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The Company Dinner

Jill torments Sarah, exposes her in public and has her wicked way with her back home
There is probably only one thing worse than not having apartner to your Prom / High School Graduation Ball / call it whatever is appropriate for your particular place on this planet; and that is being invited by the Chairman to “His” end of year function. In reality all it is, is a kind of a lottery where various names are drawn from a hat to attend a dinner with “God” whose sole purpose is to mix with and spread a little benevolence amongst the masses. This year….. it was my turn.

What made it particularly unpleasant for me was; firstly it was an invitation that included partners and secondly, I knew I was not going to invite a guy, certainly not any of the fawning singles from work. I debated long and hard whether I should even go but it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that it was not an invitation as such, it was a royal command.

So here I was, three nights before the big event with no idea what to do. I spoke at length over the phone to Jamie but she was out saving the rhino or something. Since graduating zoology and animal husbandry she had gone into nature conservation and spent most of her time sleeping under the stars, tracking poachers and shitting in a plastic bag (which she had to carry with her until the end of her patrol which could last a week) lest a hyena discerned a taste for human excrement. I asked her why she couldn’t simply mark her territory as lions do but she was not amused at my flippant reaction to her earnest endeavours at saving the planet.

I called Jill and explained my predicament. You see, as far as my employers and work colleagues were concerned I was no more than “that blonde girl that sits in that corner office on the third floor and sends our reports”. I have never been good at mixing business with pleasure, and so had never seen fit to share my private life with anybody in the office. I kept to myself and neither volunteered nor invited “private” information. As far as my colleagues were concerned I was a mystery. They may have suspected something about my persuasion because they had certainly not seen me with any guys but it would all have been suspicion.

Jill was delicious. “Oh Sarah,” she squealed. “We can go as a couple, shock the pants off them all”. I was less enthusiastic but eventually, and with some relief, agreed that we could go together. We would arrive simply as friends and see how the night turned out. At age (as I was then) 26, I couldn’t remain in the closet forever and so I may as well break out in the relative safety of a work function. I was terrified, but resolved.

The big night arrived and I collected Jill from her apartment. She was gorgeous, sexy yet understated and completely feminine in a simple, long, oxblood-coloured, spaghetti-strapped dress. I was wearing a black skirt with cream, raw silk blouse and beautiful silk and cashmere Pashmina. It was not a formal function but smart dress was expected.

We arrived at the restaurant when most people were already there. Let it be said at this point that the group consisted of technical types (those mysterious fellows from the workshop who seemed to know how to fix everything) financial types and sales types. Jill and I walked in together, not as a couple but clearly together. There was an immediate lull in conversation as colleagues looked at me, then at Jill, and then at each other as if we wouldn’t or couldn’t notice the unspoken comments passing between them; especially the older men with their frumpy wives. I know people were whispering behind their hands but I had been prisoner of my sexuality for too long and decided that night to be to this group of work colleagues, the same girl I am to my group of friends that meet at the pub of a Sunday afternoon. The evening promised to be long and somewhat dull but Jill was prepared and of a similar disposition to my own.

The evening started off slowly. The guys pretending that we are not there lest their wives, girlfriends or significant other take exception. The girls pretending to be oblivious to the fact that Jill and I were clearly together, not as platonic friends. They talked about knitting and recipes and child-birth and we nodded wisely and talked about the girl’s hockey team and watching sport at the pub. At a point and by unspoken agreement between us, Jill and I decided to add fun and a little excitement to the evening. We flirted outrageously and touched, not always so surreptitiously. At first the other guests were a little self-conscious, pretending not to notice, pretending too that we would not notice that they were talking about us. Jill then teased the Chairman’s wife, a rather gorgeous lady in her forties, which elicited all manner of nervous giggles.

It was innocent fun, a little over the top without being offensive. Eventually a redneck technical type who had had one beer too many and was pretending to be hot for his overweight wife, but couldn’t keep his eyes (or hands) off any girl that wasn’t his wife, said something along the lines of "hey are you two chicks into each other, like do you do it"?

