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Two firsts for Molly

Two firsts for Molly

Two firsts - her first story and first lesbian encounter
The dance floor was a spinning kaleidoscope of lights, with the beat of music pounding into my head, as I looked up into the green eyes of my new friend Amy. She was smiling at me as we danced and once again I felt that confusing spark run through my body. Every now and then she would dance closer and I could smell the scent of her perfume. Her hands occasionally brushed against my arm or hip. Was that accidental? Surely not, it was happening too often for her not to be aware of what she was doing to me. I had to sit down for a moment to clear my head and gather my thoughts about what was happening.

“I’m going to sit down” I mouthed to Amy over the loud music. She nodded and smiled again as I made my way through the crowd to my seat. I could feel my knees shaking nervously as I climbed on the stool. What was happening to me?

I had only known Amy for a few months. She worked in the next cubicle and we would often chat in the lunch room. She offered me a comforting shoulder when I broke up with my boyfriend and since then our friendship had blossomed.

Amy had been at me for weeks to go night clubbing with her. “It is time to get out of the house and start circulating again” she said. “Stop moping, Molly. There are plenty of other guys out there.”

I knew I wasn’t ready for another relationship yet. My heart was still tender, but I finally let her talk me into a night out. Amy was very excited and we went clothes shopping at lunchtime to buy a new outfit. A little bit of her excitement rubbed off on me as well and I found myself smiling for the first time in months.

I was pretty nervous as I got dressed that evening. The short skirt and high heel boots had seemed like fun in the shop but now I wasn’t so sure. Still, I had committed myself and Amy was coming to pick me up soon.

I climbed out of the shower and dried myself, before slipping into some black stockings. Amy had encouraged me to be daring and buy these with a suspender belt. The tops of the stockings stopped just below my black skirt so I could see a little bit of leg in the mirror. It made me feel quite sexy. On my top I wore a white blouse that hugged my figure and had three-quarter sleeves. As I heard Amy pull up in the driveway I slipped on my high heel ankle boots and ran down the stairs to meet her.

“Wow, don’t you look fantastic!” she said as I hopped into the seat beside her. She reached over and squeezed my arm. “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.” I could still feel her fingers on my arm as she backed out of the driveway, and I glanced across to check out her outfit while she wasn’t looking.

She was absolutely stunning in knee-high boots, mid-thigh pleated skirt and a broadway corset that emphasised the swell of her breasts. The car was filled with the aroma of a sexy rose fragrance and a hint of musk. I felt light headed with the onslaught to my senses and was quite happy just listening to Amy chattering away as we drove along. Every now and then she would reach over and touch my arm to emphasise some point, leaving white marks against my skin. I felt quite flustered and was glad when we arrived and I could climb out of the car and into fresh air.

“I know the guys that own the club” said Amy, “so we should have no trouble getting in.” She hooked her arm around my elbow and we walked toward the club like two sexy sisters. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine and was confused by the way it made my skin tingle. Amy was taller than me, so whenever I looked at her my eyes were drawn straight to her soft breasts, before I quickly looked away again.

“Who’s your friend, Ames?” called the bouncer.

“This is Molly” said Amy, “the one I’ve been telling you about. Molly, this is Rolf.”

“Hello, sexy lady” Rolf said, making no attempt to disguise the fact he was eyeing off my body.

I blushed, “Hi” I said quietly.

“Leave her alone, Rolf. She’s mine” said Amy.

Before I even had time to think about what she meant we were through the door and climbing onto some stools.

“Let’s have a drink first, and then some fun” Amy said with a smile. Her fingers were on my arm again. We talked a little, but it was hard to have a conversation with the loud music. Amy pointed out some cute looking guys and we waited until they came over to ask for a dance.

I was glad to get to the dance floor, but it seemed like Amy was more interested in dancing with me than either of the guys. She kept turning her back on them until eventually they left us on our own.

The music was hypnotic and I couldn’t keep my eyes of Amy’s beautiful body as she moved her hips to the beat, coming closer until our bodies brushed then swaying away again innocently. Her fingers stroked my arm again and I could feel that tingling sensation in my stomach, like a fire starting to spread through my body. She came close again and this time our breasts touched. I nearly jumped when I felt her erect nipples press against my breasts through my thin blouse. She twirled away from me again as my head was spinning in confusion.

“I’m going to sit down” I yelled over the loud music. As I got to my stool I could feel Amy’s hand on my back.

“Are you okay, baby?” she asked.

“Yes, I think I just need a drink of water”.

“I know what you need” she said and moved off toward the bar.

When Amy came back she sat facing me, her legs slightly parted and our knees touching. “Drink this sweetie.” I held the cocktail in my hand and looked at her green eyes over the glass. Her smile had me entrapped and every time I looked down I could see her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. Breathing – that’s what I need to be doing. Her hand was on my leg, drawing little circles and leaving a trail of sparks. I looked down at her fingers, so beautiful – long and slender. The gold of her ring caressed my leg, sparkling light into my eyes. She moved again and I caught a glimpse of her lace undies that made my heart race.

“Let’s get out of here” she whispered into my ear and took my hand. I nodded and felt my fingers melt into hers, so soft and warm.

“Molly’s not feeling well” said Amy as we walked past Rolf. “I need to take her home.”

“Yeah, right” sneered Rolf, still staring at my breasts. But I didn’t care as I felt like I was in a trance. All I could think of was the assault on my senses; the smell of her perfume, and something else, feminine and alluring, setting off the electric touch of her skin and the warm sensuality of her voice reassuring me.

As we reached the car, I felt her lips find mine in the half-darkness. So soft and passionate; so unlike the lips of any man I had ever kissed. I realised I was holding my breath and I responded timidly as her tongue probed insistently. I could feel the cold metal of the car against my backside, strangely exciting in contrast with the heat of our bodies pressing against each other as she forced me to lean back and surrender myself to her.

My body ached with the need to be touched as those nipples started sending sparks through my blouse again. I couldn’t help thinking how different this felt to the strength of a man’s chest. Amy was relentless, her lips on my face, my neck, searching for my breasts. I could hear moaning sounds fill the air. Was that me? My god, I needed her.

Suddenly we were in the car and I was laying on the backseat with my legs spread. The seat buckle pressed into my hip, an exquisite pain the contrasted with the butterfly touch on my inner thighs. My whole body was a raging fire and Amy’s tongue was the focus of my consciousness. I could hear a voice crying. “There!” it said. “Oh god, right there – don’t stop, please!” My hips jumped and lifted Amy with me as the first orgasm shook my body. Amy didn’t stop and I could hear a wild cat screaming as wave after wave ran through me. I was shaking and tears were running down my cheeks. I held Amy’s head in my hands, pressing her mouth hard against me as I screamed again and my old life disappeared.

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