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Tuesdae's Desire for a Sundae on Wednesdae - Part 1

He had no idea what was about to happen.
It's been a long week at work, every day just waiting until the moment I can return home to my angel. Today is no different. TGIF. I unlock the door and enter a darkened house. There is a mix of new smells that tantalize my senses. Sweet. Fruity. Jasmine. Candles.

I make my way to the bedroom. I can hear giggling. I peek in, not letting my presence be known. On the bed is a dark haired woman; she doesn't look familiar to me. She is bound by the wrists to the headboard. A position I know well. She's been drizzled with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel.

Tuesdae kneels naked beside her, slowly licking the sweet concoction from her body. With every touch of her tongue the woman lets out another giggle and squirms in delight. A little more caramel now, added to each nipple.

Again I watch as my angel dips her head to lick and suck hungrily at the tasty treat she has prepared. The woman moans, back arching in pleasure. I'm very hard now, the stress and the grief of the day completely forgotten as I watch Tuesdae pleasure this stranger. I am mesmerized by its eroticism, both of the act and naughtiness I feel watching them.

Tuesdae moves between the woman's legs. She holds a feather in her right hand and softly moves it down the woman's body as her left hand glides over the woman's bare mound, so lightly it is barely a whisper. I can hear the woman gasp as she pulls taught on the restraints, her back arching again.

"Please, Tuesdae," she begs. "Taste me, touch me. I want to feel you pleasure me."

Tuesdae slowly moves to the woman's bare pussy, hands still whispering on her skin. With the first touch the woman moans and stiffens almost as if the touch was pure electricity. She relaxes into the bed as Tuesdae slides one finger into her wet depths, licking the woman's hard nub as she does so.

Tuesdae picks up the tempo, working her finger faster now as the woman finds her rhythm and rocks her hips, building up to release. Her moans are loud now. The excitement of the moment threatens my own sanity. My heart is racing.

Tuesdae moves her free hand between her own legs and fondles her own pussy. It is dripping wet and craves the attention. I can hear Tuesdae's muffled moans as she continues to work her charm on the woman's pussy, the woman on the bed practically screaming now as the orgasm consumes her, her hips lifting up and down.

Tuesdae matches her every move, the woman's climax triggering Tuesdae's own. Both women moan loudly, gripped in simultaneous orgasm. The moans subside as Tuesdae rests her head on the woman's still trembling body.

Suddenly I hear my own breath catch in my throat. In the excitement of it I had forgotten to breathe. My excited breathing is now very audible in the deftly quite house.

Both women turn and look at me standing in the half open doorway. Tuesdae, still passion drunk from her erotic escapade, gets up from the bed and walks to me with all the grace of a temptress, her very movements hypnotizing me.

"Hello, my love. I'm glad you're home. I'd like you to meet Wednesdae."

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