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The Strip Club

Strip club visit opens her up to a whole new adventure
My guy friend and I went out one night. We happened upon a gentleman’s club and went in. It was nice for those kinds of places. We took a seat at a table pretty close to the stage and ordered some drinks. A few girls were working the crowd while one girl preformed on the stage. All the girls had very nice bodies. Bodies anyone would die for, I know I would.

The next girl that came on stage was rather nice looking and after a few shots was really turning my friend and me on. It was really kind of funny, knowing these girls were way out of our league. We watched, and we drank and we had a great time.

This night they had a special, 4 dances for one low price. My friend being a funny guy decided to get them for me. I became very embarrassed. There were lots of girls in the place and a few had the dancers in their laps when we got there. I think the dancer like to dance for the women more than the man.

Then the hot girl who had just been on stage came to our table, she was even hotter up close, and the music started to play. She began to dance right there a foot from me, at me, very hot, very hot. My friend was very excited, I know I had turned a few shades of red, she did a few moves right there in front of me, very seductively, got very close a few times and then moved on to the next person a few tables away.

“Oh my gosh. I am so embarrassed.” I said.

“I am rock hard.” he said to me as he grabbed his crotch.

The girl danced for about three other tables during the song, took a short break and when the next song came on started working the four of us again. This time I was not first, I watched her as she danced for one other girl and the other two gentleman sitting at a table not far from me, this time she made a little more contact with the people and I was very nervous as she made her way over to me. She was hot, her body was perfect, and tone, tan, and her breast were just the right size.

When she got to me, she put the little ottoman in front of me took my hand and made me sit on it. She straddled me as she moved her lovely body over me, she moved up a down. She was in my lap, and she rubbed herself on me. She worked me as if I was the pole on the stage she worked earlier in her act. None of the others got that this time and I felt a little special. She was hot and this time I could not take my eyes off her. The song ended and she was gone.

My friend was beside himself.

“Girl that was what I call a lap dance.”

“I know right.” I said, “I think I am very turned on by that.”

I can’t believe that girl just did that with me. We had a few more shots and I could feel the effects of them. I had a definite buzz and really felt them. We had two more before the girl came out again. This time she had even less on, she revealed more of her awesome body, and she had the right curves in the right places.

She hit our table last again, almost like she wanted to save me for last each time. When she got to me she had begun to sweat, the beads of sweat ran down her body, and it was even hotter than before. I was pretty lit by now, she started from behind this time, she rubbed her hands on my head and down my back, and then she came to the front of me. I took her hand and sat her down in my chair and began to dance for her. I tried to move my body like her, I guess the alcohol made me do that, the crowd loved it, but the management didn’t. They made me stop and the dancer went on with her show. My friend again was so worked up he bought us more shots.

The dancer came out again for the last round, she came to me second, did a few moves and leaned in and told me to meet her back stage when she was finished. Then went on to the other tables and finished her act. I didn’t know how to act.

“You better go. She wants you I can tell.” My friend said.

“I don’t think so. That girl is way too hot, to want me. I told him. “Plus I don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Please, you know you can’t say that did not turn you on.” He said.

“I know. I was.”

“Just go back there,” he said.

So I excused myself and went to the door, the bouncer let me in. I walked to the back, saw all those hot ladies, one rubbed oil on herself, another adjusted her skimpy outfit. I was in a daze from all the shots and drinks. She noticed me and came right up to me.

“I am so glad you came. I had to tell you, you were great when you started to dance for me out there.”


“Yeah it was great. Look we are doing this Pro-Am thing tonight and I want you to dance with me on stage in about 30 minutes.”

“What? Are you serious? Me up there?”

“Yeah you would be great. Plus my friend cancelled on me.” She sighed.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not? You have a smoking body and had some great moves. You can wear something of mine, and just follow me on stage. Come on it will be fun. Please?” She was begging me and I just couldn’t turn her down. She was too hot.

“Okay just let me go tell my friend what I am doing so he don’t leave me hear okay?”

“Okay, come right back.”

“I will.”

So I went out there and told my friend. He could not believe that is what she wants me to do.

“Okay break a leg,” he told me.

So I went back to the dressing area and my new friend got me ready to take the stage with her, she showed me a few moves and we got ready to go on. One other duo went on before us and they were really good. I was so nervous. Thank god I only knew that one guy out there or I would be humiliated in front of a bunch of people I knew. Just about 100 strangers, I think I could live with that.

We took the stage as a really cool song started to play, each on opposite sides of the stage. We danced, took a few things off, and moved our bodies in sync like we planned it. We started to move closer to each other and began to dance with each other. We got real close as we moved to the music. We never took our eyes from the other. It felt like we were the only two people in the room and we moved up and down each other in harmony.

It was the hottest thing I had ever done. It was like we made love to each other without really doing anything. I knew I was hot and bothered by it. I knew I was pretty wet too. My body just took over. I was so worked up I think I may have even had a slit quiver once when her hands ran over my body. I was excited, amazed, and thought it was so hot.

The music ended, the crowd went nuts, and we went back stage.

“That was such a rush.” I said out of breathe.

“You did a wonderful job.” The stripper said.

We hugged. We were both excited from it all and the next thing I knew she kissed me. I was in shock. Did she really want me? I was taken a back and the look after we broke apart told me she wanted more. After the 3rd duo was finished their act, they called us back to the stage and the audience chose a winner. They clapped for their favorite.

Guess who won the 1st Pro Am Dancer contest the club had. We did! We were so excited, we jumped up and down, and hugged when they announced us. I couldn’t believe the rush I had from all of this. I got a $500 bar tap and a chance to come back for amateur night next month.

“You have to come back and dance with me.” She told me.

“I am not sure. I don’t know if I can.”

