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The Big Leather Chair

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Catherine's bad date turns into a night to remember with Victoria
The evening was fabulous; there was only one thing wrong with it, Catherine’s date. She agreed to go with a good friend of hers, Wade, they had been friends for ages and she loved him, but he was always a little bit of a popups ass when he was around people. He always needed to get the last word in and it had to always be right. It was this formal fundraiser for his work and everyone looked stunning. They were at the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton downtown, the room was beautiful, Catherine was beautiful and the woman who walked up to her at the bar was beautiful.

Wade, was over with some of his co-workers being his usual self. Catherine knew no one at this shin ding and was really feeling very uncomfortable. She had gone up to the bar, ordered a drink, then just kind of started people watching. She had made a couple of trips to the bar and each time this beautiful brunette in a beaded green gown that made her eyes sparkle was either there, smiling back at her each time or behind her when she turned away. She couldn’t help but notice how the dress fit her beautiful body and made her stand out in this room of already stunning people.

On Catharine’s fourth trip to the bar, ordering her another glass of champagne, with her feet killing her in the 4 inch heels she was wearing she decided to kick off a shoe as she waited for the bartender to pull a fresh bottle and pop the cork. She kicked up her foot and her stocking foot showed through the slit of her dress. She looked over to her right and sitting only a few feet away was the girl in the green dress. Their eyes met and she noticed the girl look down at her foot and lick her lips. Was this girl flirting with me she thought to herself? When the girl looked back at her and their eyes met again Catherine got butterflies in her stomach and a strange tingle in her panties.

The cork popped and the bartender poured her another glass of champagne, she took it and as she turned to leave the girl was there. She was beautiful, she was younger then Catherine, not that Catherine was old, 41, but she could tell this girl was in her twenties at least. Their eyes met again and Catherine felt that tingle again. Was it the champagne or was she attracted to this woman. If it was the champagne she wanted the whole bottle. The girl spoke, it was soft and sweet and Catherine was definitely felling the champagne.

“Will you buy me one of those?” her words were sultry.

“They are free” Catherine couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. She was so embarrassed.

“I know silly, but let’s drink one together.”

“I am so sorry, of course, I would like that.

“Bartender, another glass of champagne for my new friend…”


“Hi, I am Catherine”

“Nice to meet you Catherine”

Victoria took her glass of champagne and the girls began to drink up. They flirted, got another glass and flirted some more.

Victoria and Catherine didn’t leave each other’s side the rest of the night. They talked and giggled and occasionally brushed against one another. Catherine was feeling a little uninhibited from the champagne and Victoria’s flirty advances toward her had her so turned on, she didn’t say no when Victoria asked her to come up to her room.

“Would you like to see the rooms here? Mine is so big and there is this big leather chair in the corner. I can’t wait to curl up inside it.”

“Sure” Catherine side innocently. “Just let me go tell my date”

“Why? He won’t even know you are gone. Let’s just go”

Victoria took Catherine by the hand, grabbed a bottle of champagne from the bartender and gave him a big tip. They hurried out of the ballroom and to the elevators. The lobby was all marble and busy with people coming in from an evening on the town. There were several people waiting by the elevator, when the girls got there, giggling. The doors opened and everyone got on. Catherine and Victoria were the last to step on.

“Eight please,” Victoria said to the man pressing the buttons. They were on the top floor of the hotel, so they were going to make a stop on 3, 4 and 6. Then it seemed like they would be alone. They fidgeted the whole time they were in the elevator. Looking at each other and giggling, moving out the way at each stop.

Finally they stopped on 6 and were alone as the people got off the elevator and the doors closed. The girls looked at each other and as soon as the elevator moved, Victoria had her lips on Catharine’s and started to kiss her passionately. Catherine let her. Never before had Catherine been kissed by a woman but she didn’t hold back and she allowed Victoria to have her way.

