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The Bored Wife: Suhaila Gets Even

Suhaila teaches Kevin a lesson
Suhaila was still angry when she thought of Kevin's deceitfulness. But, she must admit, he did have a nice cock and was very good at fucking her with it. Her pussy could not dissuade her brain though. She had to get revenge, but she would need a little help.

Suhaila called her friend Sharon to come over. Sharon was her good friend from Singapore. She was around 5'6", with long black hair. Only a couple of years separated them. If anyone could help, it was Sharon. They devised a wicked scheme over lunch. Now, the only thing left to do was put their plan into action.

Suhaila spotted Kevin going to his car on this beautiful spring day. He was with a young woman whom she hadn't seen before and thought she should introduce herself. Kevin was surprised when Sue gave him a big hug as she said hello. They hadn't really spoken much since that glorious night. He thought she was upset with him, but this embrace had him reconsidering

."Hi, I'm Sue," she said, extending her hand after breaking from Kevin's grasp.

"Nice to meet you," the pretty girl replied. "My name is Ava."

Turning back to Kevin, Sue added with a wink, "It's been awhile." Ava gave him a funny look but he didn't notice.

"How long have you been dating?"

They said it had been a month and tonight they were celebrating with a fancy dinner. 'Perfect', Suhaila thought as she went back to her house, a huge smile lighting her gorgeous face.

"Ready?" Sue asked as Sharon listened on the other end of the phone.

"I can't wait," Sharon answered excitedly. "This is going to be so much fun."

"I've been waiting for this for so long. Hurry over." Suhaila got off the phone and changed into the special outfit that Sharon had picked up for their adventure. Looking at herself in the mirror, Sue smiled, thinking of the naughty night ahead.

Sharon honked the horn and Sue rushed out the door, anxious to get this party started. They spotted Kevin's car pulling out of the drive and began to follow him.

"Poor Ava," Suhaila said. "She'll be pissed when he doesn't show up." Both women start to laugh as they continue their pursuit.

"It's time," Sharon said, putting on the siren. Sharon is a police officer. Kevin pulled over three blocks down and waited for the officer to come over. "Stay in the car, I'll be right back," said Sharon as she left the car. Walking up to the window, she flashed a light inside.

"Good evening, officer," Kevin said, looking up at Sharon.

"License and registration please," Sharon answered sternly.

"Is anything wrong, officer?"

"Yes, this car was spotted at a robbery not far from here. Would you know anything about that?"

Before he could respond, Sharon told him to follow her. Kevin looked nervous but nodded his agreement. They drove for about a mile until finally turning into a hotel parking lot. Kevin noticed that there was another female cop, just as beautiful as Sharon. Though he couldn't see their eyes because of the sunglasses, he saw that their bodies were amazing. Kevin looked confused. He wondered what they were doing at this hotel.

Sharon knocked on his window and said, "Come inside with us. We've got some questions for you."

Once inside,Sharon locked the door behind them while Suhaila went into the other room

"Sit over there," Sharon said, pointing at the lone chair in the middle of the room. Kevin walked to it anxiously, not knowing what to expect next. "Put your hands behind your back," Sharon commanded. He obeyed and did exactly as she had requested. Quick as a cat, she cuffed him to the bars on the back of the chair.

Meanwhile, Suhaila had come over and bound his legs with Sharon's other pair of cuffs. He was helpless. Kevin began to speak, but was cut off when Sharon stated, "I think you know my 'partner.' She has something to ask you."

Suhaila slinked over and sat on Kevin's lap. Her breasts were brushing against his chest and he glanced down at her ample cleavage. She smiled devilishly, enjoying his stare, as well as the hardness in his pants.

First, she took off her hat, undid her beret letting her long dark hair fall across her shoulders. This was the moment she had been dreaming of ever since their erotic encounter. Suhaila removed her sunglasses, giggling when she saw the look of astonishment on Kevin's face.

"Hi baby," she said. "Surprised to see me?" The words caught in his throat as he gazed into her beautiful eyes. "We thought we'd have a little fun with you," she added, flicking her tongue playfully across his lips. This made his bulge pulse, which brought a wicked grin to Suhaila's face. She stood up, saying, "I hope you enjoy the show."

That's when Sharon walked up behind her and started to unbutton Suhaila's shirt, revealing her sumptuous breasts. Sharon nibbled on her neck and Suhaila let out a sigh of pleasure as her friend's hands reached around to pinch her erect nipples. Next she pulled off Suhaila's pants and gave her luscious ass a lustful bite, as her fingers slid underneath her panties.