“Give me your number and maybe tomorrow I can come by before work and give you a few lessons.”

“Okay. That sounds great.” I said and give her my number.

She said she would come by and start me on some training tomorrow. She really thought I was good. It would be fun and she looked forward to teaching me a few moves. She kissed me again. I was in awe. My god was this hot ass dancer really in to me. I am not like that, I love men. Well at least loved sex with men, but she did something to me that I could not explain. It had to be the alcohol.

“Until tomorrow.” She said.

I left and went back to my friend. He was so excited.

“I will be over tomorrow to watch!” He laughed.

The next day I tided up my apartment. That beautiful stripper from last night, Mandy, was on her way over. The doorbell rang. I got a few butterflies in my stomach when I saw her. She had an amazing smile. She walked right in.

“We need to get started. I am pulling a double tonight so I can’t be here too long.” She said as she put her purse down.

“You could have come over another time if this is going to be too hard for you working all night.”

“No. It will be okay, I couldn’t wait to come over and see you anyway.” She said as she looked at me up and down and smiled as she looked back in my eyes.

I could not believe this girl was may be into me. I could sense some attraction between us, but never would believe this hot ass woman would think I was hot. I mean I have always heard most strippers were into girls more than guys, but I thought they just were with each other not with the strangers in the audience.

Mandy sat on the sofa on the far end of the room and motioned for me to come see the stuff she brought with her. She had a few costumes for me to try, some were themed, and some were just cute little outfits. The outfits revealed a lot more skin then anything I would ever wear.

“Come on try them on,” she told me.

So I went to go in the other room.

“Don’t be shy you can change in front of me.” Mandy said.

So I did. I started to undo the jean I had on and slid them down my legs. She watched me very intensely. I could feel her eyes as I came up to pull off my shirt. I did not have on a bra, which I usually don’t. I was not very big and at home didn’t feel the need, She just sort of let out a nice sigh when my nipples popped out from under the shirt. I was pleased.

I went to put on one of the outfits. It was not much, but it was cute and fit me perfectly. She was pleased. She came over and adjusted a strap or two. When her fingers touched my skin, I felt a shock go through my entire body.

“This one is nice don’t you think?” I asked as I back away from the tension building between us.

“Yes it is. I really like it on you.”

“Well I think I will wear this then. If that is okay with you?”

“Yes, it is nice. You don’t want to try something else?”

“No this will do.” I started to take it off and she stopped me.

“No do it right.” She said, “Let me see you do a strip tease.”

She walked over to my stereo and popped in a CD. She played some really erotic music. Mandy started to sway and came up to me. She placed her hands on my hips and moved me in unison with her. I was in a daze. I looked into her eyes as I did the same movements as Mandy. She let me go to move on my own. She told me to follow her. She started to move a little more sexually and I did as she did.

It was fun. She started to remove a strap of her top down her shoulder. I followed her and did the same. She undid the other one and so did I. She revealed the top of her left breast. My top was a little different them hers. When I untied the second strap the front came down and my boobs were revealed. She reached out and touched them. I jumped at her touch. She began to rub my nipples. They were already hard. She twisted them between her fingers. Her touches were well calculated. They made my body quiver with each twist and turn.

I reached up and moved the material of her top to reveal her beautiful beast. I began to touch her too, I could not help myself, and I felt like I was under her trance. I used both hands as I softly creased her lovely round mounds. Her tan nipples became hard with each stroke of my hand. I covered them both with the palm of my hand as I felt them grow hard. I began to knead at them both. The nipples were hard and she moaned as my hands squeezed harder.

She leaned in and used her tongue now on my hard nipples. Her tongue flicked at my them. She moved back and forth between the two of them. She circled them with her long wet tongue, she left a ring of salvia around them, and her hands were now caressing my body. She moved her hands down pushing the outfit all the way down my legs. I stepped out and was now naked in front of this really hot girl.

Her hands hurried to my wet pussy. Her fingers found their way to my wet slit. She rubbed and opened my lips up to message my clit. With each movement of her fingers my body quivered. She spread my legs with her hand so she could get in there better, her tongue licked at my nipples and her fingers worked at my clit. My god this was the best feeling in the world.

I stiffened my body as I felt an orgasm build up inside of me. She knew what it meant and fell to her knees and rushed her tongue to the tip of my clit. She moved her hands to the inside of my thighs and pushed them apart to get her face deeper in between my legs. She moved her whole tongue over my clit. The tip of her tongue was searching for the opening of my hole. She ran it back and forth over my whole clit. She moved several times back and forth. My body trembled with excitement.

Her hot breath on my wet pussy was too much. I could barely control myself as my orgasm began. I started to shake and my pussy shot my cum all over her tongue. She opened her mouth over my whole pussy and sucked on it until all the juices were out of me. She took them all in her mouth.

She moved back up my body as she stood up. She stopped at both nipples and licked each one just once more. She moved up to kiss my lips. Her whole mouth covered mine. Her tongue plunged in to my mouth. Our tongues circled each other’s. I could taste myself. She broke our kisses and then backed away.

“That was not on the lesson plan. I am sorry.” She said.

“No don’t be. It was amazing.”

“I am sorry, I have to get to work now.”

“Wait, we are done?” I asked.

“Well I do have to get to work. I will be back again.” She said, “I have to get you ready for the show.”

“Please just a little longer.” I begged, “I have to return the favor.”

“Don’t worry I am fine for now. Knowing what I did was favor enough. I really need to go”.

She put her top back on and grabbed her stuff. I got dressed and walked her to the door. Mandy kissed me goodbye

“Until next time sweetie, you are amazing. I will be back.”

I watched her walk down the hall to the stairwell and disappear. Needless to say I was going to enjoy my training.

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