The doors opened and they barely could keep their hands off each other down the hall to Victoria’s room. She fumbled with the key card and the door opened. Once inside, Catherine was very impressed with the room, it was spacious and yes there was this big leather chair in the corner. Victoria closed the door and started to pop the cork on the champagne bottle and it exploded all over them. They laughed as they were sprayed with the foam coming out of the bottle.

“Oh my, I am so sorry.” Victoria said, “Oh now we have to get out of these wet dresses.

“Will you unzip me?” She asked and turned her back to Catherine.

Catherine realized what was happening and her finger were trembling as she unzipped Victoria’s green dress. As the zipper separated, the dress started to fall. Once it was a puddle on the floor, Victoria’s beautiful young body was revealed, she was only wearing stockings and garters under her dress. The garters were black lace that cupped her smooth round butt cheeks and was held up by thin pieces of material that gathered in the back with small jewels. The tops of the stocking matched the lace on the garters. Victoria bent down to gather her dress and there was nothing covering her glistening clit. Catherine felt her own clit start to burn with desire for this beautiful young woman in front of her.

“Come on take-off yours now.” Victoria commanded as she went into the bathroom to hang the dresses.

Catherine stood there not knowing what to do.

Peeking from the bathroom Victoria said, “Bring me you wet dress, I will hang it over the shower.”

Catherine made her way to the bathroom door, unzipping the small zipper in the side seam, removing the straps from her shoulders and down her arms. Then wiggling it down her hips and stepping out of it. Victoria watched her the whole time, reaching for it when she was done. Catherine still almost in a trance waited as she turned and hung it over the shower next to hers.

“Do you want to jump in the shower to rinse off?”

“Oh no a towel will be good.” Catherine said trembling from the coolness now in the room.

Victoria handed her a towel, as she was also toweling off herself.

“Oh your stockings are so beautiful!” Victoria exclaimed.

“So are yours.”

“I have to admit, when I saw your stocking foot under your dress, I was so turned on, and wanted to see where it led too.”

Catherine smiled and could believe her ears. Victoria came closer. “Can I help?”

She started to help Catherine with the towel, looking into each other’s eyes the girls got closer to each other. Victoria went in for the kiss. This time it was sweet and soft. The next one she parted her lips over Catherine’s, and the third one she opened them with her tongue. Slowly she wrapped her arms around Catherine and undid her bra. Then moved her lips to her neck, then her shoulder, pushing the strap down, the lose bra began to move downward and exposed Catherine’s nipple. Victoria began to kiss her luscious breast, and then sucked her nipple into her mouth.

“Ummm, you still taste of champagne.”

“I am not sure about this, I, I “Catherine stuttered from the tingles she was getting from the touches of Victoria’s lips. “I,I, never have, have… been, ooooh.”

Victoria was now on her knees and looked up at Catherine after she kissed the inside of her leg, her cheek brushed along Catherine’s clit, and her body shivered.

“You have never what?” Victoria kissed the other side this time.

“Oh” Catherine was breathing heavy now. “Been with a, a, ….”

“Woman!” Victoria cut her off, “I figured that, but do you really want me to stop?”

Victoria leaned in and this time kissed her right on her clit. Then without an answer from Catherine, she started to lick away at her moist mound. She spread Catherine’s lips open and she put her tongue right in to her opening. She came back to her clit, and back down to the hole. She repeated this several times then finally plunging her tongue deep inside her pussy and twisted it inside of her. She thrust in and out. Catherine couldn’t hold back much longer, her pussy tightened around the young woman’s tongue and took a hold of it. Victoria used her fingertips to massage her clit, that was pulsating, and brought her to an orgasm.

When Catherine began to feel her orgasm begin she started to moan out loud. Her body began to quiver, and she had her hands in Victoria’s hair. She pushed her head closer in, and up on the balls of her feet she began to shoot the cum out of her pussy like it had never done before. She let out a loud “YES” and pushed Victoria deeper into her.

