses and the guests all enjoy the food. The small talk goes well. The gentleman talked of the plantations crops and the work that needs to be done before the harvest. The plantation has two crops, cotton and rice. One on the marsh side of the house the other on the dry side. Mr. Mondisa has ideas, and Maria’s father is all ears, he needs someone to breed some life back into his land.

Maria and Harry were seated next to each other. They would catch glimspes of each other, smile and turn away. They were very attracted to each other and Maria was beside herself. She hadn’t had any man look her like he was in a very long time. She was flustered and was scared to speak, afraid at what might come out. Ella noticed her cousin’s reactions to Harry’s interest and was intrigued by it. She thought maybe she may get her cousin out of her shell yet.

Ella interrupted the men, “So is this all you men have to talk about?”

“Sorry Ma’am, didn’t mean to bore you with all our farm talk.” Mr. Mondisa said with a smile to Ella.

“It is okay, Mr. Mondisa, I rather enjoyed the way you described the land and what you see it becoming.”

They both smiled back at each other.

“Well diner was good, would you fellas like a smoke with me in my office?” Maria’s father suggested.

“No sir, I don’t smoke.” Harry replied.

“I will sir.” Mr. Mondisa said.

“Okay then, let leave the young folks to themselves.”

The two older gentlemen got up from their seats, Ella and Mr. Mondisa exchanged glances as they walked out. The elder was talking as they walked out.

“Well let’s go into the salon then.” Maria said to the guest still at the table.

“I think I should get back to my uncle’s house. Before it gets to late.” Tara replied.

“Oh no can’t you stay the night?” Ellla asked.

“I want to but tomorrow my Aunt has some people coming to the planation and she wants me to meet their son. She thinks I am going to be a spinster if I don’t marry soon.

“She doesn’t understand I don’t think I am a marrying type of girl.”

“We are all marrying types.” Maria said naively

Ella laughed, and then Tara joined her.

“What? Why is that so funny?”

Ella walked Tara to the veranda and called for Charles to bring around the buggy to take her home.

They said their goodbyes and Ella told her to come back the day after, and let her know all about her future husband. Both girls giggled as she got in the buggy and Charles pulled off.

“I still don’t understand why what I said is so funny.” Maria said to Ella.

“It’s in the book.”

“Oh that book!” Maria snickered. “I still don’t get it.”

Ella sighed.

“What book?” Harry asked.

“No book.” Maria said embarrassed that he would know anything about that book.

Ella began to tell him about the book, and Maria cut her off before she could say two words. “No book!”

“I am going to bed, I had a tiring day.” Ella said, kissed her cousin on the cheek. “Good night Harry, it was a pleasure.”

“Good night miss.”

Ella hurried off into the house and up the stairs to bed. Harry and Maria stood on the veranda. The night breeze was nice and the stars were bright in the sky. There was a glow from the light in the salon through the window. The crickets were chirping and you could hear the rush of the river in the distance. It was a beautiful summer night.

“Would you like to sit out here, Miss? “ Harry motioned to the two large rockers on the porch.

“Yes that would be nice.”

The two of them sat down and in the rockers, neither knowing what to say to each other. They were both nervous and they both could tell. Maria looked over at Harry once and their eyes meet. He smiled at her and she giggled just a little.

“It is a nice night.” Harry said breaking the silence.

“Yes it is lovely. I love the sounds of a summer night.”

“Me too.” he said shyly. “I wanted to ask Miss. Do you have a beau?”

“No.” Maria laughed at his question. “Why is that any concern of yours?”

“Oh I am sorry Miss. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just, just, sorry….” Harry didn’t know what to say.

“There you are boy.” His father said as he walked out the house. “Let’s head to the house, we have an early morning.”

Harry got up quickly. His face was red and he didn’t know what to do or say to Maria, and he stumbled over to his father.

“Good Night Miss.” Mr. Mondisa said as he pushed Harry to the stairs.

Maria sat there no sure what just happened or why it happened. She was confused and started into the house. Her father had already gone up to his room. She looked around huffed and went up the stairs to her room.

“He is smitten on you.” Ella said from her door as Maria approached her room.

“No he is not.”

“And you are too.”

“I most certainly am not!”

“Yes you are. I could see it at dinner.

“This is a good thing. Maybe you will get that kiss I promised you would have before I leave. I am going to see to it.”

“No you will not. I don’t need a kiss. I don’t need anything you are going to get me to do.”

Maria ran off to her room. She closed the door in a hurry. She got ready for bed. She climbed in to her bed and laid there, unable to get Harry off her mind. She reached under her pillow and pulled out the little black book.
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