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The Library Part 2

Kate visits the library and help from a different Library today
On Kate’s next visit to the library he was not around. She needed to run in and return a book. She also wanted to see if they had this older book she had just read about online. Since he was not around, Kate figured she could get in and out.

Kate was in the secluded stacks on the second floor, and her thoughts went right back to that day. All she could do was think about the dark headed librarian pushing her up against the shelves and plunging his thick fingers inside of her. Making Kate wet right there against those old books. Kate’s pussy was getting wet, her undies were moist, and her body was starting to tingly thinking about his hands touching her. She found herself wanting to touch herself right there, but knew she couldn’t.

Then she heard a voice, a young voice, a women’s voice. She was singing, it was getting louder and it was getting closer. She turned down the row that Kate was on and was startled to see her. She smiled. She was young and beautiful. She worked there; Kate had seen her plenty of times. She was always so happy and perky, just like her breasts. Kate couldn’t believe that she was staring at them, her shirt fit tightly around them, they looked perfect, young and soft.

The young women finally greeted Kate with a friendly smile and a hello. Kate could hardly get the "Hey" out that she tried to utter. This lovely girl started to talk, her voice was almost angelic, it must have been the state Kate was in that, she could not believe the way she was looking at this women, how her voice was getting Kate more and more aroused then she already was.

She told Kate that she was about the only person who ever came up here. Kate was a little shocked, it was quite up there and the books were very intriguing to Kate. She told Kate, she noticed Kate would get lost up here every time she came in. She smiled as if she knew why.

She asked Kate about her favorite book, maybe she could read it and they could talk about it sometime. Kate started to look for her favorite book on the shelf. She pulled it out, and handed it to the young women. The young librarian started to thumb through it. Kate told her it was about a young women, who lived on a southern planation and her worldly cousin came to visit one summer and taught her to discover her sexuality. She smiled, she said that sounded good, and she would have to read it.

She looked straight into Kate’s eyes as they talked, her eyes were beautiful and the way she looked at Kate made her body quiver. She would look at the book, look at Kate, and look back at the book, she was not reading anything but pretended to. Then she would look back at Kate, looking at different parts of her body as she went back and forth to the book and Kate. Kate caught herself doing the same.

Kate thought about one part of the book when the girl in the book kisses another girl for the first time, and thought about how sweet it would be to kiss this young beauty standing in front of her. How lovely her skin would taste, how soft her breast must be, Kate didn’t understand what was overcoming her. She had never thought of a woman this way. Well at least not a real one. She would always picture herself in some of these stories, but that was just stories.

The young women closed the book and looked at Kate, she got butterflies in her stomach. The girl stepped a little closer to Kate and she could feel some heavy tension building in the little space between them. The young librarian reached up for another book. She brushed up against Kate as she pulled the book from the shelf. Their skin touching was electrifying. She looked up into Kate’s eyes and their lips almost touched, Kate wanted them to.

The girl started to speak instead, her lips moved and all Kate could think about was her tongue inside of the girl’s mouth. Her lips touching hers, Kate barely heard her words. Kate was focused on her lips. The young librarian started to tell Kate that she saw her return this book and she would come up here sometimes when it is really slow in the library and read it. She even said she was surprised by how turned on it made her and that she would think of Kate as she read it, wondering if Kate had gotten turned on the same way as she did. Kate was in total shock that this woman even noticed her, much less taught of her as she read erotic stories.

They were staring into each other’s eyes when Kate felt the girls hand reach up and stroked her cheek, the other hand reached up and ran through Kate’s hair, and then pulled Kate to her for a kiss. Right there in the same stacks as the male librarian had a few days earlier. What is with this library? Kate wondered if it was cursed by nympho gods.

The kiss was soft, it was wonderful and the girl kissed Kate again, this time she parted Kate’s lips with hers and her tongues was inside Kate’s mouth. Their tongues were twirling around each other in her mouth. Kate’s clit was tingling and panties were getting wetter with each thrust of their tongues. Kate’s hand was now running down her arm, the other reaching around to her back and pulling her closer. Her chest was now pressed up against Kate’s.

Her hands were starting to explore Kate’s body. Her hands felt so good running down her back to the hem of Kate’s dress, and went up under her skirt, her bare hand was on Kate’s bare ass. She grab at it again and again, grinding Kate’s ass. Her hand reached around and felt the lace of Kate’s panties and she could feel her fingers run down to the tip of her hard clit. The touch of her finger to Kate’s wet clit sent shivers up and down her spine. She started to kiss down Kate’s neck, to her shoulder. She started to get lower down Kate’s body, kissing her body through the thin material of Kate’s dress. She kissed Kate’s nipple, even though her clothes Kate could feel her lips pressed to her hard nipple and the electricity was amazing.