"Oh, yes," Suhaila gasped as Sharon's digits began to enter her moist pussy. Two fingers sliding in and out of her sex had Sue on the verge of orgasm.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," she screamed as her climax took over. Her body bucked as the pleasure enveloped her.

"Want a taste?" Sharon asked offering her sticky fingers to Kevin. He opened his mouth waiting for his treat. She stopped short of his lips, then sucked the sweet nectar off of her own fingers. Winking at Kevin she added," You don't deserve to taste her delicious juice."

Having regained her composure, Suhaila walked up to Sharon and took her face in her hands. They kissed passionately, their tongues playing with each other as wet lips joined in a sensuous dance. Kevin was staring at these two beauties as they continued a very arousing lip lock. They both looked over at Kevin sitting awestruck in his chair.

Sharon sauntered over to him saying, "Looks like someone is happy," as her hand squeezed his throbbing erection. She began to undo his belt and pull down his zipper.

"You weren't lying, Sue, he does have a nice cock," Sharon smiled at her as she released his dick from his boxers. Her hand grasped his manhood and she stroked it nice and slow, enjoying the feel of his hard shaft. Kevin let out a sigh as Sharon continued the hand job.

"Think I want to suck on it," Sharon teased , kneeling down in front of him.

Her mouth was mere inches from Kevin's throbbing cock. A look of excitement came to Kevin's face.

Suhaila interrupted saying, "Why don't you take care of me first?"

They both turned to see Suhaila with her legs spread wide, her fingers caressing the lips of her pussy.

"That looks so delicious," Sharon said leaving Kevin, to have a taste of her friend's sweetness. Suhaila was staring into Kevin's eyes as Sharon attacked her wetness with a skilled tongue. Kevin watched as Suhaila's eyes rolled back in her head. She was moaning loudly as Sharon devoured her pussy. Another orgasm washed over her and she screamed and shook uncontrollably. Sharon kissed her friend letting Sue taste her own juices.

"It's your turn baby," Suhaila said as she walked over to Kevin. His eyes were big as she knelt down and took his cock in her hand.

She started to play with it, jerking his dick as she said, "I forgot how big you are." Kevin threw back his head as Suhaila increased the pace of her hand.

When he opened his eyes, Sharon was standing above him, totally naked. Her body was unbelievable, slim and trim. Her nipples were as hard as bullets, and her pussy was wet with her lust.

"I want to feel that big cock inside me," Sharon begged as she smiled wickedly. Suhaila rubbed his cock against Sharon's pussy lips as she lowered herself down to meet his firmness. Kevin's cock twitched as she continued to tease it on Sharon's folds.

"I need a taste first," Suhaila teased still holding his cock tight as her mouth moved to Sharon's inviting pussy. Her tongue flicked at Sharon's clit as she pumped Kevin's cock furiously. Her tongue entered Sharon, hungrily licking her walls. Sharon's moaning made Sue lick even faster until Sharon yelled out in pleasure and filled Suhaila's mouth with her delicious nectar. After enjoying every last sweet drop, Suhaila stood up and positioned herself over Kevin's rigid cock.

"Want to feel this pussy wrapped around your hard cock, Kevin?" she asked lowering herself until her lips brushed against his manhood.

"Oh yes, please," he gasped, so horny by now he thought he might burst. She rubbed her pussy back and forth over his cock feeling it twitch and throb. The anticipation mounting as Suhaila continued to tease.

"Let's share," Sharon implored. Both women got on their knees and grabbed his swollen erection. They moved their heads closer and darted out their tongues, finding each other's warm wet mouths. Kissing for a few moments longer, they finally tore themselves away. Standing up, they began to dress. Kevin's expression was priceless. He was totally confused and bewildered.

"Sorry, hun, got to go," Suhaila said as she finished dressing.

"Wait, you can't leave me here."

"Of course not. But who should I call to come get you? Your mother or your girlfriend?"

With that, they turned and headed for the door. Laughing loudly, as they left Kevin sitting there wondering who would come and catch him in this embarrassing situation.

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Posted 11 Feb 2014 08:22
Would be great for a conclusion - mmm - mom? girlfriend? maybe both!
Posted 15 Oct 2013 07:20
Great story, plan on a follow up? Maybe drag the new gf into rescuing him then turning her?
Posted 15 Oct 2013 00:28
Yes dear....such sweet revenge....nice story!!
Posted 14 Oct 2013 19:00
Oh that punishment was priceless, great job, want more

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