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The Tease Chapter 3: The Best Friend

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Jen and Laura have some fun
Jen met Laura at her first year at the Air Force Academy. Laura was from Beverly Hills, California. Her father was a TV Producer, and her mother a fairly recognizable actress. Laura was a Junior, two years ahead of Jen, and even after two years at the Air Force Academy, Laura would still sometimes ask herself how the hell she came to be in the service. Laura was a straight A student but, she wasn't very military. She never got comfortable around bombs, bullets, and guns, so she had problems with drill, and field training, but despite that she loved being in the Air Force for some reason. Laura was also a tall shapely blonde, and try as she might, she just didn't look like a soldier.

Jen was an expert at the military stuff, so she would help Laura out, and despite their difference in age and rank, they became good friends. Laura was always sexually aggressive and knew her freshman friend was a little shy. One night Jen was in Laura's dorm room, they were sitting on Laura's bed when Laura gently touched Jen's thigh.

"Whatcha doing?" Jen asked.

“Oh nothing,” Laura replied, as she looked seductively into Jen’s eyes.

Laura scooted closer to Jen on the bed. Jen began to tremble a bit as Laura inched her body closer. Jen was breathing heavily when Laura touched her cheek with her fingertip as she gently kissed her on the lips. Jen resisted a little and started to babble, “I…uh.”

Laura pulled Jen closer and whispered, "Oh don't you play the nerdy little freshman with me missy." Laura reached behind Jen's head and took out the clip holding her hair up in a bun, then took out the one holding up her own. "I see the way you look at me." Jen got an embarrassed grin on her face, and Laura quickly gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Jen lifted Laura's T-shirt over her head, threw it in the corner, and started to suck her nipples.

"Ooooh," Laura moaned, as she was enjoying Jen's eager tongue on her full 36C-cup breasts. Then Jen's attention turned a little lower.

She planted soft kisses all the way down Laura's torso, then yanked her shorts off and buried her face between her friend's thighs. "Mmmmm," Laura moaned as Jen was licking Laura’s clit gently. Her shaved pussy tasted so good, Laura was definitely straight. Every boy on campus wanted her, and she definitely took advantage of her popularity when she was in the mood, but there were times Laura needed a woman’s touch to satisfy her. Jen definitely knew how to satisfy another woman. Her experienced tongue was driving Laura insane. As much as Jen loved her friend’s pussy Laura’s tits were amazing. This girl was the reason boys love playing with titties so much. Jen just wanted to lick ’em, suck ’em, and squeeze ’em. It didn’t take long before Jen could tell her friend was ready to cum. Her body was gyrating so wildly that Jen could barely keep her tongue on Laura’s clit. Laura's body tensed up as the orgasm hit her. Jen wanted Laura to have a taste of her own sweet pussy juice, so she planted a soft kiss on her lips when Laura suddenly pushed her away and said,

"Get your clothes off cadet, that's an order."

Jen stood up and pulled off her T-shirt and running shorts revealing her tight, flawless teenage body. Laura pulled Jen onto the bed, and Jen straddled her face. Jen had gotten so sexually aroused from pleasuring Laura that a gust of wind could probably make her cum. "Uhh God," Jen moaned loudly as Laura's tongue touched her clit.

Laura reached up and put a hand over Jen's mouth, "Shhh" Laura started to quietly giggle and said, "we're gonna get in trouble." Jen tried to be quiet as Laura’s skillful tongue pleasured her. When she finally couldn’t take any more, Jen climbed off Laura and lay back on the bed. Laura crawled on top of her and started to suck on her erect nipples. Before long Laura's tongue was back between Jen's legs. Laura really knew how to push Jen's button. Jen was biting her lip to keep from moaning as she neared her orgasm.

"Fuuuck," Jen moaned, as her body tensed up when the pleasure hit her, and Laura could taste the juices oozing from her friend's love box.

Laura started to quietly giggle and asked, "Are you crazy?"

Jen also started quietly giggling and said, "I'm sorry."

"So I assume you enjoyed yourself Cadet," Laura asked.

"Yes Ma'am," Jen replied.

A few days later Jen was in the mess hall when Laura came in and sat across from her.

"Whatcha looking at?" Laura asked.

Jen got an embarrassed look on her face and said, "Nothing."

Laura looked behind her to see Cadet Colonel Tim Franklin. He was the starting quarterback on the football team, and the Battalion Commander. That made him the highest ranking student among the corps of cadets.

"Nothing huh," Laura gave a sly grin and said, "You should go for it."

Jen gave Laura a shocked look and asked, "Are you insane?"

Laura started to giggle and asked, "Why not?"

Jen thought her friend had completely lost her mind as she ran off a list of reasons. "Because he's the Battalion Commander, that's why not...Because he's the starting quarterback on the football team, that’s why not...Because I'm a skinny little Freshman nobody, that’s why not...Because he can have the prettiest girl on campus, which come to think of it is you, that's why not."