Strangely that broke the ice and the rest of the evening was enormous fun. Jill danced with the Chairman’s wife and one or two of the other girls and I swear at least one of them had a little feel of her sexy bum. One of the sales chaps got really pissed off because his girlfriend talked to me for a long time and we danced. When she eventually needed to go to the loo she asked me to go with her which I did…. Once there she simply dropped her panties and sat down with the door open, continuing the conversation without interruption. Wow! I never expected that but pretended this was an everyday occurrence – I was transfixed.

Eventually the evening came to an end and with hugs and kisses all round, we headed off in our respective directions. That said, all this time watching Jill flirt and dance, the sales chap’s girlfriend, and the general fun and laughter had left me more than a little excited.

I drove, it was my car and I had fetched Jill, but also because she would have been over the limit albeit she hadn’t been drinking much. Jill sat alongside me talking about the evening and asking me about my colleagues, how I interacted with them. We were both hyped and flirting with each other, with Jill rubbing my thigh as I drove. I was enormously turned on and barely able to wait to get home so that I could have this lovely girl who had so captured my imagination (and it must be said, that of half the nights party which in itself, was adding to my arousal).

Jill teased me, asking about my underwear and daring me to show her what I was wearing. Nervous at first being that there was some traffic I eventually relaxed and started lifting the hem of my skirt a little but not quite showing her. At a traffic light, she pouted and became all dominatrix on me, insisting I take off my panties. I hesitated a moment but then complied and gave them to her. To my horror she hung them over the rear-view mirror for all to see. What was immediately obvious to both Jill and I, was the rather large wet spot in the crotch.

For the rest of the journey she mercilessly teased me, rubbing my sex and then licking her fingers, tormenting me while she acted the demure puritan, never so much as showing me a calf, let alone anything else. I was aroused to the point I knew there would be a stain on the back of my skirt, and almost certainly on the upholstery of my car seat. For a moment this bothered me as the guy at the car wash would surely notice – he seemed to pay special attention to my car, but I was so desperate for Jill to take me, to be pleased with me that I stopped worrying. Let tomorrow’s problems be dealt with tomorrow.

We pulled up eventually at home. There is no on-site parking but fortunately there was a spot not too far from the front gate. I was about to get out of the car when Jill put her hand out to stop me. “Good” I thought, “she’s going to allow be to put my panties on”. I should have known better from the kind of mood that she was in. Jill instructed me to take off my skirt, and leave my panties hanging over the rear-view mirror. I protested weakly but by this point I was so aroused I would have walked across hot coals to get to her. I am certain I smelled her arousal but maybe I was projecting. I contemplated the distance, albeit short, that I would have to walk to my front door in no more than my blouse and very thin, silky bra; and slowly and deliberately unhooked the side button, and slipped the zipper down. I sat there thus, looking at Jill who returned my gaze and then in a moment of seriousness, nodded for me to continue.

I wiggled out of my skirt and gave it to her, almost reverently. She insisted I have no means of covering myself as we walked from the car so she even took my little handbag from me. My earlier excitement was now tempered somewhat by the realisation that I had parked directly under a street light and any casual observer would not fail but notice firstly my panties hanging from the mirror and secondly that I was semi-naked. Worse still neighbours know my car. For a moment I fantasised about the type of lewd messages I would likely find tucked under my windscreen wiper in the morning. Jill was out of the car, pointedly looking at her watch and back at me, feigning impatience. I could see her tender smile teasing the corners of her mouth which made me feel stronger. It was midnight after all and the streets deserted, almost. Who I rationalised, could possibly see me and even if they could, so what. I opened the car door and “Fuck!” the courtesy light came on. I wavered for a moment and then stepped out of the car, clicked the remote central locking which of course, in the dead of night, sounded cacophonous with its multi-beeps telling me and all the neighbours that the car was truly locked.