The librarian started to go down Kate’s body lowering herself to the floor. She was kneeling in front of Kate. Her mouth was in line with Kate’s awaiting clit. She reached both hands up under Kate’s dress and raised it just enough to see the lacey thong coving Kate’s bareness. Kate knew what was about to happen, she braced herself up against the shelves behind her as the girls hands reach up and pulled Kate’s soaking wet panties down, Kate spread her legs slightly and her hard erect clit poked out at her. Kate could feel the warmth of the girl’s breath close to her wet pussy and started to quiver. Kate could not wait for her tongue to reach Kate’s awaiting clit.

It seemed like she took forever to finally lick at Kate’s awaiting clit. As soon as her tongue reached it Kate exploded, her cum was dripping out of her and the young librarian licked harder and harder to catch it all as it was flowing from Kate. Kate’s hands were in her hair, pushing her head deeper into her pussy. Kate’s orgasm was fast and furious. Kate hoped she did not disappointing her by cumming so fast, but by the way the girl lapped at her pussy and the juices coming out of Kate, she was enjoying herself.

As Kate’s orgasm was subsiding, the girl began to get kissed back up Kate’s body. One hand stayed under Kate’s skirt and her fingers played with Kate’s creamy pussy. Flicking at the tip of the clit then entering into her pussy, one finger at a time, until she had three, shoved deep inside her. Kate’s body arched against the shelves she could feel the hard shelves pushed up against her back. Kate’s pussy was being fucked by this beautiful librarian and was about to explode again right there.

She reached Kate’s mouth with her kisses and she could taste herself on her sweet lips. This was unbelievable. Kate couldn’t stand it anymore she wanted to fall to the floor with her on top, Kate wanted to feel her naked body against hers. Kate wanted to taste her pussy juices flowing out of her.

She guided Kate slowly to the back corner of the section of the library they were in. The young women began to undress Kate, she lifted Kate’s dress over her head, she undid Kate’s bra from behind and guided it off of her. Kate started to undo her tight blouse and removed it from her body. She undone the button to her slacks as Kate undid the clasp of her bra, she unzipped her pants and as she was pushing them down to the floor her bra fell down her arms revealing her perfect perky breast to Kate. Kate immediately went for them with her hands, grinding her palms up against the girls erect nipples. They started to kiss again, their tongues exploring each other’s, their mouths open to each other’s.

Kate’s hands started to move down her stomach and to her hips moving inward toward her mound. As Kate got closer she could feel how hot she was. As her fingertip reached the tip of the girls clit Kate could feel how wet she was. Kate’s finger slid right into her pussy, she was dripping wet. Kate’s finger was insider of her, then another entered her, her pussy squeezed tight around Kate’s two fingers and Kate was moving them faster and faster in and out of her. Kate’s thumb pressed hard on the hard bud of her clit, pressing harder with each thrust of her fingers. Their tongues were going harder at each other’s. Twisting and twirling in their mouths.

The walls to the corner of the library were half glass windows and half wall. There was a bit of a sill there, she slowly slid her but on to the little shelf and leaned back against the window, they were tinted very dark so no one could ever see into them. As she leaned back she spread her legs, putting one foot on the sill on the other wall, exposing her pretty pink pussy to Kate. Kate pushed her fingers deep into her hole. Three just as she did to Kate. Her pussy was tight and she was enjoying being fucked by Kate’s fingers. Kate pushed her hand with her body; Kate could feel her cum dripping down her leg.

Kate removed her hand and lined her hard clit up with the girls open pussy. Kate was fucking her pussy with her hard clit. Kate could feel the girl’s cum dripping out of her mixing with her own. Kate pushed harder into her, harder. Kate could feel her orgasm build she was about to explode when the librarian pushed Kate away.

She got up off the sill and pushed Kate to the ground. The young librarian lay on top of Kate and started to grind her hard clit into Kate’s. She wanted to fuck Kate the same way she just did her. She moved herself with one leg under Kate’s and the other over, their pussy were grinding into each other’s. Their holes were open wide to each other’s, their clits rubbing against each other’s. Kate cam so fast, and so did she. Their bodies’ quiver in unison and their orgasms went on forever. Both went limp.

Then they realized where they were and hurried to get themselves dressed. They young women looked at Kate and kissed her one last time. She smiled said she had to get back to work and that maybe next time she could join Kate and her boss in the room in the back and she walked off. Kate waited a few minutes in awe and then got out of there. Realizing she left my panties on the floor by the book, and hoped she remembered.

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