Laura took a bite out of her lunch and stated, "Oh believe me I've tried sweetie."

Jen gave her friend a bewildered look and asked, "So what makes you think I could ask him out if you can't even get him?"

Laura looked at Jen seductively and said, "I didn't say date him sweetie."

Jen gave her friend a shocked look and said, "You are such a slut."

Laura giggled and said, "Look just because he's the Battalion Commander doesn't mean the boy doesn't have needs... Tim is really sweet, he's just a little shy. I intimidate on the other hand, the nerdy little freshman..."

Jen still didn‘t believe there was any way the most popular guy on campus, a senior, probably a future General, would notice her. "There's no way he'd ever notice me," Jen protested.

Laura knew how sexy her little freshman friend was and assured her, "You might be surprised baby. Look just meet me at the gym after dinner."

Later that night Jen met her friend at the gym.

"Put this on," Laura ordered.

"This isn't my PT gear...this is Chelsea's. I can't fit in this, it's too little," Jen protested.

Laura grinned and said, "Yeah I know."

Jen put on her classmate's clothes and said, "This isn't going to work."

Laura looked her friend up and down and said, "I bet it does sweetie.”

Jen had no idea how hot she looked in these tight little gym clothes. "Just go get on the weight machine,"

Laura ordered. This was the week Air Force played Navy, so Laura knew that Tim would be coming down to get in some extra work in the film room. Right on time Tim showed up, thinking he would be alone in the building. Jen immediately jumped up and stood at attention when he approached.

"Good evening sir," said Jen.

Jen was on the varsity basketball team, so it was perfectly normal for her to be in the weight room after hours, but Tim still seemed surprised to see her. "Uh...good evening cadet...carry on," Tim ordered.

"Yes sir," Jen responded.

Tim headed into the football team's film room, and turned on the TV. Jen went back to her weightlifting thinking to herself, "Oh my gosh...he was staring at my tits." There was a huge window looking out on the weight room from the film room, and Jen could see out of the corner of her eye that occasionally Tim's attention would drift from his film study out into the weight room. "Oh my god, the hottest guy on campus is actually checking me out," Jen thought to herself.

Jen worked up her courage and waited until Tim's attention was on the TV screen before she walked over and interrupted his film study by sheepishly asking, "Excuse me sir, this is really heavy, would you mind giving me a hand."

"Oh…of course cadet," Tim answered.

Jen was pretty sure Tim had a erection under his loose fitting shorts but she wasn't positive, so while Tim was picking up the dumbbells Jen found an excuse to brush against Tim's crotch confirming his excitement. Tim was shocked and said, "Uh...cadet I've got to get back to the film room." Jen grabbed both his hands, pulled herself close to him, and said seductively as she gazed up into his eyes, “Couldn’t you stay just a little while sir?" Jen gently rubbed her body against Tim's hard cock through his shorts.

"Well. I guess I could," said Tim.

Jen kissed him gently, she sensed his nervousness was melting away as he began to touch her. Tim tugged at Jen’s T-shirt. She let him pull it over her head, and he began to suck on her nipples. As Tim was exploring the freshman’s perky tits Jen untied the drawstring to his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. Jen got down on her knees and thought to herself, "Holy Shit," as she discovered Tim's hard eight inch member.

"Mmmmm," Tim moaned, as Jen took the head of his swollen sex organ into her mouth. Tim was really getting into it when Jen suddenly stopped and led him over to a bench. Tim sat down as Jen slipped off her running shorts and straddled him. It had been a while since either of them had sex, so when Jen guided Tim inside of her, waves of pleasure swept over both of them. Jen was kissing Tim passionately, as she was bouncing up and down on him.

Jen and Tim really let themselves go, they were passionately caressing each others naked bodies. Both of them were eager to fully explore the body of the other. Jen was just about to orgasm when she felt Tim cum inside of her. She was so hot that she threw her head back and let out a moan as her own orgasm engulfed her. Jen stood up and let Tim’s now deflating penis slip from inside her.

Tim grabbed her hand, pulled her close to him and asked, “What’s you name cadet?"

Jen smiled and answered, “ Cadet Corporal Jennifer Patterson, Sir."

Tim looked down at the floor sheepishly and stated, “Well Cadet Corporal Jennifer Patterson…I don’t usually…I never thought that the prettiest girl on campus would…not with me."

Jen was shocked when she said, "You’re, the quarterback, I never thought you’d notice a freshman like me."

Tim gently kissed Jen and stated, “Oh yeah, the first time I saw’re so pretty, I really hope I get to see you again, Cadet Corporal Jennifer Patterson."

Jen gave Tim a gentle kiss on the lips and said, “I think you will.” Jen gathered up her clothes and got dressed. As she was walking out she whispered in Tim’s ear, "Beat Navy Sir." 

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