The glare from the street light was blinding – “This is Africa for goodness sake, where is service delivery failure when you need it,” I cursed. Only last week this streetlight was not working. I was self-conscious but aroused to the point of being carefree in the cool night air gently whispering across my exposed sex. One door down there was a darkened recess where a homeless person had taken to being a self-appointed car-guard for our street. I prayed he would be asleep or at best in some chemically-induced fog so that he would not recognise me. Alas, from the shadows a voice called out, "Hey lady, your cunt is showing.” It was at once so vulgar, so crude yet so erotic.

Jill took my hand and we walked across the sidewalk, through the gate (I had never noticed how the hinges squealed) and to the front door where I had to beg her to give me the key which was in my bag of course. She made a big fuss of scratching around (Shit how difficult could it be, I only had the key and a few woman essentials in there) but she was enjoying my discomfort. She eventually had the door open and we stepped into the house where Jill immediately kicked off her shoes.

I had up to now, acted the complete submissive, at Jill’s mercy, doing exactly as I was told. She turned to me as if to continue the game but before she could say anything I pulled her roughly to me. Kissing hard and deep, lips crushing lips, feeling her teeth behind her lips, not letting up for a moment. I had been on the edge of desperation for so long I could wait no longer. I pushed her to the floor where I straddled her, tearing the zipper which runs down about 6 inches under her left arm. I roughly pulled the strap from her shoulder and push her bra up, exposing her breasts. Kissing hungrily, sucking, biting, and causing her to whimper. The tables turned as I became the aggressor. I am slightly heavier than Jill so her protests are easily brushed aside.

Having torn the zipper on her dress I was at least a little sensitive to the fact Jill was not made of money so I was a little more cautious in sliding the straps from her shoulder and with her wiggling, removing her dress. She was lying on the floor, on her back, looking at me with something akin to fear in her eyes, mixed with excitement. I knelt between her legs and without warning tore her thong, exposing her engorged sex. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating, her girlie juices clearly glistening between her red and puffy lips. Resistance crumpled and I buried my face in her crotch, taking in the fragrance of her arousal. I savoured the flavours and the raw animal sexuality of her. Sucking, licking, nibbling, tormenting. She thrust and bucked trying to take me into her.

In a moment she was still, silent, as if catching her breath and then she erupted with a keening squeal, hips bucking as I fought to accommodate her lurching. Sucking, tasting and savouring, gagging almost at the sheer volume of her erupting sex juices. I swallowed hungrily, not wanting to waste a drop of this anointing. After a bit, Jill lay still, breathing heavily, her hair in disarray framing her lovely face. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at me as she softly mouthed “I love you”. Content for a moment I lay back with her in my arms, listening to her breathing but not saying anything.

My hunger remained unsatisfied but there was time. Jill slowly raised herself onto her elbow, leaned down and kissed me, softly at first but ever more hungrily as she tasted her sex on my lips and tongue. She gently and deliberately started to unhook the buttons of my blouse, one by one; all the while gazing lovingly into my eyes. Then she silently signalled for me to sit up so she could slip my blouse off my shoulders and finally my bra. I lay back and at last, the glorious, heavenly touch of her warm hands as she gently and in meticulous detail traced every inch of my breasts; at first with her fingers and then her tongue. She was teasing my aching nipples, taking them one by one into her mouth, alternately nibbling, biting and sucking them. It was driving me crazy with desire but I dared not interrupt her. Eventually I could resist no longer and my hand slipped down my tummy to my sex. My clit was standing proud and oh so sensitive. It was not going to take much for me to fall over the edge. Jill knew this and whilst going through some pretence of teasing me and making me suffer, was silently willing me on to reach my own ecstasy.

Satisfied with what she had done to my breasts and nipples she started slowly licking down my tummy, tasting my belly-button, slowly seeking out my centre. I could feel her breath on my Mons; I ached with the anticipation of her mouth finally reaching my fragrant garden. She reached, and then slowly and gently took my clit between her lips. I was by now shaking uncontrollably, crying in love and the excitement of my passion. My hips were thrusting involuntarily, wanting to pull her into my very centre. Her tongue parted my engorged lips and thrust into me. I needed no more; I could wait no longer as I exploded with primeval wailing, thrashing and gushing of my nectar, flooding her beautiful mouth.

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