When she was finished licking all of the cum from Catherine’s pussy, Victoria leaned back and sat on her feet and looked up at Catherine. Catherine was looking down at her, they both smiled. Catherine extended her hand to help Victoria up. She took it.

“So did you enjoy the first time a woman did that to you?”

“Oh yes, and it was like no other.” Catherine answered in a huff, still feeling a few of the effects of the orgasm and the champagne.

Victoria kissed her again, and took her hand and lead her to the big leather chair.

“So are you ready for me?”

Catherine nodded as Victoria sat in the chair and flung her legs over the big arms and spread herself wide open for Catherine. Catherine was mesmerized by Victoria’s clean shaven, pink pussy, her hard swollen clit poking out at her. She fell to her knees and first used her fingers as she felt the wetness that had built up on her beautiful pussy. She was eager to please her, just as she had done. Unsure of herself she just started to do what was coming to her.

She first licked her from bottom to top, repeatedly. Then she twirled her tongue around the tip of her clit, and then made her way back down, then up again. Victoria started to moan softly. Catherine smiled and did it again. She used her hands to hold open the folds of Victoria’s pussy and then pushed her tongue into her as she licked back up to the hard bud at the top. She did it again, and again, Victoria got louder and louder. Catherine sucked on her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy hole. Victoria reacted by arching her back and pushing her hips into Catherine’s face. Catherine figured she was doing something right.

“Yes baby, now fuck me with your tongue” Victoria grab on to Catherine’s head and pushed it into her.

Catherine did as she said and pushed her tongue into the beautiful young girl and continued to go in and out. Victoria let go of her head and thrust her body into the air, grabbing on to the back of the chair for leverage. Her orgasm took over her and she began to cum all over Catherine’s face. Catherine was trying to take it all in but it was too much and the cum was dripping out of her mouth.

“YES, YES...OOOOH YES!” Victoria scream out it passion.

After a few seconds, still throbbing from her incredible orgasm she lowered herself down the chair and sat right in front of Catherine. They began to kiss. Their hands began to explore each other. Catherine knew her pussy still wanted more. She grinded her pussy into Victoria’s leg as they were making out. She was leaving a trail of cum on her leg and her pussy was enjoying the friction being made between their skins.

Victoria broke away and instructed Catherine to straddle the chair, by putting both legs over the arms and facing the back. Catherine stood up and did as she was told. Victoria ran her hands up and down Catherine’s still stocking legs and felt the silk under her hands as she took her position.

“Ummm, I love the feel of silk stockings. I could not wait to feel them on you after I noticed you were wearing them.”

Catherine straddled the chair, and Victoria, leaded her head back on the cushion. Her face was directly under Catherine’s dripping pussy and she went back for seconds on eating away at the pretty pink pussy. She covered the whole thing with her mouth and sucked all of it in to her mouth. Her hands ran up the back of her legs to her as. She grabbed hold of them and pulled her down harder on to her mouth.

Catherine was cumming again in seconds. Victoria just kept doing what she was doing and Catherine keep cumming. She had three orgasms, right then. Victoria didn’t let up after any of them. Catherine couldn’t take it any longer. She rested on the back of the big chair and just relaxed as Victoria made her cum one more time before releasing her from her suction.

“Oh man, I didn’t think you were ever going to come up for air,” Catherine said as she turned over and sat in the big leather chair. Victoria joined her.

“Oh I loved the way you were just cumming again and again and didn’t want to stop.”

“I think I cam 3 times. I have never done that in my life.”

“It was four sweetie! I hope next time to make it eight, double your pleasure every time.”

Catherine smiled at Victoria as they cuddled in the big chair and began to kiss and make out very passionately. They did this for a while. They rubbed their naked bodies together, tangled their stocking legs together, and grinded their wet pussy together. They did it again and again and both girls cam once more together. They laid there in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep still in the big comfy leather chair.

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